Type: Hybrid – Chapter Three: Encounters

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Chapter Three: Encounters

Part One:

The [Crowley]’s uniform was pretty simlpe.

For boys it consisted of black-ashen pants and white long-sleeved button shirts. A night-black blazer and a tie.

For the tie, for juniors it was ocher red and dark golden diagonal strips. For sophomores it was musk green and dark golden diagonal strips; and for seniors it was dark, cobalt blue with dark golden diagonal strips.

The blazer had knitted the coat of arms of the academy.

It was a sun and a moon in silver threads. It also had ivly-like embrodery around in pale-golden thread.

As for the girls, the only one difference is that they wear skirts instead of pants.
Anyways, going back on track;

Serena had already calmed down and André was walking alongside her towards the pizzeria.

It was a little awkward for them right now, but they had to learn how to move fordward with it, so they decided to go together to eat.

André had a black, dessert muffler and Serena a ocher muffler. She was quite weak to cold, so she also wore leather gloves.

They arrived to the store, and got in.

They looked for Cristoph and found him in a table for four. He was already ordering.

“You didn’t take too long.” Said Cristoph as Serena and André sat and the waitress left.

“Well, it looked like a lover’s quarrell so I thought you would be coming later.” He added as they both blushed.

“We-We are okay now. So, what did you order?” Asked André.

“I asked for the house recomendation so ya could know the true value of this place!”

Said Cristoph a little fired up.

(I haven’t had pizza in years…) Thought André, taking in count that he lived years in a parallel future.

“I also called over my girl; Does it bother you?” Asked Cristoph.

“Not at all.”

“I don’t mind.”

Replied both.

“Here’s your order! A house special! The Italian Stallone’s Eleven Meat Pizza!” Said the waitress as she put the gigantic pizza full of meat in the table.”

“Woah” Voiced André as he took a piece.

“Hey! What is this? This is too little to eat! Waitress! Bring other two here!” Said Serena while taking six pieces.

“Oh! And also-WHAT?!!!”

She exclaimed while suddenly standing up form her chair.

Serena had a expression of anger and was gripping the table’s edge with all her strenght.

“Hey Serena! What’s wrong with y-??!!”

André, after seeing what Serena did, went pale and greatly resisted the urge of running away.

Then he recalled his internal fight, and the fact that Serena was now with him, and his uneasiness faded.

“I-I’m sorry miss waitress. My girl here thinks that you resemble very much an aqcuitance of ours. They are on bad terms, so… Well, I apologize in her behalf.”

Said André as he places his hand in Serena’s shoulder. Then she felt André’s warmth and released her anger.

“I-I am sorry. I-I apologize if I was ru-rude to you.” Said Serena with a poker face.

“I see. It’s okay, I’m not bothered by it that much. I’ll bring your order quickly, Miss. Client.”

Replied the waitress and quickly left the place.

“Woah, what an espectacle!” Said Cristoph as he ate his pizza and both Serena and André sat again.

“Yeah… Sorry bout’ that.” Said Serena while sulking.

(I need to focus more… I need to restrain myself… I can’t lose control as I did in the past….) Thought Serena as she ate.

“So, how much in bad terms are you with this girl that resembles Alessandra?” Asked Cristoph.

“Do you know the waitress?” Asked André with curiosity.

“Yeah; I’ve come here for a while to eat, so I know her pretty well; She’s the daughter of the owner. I’m sure she’ll ask about this later.” He said with a bitter smile.

“Well, you could say that they are two peas in a pod.” Replied André with a wry smile.

(Really… Who would thought that she would be here…) He thought as the waitress came back.

“Here’s your order miss.” She said with a business smile.

The waitres was a tall, slender girl with a natural tan and long, wavy hair. She has bright brown eyes and a over the average beauty.

“Sorry for the earlier disturbances…” Said Serena.

“I said I didn’t mind it.” Replies the girl, Alessandra.

Then she placed the drinks and left.

(Alessandra Nero…. The bitch that tachnically killed André twice…) Thought Serena as she saw Alessandras back with a bulging rage inside her.

Part Two.

Back in the parallel future, when the remaining population of the country reunited in a single place, the opposing military took over the goverment.

They created small squads where teenagers would train and work together so they could fight in later missions.

Serena and André were in the same squad… As well as Alessandra Nero.

She worked diligently, had over the average performance in the drills and training and was an expert in long-range weaponry.

She was basically a talent for war.

