Magical Tournament Volume Five Chapter One: Lehrer (Master) – Another strength [First Part]

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Chapter One: Lehrer (Master) – Another strength [First Part]

Teil Ein:

[Gargantúa Online]

A MMORPG known in the whole world. The most famous game.

Graphics, storyline, variety, unexpected events, weaponry… ETC

Obtaining 10 of 10 stars, is the most complete game in the Internet.

It’s the versond of the [Tournament] for gamers.
The introductory story begins like this:

In the wide world of [Gargantúa] there only exist three kinds of races: Humans, Fairies and Demons.

No elfs, no beastmen, no dwarves… Only those three.

There are some differences between the three races; Demons have lizad-like scales, and tails, but not over all their skin; only in some parts. The fairies have firefly-like wings coming from their backs, and the humans have something called [Blessing of the Heavens] and gives them a birthmark in their chests.


In this world there was a past war between the Human/Demon Alliance against Fairies.

No; there’s no mistake…. The Fairies are the bad guys.

They have the strong resolution to wipe down the whole humanity due to their own purposes. Not all of them are bad and people knows that, so they knew how to handle the pacific faction of the fairies and the alliance was able to win over them.

Tha happened 500 years ago.

Now the three races live peacefully.

Recently, there have been strange beasts lurking in the forests, deserts, sea and in the whole world.

The sages investigated this and understoo that these are the result of the former [Fairy Queen- Antoniette] casting a powerfull spell full of hatred towards the [Skytree], the biggest three in the world.

A tree that touches the sky and provides life to the world. It has been resguarded by the [Elders]. Strong spirits of the former kings and queens of the world.

Normally you can’t get near it, but there are always exceptions.

[The Five Kings Of Virtue]

The King Of Heroes
The King Of Black Knights
The King Of Assassins
The King Of Hunters
The King Of Fighters

These Kings whose title goes from generation to generation have the blessing of the [Elders] and can go inside the forest around the [Skytree].

The objective of playing [Gargantúa Online] is to search for the [King] that beffits your character, make him train you and look for the other disciples so you can go inside the forest, reach the tree and destroy the curse.

Teil Zwei.

“And so like that goes the story.” Explained Isold while Engel was resting his head in her lap.

“Alright….. And how is it that you are so sure about that?” Asked Engel who had just woken up.

They landed safely in the gound and Isold took him under a tree in a clear space free of other trees.

“[Skytree]” Said Isold while pointing at the horizon, towards the colossal tree.

“[Blessing Of The Heavens]” She added while showing Engel her mark in the chest. It was a [Sun] mark. Then she pointed towards him, he looked at himseld and-

There was a [Sun] mark.

“Look. [Skill Slot] and [Spirit]” She said while showing Engel her [Status Window]. There was a [Skill Slot] that wasn’t there before, also a numeric value under [Mana], named [Spirit].

The [Yotse Skill] were never shown in the [Status Window] for some reason. Now, while opening said slot, there they were written; even the [Hero Ability] they got, plus a new one:


Isold knew very well these were the characteristics of [Gargantúa Online].

After all, she was one of the best players. She hadn’t finished it yet, but she was very good in it.

“*Sigh* Alright. I’ll believe you. We are in [Gargantúa]. So, what do we do now? We don’t know the positions of the others, and as well we can’t get near the tree. What do we do? Look for those [Five Kings Of Virtue]?” Asked Engel.

“No. We only need two.” Said Isold while smiling.

Certainly, since she noticed where they were, she was in quite the good mood.

But Engel was curious by something.

“You know… Did you already noticed this?” Asked Engel as he showed Isold his [Status Window].

“What?” She added.

“This.” He replied while pointing his [EX-Class].

“My [Magicial EX-Class, as well as my [Caster] and [Prayer] [Sub-Class]…. They are shadowed. As well as my mana.” Said Engel with a worried tone.

“I can’t use magic.”  He added as he stood up from Isold’s lap.

“……. Neither do I.” Replied Isold after checking her [Status Window]. Her [Magical EX-Class] was shadowed too. She didn’t have any other [Class] related to magicians, but this was quite difficult of her who was accostumed to chantlessly use [Earth] and [Divine Element] relates spells. As well as her [Arcana].

