Magical Tournament Extra Edition: Rule Maker – When there’s no wall again

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PS: Red Side: Big Breats. (Highschool DxD Reference) (Red as in Welsh Dragon)
White Side: Nice asses. (Highschool DxD Reference) (White as in Vanishing Dragon)
Golden Side: Lolis. (Konjiki no Wordmaster Reference) (Golden as in Konjiki)
Kodaka as in Haganai’s Kodaka.

Extra Edition: Rule Maker – When there’s no wall again

First Meeting.


Our main character, Engel Falsch, is currently gagged and tied to a chair.

It’s the same, dark room with the round table.

His companions, the [Gods Of War] were also with him.

Not tied, but watching him.


It’s a punishment.

Our beloved character tried to make everyone drink from Aleksandra’s demonic chamomile tea (Because there was no way he would drink it) and then when Lene discovered his trap, he ended like this.

There were few things that Engel Falsh, the most powerful participant in the whole history of the tournament, was afraid of.
1- Aleksandra’s Food.
2- Pitch dark, closed rooms.
3- Crabs and Seafood (Except fish and shrimp)
4- Yozora when angry

and…. The number five….


The beings born from hell…. The Radiotubbies.



With all his stenght, he tried to break free from the chair he was tied to. He was facing the screen in the room and was sealed by Lene’s magic, boosted with Krestin’s [Arcana] and tied with chains created by Izaak, so he would suffer his punishment fruit of his sleazeness.

“Today, we are going to visit our beloved friend… The sun! Hello sun! How are you?!”



Is what he said.

Fort some unknown reason, Engel was really afraid of this program for children. He would scream and shout like crazy if even mentioned, and now was being obligated to see it.


And the one cruelly laughing was Izaak, who was witnessing Engel’s suffering. Also the others were laughing, but not so hard as Izaak.

“Very well, we had a good time with our friend the sun! Now, we will walk towards the lake to see our friend… The Crab!!!”



He tried to say. The more he struggled, the more Izaak laughed.

Engel started to shed tears as the others laughed aloud until their stomaches couldn’t handle it anymore.

“And now, to finish the program, let’s sing the song of friendship!!!!!!”


Engel’s scream was heard in all the academy, and he was unable to sleep for three says in a row.

Video One:

“Now that I think about it, we never had a [Beach Chapter]”

Said Lene while watching [Tale Of Failed Samurai] with Engel in his apartment.

Engel’s apartment is located in Vienna.

He was first in Dubai, but the girls didn’r like the desert that much, so he moved there.

Also the academy is in qatar.

“I see… Well, it’s still summer, so why don’t we go to a resort or something?” Replied Engel while pausing the episode.

“Also…. It’s a good excuse to run away from Aleksandra’s food… She started to cook not long ago and… Bleegh…. I don’t even want to think about it.” He added as both decided to go to the beach.

The same day they took a private plane and went to one of the best places to party and be in the beach- Ibiza.

There wan’t much of a time lag so they had plenty time enjoy themselves.

They paid for the whole week tho’.


Bright skies, high temperature, white sand, light blue water and-


A main character drooling over his girls.

Right now all of the girls were wearing swimsuits, and Engel was obviouly attrackted to certain big part of them.


Said Lene as she smacked Engel’s head with a paper-fan. Who knows where she took that from… Or where she got such big paper fan.

Yozora was wearing a classic black bikini while *Boing-Boing*, playing beach volley with Lilya.

Lylia wore a white one piece while hiding her embarassment and blushing as she tried to keep up with Yozora.

Leslie wore a bicolored blue and green bikini that combined with her eyes and hair, as well as gave a mature aura to her.

Haven wore a navy blue sports swimwuit that suited her (and her trained body) perfectly and Aleksandra wore a frilly white bikini with pink dots while emphasizing her bust. Incidentally, these two were playing against Lilya and Yozora.

For Cale, she used an anime-like school swimsuit (sponsored by Lene) with a sticker in her chest that had written her name. She was floating with a donut pool float in the shore.