And loved being treated like that.

She expected to become the squad leader, but was discarded by the higher ups.

“We don’t need someone so skillful at the head. We want a marionette.” Is what they talked in a certain meeting, when they designed André as the squad leader.

That’s because theywere only kids; Cannon fodder.

They didn’t want future talents, but real time results; so they didn’t care about her and just let her go to waste.

Also they didn’t want someone who could rebel in the future… They wanted loyalty from the mob. And like that they tooke their desicion.

Of course, Alessandra didn’t know about this and blamed everything to André.

She was frustrated because she, a genius, was not chosen as the leader… But André, a stupid wimp was. It was true that to some extent he was better in being calm and to listen to orders… But that was all.

He was not specially skillful in combat, nor he could handle a gun.

It was like Alessandra’s whole world crumbling.

She completely hated André Glass from stealing the spotlight… The place reserved for her… So she decided to kill him and make the higher ups reconsider their desicion.

Mission after mission, she observed Andrés behavior and routine, so she would ceate a plan where she could say “It wasn’t me” and everyone would believe it.

So one day, she placed poison in his food. André was shunned because his incompetence, so he sometimes decided to eat alone in a far away place from the cafeteria in the base.

So she used poison. It was pretty efective, but Serena found him dying in the floor and quickly took him to the infarmary, thus saving him.

Noticing that the poison wouldn’t wor twice, she decied to directly kill him.

She decided to do it in a mission, where everything could happen. If she were to fail a shot becaue his bad positioning, it had nothing to do with her.

So, after several missions of reissonance and guarding, the oportunity came.

The enemy, that named himself as [Empire], attacked a convoy of food directed to the base.

For a strange reason, the enemy didn’t use much guns. They used weapons like spears and swords.

After a hard battle where one of their companions died, André was struggling with the last enemy.

Then, as André was just going to shot the enemy in the head…

Alessandra shot him in the heart.

Or so it was suposed to be.

In a miscalculation, a gust of wind affected her snipe by some milimeters, and instead, it pierced his shoulder.

Because of the big caliber of the bullet, it compromised his whole arm.

That night, André Glass lost his left arm.

Part Three.

Serena had texted the other members of [Nebula] plus Karen and Aleister that they were having lunch in the pizzeria named [Green Sauce], so they would not worry about them.

No one knew when things would go the wrong way, so they kept themselves in contact almost the whole time.

After a minute or two, Cristoph’s girl arrive.

She was a average height, atlethic girl with black hair tied in a ponytail and green eyes. She was prettier than over the average girls, but not to the extent of competing with Serena. She also wore the same uniform as them.

“I’m here!” Exclaimed Cristoph as the girl ran towards them and sat.

“Helous!” She said in a lively tone.

“She’s my girl, Ekaterina Crowley.” He said with a smile.

“Hello.” Said André.

“He-What?! Crowley? Is she family of the principal?!” Retorted Serena.

“I-I wanted to ask about it in a more smoothly way but… Yeah; I had the same question.” Added André.

“Well, yeah. She’s the granddaughter of the principal Edward Crowley whose family manages the academy.” Explained Cristoph.

(I didn’t expect this…) Said André to himself as thinking it would be a good idea to befriend her.

Incidentally, their group hadn’t spotted at all. They knew about Ekaterina but didn’t see her near the principal.

“Well, it seems you aimed big.” Said Serena.

“You could say that….” Replied Cristoph.

“He-Hey. Cris… Who are these people?” Asked Ekaterina.

“Hi; My name is André Glass and she is Serena Bones.” Said André.

“Are you Cris’ friends?” She added.

“Ye-Yeah. Kind of. We’re aqcuitances…” Replied André.

“WOAH!! Look-Look! Cris! You’ve got new friends! Wooooo…. What a nice friends you have now! And look! That girl is reeeeeaally beautiful! Also he’s pretty cool… But don’t worry! You are the only one in my eyes, Cris!…. Also Also! Don’t you think they’re going out? They sure look like a perfect couple! A cool guy with a beautiful girl!… Oh! They’re just like uuuss! Oh! I’m hungry I’ll take a piece!!”

Blurt out Ekaterina in a sudden rush of emotions and expressions. She was like a little 10 year old girl. She said all that but while shouting it and making a little embarassed André and Serena.

“So-Sorry… She’s always like this… It seems her brain only works for track and field and nothing else…” Said Cristoph a little embarassed.

