Magical Tournament Volume Four Chapter Eight: Heiratsantrag (Proposal) – Justice vs Justice?

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Chapter Eight: Heiratsantrag (Proposal) – Justice vs Justice?

Teil Ein.

After surveying the whole area from the air, Engel a.k.a Hakuei and Lene a.k.a Shiroyasha went back to the ground.

They reafirmed that the place, or “country” where the [Sacred Dragon Clan] lived was the size of two times the island where Camellia Academy was.

Because the capital was quite far away, they teleported to the outskirts of the town nearest to it.

They idly chatted as they walked in the town.

With that pace, they would arrive before nightfall to the capital.

“Now that I notice, why did we have to visit the [Country] too? You only said the reasons to visit this place.” Asked Lene.

“That’s because it’s the only place whom we can ally with. Besides being the most “modern” in this world.” Said Engel.

“I see.” Replied Lene.

Certainly; The [Kingdom] looked like the upper middle ages, and the [Empire] should be the same. Even the [Sacred Dragon Clan Country] looked like the early Edo Japan. Hakamas and Kimonos everywhere. Paper umbrellas, tatami floor houses and people with katanas and shinto staves.

There were medieval knights here and there, as well in the frontier too due to the influence of the other countries, but mostly it was a Japanese aura in the place.
The country, pictured by the second court magician, was something like England in the 1800’s.

“The [Empire] tries to make risky movements; its better if we put them at halt with an alliance with the [Country], even if they are rumors.” Added Engel.

“That’s true.” Said Lene as they quietly walked in the streets.

(Was alright to send Isold and Krestin there?) Thought Lene as they walked.

They didn’t have the time to go in different dates, so they sent Krestin and Isold to the [Kurisutal Country].

But then, as they advanced towards the capital, Lene’s mood started to worsen.

“Sa-Say…. Why did you choosed such chuuni names? I feel embarassed just listeing to them…” Said Lene trying to distract herself from her bulgingn anger.

“I heard from the [Court Magician] that the fanciest the name, the more respect they show to you as an initial impression. Remember, the guard didn’t do more than question us. He could have easily imprisioned us or something like that.” Explained Engel.

“I-I see… Also, what exactly are we going to do in the capital?” Questioned Lene.

“We’re going to reunite information. In the streets, bars and also there should be information dealers.” Replied Engel.

Then, Lene looked as if she could not handle it anymore and feel in her knees.

“Le-… Shiroyasha!? What happened?” Asked Engel worried about Lene.

“I…I cannot resist anymore…..” She muttered.

“Resist what?” Asked Engel.





To Lene’s shouts, everyone looked to her with dumbfounded expressions. Everyone listened to her cry and when looked to her chest were like “Poor her” or “What a shame”.

It seems that Lene’s trauma about her chest was out of the graphics, so Engel took her and ran full speed towards the capital.

“Don’t worry! We’ll be soon in [Murakumo]! Use the [Second Moon] in youself to resist the stress!”

Said Engel as he moderately ran towards the [Sacred Dragon Country}’s Capital, [Murakumo].

Teil Zwei.

“It’s here Akakiba! It’s here!” Shouted a girl in her private room.

With a dinamyte body and pure white hair and scales, it was the [Princess] of the [Sacred Dragon Clan Country], Hakuryuu Shirayuki.

She was yelling to his servant, Akakiba Ryuugamine.

“I don’t feel anything though, Princess.” Said Akakiba.

“That’s because you’re not strong enough!” Said the Princess.

While the servant muttered “I see…”, the Princess stood up from her bed and went towards the Rotenburo.

“I’ll be preparing myself for the look of this man. Akakiba, prepare the carrige!” Ordered the Princess Hakuryuu as she started to undress herself.

“At your order!” Said Akakiba as he kneeled and then left.

“I really wish to see who this person is… It doesn’t matter how he looks like… Or thinking about it…. It wouldn’t hurt for him to be handsome thought.”

Said the Princess to herself as she had her bath.

After an hour and a half, she was ready to head out.

She entered the carriage and left her castle. The castle looked exactly like the Himeji Castle.

“Where’s he? Where’s he?” Muttered the Princess, who couldn’t locate the exactly position of the man he was looking for due to his big presence.

“Princess, forgive my rudeness but…. How do you know it’s a man?” Asked Akakiba who was inside the carriage with her.

“That’s for the quality of the presence, of course! A woman’s presence is thin and a man’s is wide.” Explained the Princess.

Akakiba could only tilt his head in confusion.

“Well, let’s say this; When you feel the presence of a woman, you feel like the tip of a very, very dull and rusted sword lightly touching your skin. And the presence of a man feels like a smithing hammer slightly touching you.” Added the Princess.