ALize wore a yellow bikini, but wore hotpants in her lower half. She was carrying a silver plate with drinks for everyone.

Seara and Avalon wore very sexy bikinis with bicolored black and white colors. They two were sunbathing with straw hats under a big, red beach umbrella.

Ileana, Schnee, Mikaela, Schwartz and Weiss wore the same type of swimsuit as Cale while playing in the sand. Though, this made Cale a little frustrated.

Unfortunately, Valeriya was sick so Brunnhildr stood in the house to take care of her (Engel’s orders)

And finally, but not necessarily the worst, Lene had a white and light blue one piece swimsuit which emphasized her perfect waist and buttock.

Engel wore only his sports underwear.

When he noticed this he felt that his heart skipped a beat. He obviously swinged for the plot side, but looking at the beautiful Lene, he was doubting whether he would choose the White Side over the Red Side.

“So-Sorry. It’s just that everyone is so pretty in their swimsuits… As well as you, Lene” He said while scratching his head and slightly blushed.

“Wha-What are you saying? I-I appreciate the feeling though.” Replied Lene while blushing too.


Then a beach volley ball with the speed of 120 KMH hit Engel in the face.

“I-I am sorry Master Engel! I don’t know why so-so suddenly I threw the ball that direction!”

Exclaimed Lilya, the aggressor, as she apologized to her master.

“Papa! Papa!” Then Schnee shouted from afar!

“What is it?!” He shouted as he suddenly stood up and teleported in front of his daughter.

When the time arrives and he becomes a real father…. Things may become difficult for him.

“We want to enter the sea!” Exclaimed Schnee, to what Mikaela, Weiss and Schwartz strongly nodded.

Ileana had left them alone and went with Yozora a minute before.

“Nope! You can’t swim!” He replied.

“”””Teach uuuss!””””

They all said with puppy-like eyes.

“I-If you insist, I-I’ll teach you then. I-It’s not that your cuteness has won over me or anything, Okay?”

Replied Tsun-Engel.

Instead of the Red and White Side… He may be going for the Golden Side.



As Engel counted, Lene, Alize, Haven and him were teaching the little girls to swim while holding their hands.

Ileana replaced Haven in the beach volley.

They had spent one hout teaching them and now they were quite good in it, for beig children that is.

When the four of them tought the little girls were ready, they stepped out of the water.


“The food is ready!”

Shouted Seara.

She and Avalon had finished their sunbath and now were ady to have lunch.

Everyone stopped their activities and went to eat.


Then someone made a strange voice It was Engel.

“? What happened?” Asked Seara.






Shouted Engel as he ran away at full force!

“I hate it I hate it I hate it!!!” He shouted as he ran in the beach.

There was an enormous blue lobster as the main. But fior Engel, it was still a big ugly badass crab.

“E-Engel?” Shouted Lene as she chased after him.

Their speed difference was quite far, but somehow she put up with it.

He started to slow down, so Lene was able to stand in front of him. Engel then tripped in his own feet and-



He and Lene crashed.

“O-Ouch… Mmm? Soft?” Voiced Engel that had just regained consciousness.


Then Lene let our a cute voice. That’s because she felt something in her butt.

And well…

Engel was *Grab-Grab*, touching Lene’s heavenly butt.




“Anything you want to say?”

“They are awesome. Superb. Increadible. Heavenly. Divine. Sacred and Holy . Unique. The best. They are soft as well and have the perfect shape. They don’t have an ounce of fat and the muscle isn’t rock hard either. The skin feels smooth and it completely fills my hands. I’d like to touch them forever. Besides that with your goddess-like waist, sculpted legs and beautiful feet, including your peerless white skin, yout butt looks like a supreme artwork not even Da-Vinci could create or Michaelangelo were able to paint. I doubt I will ever feel something like this ever again and I’d like it to rub it with oil and massage it. I want to keep this feeling in my hands as much time as I can and I’d like to kiss it. Yes, the pinnacle of my desire this moment is to kiss your perfect but right now. I want this butt to be mine. In other words, Lene, be mine.”

