Magical Tournament Volume Four Chapter Ten: Bünhe (Stage) – Who’s the first place?

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Chapter Ten: Bünhe (Stage) – Who’s the first place?

Teil Ein.

“Do you believe him?” Asked Lene with a serious tone.

“I don’t know. He’s too disturbed to analyze him with my eye.” Replied Engel while thinking in a way to know what happened.

“Izaak… No; Lene. Tell me, what kind of intel has the other countries?” Asked Engel with an unknown purpose.

“Specifically?” She added.

“Our [Hero Abilities]” Said Engel.
“…. Nothing more than what Zerya told us. See evil intentions, control of magic, magic eye…” Said Lene while recalling all she heard from the spies that were infiltrated in the palace.

“Okay… So at least… I see. Izaak, touch the Prince’s clothes.” Suggested Engel.

Izaak nodded and touched the Prince’s vestments.

Then he saw something really strange.

“Engel. I saw something unbelievable.” Said Izaak.

“What is it?” Questioned Engel.

“I saw… The Prince looking at himself trying to kill the King.” Voiced Izaak with a complicated expression.

Lene and Engel widened their eyes in surprise.

(I thought it would be something like he being under hypno… But… This?)

Thought Engel who was quite surprised.

“Does this mean he actually didn’t do it?” Questioned Lene.

“Probably…In the first place I didn’t believe he had done something like killing his father. It’s not like I knew everything about this case… But he looked rather obsessed with being accepted by the King. I’ll tell the details later, but I am quite sure about that. Second, Let’s say that we were not here to refute this, or our abilities were not able to gather this kind information. The only one proof is the golden sword that only belongs to the prince. No one saw anything, and the sword points to the Prince.

Also the fact that the King didn’t look that gave resistance to the attack. That says that the King knew the one who harmed him.

So… Golden sword + Belongs to the Prince + No witnesses + The King knew the aggressor…

Naturally the Prince is the culprit.” Voiced Engel really convinced about his words.

In fact, everyone in the palace thinks that the Prince hates his father because he was “inferior” to the First Princess.

But it was not like that. As Engel says, he was really obsessed in being accepted by the King, so he gave twice the effort and also acted as if being indifferent to that, and his attitude created misunderstandings among the serfhood.

And among the serfhood were… Tons of spies.

“And… Where you want to go with this talk?” Asked Izaak.

“He wants to say… That without us, the Prince is the culprit. But we not only know that the Prince was not the aggressor, but also that he saw “himself” trying to kill the King…” As Lene processed all the information, Engel replied to Izaak’s question.

“The Prince was framed.”

After a couple of minutes, they left the room.

The King was steadily recovering and the Prince had passed out after Izaak took him out of the closet after an hour.

Engel talked with the gods of was, the Knight Leader, Zerya, the First Princess and Lilya.

Shirayuki was submerged in a kind of training, so she wasn’t called off.

Besides that she was not someone involved with the [Kingdom] in the least.

“Lene, any intel about other countries… No; About the [Empire]’s [Heroes]? Someone who shapeshifts or creates illusions?” Asked Engel.

Lene did share the intel with him when he woke up, but he didn’t hear too much about the [Empire].

“Sorry but you already know as much as I do.” Said Lene.

“I see. Then we can’t confirm anything more that what we know.” He added.

“At least we know the idiot Prince didn’t do it.” Said the Knight Leader.

“Yeah… He di-*SMASH!!*”

Then Engel out of nowhere gave a lariat to the Knight Leader, leaving him unconscious.


Everyone was so dumbfounded by Engel’s actions that the only ones that let out their voices were Lene and the First Princess.

“Now we have the culprit.” Said Engel while lifting up the Knight Leader.

Teil Zwei.

While everyone was reunited, Engel on a hunch, felt like reading the thoughts of everyone present except his companions.

And what he got was quite the “confession” from the Knight Leader.

Since the moment he started to read his mind, all he could listen to was:

(He-He-He! Motherfuckers! They’re so naïve!)


(It is regretful that I didn’t kill him but at least I’ll be able to see their stupid dumbfounded faces!!)

(Once we, the [Rulers] get a hold of the [Asterisk] we’ll slaughter everyone!!)

(Once I finally kill the King, I’ll have the Queen and the Princesses for myself!!)

(The [Heroes] are troublesome but the [Trumpet] and the [Box] will deal will them!!!)


Actually…. Engel facepalmed in his mind due to all the information that the Knight Leader let loose in his mind.

As a matter of fact, the King likes to give presents to his beloved ones… “special” presents.

He gives [Golden Swords].

And naturally, the Knight Leader has one too.

Thus- Engel took the Knight Leader and interrogated him. He also applied suggestion to him so he would only tell the truth and the Knight Leader’s mouth was like a fireman’s pressure hose.

