Magical Tournament Volume Four Chapter Nine: Vertrag (Pact) – Love is pain, but pain is god?

Hello there! Alek here!

Author’s Note: If you didn’t noticed, the title of the chapter is a little reference to Naruto’s character, [Pain] who named himself god. Not related to the chapter tho’ xD Enjoy the chapter.
PS: Also, I’ll start with a little class of magic cause I realized I never explained this. xD
PPS: A little hint: Lene’s eyes are tsurime.

Chapter Nine: Vertrag (Pact) – Love is pain, but pain is god?

Teil Ein.

“Why is it so special… Engel’s [Hero Ability]?” Asked Krestin.

She was walking alongside Lene in the palace. It was morning, just after the breakfast. Lene had spilled her drink, Krestin quietly ate as well as Isold and Engel with Izaak quarreled. An everyday escene.

By the way, Krestin and Isold’s trip to the [Country] went pretty well. They could make an alliance and everything. Theonly one problem is the annoying wooing of two the heroes towards Krestin. It seems that they will come to the [Kingdom] for the only sake of visiting Krestin.

Anyways, going back on track-

“Well… How can I explain it in simple terms…” Said Lene while thinking (Engel is better at explainig this things to people with a little high, normal or low intelligence….).

“Well… Don’t expect much from my explanation though…” She added.

“I know you both are really intelligent people… So I’ll try to keep up with you.” Replied Krestin.

“I see. Hmm… Then to start- Magic in each person is different. There are simmilitudes but every one of us is different.” Said Lene, starting to explain some concepts to Krestin.

“Is that so? How come? Even people of the same [Element Affinity]?” She asked.

“Exactly. Everyone is different. To make it simple… Everyone’s magic if of different color. In fact, you can guess that only looking to my eyes.” Said Lene as she activated her [Angelic Eyes].

They shone in a bright steel blue, different from her silver blue.

“You see my eyes? They shine blue right?” She asked, to what Krestin nodded.

“That’s the color my [Magic] is. And now, think in Engel’s eye color.” Added Lene.

Kresting thought in Engels eyes and pictured them in her head.

“They are heterochromatic, right? And different color from mine; green and yellow… That’s Engel’s [Magic] color. With my eyes I can see mana, and also if I concentrate enought, I can see the colors. Your’s is skyblue, Izaak’s is fire red and Isold’s is pale silver. Everyone is different.” Explained Lene.

“And what does this have to do with Engel’s ability?” Questioned Krestin.

“There’s where I’m going now.” Replied Lene.

“Tell me, do you have a spell that you need to control remotely or at least be shot?” Asked Lene.

“What?” Retorted Krestin.

“Haa…. Do you have attacks like or similar to [Fireball] of [Earth Cannon]?” Said Lene.

“Oh yeah; I’ve got [Lightning Bullet].” Said Krestin.

“Okay; Then, imagine this- You are in a fight with Engel and then you hypotetically shot that attack to him-”


“That attack, it’s charged with your magic. You created it, it has your magic in it.”

“Yes, and?”

“What Engel’s ability does is… Something like a thread. From his fingers, threads of his own magic are shot and then when it touches other magic… It makes it his own.”


“So, in your hypoteticall battle with him, if you shot the [Lightning Bullet], he can use one of those threads to touch your attack, and make it his own. The only thing he has to do is to pour a little of his magic from the thread and now that magic is under his control. He can dissolve it, he can throw it back to you, he can absorb it, etc.” Explaines Lene to the attentive Krestin.

“So… It doesn’t seem like a big deal…” Said Krestin with a complicated expression.

(This is a little hard… How can Engel explain these things?) Said Lene to herself.

“Okay… Let’s go back a little; I told you that your body has different magic form others… A different color. Then tell me, why a person that controls water, doesn’t control the water of a person’s body when fighting? Like that the water magic user would win just controlling the water in the opponent’s body and make it expode or something, right?” Asked Lene.

“Well… That… Why?” Replied Krestin a little dejected.