Because the fear that the crab infused in his heart, Engel was “quite” unstable right now and just let loose of all his toughts in the moment as he massaged Lene’s butt under the swimsuit.

“Is that all?” Asked Lene with a smile.


“Then… Die.”

She said as she stopped time, took duct tape, the blue lobster that was for lunch and then tied it to Engel’s face until he fainted and nearly convulsed.

Incidentally, that was the moment Engel nor onlt swinged the Red Side, but became able to love the White Side.

Also Lene would blush intensely every time she recalled this memory.

Second Meeting.

“E-Engel… Are you okay?” Asked Lene.

“Of course. Why would I be not okay?” Said Engel with a firm smile…. A scary smile.

“Are you sure?” Asked Izaak while sweating cold.

“Of course.” Replied Engel. Five das have passed since he saw his worst nightmare.

“S-So… What are you going todo right now?” Questioned Krestin.

“I’m going to mentaly murder you until I get satisfied.” He said with his bright smile, that in this moment looked like a smile that announced the apocalypse.

Then light-made chains binded all of the four gods as well as Engel placed several seals in their bodies.

He gagged them and also put handkerchiefs in their laps.

“Aleksandra, you can come in! They said it was okay! Bring the food! TODAY WILL BE A BAN-QUET!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!”

As he laughed like an Oni, Engel spread wide his arms as Aleksandra enteres with an innocent light in her eyes and had a row of five carts of food with her.


They struggled to break free and run away, but it was fruitless. The black miasma from hell itself was placed in front of them as “food”.

That day, they tasted true despair with every bite.

Video Two

“Well then! This is the official and unofficial 16.5 [Race For The First Place]!!!” Shouted Engel as he announced the usual match the [Five Gods Of War] held.

Full of uncomprehensible thigs, this was one of them.

“This time the same rules as always! The objective…. Let’s see who of us are able to make Isold blush!!”

Declared Engel. This was official yet unofficial because only he and Izaak were the ones competing.

Izaak had complained to Engel about he being overly popular and always get the best girls for him, even though he wasn’t that special.

Engel denied it, and in the big discussion, they started their usual match.

The objective was to make Isold blush, the undomable poker face. The girl that didn’t cry watching Hachiko the movie, or when Jiraiya died, not even when Komugi and Meruem died…. Not even when Aquarius died… She didn’t laugh with “Dumbass 3D” the movie and with “The Hungover”.

She didn’t react when accidentally Aleksandra pierced her palm with a butcher knife or didn’t get surprised when the painter in Alcatraz the movie cut his fingers.

He didn’t got scared with any kind of horror movie and when once a bus ran over her, she didn’t even blink.

They had to make blush that kind of girl.

“The punishment… The same as always! The winer has an [Absolute Order] over the loser… Then- START!!!!” He exclaimed as the match started.

Then Izaak stood in front of Isold. Krestin and Lene were the judges.

“Isold… Yo-You know… Since always, I’VE LIKED YOU! You’re pretty and strong and straighforward! I fell in love with you!” Declared Izaak.

“OHHHH!!! Is the Anime Blushing Technique Number 3: A sudden confession!!” Commented Lene as a judge.

“How many are there?” Asked Krestin.

“64 and increasing.” Replied Lene.

Izaak had thought a lot about it, but couldn’t do nothing more than that, and-


Isold’s face was as hard as stone.

Not even a twich.

“Haaaa….. It’s impossible! Hey Engel! This is impossible! Let’s look for another target” Said Izaak as he gave up.

“Nope. She’s perfect. Now it’s my turn.” Said Engel with a smile full of confidence.

“OOHHHH! Engel-Senshu goes to the ring! Will he be able to soften the orihalcum-like face of Isold?!” Commented Lene.

“*Cough-Cough*” Engel cleared his throat and-

He undressed. He took off his shirt.

