Magical Tournament Volume Five Chapter Three: Leugnung (Denial) – Another strength [Part Three]

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Chapter Three: Leugnung (Denial) – Another strength [Part Three]

Teil Ein.

[Izaak’s POV]

“How much  time until the place?” I asked.

“A  week or two at most.” Replied Ferris.

It’s been a month since Engel fucked the teleportation and we arrived here.

At first I safely landed because of the trees, and then these amazon-like women found me and decided I was their [Mate].

When I was in a wooden pillas, a pretty girl with pink ponytailed hair arrived and declared me her property…
And since then she has been “raping” me. It’s in quoutes because she uses strength, but I don’t resist either.

I didn’t have the oportunity to do it with all the tribe, as Engel would have, but I’m satisfied.

Yeah, here in this world I ca-THERE’S NO WAY RIGHT!!!!!!

Every night every night every night she dries me up! I’m friggin tired!

Also in the day she teaches me archery, hunting skills and the like!!

I don’t know how Engel could do it all night with 10 or so women and then be alright the next day! That monster!

Haaa…. At least she takes me to the rendezvous point.

She explained something about only her and other 4 people being able to get near. She thought I was retarded because that was common sense but anyways…

Since I arrived I haven’t been able to use my [Arcana] nor any other magic. My magical class was shadowed in the [Status Window] and also my mana.

Also strange things like [Skill Slot] and [Spirit] appeared in my status.

This place sure it’s strange.

At least it seems they talk English.

But oh well…

Looking at the bright side of things, everything she teaches me is not only incredible, but also important. There are tricks I didn’t know about archery and also she teaches me how to control my [Spirit].

She says that we need to use them with the skills. Technically, the [Mana] for the [Magic] the [Spirit] for the [Skills].

I got the gist of the consumption and everything, which I didn’t consider before, and now she’s teaching me these new skill I got.


She says that there are two types of this skill. If you born with the mark of a [Sun] in your chest, you are a physical type of person and have the skill [Sunburst]. These type of people are the most common and become knights, hunters, crusaders, etc.

There there are the people with the [Moon] mark. Those have the [Moonburst] skill and most of them become [Magicians]. They can use magic.

They are the minority.

Also it seems that in exchange of being able to use magic, they can’t develop many skills; contrary to the others. The [Sun] people can have a vast repertory of skills and even use more than two at the same time.

Anyways, now we are just two days far from the tree and in the critical part of this “training”.

Also, I feel blessed because this is not a loli.

We were taking a break in some grasslands… Or so it was suposed to be.

There are tons of craters, destroyed trees and also mountains of ground. As if someone was fighting here for days.

Anyways, we found a clean place and there I started to practice.

Also she taught me something called [Reinforcement Skill] and it’s pretty conveinient. It boosts my strenght, defense and agility, besides that it doesn’t consume too much [Spirit].

“You ready?” Asked me Ferris.

“Yes.” I replied.

“Then , start! Feel the power inside you; different from your [Spirit], there’s another power. It’s not like the [Mana] the magicians have, but another type of power! Feel it! It comes from you mind, then it surrounds your body as well as you absorb it! Then concentrate everything in one point in your chest! And!!-”



Then I suddenly feel a strange energy in my body.

I think I glowed red or something but it was temporal. Then I checked my status to see the difference.

…………… Eh?

M-My ex-class and my mana are back! They’re not shadowed!

“Woah….” I voiced.

“Great, right?” Added Ferris; even thought she didn’t know that what surprised me, besides the small boost, was that I could use my magic again.

“[Archive Open], [FIle Number 909], [Create] – [1], [File Number 093], [Create] – [10]”

I said, then casted my [Arcana]; From thin air, I created a bow and 10 arrows. They were high-class objects I bought back in [Bereich] and thoroughly analized until I could create them.

“Wha-What was that?!” Suddenly shouted Ferris.

“Eh? My magic?… Why?” I asked.

“But.. You.. You have a [Sun] mark! As well… What was that magic? You You made appear that bow and arrows out of nowhere!” Said Ferris.

Crap. I did it this time.





“Sorry I’m Sorry I’m Sorry please forgive meee!!!”

I heard a man’s screams behind me.

He was running away for his life as he was being bombarded with magic.

Wait… Did I heard some familiar voice before?

“Fuck you fuck you fuck you! You filthy motherfucker touched my underwear!!!!”

“I said I’m sorryyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!”

Oh I see!

It’s Lene!!

“Heeey Lene!!!” I shouted in reflex; also the skill had now stopped working.

“Eh? Izaak?” She said while she stopped to attack the pitiful man and looked my direction.





“You ate my cake last time didn’t you!”



(Sh-She still had that grudge?)

I thought while I was running in her direction she attacked me with [Sound Element] magic.


(Since when she’s able to use [Sound Magic]?) I said to myself as she came next to me.

“How you doing?” She asked.

“Well… Besides being attacked by you, I was practicing something. What about you?” I asked.

“Nothing much, I was jut trying TO KILL this closet pervert!” Said Lene while glancing towads a stone not so far away from us. There was the man hiding.

(She says that, but there’s also that other pervert she’s madly in love with…. So ebil.” I said.

I added the “b” cause she’s quite unreasonable. She’s not evil but ebil.

“So; now we are two; have you seen Engel or Isold?” Asked Lene.

“No. Not at all. You’ve seen Krestin and Shirayuki?” I asked.



Then Ferris started to attack the pitiful man too; with arrows that is.

What’s with them?