“It’s simple! Because your body has your magic and NO ONE can control your magic; only you. Isn’t that obvious? Other people can’t pour their magic on you or control your the magic inside you! That’s why Engel’s ability is incredible! He can transform your magic to his magic in an instant!” Exclaimed Lene a little excited.

“I see… So, how does [Divine Element] works when healing people? Hoe does [Antimagic] work then?” Asked Krestin.

(Why did you have turn sharp just now!!! Or you are just intelligent or just smart?! That’s why I hate the ones with 60 or 70 in ther INT!! ) Shouted Lene in her mind while her eyebrow twitched a little.

“We-Well… Let’s reafirm the fact that on one can control or change the magic inside you, okay?” Said Lene and Krestin nodded.

“So, the [DIvine Element] is a little different when ot comes to healing. What you learn with healing techniques is to turn your magic to a neutral state. Magic in a neutral state is completely white and can assimilate any color; So if you pour neutral type magic, the body receiving it will accept it gladly. So the healers learn that issuing the order to [Heal] a person, the neutral magic now inside the body acts automatically and stimules the repair of cells and so. Of course, most of this is unconscious. A normal Healer only sends the order of [Heal] to the magic, while the process of making neutral their magic is unconscious. That said, people can only do this with their own magic.” Exlpained Lene.

“Also with [Devil Element], as a “negative” edge of the [Divine Element], it has strong presence, so if infused in a body, it acts as a little poison.” She added.

“I see….” Said Krestin with a complicated expresion  after a minute or so of processing the information.

(That’s why I don’t like intuitive geniuses either…) Thought Lene, being glad that Engel explained all this to her beforehand.

“Wha-What about the [Antimagic]?” Asked Krestin, thinking for a split of a second that knowing that would be high impact in her brain.

“That’s a simple matter. What you do is shot pure magic power. Not transformed to [Fire], [Water], [Light] or anything… Just raw magic power. That pure magic power clashes with you power and thus, yours its cancelled. So, for example, if you meld [Divine Element] and [Antimagic] it’s nothing more than a coating. You can’t essentially meld them, because that wouldo nly make bigger the attack you infuse antimagic with. The same goes to barriers.” Voiced Lene.

(Lene sure is intelligent…. It’s no suprise that Engel hangs out more with her than with me…) Thought Krestin while listening to Lene’s little lecture.

She felt a little pain in her chest as she thought that, but camuflaged it with a slight smile.

Teil Zwei.

(Now that I think about it, Engel’s [Astrea] is an [Enchanted] weapon, made so it converts the mana it sucks to neutral mana and he can abosrb it…)

Thought Lene while recalling her fight against Engel.

She had parted ways with Krstin after her magic lecture and went to the workshop room. She was not angry at him anymore, but just in case, she wanted beat him up for a while.

(Also the Princess is with him all day… Lilya has her in high regards, but she feels slightly angry because her time with Engel has decreased…) She said to herself while passing under a kind of tree tunnel.

And in the other side of the tunnel was- Her.

“Oh, if it isn’t Lene?” Said Shirayuki, Engel’s wife.

Engel told her everything after they officially married and she accepted it; Shirayuki said something like “That means you’re a more powerful being than I thought” and felt more aroused towards him.

Of course she didn’t like that much the fact that he wasn’t a [Dragon Race], but she said “At least transform when we do it, or I won’t be satified”. Engel almost decided to never go back to be human.

It was hard to convince the King of the [Kingdom] to accept that the [Princess] was no more the ruler of the [Sacred Dragon Clan Country] and posed no threat while being in the royal palace, but it somehow went well.

“Oh, it’s you.” Replied Lene in a cold voice.

“Are you going where Darling is?” Asked Shirayuki.

“Of course. We have lots of things to do.” Said Lene.

“I see. But he is really busy right now. He’s making fine adjustments to his robe. He even chased me out.” Said Shirayuki.

“I don’t care about it, I’ll go anyways.” Voiced Lene while trying to pass through Shirayuki.

“Sorry, that cannot do.” Replied Shirayuki while gripping Lene’s forearm.

“What?!” Exclaimed Lene with anger.

(Who she thinks she is?!) Thought Lene while glaring at Shirayuki.