“He-He’s undressing? Why?” Commented Krestin as she stared to Engel’s body.

His white body was sculpted in muscles and looked like a Greek god marble statue, Every one of his muscles was well mantained and there was not even one scar in it.

“And what about isold?!” Commented Lene as she, Krestin and Izaak looked towards her.


Then they saw the unbelieveable… Isold was blushing.

But not only blushing, it looked like she was twitching and restraining herself from attacking Engel like a beast as she smiled like Leslie would.

Engel-Chan Epic Win!

As Engel made peace sings with his fingers, Izaak accepted the complete defeat.

Then, he listened to Engels order… And cried.

He had to go on a date with Bell, his manager.

They had a nice time, but at the end Bell knocked out Izaak, tied him, took him to a motel, undressed him and raped him a second time.

Also the first rape was when she bought him in the auction.

The “Loli-Rape” incident was burtned in Izaak’s mind for his whole life.

Third Meeting.

“HAHAHAHAHA! AHAHAHAHAHAHA! I Am The Maou!!” Shouted Engel as he saw his convulsioning partners in the floor.

Video Three.

“Isn’t it strange that we have a [Beach Special] as well as a [Halloween Special] in the same chapter?” Asked Lene while walking in the campus with Engel.

“Eh? What do you mean?” Replied Engel.

“Don’t answer like Kodaka… But anyways, this is quite the festival.” Said Lene while looking around her.

It was October 31st, Halloween.

A special fest was held from the 29th until the 31st.

Jack O’ Lanterns everywhre, incredible and lame costumes here and there as well as a colossal amount of candy and chocolate until you could say “no more”.

Yozora and the other girls (Except Brunnhildr, Flora and Valerya) were enjoying the superb taste of the sweets and pastry of the three days and no one knew where they were now.

Krestin was helping in a certain Crêpe stand made by Isold whose pastry was otherwordly, so Lene and Engel were alone in the fest.

Engel wore a [Snow Rabbit] costume, mainly ears and tail, with a barman outfit that combined with his hair and personality, (Chosen by the fashion genius, Markus), and Lene wore a skeleton mask as well as a short black and blue hakama with a fake scythe.

She was a [Shinigami].

“Well, they do spend a lot of budget with this, or so mom said.” Replied Engel to Lene’s statement.

“You- Oh true, she’s the Principal.” Recalled Lene.

As they idly chatted, they saw a familiar face admist all the costumes-

“Yo Iza”

“Hi Iza”

It was Izaak.

“Heey! Please stop listening to my calls! They are private!” Retorted Izaak. That’s because they heard by chance a call he was making to certain person who called him like that.

“But you mum is a sweetheart!” Said Lene with a slight mocking tone.

Yup, it was Izaak’s mom.

“Shut up!” He exclaimed.

“Anyways… Why are you not wearing any costume?” Asked Engel.

“Eh? Ah that; My costume got burned because Bell suddenly broke in my room and then took me out to lunch while I was ironing it and the iron was left there all the afternoon. It was a vampire costume.” Explained Izaak.

“Does it sparkle?” Asked Engel.

“No way!” Retorted Izaak.

“Was it like Allucard?” Questioned Lene.

“I don’t even get that reference!” Exclaimed Izaak.

“So, why didn’t you created a new one with your [Arcana]?” Said Engel while tilting his head to the side.

“That…. Why I wonder…” Said Izaak. Sometimes he tends to forget the convenience of his [Arcana].


“Oh! It’s Izaak!!”

“Mister Izaak!!”



Suddenly lots of gnomes appeared from nowhere.

No… They had different costumes like rabbits or flowers.

They were little girls.


Then Izaak sighed like a zombie as he placed his left hand in Engel’s shoulder, as well as his whole wright.

It looked like he was pretty tired of he attracting lots of little girls.


“Who said Izaak?”

“Mister Izaak? Where?”

Then, lots of other little girls started to react to his name.