“He-Hey. Ferris, do you know him.?” I asked out of curiosity.

“Of course. He’s one of the [Five Kings Of Virtue] the [King Of Black Knights – Seirei Nait]… And a pervert.” Said Ferris.

“And who is she?” Asked Lene.

“I am the [Queen of Hunters – Ferris Quinn].” Said Ferris.

“I see.” Said Lene while looking at her from head to toes.

Then she gave me a thumbs up!

Ho-How did she knew?


After presenting ourselves, Lene explained all the time she passed here.

She said that she hadn’t move an inch from this grasslands and that she wasn’t able to go inside the forest either.

She needed some kind of pass and that the only one with it was the redhead pervert, Seirei; and that three days ago she had received it.

By the way, he keeps saying it’s an accident but who knows.

Then I explained Lene about my fall in the tribe of the fairies and how I got here. It seems that I also need the pass from Ferris.

After resting a while, we then started to move towards the tree.

The truth is, that I don’t know how many time we have to wait for the others; in fact, it was a miracle that Lene and I were able to meet here. Also that we met Ferris and Seirei.

But Lene said that she trusted Engel, as well as Krestin and if it was them, they would be already in the  tree waiting for us.

He blindly trusts Engel…

How envious.

Anyways, we walked quite a lot, and then it was noon. Seirei said he knew a water spring where we could eat, take a bath and rest.

Then when we arrived, there was something unbelievable.

“Wh-Why are you doing this?”

“Because I want to… Or do you dislike it?”

“I-It’s not that… But you’re – Ahn!!”

“Well… If you don’t keep quiet… I’ll turn you around you know.”

“Tu-Turn me around?! I-It true that I’l feel good from the fro- BUT HEY! You shouldn’t be saying those things!”

“Why? If I like it and you like it… Why don’t do it?”

“…. If you put it like that then there’s no problem.”



Both Lene and I retorted to Engel that was being caressed by Isold… Naked.

Is he extremily lucky? Or is that life is unfair for me in this aspect?

[End Of Izaak’s POV].

Teil Zwei.

In this whole month, Crye taught Engel how to use the [Spirit] and taught him her assasination techniques as they traveled together with Hauser and Isold.

They were at a similar distance of the tree, both Engel and Izaak so they arrived at the same time.

But in this whole time, something happened.

The more the time Isold and Engel spent together, the more they got along.

Engel started to be more at ease around Isold as well as she around him.

They get along very well now, but not at the extent of him with Lene.

The problem is that now Isold requests more “service” from Engel and sometimes it seems her mind goes loose and starts to talk a lot when turned on.

That was what happened in the water spring.

They really did deepened their relationship in one month.

Or so they say.

“Is it entirely true?” Asked Lene to the kneeling Engel and Isold.

“Ye-Yeah! It’s true!”


They replied.

“And where are the other Kings?” Asked Izaak.

“They’re hunting.”


They replied.

“Since when you arrived here?” Asked Lene.

“Like an hour ago.”


Then suddenly Lene started to feel angered.

“What time is it?”

“Like 12,, Or I don’t know! Why is it important?”



Shouted Lene who was quite irritated because Isold’s behavior.

“I don’t know! she started the last week to do this!” Replied Engel.

“Haa… Alright.” Voiced Lene as Engel and Isold stood up. Then Crye and Hauser arrived.

They all met and had lunch.

After that, they resumed their trip.

As they were walking, the path started to look destroyed as they advanced.

Just like the grassland where Lene and Seirei were fighting, they found traces of fights here and there.


“Ayla?” Said Crye.

There in the middle of a big crater was Ayla Hirom, the [King of Heroes].

Then there was a another crater not so far where there was a man with dragonfly-like wings.

“Retten?” Said Hauser as he saw the so called [Magic King – Retten Maazar], not a [King of Virtue] but a trusted friend of the [King Of Heroes].

“Are they knocked out?” Asked Ferris.

“Yeah… But who is the one who could do such thing?” Said Crye.

“I think I have a good idea of who might have done this.” Said Lene while looking around her. Then she spotted two people under a tree.

“Krestin! Shirayuki!” Shouted Engel and then he ran towads them.

He looked at them and confirmed that they were sleeping.

“So they were the ones…” Mutteres Engel with a slight smile, as if proud. He knew who the two men were because of Crye, so he knew they had to beat them to get here.

Isold felt a strange sensation when he smiled like that, so she jumped in his back to stop him from doing it.

For the last month, she would listen to stories of Lene, Yozora, Krestin, Leslie, Brookelle and the like. When Engel told this stories, he would gently smile, laugh outloud or proudly smile like this time, then in her own train of thoughts she would notice a strange sensation… Jealousy… Envy and Expectation.

She wanted to be a person that could remain in people’s minds. A person that could create such emotion in someone else and at last… After days of thinking about it… Isold wanted Engel to be that person. The person who could remember her, get along with and also produce such emotions.

She hadn’t spent so much  time with him like that, but now she was decided to do it.

Engel woke them up after he got Isold off his back and then the other two Kings woke up too.

And just when everyone was conscious-


“Wha-What is that?” Voiced Izaak.

“They’re…. Voices?” Added Lene.

“They are the [Elders]. I think it’s quite fast for them to talk to us before reaching the [Skytree].” Said Crye.

“Talking to us? Why?” Asked Engel.

“Just listen to them, Boy.” Said Crye and then the [Elders] started talking again.


Said the voice(s) that belong to woman and man at the same time.

Then a birght light shone over Engel and co. without any notice.


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