Magical Tournament Volume Four Epilogue: Weltraum (Outer Space) – Please only look at me

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Teil Ein.

“You’ve finished to instruct our people and saved our world. What are you going to do now?”

Asked the Knight Instructor to Krestin.

It was night and everyone was having a banquet inside the [Chimera]; then the Instructor suddenly called out to Krestin.

“We’re going back to our world.” She replied.

“Is that possible? I heard from Zerya that there was no way to go back. There’s no record from the [Deus Magic] being able to do so.” Said the Knight Instructor.

“That’s true. But we have Engel, and Lene. With both of them, we can go back anytime we want. Just to say, in the case Engel had refused to help your world, we could have gone back the same moment we came.” Added Krestin while gazing at the night sky.

“I-I see….”

The Instructor remained silent for a while and-

“You-You….. Are you going out with-”

“With Engel? Yes, I am. I am in love with him.” Answered Krestin with a calm and gentle face.

The Knight Instructor then recalled all the time Krestin and Engel had been together and-

He was surprised finiding out there wasn’t that much time Krestin and Engel had spent the time together. But then, he had suddenly married Princess Shirayuki form the [Sacred Dragon Clan Country] and even after the recent battle, Isold had jumped over him and practically raped Engel, to what Krestin didn’t complain in the least.

He directed his gaze to the girl beside him. Krestin looked at the Instructor and guessed his words, so she replied ahead.

“I can see in your it in your face; You think I haven’t spent that much time with him since we’ve come here.”

The Knight Instructor only nodded to her words.

“Well… Truth is that I’m madly in love with him, and he is madly in love with me. But… Engel’s so incredible that I am not enough for him. You know, in our previous world you can say that he has more than 10 girls he’s going out with… And each of them are as good girls as I am. They are strong and beautiful… Also they hold great feelings for him, whether they had spent only one month with him or three years.

At the end, only the feelings for each other are the thing that matters.

That’s why, even if there’s another girl, like Princess Shirayuki, I won’t complain. Because I know that even if he gives attention to another girl, he still loves me. He harbours feelings for me as strong as mine for him.”

She declared as if to convince herself; then she gritted his left fist, gripped her shirt with her right hand and with a teary voice she kept talking.

It didn’t matter now if the Knight Instructor was listening to her or not.

“I-It hurts you know. It still hurts that he gice attention to other girls more than me, or that he only talks with Lene or that she understands him more than I do, or that he had passed more time with other girls than with me. It hurts hurts hurts when I see him kissing someone else than me or being touched by someone other than me or that he gazes Lene or Yozora in a way simmilar as he gazes me… IT HURTS! IT HURTS SO MUCH! I LOVE HIM I LOVE HIM I LOVE HIM BUT…. But it hurts that he’s the only one for me, but I’m not the only one for him….”

She screamed. At some point, she had started to shed tears as rivers as she leaned in the boat’s edge.


Then said a voice next to her. It was not the Knight Instructor, but Engel himself.

“E-Engel? Since whe-?!”

As she was going to ask “Since when are you here? Since when did you listen?”, he showed a certain item to her. An item she knew very well.

It was [Loki’s Mask}.

“Since the beggining…” Muttered Krestin dumbfounded as she widened her eyes.

Then, without a second to waste, Engel embraced Krestin.

He stongly embraced her as if to never let her go.

She then started to cry again and returned the embrace.

“I’m sorry. I never thought about your feelings at all. I thought you were strong and that you would be able to put up with my was to go on life… I’m sorry.

I grew accustomed to Yozora, Lilya, Leslie and Brookelle and the others. They always are so open with her feelings and besides being strong, have an abnormal way of loving me that they don’t care about other girls being with me.

I grew accustomed, and forgot that in essence, you’re the most normal girl I’ve known. You are rational, emotional and strong… And even if you are strong… You are still weak.

That’s why I’m sorry to misunderstand your way of loving me as the same way of the other girls.

All of you are unique. I need to understand that and as well need to understand that everyone has an unique way to demonstrate their feelings.

That’s I love you all.

I am not asking forgiveness about my own feelings and about your feelings, because that would be stupid.

It would be very stupid to say “I’ll let go the others just to be with you”, because that’s a lie. I am not letting go the other girls, because all of you are important for me as I am to you, and just thinking about that is to betray myself as well as all of you.