Incidentally, it’s like that with Engel but only when the busty older women are around.

It was unlucky for Izaak that he were now in the middle of a festival…. A festival loved by kids.

Engel then looked Izaak’s face, and it said “HALP ME PLEASE!!” like a A instead of an E because the tiredness of his situation.

“He-Hehehehe-Hahahahaha!” Then Lene suddenly started to devilishly laugh.

“Lene?” Voiced Engel wuite surprised while the little girls were trying to call Izaak’s attention.

“Engel, teleport us to Izaak’s room, I’ve got a nice idea!!” She exclaimed as she winked to Engel.

He understood the meaning of that and then teleported them to Izaak’s room.

It was to play their favorite game.

They then arrived to Izaak’s room and Lene gave orders to Izaak.

“Okay, we’ll help you to get rid of the little girls, at least for today!” Suddenly blurt out Lene.

“Eh? Is that possible?!” Asked Izaak.

“Of course! We have a secret costume for you to use that will repel all the Lolis!” Added Lene.

Engel understood what she meant and could hardly contain his laughter. Izaak didn’t notice because he was presented with a small ray of hope.

“Well then; create this material and with this sizes and…..”

After 10 or so minutes, the costume was done.

It was brown and with a big build.It had a hole for Izaak to show his face right under the head of the costume because he felt uncomfortable with the full attire on.

Actually, it was a bear. Izaak found quite weird the shape it had, but if it repelled little girls, he didn’t care about it.

His biggest mistake, pfft!


“Okay, now you can go and test it-”


Said Engel as he and Lene then gave a thumbs up to Izaak and his “Loli-repelant” costume.

Then Izaak with a straight face went to wander in the fest.

“Oh! Mister Iz-……..”

*Runs Away*


Izaak let out a dumbfounded voice.

And that’s because suddenly a little girl that worked in the cafteria saw him and was going to jump towards him, but suddenly stoped herself and ran away at full speed not miding her surrounding.

“I-It works! It works!!!” He suddenly shouted.

“Finally I can meet a normal-looking girl!” Said Izaak as he started to run full of joy.

He stopped running because he was kinda an hindrance for other people and started look around him to be warry of little girls.

“Oh! It’ Izaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!”

Shouted suddenly a little girl and passed running away from Izaak. He unintentionally smiled.

“Mr Izaak!”


“Is it the Greaaaahhh!!”



Suddenly more little girls appeared and then started to run away with just a glance of Izaak’s costume.

As he walked, the little girls that were trully little girls (not the legal lolis or baba-lolis) were pulled away from his way by their parents. They said things like “Don’t look there” or “Be careful” as the little girls started to shed some tears.

(It’s kinda weird but at least it works perfectly) Thought Izaak as he walked in the feast.

Also some adulst and girls shot glances to him with some hatred, bue he didn’t notice because of the joy in his success repelling the little girls.

(But! I must be vigillant!! There’s still my worst enemy out there! Bell!) Exclaimed Izaak in his mind,..

And suddenly.

“Izaak, is that you?” Asked someone from behind.

Savage Loli appears!!!!

What do you wish to use? -> Turn around ->Run away

Izaak used the firs-

I-I mean, he turned around and saw Bell there.

She had a chocolate bar in his right hand and lots of candy were being held by her left arm. She wore a costume that looked like certain Baggins of a famous trilogy of books and had a tengu mask placed sideways in her head.

“H-Hi there Bell.” Said Izaak nevously.

“What are you do-…………….”

Then Bell, who was instructed by Lene in the ways of the world, saw Izaak’s costume and her face became white-pale as if looking to death itself.


She then threw all her candy to the air and ran away with all her strength, as if her life depended on it.


“She… She ran away…. SHE RAN AWAY!!! AHAHAHAHAHA! I’m the frggin boss now! Ahahaahah!”

He exclaimed and went towards the opposite direction Bell ran away.

Izaak then arrived to Krestin and Isold’s stand.

