Magical Tournament Volume Five Chapter Two: Fähigkeit (Ability) – Another strength [Second Part]

Hello people! Alek here!

Midway this chapter I got quite bored (external causes) and it may be a little sloppy, but regained my cheerful state and ended it. I may post another one later.

Enjoy it!

Chapter Two: Fähigkeit (Ability) – Another strength [Second Part]

Teil Ein.

“So then, you’re dismissed.”

“Wait what?!”

“What the hell?!”

“What are you talking about?”

“What do you mean?”


Shouted Crye.

Hauser, Crye, Engel and Isold went back to where the kings had their students and when she arrived, she dismissed them.

But of course they wouldn’t just go away like this.

“Why are you chasing us out!” Voiced a girl. She had black hair in ponytail and green eyes.

“Because we got better students than you!” Said Crye.
Actually, they had a girl and a boy each under their care. The ponytailed girl was a Crye’s disciple.

“What? There’s no way there’s someone better than us? We are the pride of the nation!” Shouted a blond guy under the care of Hauser.

They four were not only geniuses but had growing talent.

But of course, that was not comparable with Engel’s and Isold’s stats.

“Come on! Get in!” Said Crye. Then Isold and Engel entered the room.

Suddenly the ponytailed girl threw a knife towards Engel but he avoided it, took it and threw it again towards her in a mere instant.


The girl wasn’t even able to see the knife.

“You see.” Said Crye. Hauser got inside after the two.

“I think it’s better for you to keep teaching them, after all we won’t be around that much time.” Said Engel.

“What do you mean? Well, anyways; my sole purpose with you is to inherit my techniques; As well as for all of us, the [Kings Of Virtue]. There’s no war, there’s no danger. Me and my companions defeated the curse of Antoniette a couple of years ago so now our objective in life is to pass down our techniques…”

Declared Crye.

“I see… Then it’s fine. But don’t throw them, they may have their reasons to be here.”

“Haa… Well… Be grateful! My disciple number one wants you to keep learning! Then dismissed either way! Go to the village and bring supplies! Go!”

Shouted Crye to what the students reclutantly obeyed her.

“So… Tell me. How did you got such a monstrous strength? Your [Job] is that of an [Assassin] yet you easily crused my wrist like a thin stick. Also, how many people have you killed? As you may know, the job of [Thief] goes to [Assassin] only when you kill. Tell me… 4, 6, 8?” Confronted Crye to Engel.

“1. If it’s a person that is. If we count dragons….. 50,000.” Said Engel.

He knew that she wouldn’t believe him, so to make of a feint the truth, he revealed it.

“I see… One. That’s less than what I expected….”

(In special because those eyes…) Thought Crye after he replied Engel and his “joke”.

“We’ll, also you girl. Which shcool of martial arts you practice? Your job is [Martial Artist]. It goes from [Fighter] to that one only when you practice a special martial art.” Butted in Hauser.

“[Aesir Divine Style].” Replied Isold.

“I’ve never heard of it.. But it’s quite good.” Said Hauser.

“So to begin with, how many [Skills] did you use? You sure have a pool of [Spirit] too.” Asked Crye.

“Skills… No one. Well, I used [Regeneration] but that’s a passive skill.” Replied Engel.

“WHAT?!” Shouted Crye.

(No… That’s not possible… He, did he fought with me with his own base strenght? Is that possible? I had to use at least 10 [Level Zero] to keep up with him! Also that [Regeneration]… I’ve never heard of a human using it.) Analized Crye in her mind.

“Wha-What about you, girl?” Said Crye.

“No one.” Replied Isold. This time Hauser was the surprised one.

He knew that to finish her off, he had to use one of his trump cards, as well as he was only able to knock her out for less than a minute.

(The-These kids…. Are monsters)

Thought both of them while they tried to figure out how to teach them.

Teil Zwei.

A couple of hours before….


Shouted Lene while falling as their conversation ended.

(My magic! It doesn’t works!!) She shouted in her mind while trying to use [Wind Element] to slow down her pace.


She shouted and then *BOOM*

A shockwave was created by her and her pace suddely was stopped.

“…. [Gravity]?” Questioned Lene.