Engel was quite worried too because lately, all of his fighting was based more in the [Magician] side of his style.

“By the way, Isold…. Why was I sleeping in you lap?”

Asked Engel, to what Isold was unable to reply.


“Uhuhuhu… At last we can be alo-!?”

“?? Crye, what happ-??!”

Then a pair of a man and a woman appeard from behind Isold and Engel.

“The-They saw us.” Said the man. He wore light equipment but his boots were made from steel and had a pair of gauntlets in his waist. He was blonde, blue-eyed and muscular.

“Then, they need to be killed.” Said the woman. She had a musk colored robe, light equipment as well as a black dagger in her hand. She had short, dark brown hair and black eyes.

“Wa-Wa-Wait! How does seeign you escalates to us being killed?” Retorted Engel as Izaak would do it.


Replied the woman with no hesitation as she then dissapeared from their field of vision.

Suddenly, Engel felt her presence behind him and readied [Crystal] and [Stark] which he always had with him.

Engel gave a turn in the nick of time and parried the woman’s black dagger.

“Eh?” She voiced as she gave some steps back.

“You… You stopped my knife.” Said the woman.

“He… He stopped that [Instant Assassination]?” Voiced the man quite surprised.

“Yeah… Is it that amusing?” Added Engel while ready to fight.

She had some googles in her head an then wore them while staring at Engel. Then she looked towards Isold and said-

“Hauser! take care of the girl! I’ll do this kid now!”

“A-Alright!” Replied the man-Hauser to the woman, Crye’s words.

“Let’s see what you’re made of, kid.” Said Crye to provoke Engel.

“Okay… Come!” He said and then Crye sprinted towards him.

Engel was going to use his shortsword [Stark] to intercept the woman’s dagger but-


Engel then jumped back and threw [Crystal], the dagger while in mid-air towards Crye. Actually, he had thrown it a little behind her and-


The attack was repelled mid-air, where nothing was. The dagger landed near him so he took it again.

Then the image of Crye dissapeared and appeared where Engel threw the dagger.

(He noticed my [Illusion Sprint] in the first try?… Quite good, this boy.) Thought Crye while staring at Engel.

“1 on 1 then…” She muttered as she dissapeared again.

She reappeared above Engel and he stopped her charge with [Stark], then she took out a shortsword from her back and slashed toward Engel’s face.

He stopped it with [Crystal] and pushed her back.

(Damn… This is gonna be hard… I can’t use my mana so I can’t activate my eyes… I just hope my [Regeneration] still works, or I’ll be dead man soon.)

He voiced in his mind, to prepare himself. He was still faster and stronger than her, but somehow he got the feeling that wasn’t enought to stop her.

Then Crye dissapeared again and appeard at his back. Engel stopped her momentum but she dissapeared again and appeared in at his right: he stopped her again but dissapeared and reapperaed at his back again, just when she was going to slash she vanished once more and appeared at his left.

She pierced Engel in his sides and then dissapeared and reappeared at his right. She was going to roundkick him but dissapeared again and reappeared in front of him; so he received the kick with his whole face.

He rolled a meter and suddenly stood up; Crye was already In front of him and he slashed his shortsword at her but it was an illusion and she pierced his stomach with her dagger. Engel immediately grabbed her hand and kicked her in the gut but she gave a step back and barely avoided it.

Engel then with his inhuman strenght crushed Crye’s wrist and she moaned in pain. She pierced then the hand he was holding her and backed some meters.

His hand regenerated in an instant.

Cry then let go off her dagger and reverse-gripped her shortsword. She then appeared in front of him and was going to cut his throat but he barely stopped her momentum. Then with only one hand she constantly slashed and pierced him as well as Engel defended from her thrusts and parried her slashes.

(Damn! I’m faster than her but she reads my moves and constantly changes trajectory!! As well the feints are quite unpredictable!!) Thought Engel while resisting Crye’s attacks.

She was clearly aiming for either the throat or the face. Then she dissapeared and appeared at his back to what he gave a back-kick. She deffended it but her already damaged right hand ended fractured.

