Volume Four Chapter Seven: Erwachen (Awake) – A wolf in sheep’s skin

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Alek here! You know, I wanted to confess that since the very beggiing Lene was “created” to fit for Engel, in character settings that is. It does not concern the story.

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Chapter Seven: Erwachen (Awake) – A wolf in sheep’s skin

Teil Ein.

After a week and a half, Engel woke up from his deep lumber.

“Eh?…. When did I fell aseleep?” Muttered Engel as he slowly sat in the bed.

(I remember talking with Lene… She told me something about the ribbon…. But then I don’t know what happened…)

He thought. Then Lilya got inside the room.

“Ma-Master Engel! It seems you woke up” Said Lilya as she rushed to his side. She took a jug of water from a table next to his bed and poured water in a mug for him.

“Thanks.” He said in a low voice.

“How many days I’ve sleept?” Asked Engel.

“A week and four days.” Replied Lilya.

“I see. What happened while I was sleeping?” He said.

“A lot of things have passed, but it’s better if you ask Lene for detailed information.” Said Lilya.

“By the way, she came every night to see how you were doing.” She added with a smile.
“Every night? Woah…..” Muttered Engel in surprise.

(But that means only she came… ) He thought while he felt a little dejected.

“By the way, why are you grinning like that?” Asked Engel.

As he said, Lilya was happily grinning while moving her tail from right to left with a great vigor. Also her wolf ears twitched in intervals.

“Because you woke up, Master Engel” She declared.

“And?” Added Engel.

“Because one more person now understands the greatness of My Master!” She said while mantaining the mood.

“I-I see… But, shouldn’t you be jealous? You were totally mad when the maid in the bath undressed.”

Then in an instant her smile vanished as if it never was there.

Her eyes became devoid of emotions and her voice became lower in tone.

“This and that are different matters. Besides, Lene is a great girl and someone of your caliber, someone who is worth for you and viceversa. She understands to the very corner of your greatness, My Master. But that maid was different. I was the how she gaze at you my master. She thought of you as filthy! No! As trash! She didn’t even diserve to look at you not breath the same air! Besides that no other maid are capable of serving you My Master!! No other! Only me only me only me only me only me only me only me onlymeonlymeonlymeonlymeonlymeonlymeonlymeonlymeonlymeonlymeonlymeonlymeonlymeonly me!!!!! Filthyfilthyfilthyfilthyfilthyfilthyfilthyfilthyfilthyfilthyfilthy Filthy maid the one that ever dare to approach My Master MYMaster……”

“………………………………………What kind of flag did I rised and when?”

Said Engel to the Lilya with empty eyes who wouldn’t stop saying thing after thing.

(Lene is okay but any other maid in not okay?…. Women are a complete mystery.)

Thought Engel as he started to think a way of not coming in contact with any other maid than Lilya.

After Lilya calmed down. Engel went to take a bath and then dressed up.

It was really early in the morning, so early that not even the sun had rised yet.

Then he went towards the room where the upgrading in the equipment was being done.

“Lene?” He voiced as he opened the door.

Because Lene was there, performing upgrades. Also Izaak was in the bed sleeping like a log.

“Oh… Engel. You finally wake up.. Wait, what time is it?” Said Lene whille she put down some kind of yellow claws with silver emboderiment. That was a specialized item Engel and Izaak made from [White Mytril], [Black Orihalcum] and [Yellow Meteorite].

Also from the tip of the fingers, which was silver, came threads of translucid-blue energy. It was Lene’s mana.

She was using [Circuit Magic] with one of Krestin’s swords.

“It’s morning already. You look a little worn out…. You should rest, Lene.” Said Engel with a gentle half-smile.

“I know that, but you’re the last person I’d like to hear that from.” Said Lene while chuckling.

“Th-That’s true.” Replied Engel with a troubled expression.

“Moreover… How do you feel?” Asked Lene.

“I feel alright. I rested more than enough.” He said while making a fist posture.

“Yeah. I’d like to hand over the role of leader again to you after all. I think I’m at my limit. For being able to handle all this situation almost alone, you’re a monster” Added Lene while she stood up.

“I wonder, haha.” Said Engel as Lene exited the room.

“Even so, you still a human too you know.” She added while saying “I’ll take my leave” and slightly smiled.

“Lene.” He called out to her after two steps awayfrom the door.

“….. I-I… I’d like to hear your answer.” He said with a really red face and embarassment expression.

“Answer…. Huh…” She muttered as she thought about it for a minute; about the implied question of the other day. Then-

“No. I won’t go out with you. It’s true that I do hold strong feelings of love towards you, as well as you for me… But I won’t go out with you. If you ask why… That’s because I am me. And I am a number one. And like that, I also want to be your number one. I am no second nor third.

If I don’t become your number one, then it’s pointless to ask.

Until you see me as your number one, I’ll keep saying no.”

Said Lene as she just gave him her back.