It didn’t matter how many times Engel tried to explain her, she wasn’t able to use [Gravity Magic].

Then after some minutes she peacefully landed in a grassland.

“Haaa…. Safeee…” She sighed in relief.

Then she tried to locate the colossal tree in the horizon. She looked at it and went towards it when-

“Hey you.”

Said a person behind her.

(He… He wasn’t there just now) Thought Lene while looking the guy who called her.

He had medium weight equipment, as well as a long, black scythe in his shoulders. He had red hair and eyes.

“How did you get here?” Asked the man.

“…. Walking.” Replied Lene while being warry of him.

“Lies. There’s a powerfull barrier around. There’s no way you would be able to get in walking.” Said the man.

“Well… Then there’s no problem if I just go away, right?” Added Lene while thinking if she should just stop time.

“No. I don’t know what was or is your objective so the best is to stop you right here and now.” Sad the man as he readied his scythe.

(Easy…) Thought Lene as she activated her [Arcana]-

Or so it should have been.

(What? Time doesn’t stop!!) She shouted in her mind when suddenly the man appeared in front of her.

He swung his scythe trying to cut Lene. She then stopped his advance with her [Chrono Adamant]. She was able to take it out o the [Item Box] at the last moment.

(Should I use [Gae Búlg]?… No, he seems skilled in the use of the scyte so if I try to use a weapon I’m not so good at I’ll end up dead!)

Said Lene as she parried the man’s attack.

After a moment both of them gave some steps back.

“You are good… To stop my attack.” Voiced the man.

“Is it something praiseworthy? If I hadn’t, I’d be dead. That’s all there’s to it.” Replied Lene.

“He… Nice ans-wer!!” Shouted the man as he charged again with his scythe. Lene avoided the big swing and countered.

Then the man avoided her counter and approached her. Out of nowhere he had a dagger in his hand and tried to stab Lene.

She avoided in the nick of time and-

“[Black Pistol].”

She casted a [Devil Element] spell and shot it towards the man at blank point range.


Then the man retreated while being hit by the attack in the shoulder, piercing it.

[Black Pistol] was a medium level magic that compressed the energy and shot it. It didn’t cause that much damage but it was dangerous.

(What was that?! I’ve never seen any magic nor skill that creates black energy…. Also this girl… She targeted the joint of my shoulder… Now it’s unusable….) Thought the man as he took a potion from a pouch in his back and drank it. He healed in seconds.

Then the guy chaged again and threw the dagger towards Lene. She avoided it and clashed with the man.

This time he was faster and stronger, but not at a level she wans’t able to resist. She pushed him bakc but then he attacked again faster and stronger.

They parried the slashes and avoided them while Lene started to shot various [Dark Cannons] and [Black Pistol].

He avoided them by paper thin margin and countered.

It was dragged like that for a while but then the man’s technique in using the scythe sudddenly got better.

It seems that he was now accustomed to fight against Lene.

He then charged in and when attacking Lene created a barrier to hinder him.

It stopped him and she attacked his sides. He avoided the blade and countered while trying to cut her wrist.

She creatd a barrier to stop his attack and then he slashed at him. He blocked the scythe and then he backed some steps.

Then he rushed agains and as Lene shot various spells he avoided them ant attacked head on. She parried the attacks while using barriers and casting spells but he was way better than her and was, slowly, bein puched back.

After a while she was being cornered by the technique and style of her enemy.

Then went back some steps.

[Black Pistol] she said and casted it in her sides.

It didn’t pierced an important part, and then in a mere moment it was healed.

(At least [Regeneration] is working… Guess I can be a little more daring…) She voiced in her mind as she charged towards the man.

Then she attacked, letting herself being slightly cut while she shot various spells towards him.

He used potions to recover and then charged again.

They spent time like this until Lene was not able to parry his attacks and the scythe was pointed to her neck.

“Are you going to kill me?” Said Lene while regretting she didn’t learn any [Area Of Effect] spell.

“No… I knew since the beggining taht you fell from the sky.” Said the man.

“Then?” Asked Lene.

“Well, my name is Seirei Nait and I want you to be my disciple.” Said the man while moving away the scythe.

“WHAT?!” – (How did things do escalate till this point??)