“Sorry, but I can’t let you pass. I said he’s so busy he even chased me out, his wife. That’s why I don’t think someone like you, who is a friend can pass.” Voiced Shirayuki.

“What the hell are you talking about?! Let me go, or is it that you want to lose your arm right here, right now?”

Said Lene to Shirayuki while sending killing intent and magic pressure to her. Shirayuki almost yields to Lene’s threat, but she didn’t. She felt really commited to the task of not letting her go.

Of course, Lene didn’t let go all of her pressure.

“I-I won’t! Su-Such flat chested girl is no one that can be besides my Darling!” Exclaimes Shirayuki as she pushed down Lene.

Because she didn’t expect that, she fell in her butt.

Shirayuki didn’t notice, but because Lene’s threat, she felt in great danger she infused magic in her hand and used a high level technique called [Sacred Dragon Claw].

It was one of her best cards to use, and she unconsciouly used it in the hand that gripped Lene’s forearm.

Lene wasn’t too aware of this because of her anger, so she didn’t put too much resitance to the technique and it left a slight scratch in her wrist.

It wasn’t so big. Like a paper cut in her finger, that’s how small it was.

“S-See! You’re no big deal! You don’t diserve to be besides my Darling! You Flatchest!” Exclaimed Shirayuki when Lene fell.

When Lene was going to stop time and beat up the crap out of Shirayuki-

“What-The Fuck-Is going on here?” Said a voice behind Shirayuki. It was Engel.

And he didn’t look happy.

“Da-Darling. She wanted to get in the work-”

“Shut up.” Replied Engel with a cold voice as the artic. He didn’t even glanced towards Shirayuki, but the pressure she felt from him and his voice made her feel a cold chill in her back and she fell in her knees.

“Lene, are you okay?” Asked Engel, now with his usual gentle manner and a gentle half-smile.

“Ye-Yeah..” She said while blushing a little.

“It was nothing.” She added.

In fact, Lene’s [Regeneration] had already healed the minuscule cut.

“I see. Then it’s okay.” Said Engel and gave her his hand so she could stand up. He was still smiling as she stood up.

Then Engel slently turned around towards Shirayuki.

And his expression greatly chaged.

His gentle aura dissapeared as well as his smile and transformed to a expresionless face.

He used some of his magic pressure and killing intent and irected it all towards Shirayuki.

She felt she was being crushed by a mountain and started to let out slight tears in the corner of her eyes.

He glared at her with eyes devoid of life and with no feeling at all.

Shirayuki’s face went pale as her eyes widened in fear; she felt she couldn’r breath, let alone move a millimeter.

Shirayuki was a high-perceptive girl, so she felt Engel’s aura crawling like lizards all around her.

Engel now was 10 cm in front of her face. She stared in his eyes and saw nothing.

For her, it was a surprise how was she holding conscience now.

Of course it was because Engel didn’t want her to pass out right there.

Then he lifted his right hand and showed it to Shirayuki.

“Look at this. Do you know what is this?” He asked in a voice with any feelings in it.

Of course she couldn’t answer, so Engel continued to talk.

“There are the claws I use to use carve [Circuit Magic] in weaponry.”

“They are made of [White Mythril], [Black Orihalcum] and [Yellow Meteorite].”

“And in our world, the [Yellow Meteorite] is widely known by a special trait it has…. The [Dragon Slayer] trait.”

“And that means that a slight cut can inflict great pain to dragons and dragon-type monsters…. And I can bet that, it can also greatly harm to people that descents form dragons… Like [Dragon Race] people.”

Explained Engel with a straing voice. He didn’t showed any emotion in it, and more than the words, the wayt that he said it injected fear in Shirayuki’s being.

“And why am I telling you this? That-is-simply-because….. If you ever try to hurt Lene again, even a light cut like this with a bad intention, I’ll cut your chest open with this very claws and rip off your heart. ~Okay?”

Threatened Engel.

For Shirayuki, the most fearsome wasn’t the fact that he would surely do it if she ever disobeyed him, but that his las “Okay” was said with his usual, gentle half-smile while still releasing pressure.