She then took out of a pouch in her waist some bottles and then her injuries dissapeared. She then took some little grayu spheres and thew them towads Engel as she dissapeared again.

She created some smoke and clouded Engel’s vision.

Engel then hightened his hearing and tried to intecept Crye’s attacks in the middle of the smoke to what he was only able to parry half of them.

The smoke started to fade and Engel then went in his fours and tried to detect Crye.

Crye lost sight of him but siddenly found him glued to the ground.

She was going to attack when suddenly gave a turn and threw his dagger towards her and he moved out of the way.

Crye caught the dagger with her hand and threw it back to Engel. He managed to avoid it and stood up while picking it up. He moved to an area with no smoke and waited for her to go out whether appearting next to him or just walking, but then Crye once again threw small bombs towards Engel.

These ones were stun bombs and let off a light that clouded Engel’s vision for a while. She used her googles so she was unaffected.

She aimed for Engel’s throat when she was stopped by his shortsword.

It was a movement made by pure instinct, but it saved his head.

She jumped back and Engel started to regain his vision.

Crye took from a pouch in her left tight several throwing knives and shot them towards Engel which he blocked and used as a faint she charged towards him once again.

He again, with his full sight, parried the attack but she had already picked up the dagger she had left when he crushed her wrist.

Like that she started to slash and thrust once again to what he followed suit. This time was almost unable to deal with the feints and fake attacks while receiving the thrusts she made with both weapons.

Then looing that it would be too drag out she dissapeared again and reappeard at his back. Engel then noticed that the attack had much killing intent, thing that he was just getting accostumed now, and thought of it as a feint, to what he had reason and decided to dedfend his left side in pure instinc.

Then Crye dissapeared from his back without attacking and attacked his left side as he had thought. He parried the attack to what she was quite surprised but used her shortsword to pierce again the regenerated arm.

She then, from her boots prepared a small knife and tried to pierce Engel’s head to what he stopped her with his fist. She let go of him and gave some steps back.

She then decided to go more serious.

She dissapeared and appeared above him while throwing some knives. Engel blocked them all but she slashed at him in the chest. He barely avoided it but she used her leg to make him fall and then jumped again to attack him.

Engel rolled to the left and avoided the attack but it was a feint. She had dissapeared again and when she appeard she gave a kick to Engel’s sides while she had the knife in the tip of her boot. She then almost opened his insided but Engel tensed his muscled and she was unable to move her foot by a mere millisecond.

He then punched her in the leg and broke her bone to what she dissapeared and reappeared some meters away.

He stood up regenerated and put up an stance.

She dran another poton from her pouch and glared at him.

Her leg recovered and threw some knives again.

Engel blocked them but felt a strange sensation. She then dissapeared again and tried to slash at him from the front. He felt the right amount of blodlust and parried the attack-

But Engel touched air. It was an illusion again and as he lost his stance he felt Crye behind him.

She had the knives she threw a moment before but didn’t plan to throwh them again.

Then she moved her arms in opposite sides as if to embracing someone.

Then Engel fell a thin-metallic thing in his neck and this was sliced.

He didn’t lose his head because in the lat moment he put his hand between the thread and his neck. The metal thread had stopped midway in his palms. Normally the thread would be cut but Engel lacked his [Magic Defense], a way to halve and almost nillify physical attacks. That works for every magician depending from his [Mana]. Also it seems Crye used some kind of skill to highten the sharpness of the thread.

Crye didn’t lost time and appeard behind him and thrusted his dagger at his head.

Engel fell to the ground intentionally to avoide the attack but it was a feint and then Crye gave a kick to Engel’s butt with the knife in the tip of her boot.

Engel then jumped forwards and then Crye jumped towads him and placed her dagger in his eye.

“It’s over kid!” She shouted.

She then moved away the dagger and fell to the ground next to him.

“I won!!!”

She shouted.

Then she gazed towars Hause and saw the collapsed Isold and his partner quite beaten up.

Teil Drei.

We’ll go back some minutes.

Crye told hauser to take care of Isold, and so he did. He put on his gauntlets and Isold, with no equipment whatsoever, took a pose to fight back.