“I understand now Princess.” Said Akakiba while bowing.

“There he is!!” Shouted Princess Hakuryuu as she got out of the carriage.

She energetically opened the door and ran towards the man with the big presence.

Then who she saw was a uber handsome man with beautiful shining bicolored scales of black and white along with his hair. He had a sealed staff in his right hand and wore ragged armor and robe.

Looking at him, the Princess felt love at first sight. She was only attracted to his presence, hoping him to be a worthy man, but now it felt for her that those things didn’t matter. “I would have proposed to him even if he were not strong!” Tought the princess as she closed the distance to him.

The man instantly noticed the Princess. He widened his eyes in awe. She felt happy because of his reaction and grinned in happiness.

But then something unexpected happened.

The man changes his expression to one full of seriousness, as if ready for the battle. The man readied his staff and charged towards the Princess leaking a killing intent and-



Blood covered the Princess white face from the man’s attack.

Teil Drei.

[Engel’s POV]

“How did it go?” I asked to Lene.

She had tried to use a self suggestion with the [Second Moon] in her back.

She sure hate big chests that much.

“I’m fine. It doesn’t bother that much now.” She replied.

At least she’s not crying as when we arrived here to [Murakumo].

It took her 30 minutes to calm down as use her magic.

“Anyways, there should be an information dealer somewhere. It’s better if we start searching now.” I suggested to what Lene nodded in agreement.

We walked for a while and found a bar where we could ask for less important info.

I talked to the barman, not minding that the place looked like a pub, and asked things like the position of the [Asterisk] and confirming rumors about the heroes.

Nothing special

Then someone approached hme to suggest an information dealer in the area. I payed for both information and the drinks and left.

By the way, the money belonged to the spy sent by the [Sacred Dragon Clan].

After I drank all the content in the glass, we left.

(Eh? A presence targeting me?)

Suddenly, while on the way I felt a presence looking for me.


It’s a fairly big presence for someone of this world, I must be warry!

Then I felt it to my left and-


I voiced in my mind.

Because out of a carriage there was a beautiful girl with white hair and scales; not to mention that her chest was comparable to that of Yozora’s, if not bigger.


Suddenly I noticed a man behind the girl leaking killing intent!

(I should stop him!)

I readied my saff and-



I pierced the man’s throat with my staff. He had a shortsword in his hand clad in magic power ready to cut off the girl’s head.

He had bright red hair and scales.

(Who was he?…. Wait! SHIT! I stained the pretty girl with the man’s blood!!!)

I screamed in my mind as I looked to her dumfounded face.


Shouted the girl.


I stupidly voiced.

(Why would she shout like that?.. Moreover, who the hell is she?! To be targeted by an assasin… I hope she isn’t a princess or something…)

I thought as I released the staff from the dead guy.

“That was awesome! Incredible! I have no doubts now! You are going to marry me by all means!!”


I voiced stupidly again as she proposed to me.

[End Of Engel’s POV]

“Ma-Ma-Marry you?! What the fuck are you talking about?!”

Reclaimed Lene to the Princess’ words.

“Is as I said. He will marry me. I have acknowledged your strenght and looks! Rejoice!” Said the Princess.

“And you are not going to answer?!” Said Lene to Engel.

“Even for me this is too much….” Said Engel as he held his head with his left hand.

“Even so, who the hell are you to propose like that?!” Shouted Lene.

“Hee… You don’t know who I am? I’ll enlighten you then! I am the ruler and [Princess] of the [Sacred Dragon Clan Country], Hakuryuu Shirayuki!!”

Declared the Princess with a strong and prideful voice.

Lene then noticed that all the people around them had suddenly came to a halt, and ones were even kneeling.

(Shit! It seems to be true! What a problem we’ve gotten into now!!) Shouted Lene in her mind.

Then Engel came to his senses after a while.

“O-Okay… It seems that this situation has scalated rather quickly. First of all, let’s give priorities to the events; [Princess], can you explain who this person was?”

Said Engel with composture.

“He was my most close servant, Akakiba Ryuugamine. By close I mean the one nearest in physical distance rather than emotional. As you may know, I can’t be less than 5 steps near someone. He alwasy kept himself at 7 steps of distance.

Anyways, I believe he was given the mission to assasinate me by other nobles that wants to take my position. He had no relatives nor friends so I bet that he was given a very large amount of money in advance as payment.” Said the Princess.

“Not that I was fond of him.” She added.

“I see. And now, about the marriage… Wouldn’t be another place the indicated for that?” Said Engel as he looked around him.

“I see. You are right. Then there’s no more option than taking you to the castle.”

Replied Princess Hakuryuu with a proud voice.

An hour later…

Right now the three were sit inside a tea room for important guests.