“The last time someone did something very similar to this, I used my staff and pierced her heart without second thoughts… So, be gentle with Lene, ~Okay..”

He said with his gentle smile while releasing pressure.

Then he just left.

He silently walked towards the workshop and stopped to release his aura.

Lene just followed suit without saying anything, restarting her original purpose.

After various minutes, Shirayuki just stood there in her knees.

Gazing to the empty air.


She let out a nervous laugh. She was processing all that had happened, then, she smiled.

She didn’t know why, but she smiled.

She then embraced herself and twitched a couple of times.


Then she laughed as if being insane…

And unnaturaly… There was a smal puddle below her.

“I-I…. I… I think I’ve fallen more in love with him!” She shouted to no one as she remained in her knees.

No one knew what passed in her mind to arrive to such conclusion, only that besides she valored strenght, she was a pervert.

And it seems that the strange puddle below her was “Love Néctar”

Who understands women?

They’re an universe of mystery.

Teil Drei.

After they both entered the workshop, Engel said sorry to Lene because his behavior and Shirayuki’s.

She said that it was nothing, while thinking that she had never seen him like that.

She didn’t fear him, and in fact, felt glad that he protected her even by such small thing.

Then after some minutes of a little awkwar atmosphere, they both resumed their work.

Engel had already finished the modifications to his robe and gave the claws to Lene.

He then undressed his top half and Lene started to carve the [Circuit Magic] in him, after seeing that Lene’s was a success.

Because they now had more practice, it didn’t take long for her to finish the carving.

It was a little late for lunch, but still it took less time than with Lene.

By the way, she introduce her own [Arcana] and some  [Barrier Magic]. They both were well versed in that kind of magic, but Lene was more proficient in it with her [Devil Element] than Engel.

After the finished, they decided to take lunch.

Everyone else was already halfway it, so they finished after everyone else left.

It seem that Shirayuki had the lunch before everyone else and then left. She also asked Lillya for some light equipment. Supodsely to train or something.

Then, when Lene and Engel decided to go for a little spar too, Lilya called them out.

She then took them to a big hall to recieve people.

The King, the First Princess, The Knight Leader, Zerya, Izaak, Krestin and Isold were there too, as well as other bunch of maids.

Then from a big wooden door with elegant emboderies, enteres a bunch of people.

They looked like English people from the 1800’s. There were 5 men and 5 women.

3 of the men wore tailcoats and tall hats. The other two who were younger wore strangely modern suits.

The women too. 2 of them wore big an frilly dressed of pastry colors and the other three looked like office ladies.

And the only thing in common among them was the white bracelet in their wrists.

“I suppose those with the moder clothing are the [Heroes].” Voiced Lene in a low voice.

“Yeah.” Said Engel while analyzing all of them. Also Isold and Krestin nodded in agreement.

“Good Afternoon, Perople of [Kurisutal Country] and [Heroes]. We are honoured to receive your visit. I am the [Fifty Second King of Akrylic Kingdom – Inkreetz Phon-Mallet] and she is my daughter the [First Princess of Akrylic Kingdom – Rain Phon-Rizt-Mallet]”

Voiced the King.

It seems that for him to be here, he’s a pretty humble and respectable King.

“Good da to you, your Majesty. I am the embassador of [Kurisutal Country], Halan Forza. My other companions are Herro Trada and Jay Handa. The female embassadors that come with us are Sada Lass and Sere Brodd.” Prsented themselves the embassadors.

The three men were blonde, but Halan had blue eyes, Herro had green eyes and Jay had brown eyes. Jay looked younger and more fagile than Halan who was like a 30 y/old model. Also Herro looked like a physical exercise maniac.

Sada was a brown haired, blue eyed. woman in her twenties and Sere was at most 18 years old, with black hair and brown eyes.

“The [Heroes] will present themselves. Go ahead Ikki.” Said Halan.

“Thank you, Halan-san. My name is Aoba Ikki. And I’m their leader. The one besides me is my best friend, Kurobane HIkage. The other three girls are my other friends Iwatani Hiwamari, Aizawa Itsuba and Asakura Nagisa.” Said the first [Hero], Aoba Ikki.