Shouted Lene while retorting in her mind Seirei’s words.

“Why would I do that?” She added.

“Well, I saw you walking towards the [Skytree] after locating it. You going there?” Asked the Seirei.

“If it’s like that, what about it?” Voiced Lene.

“Well… You know… That forest there is known for being under a special magic that make you get lost. If you intend to go to the tree, you’ll never get out, needless to say, reach the tree.” Replied Seirei.

“And you need this as a free pass.” He added while showing her some kind of bracelet in his hand.

“If you become my disciple… No; If you beat me thoroughly, I’ll give it to you.” Said Seirei as he micheviously smiled.

Teil Drei.

Again…. When they were falling-

Shirayuki somehow was able to use magic and they both landed safely… Relatively.

With Engel being medium distance, Lene the most near… Shirayuki and Krestin were the most far of it.

They both arrived to a big and lively city.

As they walked, strangely enought, there were lots of people that looked like Shirayuki.

Except that they had lizard-like tails.

“My gawd look a those bodies!”

“Yeah, yeah! They’re incredible!”

A pair of man said.

Krestin and Shirayuki moved their gazes to locate them but saw no one.



Krestin felt something strange under her foot.

It was a person’s head.

“Ohh they found us.”

Indeed, there were two men in the middle of thee street..

Krestin removed her feet and looked at the one she stepped on in the eyes, and she knew what kind of person he was.


She then started to stomp harder in the man’s face.

“Wait, wait wait! Krestin stop!” Said Shirayuki while restraining Krestin.

“Ouch ouch ouch.. That hurts…” Said the man as he stood up. The other stood up too.

The first one had a long beard and light brown hair. The other one had strangfe green hair and insect-like wings from his back.

“Well then; let’s go Shirayuki. We need to go to that tree now.” Said Krestin quite hurried.

“Wait!” Said the man with the insect-like wings.

“What? Replied Krestin.

“Are you going to the [Skytree]? Are you in the look of a [King]?” Asked the insect-man.

“I quite don’t get what you said, but at all costs I need to go towards that tree.” Replied Krestin.

“Me too.” Added Shirayuki.

“Alright, I think this is your lucky day! We can guide you towads that place!” Said the bearded man.

“Is it that difficult to go there? Also, we have no money to pay you.” Said Krestin.

“Believe me, without us there’s no way you’ll get there. That’s common sense. Also don’t worry about the money, there’s just only one thing we want…. A fight!” Replied the beard-man to Krestin who was quite dumbfounded.

(This will be interesting…. Quite the time has passed since I, the [King of Heroes] has felt pain… And seen such nice boobs…) Thought the beard-man while recalling the feeling of Krestin’s foot.

Teil Vier.



“We the fairy tribe of the [Lakuter] have finally found our mate!!!”


While making some strange soudns with their throats, a lot of dark-skinned women with firefly-like wings danced around a fire. Next to the fire, there was a wooden pillar. The women had either white, red, green or blue hair.

Also there were some ones with white skin but were not participating in the dance.

“This…. Is this heaven?”

Yeah… As everyone had guessed, Izaak is currently tied to the wooden pillar.

He is the [Mate] everyone talked about.


“Hey mum… I brought the- EEHHH?! Why is there a guy tied there? Or moreover, how the hell did he arrive here?!”

Retorted the girl with leather clothes (different from the rags the other women wore). She looked quite thin in comparison to the other women and had white skin, as well as long pink hair in a ponytail.

She didn’t have the wings though.

Then the girl looked directly to the man, Izaak, in the pillar and-


She felt like an arrow pierced her heart.

The man was young, tall and had a somewhat well built body. He was handsome like a man but if you dressed him like a woman, it would confuse you.

Black hair that is quite rare and dark brown eyes.

Then the girl threw away the a dead animal she had hunted and-

“Go back bitches!!! He’s mine!!”

Shouted the girl as she put herself in front of the pillar with bow and arrows in hand.

(I-Is this what Engel feels everyday?… What a bliss…) Thought Izaak as he appreciated the scene unfolding in front of him.


PS: I made the joke of Izaak looking like Sasuke, but he’s more like a taller Kirito. Tongue



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