Magical Tournament Volume Four Chapter Six: Wort (Word) – When the leader isn’t here

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Chapter Six: Wort (Word) – When the leader isn’t here

Teil Ein.

Not letting the shock to fade away, Lene called out to Krestin and co. to hold a meeting.

Of course, she would also call for the king.

She asked Lilya to take care fo that. She knew the head maid of the palace so she was the most fitting for the case.

Krestin and co. seemed a little downhearted but even so followed Lene.

They didn’t know what was happening, so they just went with the flow.

After they arrived to the room with the King and the First Princess, Lene took the position of leader.

“Why have you called us here with such urgence?” Asked Krestin.

“I would like to know about it too. It’s the middle of the night after all.” Said the King,

“Before that, King; I want to ask you. The magic in this kingdom is used worldwide or is peculiar of this place?” Asked Lene.

“Well, magic was unified centuries ago, so it is used in every corner of the world.” Replied the King.

“Is it correct to think that every country can summon [Heroes]?” She added.

“No. Only we posses the [Deus Summoning Magic]. Wait… If I recall it well, maybe there are other two countries that can summon heroes.” Said the First Princess.

“But how those questions are connected to the reason you called us here?” Questioned Izaak.

“That’s because someone tried to assasinate me not long ago.” Replied Lene.


Voiced everyone.

“Yeah. Someone clad in black tried to assasinate me. I stopped the person and left her in a safe place where she can’t get out.” Said Lene with a wry expression.

“I see.” Said Krestin.

“Also, if you don’t mind the question… Where’s the other one? the white haired god hero,” Asked the First Princess, to what Krestin, Izaak and Isold reacted.

Because since the beggining, they hadn’t noticed that he was absent.

“Where… Where’s Engel?” Asked Krestin with a panicked voice.

She started to think whether he didn’t want to see her anymore or somehting along those lines becauese she pressed on something she didn’t have to.

“He’s alright. He’s just sleeping. Actually, the assasin attacked after he fell aseleep.” Said Lene while mutterinfg “He sure is lucky.”

“I bet he won’t wake up in at least a week, so we’ll have to handle this by ourselves.” She declared.

“And… Ho-How were you abl-”

“Wait. We’ll talk about that later. Right now we have a priority with this.” Added Lene as she silenced Krestin.

“Proceeding with the talk, the thing is that I want to figure our the reason why we were targete. I said we because the most probable thing is that I was aimed for being a [Hero] and that makes you targets too.” Explianed Lene.

“So, is there any enemy country that may want us dead or someone who may try to abduct us? If you are the only ones who are able to summon us, it may be a poblem for this world if we die, so there should be some other kingdow with the magic to summon people; And while speculating, I may say we are a threat to the eyes of that kingdom. I have other ideas but this one is the most convincing one.” She added.

Everyone remained silent due to Lene’s words.

After thinking a while, the first princess talked.

“Why don’t you interrogate the assasin?” She said,

“Ah that,.. Well, besides that it would be fruitless to try to make her talk…. I want to have a general panorama of anything that seems like an answer. I cannot go and interogate her with zero information after all.” Replied Lene.

“I see.” Voiced the princess as if making mental notes.

“So, King, can you tell me anything important about these circumstances?” She asked

Then the King with the aid of the First Princess told Lene the needed information.

Besides [Akrylic Kingdom] there is other two “superpotences” that can summons heroes. They are [Vynn Ile Empire] and [Kurisutal Country].

From rumors, it seems that both of them had already summoned their heroes; five each of them.

Their granted abilities are unknown and besides rumors and intelligence reports, there’s no comfirmation of their summonings.

As general information, [Vinn Ile Empire] is a cruel place where the royalty lives as they please while 50% of their empire is made of slums.

They mark at birth their townspeople with numbers from 00 to 10. 0 being the royal famiily and 10 being slum people.

The still have a slavery system and you are marked with an extra digit. For example a fallen noble with a 05 becomes a slave, he gets a extra 0, becoming 050.

Then [Kurisutal Country] is a new-formed small country with an only ruler chosen by the people habitating the country. Of course he has aids and subordinates too.

It was created from elite soldiers, magicians and good nobles form various countries. Even nobles from [Vinn Ile Empire] have moved to that country.

People there lives suitable lives. Because besides the elites and nobles, various people from the slums and slaves live there.

But that happened 50 years ago, and that’s quite soon for a country.

Right now they became a place on par with the kingdom and superior than the empire.

Also it seems that the special trait of said people is a white bracelet. It states that they are all equal.

“I see… So most likely the spy is from the empire…” Deduced Lene.