“By the way, our surnames come first and our names at last.” He added.

Ikki is at most 18 years, as well as the other; and has black hair and dark brown eyes. He i handfsome and has quite the well built body. At the contrary, Hikage was thin and not so handsome, but better than average. He has black hair and eyes and also wears glasses.

Hiwamari is the typical “Gyaru”, but not the “mamba lady” type. She is kinda pretty and has a moderate body. Itsuba looks like Brunnhildr. Has black hair and eyes, but the hair in a high pigtail and is not as pretty as Brunnhildr. She’s boyish thought.

And Nagisa has the best curves of the girls; has short, wavy black hair and light brown eyes.

All of them are Japanese; and probaly from other world than Engel’s.

(I feel the Ikemen aura form the Ikki guy… I hate him already.) Thought Lene as she stared at Ikki.

Ikki noticed this and winked at Lene, which caused her to make a slight expression of disgust.

Engel had analyzed them, and saw their skills. Nagisa had [Godly Speed], Hikage had [Godly Mana], Itsuba had [Godly Strenght] and Hiwamari had [Godly Protection]. It seems that the most troublesome was Ikki with the ability [Godly Control].

After that, Engel and co. presented themselves as the [Five Gods Of War] giving their names and titles.

“I see. So you are the infamous Engel Falsch-san. I’ve heard of you from Krestin-san and got a great interest in you.” Said Ikki.

“Interest? Why? Also I know the customs of your people, so don’t go calling Krestin so lightly by her name. Call her Spiel-sama or Spiel-dono, or better don’t call her name at all.” Voiced Engel a little annoyed by his presence.

Krestin had told Engel how Ikki chased her everywhere she went, and that completely annoyed him.

“I am interested in you because I heard you were strong. I want to fight you! Let’s duel!!” Shouted Ikki with a straight face.

After a while-

Right now Ikki was in front of Engel in one of the training gronds they used to teach magicians.

Engel, with other motives, immediately accepted the duel.

“This are the rules. The first one in surrender or being unconscious loses. No low punches. No time limit. START!” Shouted the First Princess and the battle started.

(This is gonna be a slaughter,,,) Thought Lene while she let out a small laugh.

Ikki charged fordward with all his strenght and with his steel sword attacked Engel.

Engel didn’t move an inch and received the attack.

Then Ikki slashed from Engel’s shoulder to his stomach.

But that didn’t happened.

The sword broke just at the slight contact of it with Engel’s body.

“WHA?!” Shouted dumbfounded Ikki.

Also the others, besided the gods of war, shouted too in surprise.

“Fire god that grants the flame, give it to me! [Flame]!!” Shouted Ikki as he tried to launch a spell similar to [Fireball].

It is that big because the boost of abilities they got as summoned people. If not, it would be as small as Zerya’s.

Engel didn’t move again and just receved the attack.

Actually, it didn’t reach him. The [Flame] vanished 5 cm before reaching Engel’s body. That’s because he uses a dense, compressed coat of [Antimagic] at all time when not fighting, and sometimes when fighting.

Everyone was just dumbfounded that it seemed that the fight had already been decided with Engel not even moving a finger.

“I didn’t want to use this but… You let me no other option!” Shouted Ikki as he put his hand towards Engel.

In his head Ikki activated the skill [Godly Control]. It allows to take up to 5 people’s will and play with it as if the person is a marionette. A very powerfull skil. It’s duration time depends on the bearer, and Ikki’s time with 7 people max is 15 minutes. A total cheat.

Against a skill, Engel’s [Antimagic Coating] was useless.

So then Ikki thought he had already won the fight.

But it was not like that.


When in his mind, Ikki ordered Engel to surrender, Engel did not even voiced a word.

Then while getting pale, Ikki tried countless times to order Engel but it didn’t work. Engel only smiled mischevously.

Engel knew that his [Skill] was pretty troublesome, so he used [Phantom Read] and his [Demonic Eye] to know the tiing when the skill would be unleashed.