Kretin had a dog costume with a fairly revealing main attire (the only dog-like things in her costume were the ears and tail) and Isold had a tank top, jeans and a red handkerchief with flame-like stamps, tied in her head. She also had black makeup under he eyes and was skillfully preparing Crêpes and other pastry.

He didn’t a bit about her costume who was suggested by both Lene and Engel saying “She’s fit to be Kurokiba” and retorting “She makes pastry and not seafood tho'”.

Casually, Engel and Lene were there too ordering.

Then Izaak happily jumped towards them!

“My frieeeendss!!!! The costume workeeed!!!” Exclaimed Izaak out of the blue and held both Lene and Engel’s hands.

Engel and Lene were quite surprised by Izaaks sudden arrival, as well as Isold and Krestin.

“It works! Thanks Thanks! Many Tha-*CLICK* Eh?”

Then a *Click* sound was heard.

It came from a pair of hadcuffs.

Handcuffs that were place in Izaak’s wrists by a cop.

“Eh? Eh? What’s going on here?”

Asked Izaaks completely puzzled.


Then Lene and Engel at the same time started to laugh with no restrains.

“Mr. Izaal Ausgewogen, you’ve been accused of peace disturbance, being a threat to under-aged people and pedophilism. You may come with me in order to answer a few questions.” Voiced the cop that held Izaak’s hands.

“Wha-What? Pedophilism? Threat? What are you talking about?!” Asked Izaak quite desperate to the cop as he took him to a patrol that was near.


Meanwhile Engel and Lene could not stop their laugher and almost puked due to the intensity of it.

“I mean your costime Sir!!! You are a threat to little girls!! That costume you are wearing revelals your true nature! The nature of a predator that seeks little girls!!! You-PEDOBEAR!!!!”

Shouted the cop quite angry. Probably he had a daughter or two under 10 years old.

“Pe-Pedobear?! My costume?! Predator?! WHAT THE FUCK IS-?!!”

Then he realized- He had been played with.

“EEEEEEEENGEEEEL MOTHERFUCKEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Could be listened from the patrol while this dissapeared in the distance.

It’s said that Bell didn’t talk to Izaak for a month after that; and that Engel and Lene’s laugher couldn’t be contained by hours.

Q & A Corner


Q: Who’s your favorite girl?
A: I don’t have a favorite girl. But Yozora is mai waifu.

Q: Who’s the most beautiful girl you’ve ever met?
A: Lene. No doubts about it.

Q: Why don’t you like cra-
A: IIIYAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Because bullies used to put them in his underwear and face)


Q: What’s your favorite food?
A: Borsch

Q: Do you like Anime?
A: Not like Engel and Lene, but I’m fond of Fairy Tail, Nanatsu No Taizai and Bleach.

Q: How much do you like Engel?
A: I love him I love him I love him I love him I love him I love him I love him I love him I love him very muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch (Add Yandere Eyes)


Q: Do you eat a lot?
A: Like three times what Engel eats. (He eat worth of 15 people)

Q: How do you feel when next to Krestin and Yozo-BFFGH!!
A: Fuck off prick! (She feels irritated and with a great sense of defeat)

Q: When did you fell for Engel?
A: Th-That…. Well…. I-I don’t know!!! (MOst likely after the [Beach Special] events)


Q: Is true that you look like Sasuke?
A: Who’s Sasuke?

Q: Who’s your type? (Of girl)
A: Gentle like Krestin, normal personality like Michelle (Isold Party’s Leader) and look-alike Haven.

Q: How was the night you passed in the jail?
A: ENGEL MOTHERFUCKER!! LENEEEEE! (Quite troubled, also because in the next cage there was a loli-baba with bad mood and hatred towards certain pervert bear)


Q: Can you cook anything besides pastry?
A: Only normal things. Not like Engel.