“Also don’t worry, things won’t get awkward because of this.” She said at last and then dissapeared.

She had used her [Arcana] to leave.

Teil Zwei.

Engel finished the upgrades Lene was doing and then went to walk out a little. Lilya left for a while to cook his breakfast.

He then arrived to the royal garden. A beautiful garden made by flowers of various colors and shapes. It was like a valley made of pure gentle feelings.


Then there he saw someone in pijamas; It was Krestin,

She was admiring the flowers with a soft esxpression when Engel arrived.

“Halo there.”

Said Engel in a low voice. Of course he felt a little sad because now she knew about his past.

(How will she trat me now?) He asked to himself in his mind.

“E-Engel….” Said Krestin while noticing Engel was there.


Krestin started to let some hesitating sounds as she tried to talk.

“I know Lilya told you about my past To you, Izaak and Isold.” Said Engel with a downcast expression.

Krestin felt hatred towards herself for letting Engel get that kind of face, so she steeled herself and talked to him.


She shouted.

“Yeah?” He replied a little confused.

“I… No. We… We did herad about your circumstances, and we never thought that something like that had happened to you. Honestly… I find it hard to believe… Really…. And I find it amusing how you are able to laugh and act like it never happened… Not that like it never happened, but how you overcame it. You are strong, Engel Fa-Falsch… You are too strong… But… You are still a human! It doesn’t matter how of a monster you become in regards of abilities and experience and everything…. You still are a human! A 17 year old guy! You…. You still can get hurt… And It hurted me to know that, and it still hurts… Because I love you! A-And because you are human, I know that you care what we think and what do we act towards you after listening what happened to you!! You think that we would pity you or that we would feel fear, or maybe we would avoid you…. But that’s not the case!!!”

Spat out Krestin.

It seems that in some point, she started to cry and shout.

Honestly, Engel was dumbfounded by her actions. In his heart he sheltered hope that they would not act differently, but he never expected such reaction.

“We…. We would never treat you differently! Even we had our own share of troubles before ingesting the [Skyfall Tear]!! That’s why!… That’s why…. We would never judge you, and accept you. We can’t make like we never heard it… But we can accept it, and walk fordward.”

Said Krestin as she leaned in Engel’s chest while crying.

Engel accepted Krestin’s words in his heart and shed tears while smiling.


After a while, Krestin decided tell him her own circumstances before ingesting the [Skyfall Tear] too.

They spent a while there and Engel attentively listened to her story.

When Krestin finished, he patted her head and smiled.

There was nothing to say, nor to do.

As a sample of his affection, that’s the only thing he did.

Teil Drei.

After the meal. Engel went to look for Lene to obtain more knowledge about what happened while he was sleeping.

As she said, she didn’t act differently from she always does.

Even thought she felt a little embarassed, she mantained her poker face.

So she told him about the asdsasin and what she had discovered about her mission. Also about the spies and the other countries.

He analized everything in his head and-

“Well, as the leader, I’ve decided what to do.” He said with a strong voice.

“What is it?” Asked Lene.

“We are going to visit the place where the [Sacred Dragon Tribe] lives and the [Kurisutal Country].”

“Haaa? Why?”

Questioned Lene.

“Well, is the only one place that didn’t send a spy, and where the kingdom can’t send one.” Said Engel.

“But they did sent one.” Replied Lene.

“But he was a human, not a [Dragon Race]. They are really careful with everything, so if we want to know something about them, we must enter by the front door.” Added Engel.

“I agree, but, why we would like to enter in first place?” Asked Lene.

“Well, we don’t know whether they have [Heroes] as us or they already have a way to deal with the [Asterisk] beforehand. Not to mention that they are considered the most powerful race in this world…. Don’t you want to see what are they capable of?” Asked Engel with a mischevous smile.

“You’re right. I want to see too how powerful they are.” Said Lene with a slight smile too.

“So, you want to go?” Asked Engel.

“I do, but… How do we infiltrate? We look different from them, and at least, I don’t have any [Loki’s Mask].” Voiced Engel.

“I do have so don’t worry… But I will have to use a more convicing method.” Said Engel as he half-smiled of excitement.

Teil Vier.

“Are we ready?”

It was a dark room. There were five people hidden by that darkness. One had a white bracelet, other three had marks on their left breast, and the last one wore a golden sword.

“The ruins left by the [Deus] are still in progress. Besides the [Trumpet], the [Box] is incomplete.”

Said the one with the white bracelet to the one with the golden sword.

“We must hurry. The [Heroes] of the [Kingdom] are powerful. The ones summoned by the [Empire] and the [Country] are by no means match to them.” Said the one with the sword.

“Are they that powerful?” Asked the first marked.

“Yes.” Replied the other bluntly. There was no room to doubt.

“Even so, we the [Rulers] will command the [Asterisk] and rule this foolish world.” Said the third marked as he laughed in self-satisfaction.

The others followed suit and laughed too.

But they didn’t noticed the waver in the second marked.