“Sorry girl,” Said Hauser as he sprinted towards Isold.

As if boxing, he aimed directly to her face but Isold dodged to the left. Then Haused kicked her  and she avoided again.

Isold then threw a punch to Hauser’s face and landed a splendid hit.



Hauser then was sent back. For a moment there was something that protected him form Isold’s deadly punch, so he didn’t die.

“I understimated you girl!!!!” Shouted Hauser as she sprinted towards Isold.

Then he dissapeared too from her sight.

This skill was different form Crye’s because he only moves faster and leaving a yellow thrace behind, he moved to Isold’s right flank and attacked.

His gauntlet suddenly got clad in flames and approached Isold’s face at high speed.

Isold evaded and then Hauser used that momentum to give a turn and give a round kick.

He of course used the unknown skill to do that and took Isold for suprise and kicked her in the gut. She was sent flying and crashed against the tree.

Luckily, Isold’s defense is the highest among the gods of was so she didn’t got that much damage.

Then Hause jumped towards her with a wheel kick while his foot was clad in flames.

Isold resisted the attack and guarded herself from the kick. This time she felt a heavy feeling.

Hauser backed down and then have a kick to Isold. She moved out of the way and the pressure the kick made destroyed the tree.

Isold then tried to aim for Hauser’s kidney and then *CLANK* Again felt a strange thing that protected him.

Then Hauser as if it wasn’t enough, raised his speed and punched Isold from all the sides, this time with his gauntlets clad in lightning.

Isold felt how her muscles were being paralized. All she could do was defend when she crouched and with all her strenght jumped.

There was no reason to that than to scape Hauser’s rain of attacks.

She jumped 10 meters in the air and then with a great momentum tried to land a kick to her enemy.

Hauser defended from the kick and *CRASH* again there was something protecting him.

(I want to read his movements and intention with hero ability… But Can’t! Why? Also that sound and feeling…) Said Isold in her mind.

One of Hauser’s arms broke. He then drank a potion he took out of a pouch in his waist and the injury was gone.

Hauser raised his speed and tried to attack Isold once again aiming for her ribs but suddenly Isold evaded that attack.

She then gave a kick to Hauser’s gut and he flew a meter with the strenght of the kick. He normally landed but he felt like puking, even when being defended with the strange skill.

Isold didn’t lose time and sprinted towards Hauser. Her speed was the same as him and she landed a kick in his chest. Again the skill protected him. He was sent flying but quickly stood up and moved fast while leaving the strange while trace behind him.

He took Isold from the foot and then threw her towards the broken tree.

She landed while rolling a meter or two and instantly stood up. Hause was already next to her with his gauntlets covered in lightning and punched her in the face towards the ground while making a crater.

Isold endured the punch and counterattacked.

She quickly gave a punch to his jaw and *CLANG* again the skill protected him and he was sent flying some meters.

Isold stood up and jumped towards the flying Hauser that tried to correct his landing trajectory.

She then gave him a punch in the gut and sent him towards the ground.

He fell and created a crater. She fell and ran towars him and gave him a kick in the sides.

Of couse there was this skill that prevcented him to receive the whole attack and it’s recoil.

He was sent various meters and while landing he quickly drank one of the potions in his puch and recovered.

He then used his speed skill againg and tired to kick Isold in the face.

She avoided it but it was a feint and with his other leg Hauser kicked her in the face.

Isold received the full blow and went back some meters.

Then Hauser again approached her and both started to exchamge blows.

Hauser used feints and strong punches as well as Isold barely avoided Hauser’s attacks and landed a few on him that were halted by the protective skill.

Hauser now had one of his arms in fire and the other clad in electricity.

He constantly feinted with the flame and attacked with the elelctric punch and sometimed he didn’t made a bluff or he gave various bluffs.

He also threw kicks clad in lightning and Isold was barely holding on because all the damage she was receiving.

Unlike Engel, she couldn’t use [Regeneration] so this was quite problematic for her.

(This is getting long… I should start to use that…) Thought Hauser as Isold gave him a punch in the face.