But even so, I should not only think about me, but for you too, Krestin.

Just saying “I love you” is not enough now, right?

You want more from me. You want actions.

You want to be in the spotlight. You want know you’re special. As a normal girl, I bet you want me to only see you.

I know that becaue it’s the same for me. I hate it. I hate it when other guys see you or lust after you. Because I know I want you to only be mine.

I know… I am an egoistical monster that thinks for himself; saying that loves a lot of women and telling them to accept me as the only one for they… But that’s how I am.

I am an egoistical monster… That’s why I know about your feelings.

I want you to know, that I properly see you! I did before, but not as well as I do now.

Of course aI see every one of the girls I have feelings for, but I give my best to look at you more.


Declared Engel as he shouted his last words.

He strongly embraced Krestin that had stopped crying and attentively listened to Engel’s words. She then moved a step away from him and-



She started to cry again and to hit him.

“This… This is unfair…. Unfair unfair unfair!

You can’t come like that and whisper some nice words to me and hope everything is alright! You can’t come as an egoistic person and ask me to do follow your way of things…

This is unfair because you know I can’t stop loving you! I love you so much I have to put up with this and it’s unfair becase it hurts so much for me, but you can just be alright!!

It’s unfair because I think all you said it’s right!!! It’s UNFAIR because I love you!

It’s unfair!… Because you are so right I can’t retort anything!

I just plain hate this! It husrts to see you with other women besides me! It hurts! It’s painful to bear this! It’s painful to see you kissing someone else or thinking “Who’s with him now?!” I love you so much but you are an egoistic bastard and say all this things….. Its hurts that I understand I can’t be egoist… And it’s unfair.




Shouted Krestin, who could not bear anymore her feelings dwelling in her chest.

But then-

Engel kissed her.

Actually, it was the first time they have ever kissed.

Engel took Krestin’s hands and interlocked her fingers with his.

Then abruptly he pushed her and both fell to the floor of the deck.

He keep kissing Krestin for a while until she had calmed down. Then he separated their fingers and on top of Krestin, started to talk.

“I can’t say yes to that. I love everyone and belong to all of you. I can’t be only yours. But I can promise I can be only for you more than with anyone else. It’s a privilegie because you are a normal person with normal feelings of monopolizing the one you love. You want more from me and to know I won’t go away from you, right?”

Krestin only nodded. He had already said Krestin wanted more proof of her love, but she suddenly ran rampant without confirming it because the river of feelings inside her.

She just wanted to shout her uncomformity. She knew very well all what Engel said, but could not hold it anymore because she hadn’t spend too much time with him since they came to this world.

She had accepted that he was only for her since long ago, but it was hard to hold it because of her nature and the nature of her feelings.

“In truth… Krestin, you and only you… I can say for sure that I fell in love at first sight. Since the first time I saw you, and the more I talked to you… All I wanted to do was marry you.”

He said with a straight face.

And of course, he was not lying in the least. Since the time before he slew the dragons for [Loki], he had fallen pretty hard for Krestin.

Krestin, already calm, intensely blushed because of her words and replied-

“M-Me too. I had fallen for you at first sight….”

She replied.

“I’m sorry, that I had married Shirayuki first.” He said.

And the main problem for her tantrum was that.

“I-I know… But this came from a long time and that was the thing that made me break…” Said Krestin.

“Well… Now… What can I do for you to forgive me?” Asked Engel.

Then Krestin whispered in Engel’s ear-

“Even if that princess got your first wedding… Can I have another first?”

Asked Krestin. Engel was quite confused, because at least a lot of his firsts were given to Yozora certain censored night.

“A child.”

She decared as her face went totally red and she averted her eyes from the frozen, dumbfounded Engel.

That night, there was a censored, yet romantic night for them.

Also it was Krestin’s first.

Teil Zwei.

After they arrived to the royal palace, they all rested quite a bit, and had a pair of days of rest.

Then they investigated the floating city in the desert, but found nothing besides the mechanism that creates water and fertile earth from air and the device that made float the city.

After another day of rest, they all were prepared to leave.

Needless to say, the gods of war + 1 passenger.

They reunited in the royal garden. The Knight Instructor, Zerya, the Royal Family, the Ambassadors, the Heroes of the [Country], and even the [King] of the [Sacred Dragon Clan Country], Hakuryuu Yukihira was there.

