Magical Tournament Volume Five Prologue: Ereignis (Event) – Encounters are always unexpected

Hello people! Alek here!

Welcome my readers to Vol.5!

Since today we’ll start with the next arc and star of the volume!

Our beloved, and recently discovered muscle freak, Isold Ähnlich will be the main now! Or course we’ll have the proper dose of Lene and Krestin, and a little of Shirayuki and her everest!

Anyways, This is the prologue where I fill it with various flashbacks and past stories, so the next chapter is the true start.

Welcome to [Gargantúa Online Arc]!!

Enjoy the chapter!

Prologue: Ereignis (Event) – Encounters are always unexpected

Teil Ein.

This story starts after Engel beat up 20 [Participants] from 2nd year.

He was walking towards his room when-

“?? And who you might be?” He asked.

There was a guy in fron of his door. He had inverted triangle glasses, black hair and bright green eyes. His hair was held only in the upper part and the side bangs fell free.

“Adrian Arclight, nice to meet you.” Said the guy, Adrian as he gavis his hand to Engel.

“No way. That poison there looks painfull so I’ll pass. And if you’re like this I dare to say that those guys from earlier were sent by you, right?”

“Oh, I see; Not even my captain, John Doe knows I hide poisoned darts in my hands, also, it seems I was discovered quite early.” Said Adrian while showing the thin needles in his palm.
“It was too strange; there were no other people around and no teachers either. It was planned, and then you come here with poison… Isn’t that quite the coincidence?” Said Engel.

“How high is your INT? No normal person would come from this to that like you did.” Said Adrian.

“It’s 70 but anyways… What’s your purpose?” Asked Engel.

“I just thought it would be fun. Nothing else. I was quite interested in the most promising candidate for the [Rise Of The Black Swan Tournament].” Said Adrian while smirking.

“I see… You just wanted to have fun-huh.” Suddenly blurt Engel.

“WHA?!” Reacted Adrian.

“I mean, you found youself in a position that it’s hard to find someone as strong as you and held expectance towards the monsters peopel call [Gods Of War], am I wrong?”

“Wha-What the fuck are you saying out of the blue?” Said Adrian.

“This doesn’t hurt so I’ll tell you; I have eyes that can analyze you. Since I noticed you were here, I did so. Don’t aske me why, it was a hunch, but your blood pressure was high, your hear was beating like a racing horse and even if your breathing was tranquil, I could felt traces of deep breaths within… You were excited. You witnessed I was able to beat those 20 guys and then thought “I can have fun with him”.. Or am I wrong?”

Explained Engel to what Adrian backed some steps unable to deny those words.

“But the desicive factor… Were your eyes… Those eyes that looked like a kid in front of his new toy. You… Are bored as hell right?”

Added Engel. Adrian just said nothing and looked at him with surprise.

“I-I see… H-How could have the great me been read so easily?” Voiced Adrian.

“Well…. They say that birds of a feather flock together.” Replied Engel.

Then Adrian looked at him to the eyes, and felt the same feeling coming from Engel.

“I am completely sure I don’t want to be a toy…. So, why don’t we become buds?”

Said Engel while giving his hand to Adrian. He shook it and then they became the best buds forever.

Teil Zwei.

This time we will move way back into the past.

Just when everybody came back from [The Secretive First Part].

We’re going directly to one of the members of [Crimson Lava]; Daniel Kyle.

He lived in quite a high-society place, as well as his elder brother, Leonidas.

He was in the bathroom when all the summoning happened, so he reppeared there.

He cheked the cellphone in his pants and comfirmed the time; he also looked at his own body that was more muscular than before.

He then got out of the bathroom and went towards the kitchen.


He saw his brother, Leonidas, in the floor. He had a knife next to him and an orange. He then recalled that Leonidas was going to peel a fruit when he went to the toilet.

(Lot of things happened… Huh.) Said Daniel in his mind as he looked to his unconscious brother.

“I’ll let him like that for a while” He said as he took the knifre and the orange and placed it in the table.

Everything was just like they left it; that because their parents were home due to a business trip.

It had been two weeks just as the info of tournament said, but it was quite unbelievable. He had spent months in [Bereich] after all.

“Anyways… It seems that he has been teleported here at the same time. I don’t get what happens… But this will be hard.”

Voiced Daniel. That was because Leonidas, after being diqualified from the tournament, had been teleported to the same time everyone else were sent to.

And that meant-

“He… remebers like it was yesterday all he did… The betray, the insults… The rage.” Muttered Daniel as he sat in the sofa of the living room.

“I will have to do something about that… As well as tie him.” Said Daniel

He thought about it a while and decided to use duct tape to tie him up.

Then Leonidas woke up.

“??? MMMBBHH!!!!”

His mouth was covered with tape so he could not talk, but he was probably saying curses.

“Well… It seems the case that you hate me. You hate me to death. Not only that but also you’ve hate me from long time ago.

We are family and that won’t change… So… MOTHERFUCKER!!! I’ll have you here and now repent for all you did there!! After that, I’ll make you friggin understand how the world really works!!!”

Taking the paper of an spartan teacher, Daniel took one entire month to make Leonidad subdue.

At the very enf, Leonidad hated Daniel, but at leas was able to stand in his feet and move forward.

Teil Drei.

And this time is more back in the past.

“So much snoow….”

Said a black haired girl with purple eyes.