She was not sure thought. It could be any other country, but the most suspicious was the empire.

“Oh! I forgot to mention the [Sacred Dragon Clan].” Said the King.

“Ehh… Who are they?” She asked.

“Well… They are the most powerful entities in this world. They posses most of the [Deus Magic] and have a really advanced culture based in the same sistem of the [Kurisutal Country]. But they are different from us.” Explained the King.

“Different?” Asked Lene.

“Yes. They have lizard-like scaled in some parts of their bodies and some of them grow wings.” Added the princess.

“I see. Well… Let’s leave the informative talk for tomorrow. I’ll start with the interrogation.” Said Lene as she left the room.

“Wait… Lene wait!” Shouted Krestin while they both were outside, several steps from the room.

“Where’s the assasin?” Asked Krestin.

“Well, I put her in a separated dimension. From there I doubt she can escape.” Replied Lene.

“A separate dimension… But, how? Engel is sleeping and you can’t use [Dimension Magic].” Retorted Krestin.

“Well… That’s a story when Engel wakes up. I’ll take my leave here!” Declared Lene as she stopped time and left in a hurry.

Teil Zwei.

Lene entered in the separated dimension.

It was a white room with a wooden table, two wooden chair, and in the walls, floor and roof were place several metal plates.

The room was 10×10 and 5 meter height.

Engel made it after learning the new [Circuit Magic]; the fusion of [Enchantments] and [Scripture Magic]. Normally, in a separate dimension there was no air, light or pressure. It was like the outer space, so Engel created some metal plates with [Circuit Magic] and placed them around the whole room. The ones in the roof brightened up and also ejerced gravitational pressure.

The ones in the floor ejerced gravity too and the ones in the walls created breathable air. There were also other plates that helped to regulate temperature.

Because it was still in a basic level of performance when Engel created the room, the plates were quite big. They were 50×50 cm each.

A well made room.

Well then-

The assasin, a woman in her twenties with ninja-like clothes, had already woken up and was in a corner gazing at the table. It seems she passed a considerabily amount of time trying to find out how to escape. All her tools, equipent and weapons were dealt with too.

She got genuinely surprised how Lene appeared from a portal-like gate in one of the walls.

She closed the door and then it dissapeared as if it was never there.

The assasin started to felt horror, due to her doubting whether it was reality or a bad dream.

(What are they going to make me?) Thought the assasin as she deduced that someone who could do that, could make things go pretty bad for her.

Lene had a glass jug with water and two glass mugs.

She also brought some baked potatoes in a small bowl.


Ordered Lene with a ice-like tone and a freezing gaze.

The assasin, warry of Lene, obediently sat. She gave a glance to her face and-

(God… How beautiful…) Thought the assasin.

She hardly ever looked to a target’s face, so she didn’t know how Lene looked like from such short distance.

She was honestly attracted to her. A peerless beauty.

(It would be a waste if I had succeeded.) Thught for an instant the assasin as she recognized Lene as the one she was going to kill.

Then Lene’s eyes started to glow in their natural color. She had activated her [Angelic Eyes].

She was looking for the mark from the empire. She then saw three digits in her left breast.

(A normal citizen became a slave… But, the zero now is half erased… What does it mean? A former slave maybe…) Deducted Lene and then she deactivated her eyes.

“Are you willing to talk? If not, this is pointless and I’ll kill you here and now.” Said Lene with a cold voice.

The contrast of her beauty with the dread of her words was striking.

The assasin felt chills run down her spine.

“I-I’ll talk. I’m a mercenary assasin, so if I’m not paid, there’s not point in holding the secret.” Said the assasin with a nervous, stressed tone.

“I see. If they catch you, you are loyal to no one. Well, you should be quite good in your job to have such policy.” Said Lene with a slight smile.

“Yeah. I am. I especialize in killing magicians. One strike is all I need. I developed that policy because my life is in the line for money. If I get caught, I trade my freedom for either money or information.” Said the assasin.

“Yeah. I understand. I won’t go by the branches then. Tell me, who sent you here and why? What was the benefit of killing us fot your empleoyer?” Asked Lene with a strong voice.

“First of all, the one who sent me was the minister of the emperor in the [Empire]. He wanted to kill the heroes summoned by the [Kingdom] that could become a threat for their reing. They had already summoned theirs so the [Asterisk] were no problem anymore. They expected that after the obliteration of the [Asterisk] the [Kingdom] would most likely invade their [Empire] with their heroes. It also seems that they sent assasins to deal with the heroes summoned in the [Country].”

Said the assasin. It seems that she was quite talkative.