Two female servants were pouring tea in cups to serve them.

“There’s no problem here, right?” Said the Princess.

She had brougth them to her castle after asking a nearby knight to clean the mess Engel left.

“There isn’t.” Replied Engel.

“So, what day is the wedding? For me, I’d like it to be right now but that’s impossible, I have to meet your parents as well you have to meet mine and there is paperwork and the announcement to the commoners…. Maybe next week?”

Decided quickly the Princess.

“Things scalated quickly again…. Haa, let me say this but, I don’t plan in marrying you.” Said Engel.

“There’s no room to refusal!” Replied the Princess.

By the way, Lene had he mouth taped so she could be quiet.

“Why?” Added Engel.

“Because I am the [Princess] of this Country!” She said.

“Even so I won’t!” Exclaimed Engel.

“Why so strong refusal? Do you mean that I am not enough?!” Shouted the Princess.

“I-It’s not that. Well, you are more than enough. Beautiful skin, face and hair, also you seem to be strong and have power…. But I can’t marry you!” Protested Engel.

“You-You…” Blushed the Princess

“I have just noticed about it… Isn’t that woman your wife? That’s why you’re rejecting me?!” Shouted again the princess.

“N-No. She’s not my wife.” Said Engel while wavering a little.


“[White Dragon King Style]!! [Sky Piercer]!!!”

A voice shouted from the other side of the paper door.

Then with a great momentum the door was blown off and Engel stood up at the same moment.

Then a middle aged man with white har and scales with scarlet eyes charged in with a large spear.

Engel did not move even an inch and looked directly to the eyes of the man who was pointing the spear to him.

It was not even a glare, not a gaze with pressure or killing intent; just Engel’s [Serious Modo] gaze.

In the split of a second, their two gazes colided.

Then the middle aged man changed the trajectory of his attack and landed perfectly some steps ahead of Engel.

“Haa… Haaa….”

The man was sweating and pale.

“Dad! What are you doing?!”

Asked Princess Hakuryuu but the man didn’t answer.

“Dad” She repeated.

“Shirayuki….” Talked the man, whom was the Princess’ father.

“I-I heard there was a man you chose. Is it him?” Said the father.

“Yes. He is the man.” Replied the Princess.

“I see. Well then…. I acknowledge him.” Said the father.

“Wha?! Are you sure? You dad are so stubborn! Why you did it so fast?” She asked.

Then the man approached her daughter and muttered in her ear-

“Because when I saw in his eyes, even though I felt zero bloodlust coming from him, I thought that my life would end if I were to attack him.”

The Princess looked to her father’s face and understood that he was serious.

“I apologize for earlier. My name is Hakuryuu Yukihira and am the former [King] of this country.” Said the man politely.

“I accept your apologize. My name is Seitenshi Hakuei. It’s an honour.” Replied Engel.

“So, in which part of the talk were you?” Asked the former King.

“The part where he rejects me.”

Said the Princess. The former King, listening to this, suddenly jumped and landed in his limbs.

He was performing the legendary “Dogeza”.

“PLEASE! MARRY MY DAUGHTER BY ALL MEANS! I BEG YOU!” Pledged the former King while smashing his forehead in the tatami.


Voiced both the Princess and Engel dumbfounded.

Teil Vier.

“So… How did we ended like this?!”

Shouted Lene. Right now they were in the Kingdom’s palace.

“A-After the old man kneeled and I put you to sleep becaue you were getting pretty mad…. The talk kept going.” Replied Engel.

“Then?” Asked Lene.

“He kept begging and I kept refusing.”


“I-I proposed that If she were to marry me, she had to throw out he social standing, her position as [Princess]….”


“She said that she didn’t care and the old man consented to it. He said that he would hand over the position to the little sister when she arrived to the befiting age, and until then he would take care of the country…”


“The old man said that he only cared for the safety of her daughter and that she would marry an honest, strong, handsome and influent man.”


“He said that I was perfect. Then I objected to the thing of being influential, but then he said that [Seitenshi] is a name for people with influence…”


“I had no more reasons to reject her… And in the spot he married us. They put the mark of the royal family with burning black steel in my left breast as well in her right tight….”


“I-I said that I had to go out of the country, and that he didn’t care. He gave me a box filled with gold, new clothes and let me go in a carriage with her…”

“So…. You are saying that….”

“Yeah… I am officialy married to Hakuryuu Shirayuki.”

“Oh no Darling! Now is Seitenshi Shirayuki. I left the name to marry you. Even if we recieved the mark of the royal family, I still chose you last name.”



After the explanation of what happened, Lene hit Engel in the gut with [Chrono Adamant] and then beat him up until she was satisfied.



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