Because if he could se the skill, he could copy it.

Then he saw the great flow of energy coming directly to him from Ikki and after getting the gasp of it, he used [Slayer Amalgamation] to copy the skill.

Once copied, he knew what to do to not to be controled, so in the split of a second, he created a coating withthe same density as his [Antimagic Coating] and placed it on his head. It was made of the energy that creates skills, so he stood unafected by Ikki’s skill.

Engel didn’t have the need to use the Skill, so he was going to do something entirely different with it.

If you were intelligent, powerful and skilled enough, after obtaining a skill you could make it evolve into a sub species, or creating a skill with the same principles.

Like Yozora’s [Phantom Stealth] and [Phantom Claw]. The claw derives from the stealth using the same principle of [Dimensional Magic].


After Ikki realized that his ability was useless, he took out a dagger and tried to stab Engel in the face.

(People in despair do anything to keep going on….) Thought Engel as he saw Ikki’s eyes. He knew that said actipon was not ata all related to Ikki’s personality, but when poeple is in dispair…

So, to end the battle, Engel kicked Ikki in the gut. It was a simple and ordinary kick, but Ikki was sent flying towards the other side of the training grounds.

He gave some bounces in the ground and then lost consciousness after 20 meters.

Besides the gods of war, no one could believe how strong Engel was.

After healing Ikki’s wounds, and he woke up Engel talked to him.

“If you ever get near Krestin again…. You’ll experience something ten times worse than this… Alright?”

To Engel’s words, Ikki only went pale and nodded in agreement.

Teil Vier.

After that; Ikki not even by change moved his gaze towards Krestin, neither tried to get near her. Ikki’s plan all along was to make a good impression of himself towards Krestin while winning to Engel, but everything just went backwards.

Right now, Engel and co, the heroes, the embassadors and the first princess were going to the [Dinner Hall], guided by Lilya and other maids, to eat with the royalty when-


When they opened the door, they heard a strange groan.

“FATHER!!!” Shouted the Princess as she run towrds the King.

In his chest was a golden sword piercing his heart.

Engel then sprinted towards the King.

It looked like he teleported though.

When he arrived he took out the sword and started to heal the King.

He was barely holding on because the incident had just happened and his heart was the one pierced.

After a moment, Engel finished treating the King.

He was out of danger.

“Izaak.” Called out Engel in his [Serious Modo]. Looking at his expression, Izaak didn’t complain and went towads Engel.

“What is it?” He asked.

“Use [Psychometry] in the sword and see who did it.” Said Engel.

Izaak was going to put his habnd in the hilt when the Princess stopped him.

“There’s no need. I know whose this sword is.” She said.

“Do it anyways.” Said Engel ignoring the Princess’ statement.

“And tell me, whose is this sword?” He asked.

“This golden sword was Father’s present for brother, the First Prince.” Said the Prncess.

“I see. Izaak, what you see?” Questioned Engel.

“Is as the Princess says. Prince Alv Phon was the one who used this sword to pierce the King’s heart.” Voiced Izaak with no doubt.

“Alright. So we gotta look for the prince.” Said Engel as he enhanced his magic perception. He also augmented his hearing and presence perception.

Then he sensed the Prince not so far away, in the place where the maids prepare the food.

“I found him. Isold, treat him further. Izaak and Lene come with me.” Said Engel as he teleported directly to the place the Prince was hiding. He also teleported Izaak and Lene.

They found themselves in front of a wooden closet. Engel opened it and he saw there the Prince kneeling with a pale face, trembling and mumbling something.

It completely took them by surprise the state of the Prince.

“Heey~Prince.” Said Lene as he shaked him, but he only continued to mumble.

“It’s useless… It seems that he’s got a screw lost.” Said Lene.

“Wha-What is he mumbling?” Asked Izaak who didn’t get to hear the Prince’s voice.

“…. Weird.” Said Engel in a low voice.

“What?” Asked Lene.

“I heard what he’s saying…” Replied Engel.

“And what does he say?” Asked Izaak.

“………………. He says-

[I didn’t do it.]”


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