Also they discovered the Knight Leader had a scroll of [Deus Magic] that makes you look like someone else. He also stole the Prince’s sword.

After knowing this, Engel shared the intel with Lene and the First Princess only.

“So you say that… These [Rulers] have three special artifacts. One to control the [Asterisk] names [Trumpet]. One with a titanic [Asterisk] named [Box] and ruins that they don’t even know what they do or what even are.”

Confirmed the Princess.

“Most likely.” Said Engel.

“So, what do we have to do now?” Asked Lene.

“Well… Look for those bastards and smash them like the lowlifes they are.” Said Engel with a mischievous smile.

After that, Engel went with Halan Forze, the ambassador of the [Country] to ask about Rad Pen Daal, the one pulling the strings from the [Country]’s side.

The Princess was the one that confirmed the name of the First Prince of the Empire, Wi-El Ud Karta – Vyn Ile.

It seems that they only had 100 or 200 men under their orders, and all of them were working in the middle of the desert.

And that made easier to wipe them down.

Engel teleported to the [Country] and the [Empire] with Halan and the Princess’ help, so he abducted the other two involved in the movement.

They were imprisoned in one of the [Kingdom]’s special cells. They can hold the attacks of magicians and the strongest of knights.

Not even proud assassins could escape that place. Their executions are on hold until the [Country] and the [Kingdom] ends the eradication of the [Asterisk].

Everyone takes for granted that the [Empire] will not participate in the named [Subjugation of the Asterisk].

Even though it became an [Extermination].

From the information Engel got from the Knight Leader, who was also the leader of the [Rulers], is that they used the [Trumpet] to accelerate the creation of the [Asterisk]. It also made them stronger. For the purpose to make them stronger they used all the “negative energy” in the place and that not even 1 more [Asterisk] will be born from said forest in centuries.

Regarding the [Ruler]’s subordinates, Engel and Lene were unable to find them. They checked all the desert and found no trace of them,

Engel thought it was quite weird, because they did not even found the ruins. Engel asked for specific coordinates but when they searched, they found nothing.

By the way, the place that the Knight Leader mentioned, was in the middle of the [Asterisk]’s path.

It was a month until the [Asterisk] reached that point.

And taking that as a deadline, Engel and co. started to work extra time in a certain artifact Engel always wanted to do.

A flying boat… an Airship.

Teil Drei.

And the deadline arrived.

Over the desert, an ominous boat floated.

It was identical to a European ship of the middle ages.

The head of the ship had a roaring lion and the entire airship was painted yellow and light brown.

It also had white swan wings in the sides and a menacing, green snake in the tail of the ship.

Engel named it [Chimera].

He wanted to call it [Christina] and put a horse head on it, but Lene smacked his head so hard he had to reconsider the name.

The ship was made of the strongest and most fine wood in both the [Kingdom] and [Country].

It had black steel and steel alloys as well as high-quality animal skin for the boat’s sails.

All of the outward materials of the ship were floating, and propelled by [Circuit Magic].


They were just above the location of the Asterisk and they were seen running towards it.

They were thousands of them. Black in color with some aura that made them shine in either blue, violet. red, green, yellow, white and gray.

“What do we do?” Asked the King, who had fully recovered. The fact that his beloved friend tried to kill him was a great shock, but he wouldn’t be a King if those things were to affect him more than a week.

“For the moment… I think it’s better to see what happens. If we are here, there’s nothing to worry.”

Said Engel as he looked below.

They waited for 15 minutes, and the [Asterisk] passed through the point where the ruins were supposed to be.

And after a while nothing happened.

After seeing this, the gods of war stood in the head of the [Chimera] that was giving a turn towards the [Kingdom].

“ALRIIIIIGHT!” Shouted Engel.

“Today’s the 20th [Race for the First Place]!! The rules are simple!!

1. We can’t use the [Arcana]!!
2. We can’t use magic!!
3. We can use any weapon except Mass-Destruction Weapons and the [Lanzen]!!
4. Don’t get in the way of the others!!
And 5. – The winner makes and absolute order to the losers!!”


Exclaimed Engel towards the gods of war as they shouted in excitement.

The King, Shirayuki. the First Prince and Princess, the Knight Instructor, Zerya, the Heroes of the [Country], the ambassadors and all the crew in the deck were surprised about what Engel was saying and their reactions.

“The objective for today is…..”Drums Playing”……. The one who kills more [Asterisk] will be the winner!!!”

Said Engel as they stood in the ship’s edge.

Krestin took out [Rhongomiant], Lene chose [Chrono Adamant]. Izaak used one of his favorites; the bow [Arthemis]. It looked like a precision bow in colors of black and gold; also in his hip there was a [Black Orihalcum Dagger] he named [Black Lamb].