Teil Fünf.

“Who are you people?”

Asked the man guarding the frontier. He had a heavy white armor. There were other two behind him.

The frontier was an enormous wall of 50m tall and 30km long from west to east.

“My name is Seitenshi Hakuei and her name is Seitenshi Shiroyasha. We are siblings.” Said a young man who was in front of the heavy knight.

The young man had black and white hair. One of his eyes was pure silver and the other was pure golden.

Also the characteristic scales from the [Dragon Race] were shining white and black scales.

His fangs were unleveled, making one being visible even with his closed mouth.

He had a well smithed black armor, a tattered robe and a staff covered in bandages.

There was also a girl with slender figure and god-like beauty. Her luster black scales shined beautifully as well as her black hair and her pure silver eyes captivated the heavy knight.

She also had a scythe covered in bandages, and her white armor was above average too.

But there was something supicious.

Even if there were [Dragon Race] people with different eyes, bicolored scales was unheard of… Even with such an incompatibility as black and white ones.

But even that was alright; there was exceptions, like in legends and stories… But-

“… You, the girl over there. Are you really a [Dragon Race]? There are people that used fake scales to try to pass the border. Are you one of them by chance?!”

Said the heavy knight as he used his enormous spear to point the girl.

“Wh-Why would I be suspicious?” Asked the beautiful girl.


Then, the girl quickly changed of expression and tried to attack the heavy knight.

“Eehhhh!! Sorry sorry, she’s a little sensible in that area… HEY! STOP!”

Said the guy who was with her. He was the one who stopped the beauty from attacking the knight.

He holded her from behind as she energetically swinged her scythe.

“Sorry, but she’s a [Late Half]. We are twins and she was the one who…. Well, as you see- Hey! Don’t swing that crap to me!”

Said the guy as he reprended the girl who swinged the scythe towards him.

“A Lat- Oh I see. Sorry for doubting you. Have a nice day.” Said the man as trying to finish any kind of conversation with them because the awkwardness.

To say, there are some kinds of [Half].

It was very common in the [Dragon Race] to born twins. They could be from different colors each if the parents were different too.

But there were and one of them would be born without scales.

Or with a different color of scales….

But sometimes…

And only sometimes… When a boy adn a girl twins were to be born, the girl would born wth nothing wrong.

But as the years passed, there would be one flaw in her….

Her chest didn’t grow at all.

They were known as the [Late Half], because the girls that were born last, had such curse.

It was the worst for a [Dragon Race] woman.

“Accept it already… It didn’t work.” Said the guy, the one named Hakuei.

“SHUT UP! I still had hopes…” Replied the beauty called Shiroyasha.

“Anyways… It was mere luck that existed such a curse.” Said Hakuei as they walked the path towards the nearest town.

“Are you saying my flatness is a curse?!!! Of course it is for you!! All of your girls have those colossal behemots in their chests!!” Shouted Shiroyasha as she had some tears in the corner of her eyes.

“But even so, you’re beautiful like this.” Said Hakuei as he smiled.

Because he really meant it, Shiroyasha intensely blushed and said “Idiot” in a faint voice.

“So… At the end, why did you wanted to cross the border? We could have just teleported inside.” Asked Shiroyasha.

“Well, that’s because I sense someone watching. In every door there is someone watching from afar with magic in a radius of 1km, and we absolutely don’t want to call unnecesary attention.” Said Hakuei as he placed his hand on Shiroyasha’s shoulder.

“Now.” He muttered as they both dissapeared in thin air.



Shouted a girl.

She had a dynamite body, rare white hair and scales with pure silver eyes.

“Is there something troubling you, Princess?” Asked a servant with scarlett red scales.

“No…. Nothing. I just felt something right now.” Said the Princess.

She was the one who governed the [Sacred Dragon Clan] territory. If the person governing was below 21 years, they would be called Prince or Princess, and if they were older, they were King or Queen.

Her name is Hakuryuu Shirayuki.

“Haa…. I wish there was a strong man out there who can marry me…”

Sighed the Princess.

“There’s no one so strong to win over your hand, My Princess.” Said the servant.

“There has to be… Right now I felt someone.” Said the Princess Shirayuki.

“What?! Are you serious Princess?!” Shouted the servant in surprise.

“I am. I have never felt something like this…. Such colossal amount of power…. If we were to measure my power as a lake…. The one I felt… Is like the ocean coming here.”

Said the Princess with a bewitching smile.

“I am eager to meet that person.”



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  1. kmx72 says:

    So Lene loves Engel but only wants to be first and if not nothing and Krestin had some screen time with Engel and the new girl will fall in love with Engel because of his strength apart from that then why didn’t Lene try to monopolize first instead of just being granted to?!

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    • That’s because she didn’t like him since the beggining; and the same goes for Engel. She didn’t like her at the beggining.

      It was like, things just happened.

      Like people you hate and then you like, or friends that after time start to like the other..

      Something like that.


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