“Well the, we’ll leave now. Is there anything you will say before we go?”

Asked Engel.

“You can’t stay more time?” Asked Zerya.

“Unfortunately, we can’t. We have a plce to go back after all.” Replied Engel with a gentle smile.

She had been crying since the morning when they notified everyone they were going to leave. Engel even teleported back to the [Sacred Dragon Clan Country} to bring Shirayuki’s father.

“I’LL MISS YOU MY LITTLE GIIIIRRLL!!!!” Shouted Hakuryuu Yukihira.

“I’ll miss you too, Father.” She replied while shedding tears from the bottom of her heart.

Engel had properly explained her that there was a high probability that she wouldn’t see her father again.

“I-I’m glad I have met you. I’m sorry if I was impertinent at the beggining, but now I am sure that without you, I would have stayed like a fool all my life.”

Said the Knight Instructor, while putting his hand in his torso and bowing.

The gods also bowed in response.

“Well then… We’ll be going. Take care and give a good use to what we taught you! Take care of the presents too!”

Said Engel as he waved his hand.

Everyone else waved their hands too and then Engel created a disturbance in space and they dissapeared in thin air.

“They left….” Muttered someone, but no one knew who was the one that said those words full of loneliness.

Decades later, the whole world was dominated by the alliance of the [Country] and the [Kingdom] and lead the world to a better future.
Teil Drei.

Years later, several statues and paintings were created from the gods that saved the world and gave knowledge to the people.

Also tales, songs, poetry and legend were told. The ones that witnessed how the gods exterminated the [Asterisk] told their memories to people, and then this people to other people, thus, in the future, there was no one that didn’t know about the [Five Gods Of War].

Those tales relate the legend known as [Descent of the Gods].

It starts with the [First Court Magician] the [Saint Zerya] who under the imminent danger of the [Asterisk], prayed to the gods for a future to her country.

Then the gentle gods listened her prayers and descented to the earth.

They gave knowledge and technological revolution to the [Old Kingdom] and also specifically trained their royal knights that now are known by being implacable.

There were five gods and they fought against the [Asterisk] as ther [Saint] and the [Wise King] requested them.

They were:

The God of Light – Metatron: Who controled light and white hair as the whitest snow. Some old tales say he could brandish 100 swords with his mind. He was the wisest of the gods.

The Goddess of Beauty – Cleopatra: She possesed peerless and unrivailed beauty with black hair as the night. Old tales say she used a scythe as her weapon. She was the most intelligent of the gods

The Goddess of Strength – Rossweisse: With movements as if water and strenght that could crush mountains with a fist, she was the strongest of the gods. Remanant of old tales narrate that she had a silver white armor that shone as bright as the sun.

The God of Weapons – Hephaestus: Old tales say he could create weapons from nothingness and was the most skilled in weaponry of all the gods. He could use a bow that created arrows of light and could hit his target even at the other side of the world.

and The Goddess of the Sky – Holy Blade Maiden: She was the most skilled in battle of the gods and possesed beauty near the one of the [Goddess of Beauty]. There’s nothing said about her weaponry, but some old tales write that she used a spear that could cut things with only pointing at the objective.

These five gods obliterated with their godly powers all of the [Asterisk] and created from the desert sand, the golden and silver capital of the [New Kingdom] created by the aliance of the [Old Kingdom] and the [Country], named [Desert Rose].

There are also other tales that tell about the [Five Godly Weapons] that were created by the [God of Light], [Goddess of Beauty] and [God of Weapons], as well as the [Flying Boat Chimera]. But that’s another kind of tale.

For ever in their hearts and souls the people will remember the descented gods.

Teil Vier.

Engel and co. appeared inside a wooden room.

I looked like a japanese tea room.

“Whe-Where are we?” Asked Shirayuki, while looking around her.

“We are in the common room of our airship.” Said Engel.

The other gods stretched their bodies and looked for a place to sit. Isold and Lene were going out of the room.

“But this isn’t the [Chimera].” She added.

“Of course. This is another airship. We made two of them. This one has better materials provided by Izaak. This Airship is named – [Triskelion].” Said Engel as he sat in the tatami.

It was an airship made of [White Mythil], [Black Orihalcum], [Red Meteorite] and [Blue Meteorite], as well as other materials. It had also complicated and overly advanced [Circuit Magic] with various functions.

