Random Image: Lene Nachahmung (Pencil Art)


Finally! Finally finally I made it!

It has minor flaws here and there but-

I present you Lene!!

Also there may be differenced between styles (Engel, Krestin and Lene) and that because I’m still experimenting a proper style.


8 thoughts on “Random Image: Lene Nachahmung (Pencil Art)

  1. kmx72 says:

    So this would be how she looked like huh. Also what about the heavenly butt that Engel made a paragraph of XD. Also titles said barely but isn’t it flat or is it how you draw it?

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    • Well… I’m not that good with bisy simetry yet so you have to wait for it… Also ahe wears a breastplate, that reduces the looks.

      I did mention the drawing had some flaws and that is one. It can’t properly be conveyed her “barely” xD

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      • kmx72 says:

        A question I always had but somehow I haven’t asked somehow is why do you always like comments I mean I really appreciate and it helps me know you checked it when I f5 or with the mail and I didn’t put that much thought it because of those and so I wonder?

        Liked by 1 person

      • It’s because 3 things. First it’s the facebook bad influence. The rutine of the “like” is still deep in me.

        I dont have fb anymore tho.

        The second is that I appreciate every of the little comments I get.

        And the last one is because I like a comment and *poof* there’s the like.



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