Isold instead of her usual hammer, she used the [First Valkyrie Battle Armor]. It was a set of boots, gauntlets, daggers, throwing knives, a shortsword and protection gear for elbow, knee and head, as well as a sturdy breastplate.

“I haven’t used them in a while….” Muttered Engel as he summoned the 99 [Hekatonkheires] and the [Prime Hekatonkheires] in his hand.

“Well then King… We’ll be doing the important part of our deal right now!” Said Engel to the King with an excitement smile.

“Then- It’s SHOWTIME!!”

Shouted Engel as his starting words and then everyone jumped out of the airship.

Teil Vier.

[Shirayuki’s POV]

Engel, my husband, and his companions jumped off the flying boat.

He out of thin air made appeared dozens of pale-green swords, and his companions did the same with their respective weaponry.

I ran towards the edge of the boat to watch what he was going to do.

Then I saw an unbelievable scene.

He, as well as the others, were not only okay after such high jump, but also were exterminating the [Asterisk] as if it were the simplest thing in the world.

I have a very good sight so I could perfectly see their movements.

“FISRT KILL!” Shouted Izaak. He had a bow so it seems that he had shot arrow midair.

By the way, we all had some kind of metal piece attached to our ears and we could communicate with other people.

They used the so-called [Circuit Magic] to make them.

So right now, we de listen everything they talk to themselves.

“That’s not fair!!” Shouted Engel as he dualwielded and slew monster after monster while cutting their heads. It seems that several of the swords he took with him were being thrown as projectiles.

“That’s something we don’t want to hear from the guy who uses 100 swords at the same time!!” Shouted Lene as she used her scythe and cut in half all the [Asterisk] around her.

She ran amidst the [Asterisk] and pierced them in pairs as well as she jumped in the air and landed using her scythe like an axe!

“Cheaters” Voiced Isold as she with delicate yet strong movements made explode the [Asterisk] with one punch!

After punching one of them in the head and killing it she gave a kick to another and then did an acrobatic jump while punching one of them in the back and finishing it.

“Less talk and more moveeeeess!!!!!” Exclaimed Krestin as she used a beautiful spear and killed more [Asterisk] with accurate and powerful thrusts.

She then began to cut them in half as she started to move as if dancing. She gripped the spear from the lower half and began to give turns and moved from left to right, up and down, the spear in her arms.

“Krestin’s talent in spear is impressive as always!!” Shouted Lene as she too slashed thorough more [Asterisk]

“Also I noticed Isold’s movements with the armor were pretty awesome! I would have had trouble if she were to use that when she fought with me!” Said Engel as he shot the various swords in all directions as he pierced and beheaded several of them.

“……….. Don’t know why I didn’t.” Replied Isold to Engel’s words as she kicked an [Asterisk] and destroyed it.

Izaak as well from time to time jumped high in the sky and with his bow created something like light-made arrows and shot them towards the [Asterisk]. Also some of the arrows in the middle of their trajectory changed shape and became several arrows and rained down, or also became various projectiles and shot down several of them while doing strange, vertical, diagonal and horizontal movements in mid-air.

“Heeeey guys… What about the ones in the air?!” Communicated Lene.

It seems that at the same height as us, flying [Asterisk] were coming towards us!!

“They don’t count so I’ll shot them down with magic!” Replied Engel as he jumped high in the sky.

He started to float midair and around him several light spheres appeared.

“[Mercurius]!!” Shouted Engel as the various spheres flew towards the [Asterisk] in the air.

Then in the middle of their travel the spheres arose in speed!!

Then they took trajectories like Izaak’s arrows and pierced all of the [Asterisk] in the air!! They all fell like insects!!


Shouted Engel and then all the corpses of the [Asterisk] flew towards one point in the air!!

“[Divine Implosion]!”

He exclaimed as the corpses in the place suddenly were covered by a white light and then-


A explosion occurred.

Then no trace of the [Asterisk] of the air remained!

Engel then from mid-air shot several of his swords and pierced the [Asterisk] in the ground.

“I’m do-What is that?” Asked Engel as we in the boat started to listen to a grumbling sound.

“It’s the ground!” Shouted Izaak as Engel remained in the air.

Then from the sand in the desert… Or below of it started to raise something like a mountain… No.

They were several mountains.

The rose to the surface and then the sand started to fall to the ground…

And there a majestic castle could be seen.

It was golden and silver and had many houses around, more like a city with a castle in the middle.

“I see! It was underground…” Said Krestin while jumping from roof to room and slaying [Asterisks] that were in her path.

“It seems that they planned to live here or something.” Said Lene as she too killed various of them while jumping in the roofs.

Izaak jumped to the highest point, the roof of the golden castle and shot several light arrows with his bow.