She was Brookelle bones.

She was strolling in the island [Muttsu].

“It’s weird… Anywaya’s were’s Maria?” Asked Brookelle to herself.

Actually, she was with Maria, former member of [Crimson Lava], but now she was a part of her party.

“She was telling me about Engel when she suddenly… Oh well, I’ll go back to the inn then.” She said to herself and then started to walk.

(But I wanted to know more about him thought. When I found him again in a village back then, he didn’t recognized me, and moreover, he… He… Because of that woman!!! He didn’t become strooong!!!)

She shouted in her mind.

Brookelle had a connection to Engel Falsch since they were kids. They “promised” to become strong. Since hen, she started to leand various martial arts and adapting them to her own style. Also she possesed an innate talent to read the opponents movements and make counters, as well as a quick way of learning.

One of the biggest genius since the days of Bruce Li.

She was proud of herself. She then also decided to go to sweden and look for Engel and show him how strong she was and also to see how much he had grown up, but her mother didn’t let her go.

Then she said-

“If you win the tournament, or at least get to become one of the biggest players on it, I’ll let you go to Sweden to look for that kid”

Obviously, Brookelle accepted and that’s how she ended inside the tournament.

But to her surprise, after some weeks of traveling, she found Engel Falsch.

In a certain village she found him, and was disheartened.

Besides his looks, he was weak.

Totally weak. She confirmed that he was still the same, and had the same attitude, but at the end, he hadn’t become strong.

Then the question arose- Why?

He had the mentality, the will and the heart, so why wasn’t he able to grow strong?

Maybe… He was hindered. There should be something that prevented him of becoming strong, she thought.

He looked at him, and the people around him and she found the answer.

A ponytailed girl with night black hair and eyes.

Engel’s sister.

She could see how her defended him, prevented him from having a fight, and above all… She did everything for him.

The problem was not only that, it looked like she was making him a favor.

And he accepted it; She didn’t understand how that was possible, but she knew that, she was being an hindrance to him.

Unfortunately, the very next day they left the village and Brookelle wasd unable to follow them, and the providence sent her Maria.

Maria told her lots of things about Engel, and just when she was going to tell the best part, she left.

“She stopped talking when she said something about [Canasta Village], right?” Muttered Brookelle as she suddenly received a notification.

This notification asked them to go to the nearest [Plaza].

It was weird to heard there was a [Civil War] happening at the same time.

So she decided to go along the notoce and went to the nearest [Plaza].

There were lots of participants there. Suddenly the barriers activated and they were completely caged.

And so, the show started.

In the screen there were people doing the impossible.

A goddess-like beauty using a schyte and cutting the heads of undeads in the desert.

A beautiful girl with light-blue hair that shot lighning from her body and destroying thousands of knights with a single swing of her spear.

Another beauty with a full plate shining armor and a sledgehammer in her hands that wasn’t scratched by any of the enemies’ attacks, obliterated a big army as if nothing.

Then there was a guy who created things out of nothing and shot several laser-like cannons and also created a gigant of stone and fought agaisnt a giant.

And at last but not the worst….

A white-haired guy with a green spear and angelic, pure white wings and a halo… He moved as if dancing while slaying dozens of dragons.

She was honestly impressed. Not only that, she felt her heart beating fast and was hyperventilating.


She shouted in her mind. She was charmed by them.

Then they all received a new notification. It contained the named of the people in the screens.

Screen #1: Lene Nachahmung.
Screen #2: Krestin Spiegel.
Screen #3: Isold Ähnlich.
Screen #4: Izaak Ausgewogen.
Screen #5: Engel Falsch.


She cutely voiced.

(Did I read wrong?) She thought as she checked again the list.

She wasn’t wrong. It clearly said [Screen #5: Engel Falsch].

The white haired guy who fought as if he were creating art, was the guy she knew… Engel.

The guy that had promised to get strong.

The guy with the strong smile… And that a pair of months ago was as weak as a shirmp… Was the one slaying dragons.

Brookelle from the bottom of her heart felt not only happiness, but excitement, eagerness and expectation.

And the show hadn’t finished yet.

She gazed attentively againg the screens and then she saw how 7 bigger and more badass dragons charged towards Engel.

He then skillfully dealt with them one by one. Showing off his strenght he defeated them.

Controlling light as if it were a part of himself he slew the dragons in his field of vision.

Right now he had finished off 6 of them and he was going towards the last of them. Just when he was going to kill the last one of them and-

In the very last moment he ran out of strenght.


Brookelle, as well as everyone in the [Plaza] held their breaths because Engel had cut one of the dragon’s wings and now both were falling from the sky.

Then something impressive happened.

They all suddenly felt Engel’s presence above them.

All this time, he and the dragons were fighting above them.

All the people gazed towards the sky and looked how the white haired guy and the dragon fell.

Then dragon attacked several times but Engel was able do dodge, then when it again was about to attack Engel somehow he was able to throw the emerald green spear and pierced the dragon in the heart.

“……………Incredible……………..” Muttered Brookelle as she saw the falling Engel collided with the ground, as well as the dragon fell and destroyed the [Plaza].

Then the shouts and cheers of the people in the plaza resounded in the whole island when Engel took his spear and rised it above his head.

Meanwhile Brookelle was crying… Crying of happiness.

“He… He… He did it…. He became strong…” She said while shedding tears of happiness.


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