He was able to avoid it, but then He took Isold by her arm and threw her with great momentum.

There he shot various electric balls at high speed and hit Isold’s face. Then he augmented more his speed and before Isold landed he gavce her a kick and threw her far again. Then he gave a jum and again tried to kick her in the face. He created a crater with his kick as Isold only received the recoil due to being able to move in the last second.

Then Hauser took her again from the foot and threw her to the air. Then he did the same as Isodl and jumped towads her.

Then he concentrated all his electric power in his punch and gave her a strong hit in her gut.

They both landed and Hauser and Isold both stood up. Then Hauser at a temible speed started to attack again Isold and she defended but was barely holding because Hauser’s experience was way above hers.


(I didn’t want to use this…. [Moonburst]!!)

Hauser activated his skill and somehow all of his movements were so fast not even Isold could look at them. Also they started to feel heavy and-

“[Moonlight Strike]!!”

Shouted Hauser and all of the strange aura that suddenly durrounded him, concentrated in his fist and he directed that punch towards Isold’s solar plexus.


Isold then fell to her knees.

That punch wasn’t enought to knock her down… But she didn’t oka neither.

“Sorry again”.

Said Hauser as he gave a kick to Isold’s head clad in the strange power and electrcity. The direct strike to her brain made her faint.

Teil Vier.

“Soo….. What do you want?”

Asked Engel. He was quite upset, so he was in his serious modo.

“I-I want to apologize! NO! WE want to apologize!! I did said die but I was just to knock you out and then all this happened!!! SORRY!!!” Said Crye while kneeling and lowering her head. Hauser did the same.

Isold woke up half a minute after the attack and then Crye asked for the truce.

(Actually it was your fault…) Retorted Hauser in his mind.

“Anyways… I have a great favor to ask you!!!” Exclaimed Crye.

“What is it?” Asked Engel. Isold next to him nodded in agreement.


“EEH?!” Exclaimed Engel and Isold made a sligth surprised experssion to Crye’s statement.

“Your disciple? But moreover, who are you?” Replied Engel while trying to mantain his composture.

“You seriously asking that?” Butted in Hauser with a straight expression.

“Well… Of course… We’ve been confined in the mountains way too much time you know.” Replied Engel, while thinking that if he didn’t give an excuse, it could go bad.

(They could be famous and be to know then may be common sense in this world… But who knows…) Said Engel to himself.

“I-I see. Well, I am the 17th [King Of Assassins – Crye Ace], and he is my partner, the 17th [King Of Fighters – Hauser Frigg]” Replied Crye.

“WHA-WATH?!” Replied Engel quite surprised that he bit his tongue.

“King… Of Virtue?” Said Isold in low voice while her eyes suspiciosuly shone.

“YES! YES! So please! Become our disciples! There’s no one more worth than our teachings than you guys! We’ve been wandering for at least a 50 years now!” Said Crye.

(Fifty?) Questioned Engel in his head.

“Yes…. And there has been no one as good as you guys. We were having a special camp some meters into the forest to see if there’s somone worth between them… But then we suddenly found you guys.”

Added Hauser.

(What do I do now? This is quite convenient.. I should accept right?) Said Engel in his mind while thinking in various possibilities taking in count Lene and the others when-


“Eh? Isold?” Voiced Engel quite surprised. Isold had hugged him when he had clothes on.





“Please accept!”

Said Isold who didn’t show her face to Engel.

And suddenly she looked towards him with puppy-like eyes and a pouting mouth.

(Wha-What is this terrifically cute creature?! What did you do yo Isold? My companion can’t be this cute?! And did I just made a reference here because this cuteness?)

In mere seconds, Isold was able to convince Engel with her practiced move [Lovely-Lovely Cuteness] that had practiced over the years to get the things she wanted.

“A-Alright! We-We’ll accept your offer! I-It’s not that I was interested in it since the beggining or that she convinced me because of her cuteness or somehting like that! Hmph! Don’t misunderstand me! It’s not like that! Yeah… Thi-This is on a mere whim! Hmph!” Voiced Engel who suddenly turned Tsundere because of his embarassment.

Tsundere Engel appeared once more to save the day.



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