The castle… No, the city strangely didn’t stop rising…

And then started to float.

Engel landed in a roof and leisurely slew various [Asterisk] that attacked him.

“Woooah! It’s floating!” Exclaimed Lene as she saw around her how the city started to float.

Under the city, there was a mountain-like crystal that shone in silver. Probably that was what it made the city float.

I can feel magic from it.



A pitch black beast whose aura shone in white appeared from below the city; crawling towards the edge and then started to run rampant in the inside of the city.

“What was that?!” Asked Krestin.

“The thing inside the [Box] probably!” Replied Lene.

“I can see it! It’s quite ugly!” Said Izaak.

He had reason; the enormous [Asterisk] looked like an adar but with a rodon head and a salac tail.

“And it’s going towards Isold!!!!” Shouted Engel, who was near Isold.

Everyone of them were quietly talking while with one strike, killed the [Asterisk].

I won’t say that they took lightly their fight, because I could feel their presences and all of them were in full guard.

What I mean is that… They are all so powerful to the extent of killing such thing like the [Asterisk] as if it was nothing.

“How many points is that?” Asked Izaak.

“I don’t know! Like 1,000 po-”

“[Aesir Divine Style Third Form]! [Thor’s Hammer]!!!!!”


Then Isold shouted a technique name, just like my father does, and killed in one blow the gigantic [Asterisk].

I just… Cannot believe how powerful they are…

And as well as me, everyone on board of the deck was dumbfounded by their strength.

Just as their titles…. They are [Gods Of War].

[End Of Shirayuki’s POV]

Teil Fünf.

“And the winner is…. ISOLD!” Shouted Engel.

After Isold killed the titanic 10 meter [Asterisk] with the body of an Ape, the head of a Lion and the tail of an Scorpion, everything went smoothly.

They all slew all the [Asterisk] in the floating city, and the ones in the desert ground as well.

Soon after, taking advantage that they were inside the city, they went to look for the subordinates of the [Rulers], and found them all slaughtered. It seems that the titanic [Asterisk] killed them all.

Then Engel and co. went back to the airship and everyone greeted them.

Everyone in the dock were either crying or cheering.

They were thanked by the King. The Prince and Princess, as well as Zerya thanked them in joy. Knight Instructor cheered them too.

Then in the way back, Engel announced Isold as a winner.

“So… What are you going to ask us to do?” Asked Engel, who had won 8 of the previous [Race For The First Place].

Izaak had won 3, Lene 5, Krestin 4 and Isold… 0.

That’s why Engel was more curious than worried.

Because the winner hold the right of making an [Absolute Order] to the losers.

Once Engel had asked Izaak to go on a date with Bell, his Party’s manager, and it ended pretty savage.

“First. Izaak… Make what I always ask you to do.” She said with a straight face.

“Alright… Haa… I didn’t want to, but…” Replies Izaak reluctantly.

Isold always asked him to make an ice scraper ever since they arrived to this world.

By the way, Isold loves Ice Chips.

“Krestin… Give me the silver bracelet.” Said Isold.

“Wha?! But I love that bracelet!” Shouted Krestin. Isold just stared at her until Krestin sighed and accepted her destiny.

“Lene… Your bed is mine.” Said Isold with resolution.

“EEH?!! BUT THE ROOM IS THE ONE NEAREST TO ENGEL… DAMN!” Reclaimed Lene as she clenched her teeth in disgust and bit her thumb nail.

“And Engel… Give me a banquet and service.” Asked Isold with eyes of expectance.

Engel’s food had evolved since the days of [The Secretive First Part]. It was not a miraculous food like a 5 star hotel restaurant, but was better than the run of the mill chef.

And with service… She meant-

“Alright! Shirts off!”

Said Engel as he took off his shirt… And then his pants and shoes.

Isold liked muscles… Man with muscles. But not big muscles. Stone-like sculpted muscles.

And Engel’s were the ones she loved the most. She herself had muscles too. Abs, quadriceps, bicep… But in a reasonable size for a woman. She was like Mikasa.

When Engel stood in front of Isold, her face looked like Leslie when waiting for Engel in her room-

She was drooling and blushed. She had her eyes wide open as well as her mouth. She looked like she was going to lick Engel from head to toes while moving her fingers and then she started to touch his torso.

Lene looked little jealous while Krestin was quite interested in Engel’s body.

Engel started to feel a little embarrassed even though he was quite eager to give service.

Then Isold started to move her hands further up and-

She then wildly gave a kiss to Engel.

It was a kiss in the lips; a rough- French kiss.

“I-I just couldn’t hold it anymore!” She exclaimed as she continued to devour Engel’s lips and tongue and touch his face and body.

PS: Just in case… The Airship’s reference was about Blue Pegasus’ Airship, Christina in Fairy Tail. :3



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