Q: Do you play games?
A: I’m known in the underground as the Adamantium Queen, Add me in Tetralock Online; Code: 9973QH32. Username: Rossweisse23

Q: Which are your favorite muscles? I know you’re a muscle pervert.
A: Oh my gawd! Engel Engel Engel! That Greek god son of Zeus! Those abs like Apollon! Just…. UUUNNNGHHHH!!!! (She twitched… And again…… And again.)


Q: What’s your motto?
A: Serve My Master until death! (Honorable pose and expression)

Q: Do you feel comfortable in the Maid clothes?
A: They’re nice, but it’s always good to change the attire.

Q: What’s your (real) motto?
A: I-I don’t have something like that!! (Was caught red-handed smelling Engel’s pants while drooling and smiling like Leslie.)


Q: How do you feel being the first for Engel?
A: I feel like in heaven. (Add Honest and Cute Smile)

Q: Doesn’t your chest get in the way of fight?
A: It does, but you learn to use it well… Like with male enemies.

Q: What’s the original color of your eyes? (They’re rose-red now)
A: Black. It’s a trait of the [Rasetsu Tribe] of the [Dämon Race] after all. As well as the horns.


Q: Are your ears sensible?
A: Yes. I just love when Engel licks them or bites them. (Add pervert-like smile)

Q: Have you ever had a lover?
A: N-No. Engel has been the first in my life, and he’ll be the last!

Q: Is it true you smile is perver-like when you think in Engel?
A: Tha-That’s not tru-true! Ehehehe-Ehehehe (Was thinking in Engel in his underwear and started to pervertily smile and drool)

Seara (And Avalon):

Q: How do you feel being now with Engel?
A: It’s peaceful, interesting and exciting.

Q: Do you feel fear when Engel gets in his [Serious Modo]?
A: Sometimes. We just feel grateful all that pressure isn’t directed to us.

Q: Do you harbour feelings for Engel?
A: Even though he’s our Master, the Master we chose, with time things have changed and we feel strange while being with him in certain occasions. (Mainly when he cooks for them, trains with them and idly chats with them while smiling…. Yeah, they love him)

Schnee (Plus Mikaela, Weiss and Schwartz):

Q: Do you like your papa?
A: We love him!!

Q: Didn’t you have horns? (As well as wolf ears and tail)
A: Loki’s Mask sure is a convenient item.

Q: How do you feel having multiple moms?
A: How are we supposed to feel? Isn’t it normal though?

End of the Corner.

Final Meeting.

The Maou was laughing as the villian he was. The heroes were defeated and he danced over their collapsed bodies.

The ultimate attack [Inferno Miasma] he used against them was super efective agains their holy aura.

There was no way to defeat him now.

And even like that- One of them saw the light of hope.

She used her ability [Recollection] and took all the [Inferno Miasma] spread in the room.

With all the weight of the world in her shoulders, she stood up with the last drop of strenght while the Maou was laughing, looking to the opposite side of the defeated heroes.


The heroine recalled the fact that the current Maou was a former hero, so the same [Inferno Miasma] could affect him if injected to his body-

With the last strenght in her, with a last impulse of heroic will, she injected the miasma in the Maou’s body!!


Then the Maou, like a powerless human, fell like a corpse after being attacked with his own power.

He was an honorable, and the best of the heroes, so the miasma was even more effective in him.

Then, the humanity once again triumphed agains the evil demons.


While Engel started to laugh while looking to his collapsed companions, Lene took in her hand some of the fallen “puddin” or “radioactive material” that had fallen to the floor earlier and from behind, she put it in Engel’s mouth, leaving him unconscious in a mere instant as he fell to the floor convulsioning.

“Motherfucker…. Prick” Blurt Lene as she fell too.

They weren’t found after five days when the stench was too much to deal with.


One thought on “Magical Tournament Extra Edition: Rule Maker – When there’s no wall again

  1. kmx72 says:

    Lol wit h this whole chapter seriously and thinking about anime made me thought that I liked the manga of Fairy Take better than the anime don’t ask me how I got there since I don’t know also really hilarious you made me had a good mood on the rest of the day thanks

    Liked by 1 person

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