“And where are we now? I mean, in place.” Questioned Shirayuki.

“Well; above the desert we fought the [Asterisk].” Replied Engel.

“Ehhhh???!” Voiced Shirayuki.

“There are various circumstances about this… Anyways, we’ll depart soon. Come with me.”

He said as he too left the room. Izaak and Krestin followed suit and they all arrived at the deck.

The boat looked like a old chinese boat.

“Well then, this is the first and one trial we’ll have! Once there, I’ll have at most 1 minute to locate the [Anchor] and then head towards that direction! It won’t be a specific direction and above all, we’ll have to get into another world for our own sake!. Understood?”

Engel, days ago had an important chat with all of the gods.

He told them that he had discoverd a way to go to their world from the [Astral Canyon].

Engel had to analyze with his eye the location of the place they were. Also he found a way of locating his world.

He had to find a thing; an object with strong presence for him in his original world. It was needed not only to find the exact place, but also because they needed to go to the right time.

It had to be an object both special for him, and had to be in the “Present” they came from.

Luckily, there was something Engel forgot there strong enought to act as the called [Anchor].

His ribbon.

Engel also explained that they could not spend too much time in the [Astral Canyon] because the concept of time was not known there.

Just being a minute there could mean month, years, or miliseconds. Everything was fluctuant.

The [Yotse] thought they spent 22 days in the [Astral Canyon] when in reality they spent at least 7,000 or more years.

So it was imperative that they only spent 60 seconds there. It was the margin they had before the time fluctuance passed from [Days] to [Centuries].

They had prepared the airship in order to not to die there and also it was able to detect the [Anchor] and [Teleport].

For the other gods, it was kind of hard to get that it was important to save time and that the slightest of the mistaked could take them to several years in the future where there would be no worth going back; but when they understood, it was a hard, dry strike for them.

They got over it and put all their strength into it, so they could not fail.

Also Engel and Lene spent almost all the month Izaak spent making both of the airships to create the analysis program circuit, the life suporting circuit and the teleporting circuit.


Engel held a terminal of the program in his hand, that looked like a tabet, and operated it.

“Well then, we’ll be leaving in 3, 2 1-



They made a strange sound like a jet turbin and dissapeared under the bright sun of the dessert and suddenly arrived to a place that looked like the outer space.

It was the [Astral Canyon].


Voiced everyone besides Engel that was operating the tablet a high speed to locate themselves. He had already fused with Lilya to optimize the speed and process time.

“I located ourselves! We’ve got left the [Anchor]! 30 seconds left!!”

Shouted Engel to notify everyone who was gazing the inmensity of the [Astral Canyon].

“I got the [Anchor]! As planned, we’ll be travelling between worlds! This one is not so far not so near! 15 seconds left!”

Everyone was quite tense. Shirayuki didn’t know the pressure they were fighting within themselves, but couldn’t shake off that sense of pressure in the atmosphere.

” [Interdimentional Massive Mass Teleporting]!!!”

With 10 seconds left, they teleported to another world.
Teil Fünf.









It seems that the teleporting program had a bug and they all teleported outside the [Triskelion]. And also the [Triskelion] was falling to it’s unlucky destiny.

They all fell from the sky towards the ground with no stop. And it seems that they cound not use any of their magic.


They were shouting out of nervousness, comunicating with the [Wake Up Call]. Even Shirayuki had one.

“I CAN SEE THE PRINCESS!!” Shouted Krestin.


“ME TOOO!!!”

Exclaimed both Izaak and Lene.

Then in the horizon Engel could see an enormous tree.

“YOU PEOPLE SEE THE COLOSSAL TREE?” Asked Engel just to be sure everyone was in the same emisphere as him.


Everyone shouted.





It seems that there was interference in the [Wake Up Call] due to the distance. It also seems that the atfifact was overheating and breaking up.

Engel, with all the strenght he could muster, teleported into his personal space the [Triskelion] that was falling next to him.

He fell like thousands of nails were being hammered as he saved the airship.

The pain he felt was almost unbearable and it didn’t stop.

While feling like that, he skydived towards Isold who was totally silent and when he took her hands, he used a crystal with [Circuit Magic].

It created a kind of barrier that decelerated their speed and created air and zero gravity.

As he confirmed the barrier was deployed, he fell unconscious while Isold embraced him tight and reached the ground.
-End of [Asterisk Arc]-


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