(Do I believe her? I could not read her face at all to see if she was lying or anything. She’s quite good… Do I have to use the [Second Moon]?) Thought Lene as she thought in the advanced [Circuit Magic] carved in her back.

“How can I know that you are telling the truth?” Asked Lene.

“… That… Well, I don’t know. It’s up to you.” Replied the asasin.

“Alright. I’ll comfirm your information and then see what to do with you. I’m leaving.” Said Lene with a poker face.

“Also eat. They’re not poisoned, as well as the water.”

She added as she opened the door again.

“Wa-Wait!” Suddenly shouted the assasin to stop Lene.

“What is it?” Asked Lene. Then in an instant the assasin broke one of the mugs and with the glass attacked Lene.

(Haaa…) Sighed Lene in her mind as she skillfully took the glass of the assasin’s hand and then broke her arm.

With the momentum she made the assasin trip and then placed her foot in the assasin’s back.

She didn’t even need to stop the time. For Lene, the assasin moved like a slow-motion video.

“AARRGHH!!!” Screamed the assasin in pain.

“What did you pretend with that?” Asked Lene.


The assasin just groaned in pain, so Lene just kicked her in the gut and left the room.

(Damn!…. I can’t just understand it!… I thought the first time was mere luck, but now I see… She’s highly skilled… She’s an assasin, and one several levels above me… But I can’t understand…. How an assasin can be so skilled in magic? Or is it that she’s a magician skilled in assasination arts?)

The reason she attacked Lene was to experience again the level of skill that she once thought was luck.

She knew that a person was either a warrior or a magician. There could be the so called magic knights… But even them were half-baked people. It’s true that they were strong, but they were not especialized in either magic nor swordmanship.

She had been given information from the spies in the palace that she and the one with white hair were a high level magicians. Her speciality. So that’s why she aimed when they were alone in the night, but it backfired on her.

She never imagined someone so well versed in magic that was superior to a court magician and better than her in asasination skills.

Because she was the best assasin in the [Empire].

(It’s… Like a goddess of destruction… A goddess of war…) Thought the assasin as she groaned in pain.

Teil Drei.

The next day Lene notified the King about the information that she got out of the assasin, and if he could confirm it. Also she adviced him to gather all the servants so she could make a inspection in the look for spies.

The level of information the assasin had, and what Lene infered she may know, said that the [Empire] had someone who provided information from the inner circles of the palace.

They gathered everyone in the training grounds and she used the [Second Moon] that Engel gave her to reveal the truth.

The [Second Moon] was the experiment Engel did with [Circuit Magic] to Lene. He wanted to test whether melded magic could be implemented in human bodies. Also if that magic was uncompatible with the user of the carved circuit.

The [First Moon] is bestowed with Engel’s [Arcana].

The [Second Moon] was [Sound Element] and [Electric Element].

And Lene’s objective was to use the [Second Moon] to give a suggestion to the servants so they would only tell the truth.

The meld of those elements in said action was named [Illusion Magic]; the magic [Utgarda-Loki] used.

After a speech with strong subliminal messages in it, they were ready to only tell the truth.

Like that, she discovered that at leats 25 of the 300 were spies for the [Empire] and 10 were for the [Country]. At least 1 was a spy for the [Sacred Dragon Clan].

They all were immediately imprisioned.

She spent a while talking about strategies to follow up with the spionage and the classes. Also she worked in the upgrades and went to treat the injuried assasin, as well as give her food.

Then she interrogated her more with the [Second Moon] and besides confirming the information, she recieved more of it.

She then reported to the king again and also took over Engel’s compromnise of personally teaching the First Princess self defense, strategy and magic knowledge.

After all that, the end of the day arrived. She was dead tired.

“Da-Damn…. Does Engel do this everyday?… Ho-How much of a supernatual being, youkai….. Bakemono, monster, superman, saiyan or divine being Engel is to handle all this by himself… E-Even so with not an ounce of sleep for a month and PTS…. Damn… I-I… Really respect Engel now.”

She talked to herself as she walked towards Engel’s room.

Lilya had been taking care of him all da. He hadn’t woke up all day, and most likely he would remain like that for a whole week.

She entered it, and Lilya was not there. It was weird, but she didn’t mind it.

Lene then sat next to him in the bed and talked to the sleeping Engel about all she did in the day.

After a while, she felt relieved and cheered up.

She smiled to him and planned to leave… But then-

“I wonder…”

(I wonder how would it feel to kiss him.)

Muttered Lene. She herself did not even know if it was spoken or tought, but she suddenly felt the urge to do it.

She wanted to kiss him in the lips.

Her body started to feel hot and her face was completely red…

She leaned towards him… And-

Lene kissed Engel.



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