It seems she was really childlike and didn’t mind her surroundings; the opposite of Cristoph.

(It looks hard for him…) Thought the couple that was pretty similar to them.

Part Four.

After that, day after day passed and there was no fruit to their surveillance and infiltration.

Everything was just like a high-ranking academy is suposed to be.

Then, as any other “normal” day, suddenly André felt the call of the nature, and went to pick the flower.

He successfully completed the deal, and as he was going back to his room. something strange happened.

He was quietly walking and-

(??! Bloodlust?!) He thought.

He sensed bloodlust behind him quickly turned around and saw coming to him a hand with a syringe.

He then in reflex took the assaulting hand with his right and the upper arm of the enemy with his left.

Like that he used the momentum and threw to the floor, took the knife of the enemy’s hand and placed it in the troath of the person as he placed himself on top of the enemy and binded the other hand with his knee.


He said to himsef when he noticed that the person who attacked him was a woman and he had placed himself over her breasts.

André moved his sight to the enemy’s face and-

“Miss Skyler?” He voiced while dumbfounded; even so, he didn’t lower his guard.

“You can let me go now, Glass. I have no intention to harm you.” Replied Miss Skyler a little red.

“You say that when you tried to stab me?” Retorted André.

“I was just testing you. I wanted to see what you were made of… ” Said Miss. Skyler as she looked André to the eyes.

“I just want to talk…” She added.

After a moment, he stood up and freed Miss. Skyler.

“I won’t be giving the syringe though” He said while glaring at her.

Luckily, there was no one nearby that watched their exchange of words.

“Good looks, intelligent, smart, dilligent, good at sports, polite… And knows [Combat Sambo].” Said Mis Skyler with a bewitching smile. André just looked at her without lowering his guard.

“I’ve been looking at you these past days and got to understand all of your good points.” She added.

“And so? Why did you come to me with a syringe?” Asked André.

“Well, I planned in abducting you so I could talk more quietly, but this also works.” She said.

“What for?” He questioned.

“I want you for two things. First, I want you to join my cause. You may not believe it but weird things happen in this academy, so I want you to investigate alongside me. You are the first in a list of students that I see fit to investigate.” She explained.

(Weird things?) He said to himself.

“I see doubt in your face….Glass, if you join me, I’ll tell you more in detail.” She said.

“I’ll think about it… And? What’s the other reason?” André asked.

“I wanted you to have sex.” Replied Miss. Skyler.

“What?!” Exclaimed dumbfoundedly André.

“Well, not only sex, but your sperm too; or better said, your genetic material.” Said Miss Skyler in a straight voice.

(?!! I remember! I knew I had seen her somewhere before, and knew about her name! She’s one of the original members… One of the founders of [The Architecture]! Skyler Colt!) He shouted to himself as he dumbfoundedly looker at his teacher.

(A-And there was that rumor… That she would do anything to have intercourse with a fine man… And give birth to a superior child!!!)

As André thought that, Skyler’s cheeks reddened a little and she licked her lips while giving a bewitching smile.



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  1. kmx72 says:

    What happens when an arrogant doesn’t get what she wants and doesn’t know why, tsk tsk , also a Nympho is a creator of Architecture invites wonder if he can change her or at least stop her

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    • Well… There are modern ways to get genetic material other than intercourse…. So that means “Cliffhanger!!”

      xD and well, I checked the novels and I knew bout the forsaken hero one, but not the others. Also I read bad [Deprived] as [Depraved] and thus I was reclutant to check… But I got the name wrong xD

      Also the summoned seems nice to read. I’ll read them later.

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      • Hahaha okay okay… Well, I found a novel of this guy who loved Kendo because of his dad or something like that… But then died and was reborn…. And then he was born as a cursed child or something (because of his hair) and didn’t have any magic, so he decided to leatn the way of the sword again….

        And hell I don’t remember the name and I want to keep reading it.

        Do you know about it?

        Also, sorry… I didn’t like that much Summoned (I checked it first). So I’m gooing with the deprived guy now.


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    Too vague there are many could also be a xianxia and do you remember anything , it does ring a bell but no it is too generic man I’ve seen a lot with the concept so I don’t know so really sorry really sorry sorry

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    • I don’t. That’s all I can remember. It wasn’t a xianxia cause it had Japansese names and it was pretty Japanse-like novel.

      I just remember the guy having only body strenghtening magic to fight and black hair.


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