Magical Tournament Ninth Intermission: Historie (Story) – How she became the [Holy Blade Maiden]

Hello people! Aleksander here! Nothign to say, nothing to do!

You may ask what happened with Krestin’s [Test] last chapter… I didn’t show it because that’s the main topic of this intermission.

At the end there will be the questions the [Elders] asked her, so no worries.

Enjoy the chapter (:

PS: Finally after a whole vol.+ chapters there’s going to be Engel and Co.’s [Status WIndow] as well as the new [Skill Slot]. Expect it.

And sorry this chapter is quite short :p

Ninth Intermission: Historie (Story) – How she became the [Holy Blade Maiden]


This is te story of a girl different from her family.

“Krestin! You broke the a Chinese jar again?!” Shouted Cecilia Spiegel. She had a nice body, long dark-blue hair, green eyes and a pretty face.

“I-It wasn’t me! It was brother!” Shouted the little girl, Krestin.

She had blue-light hair, bright hazel dusk eyes. She had pale skin, braids and wore thick frame glasses.

“What are you talking about?!” Your brother wouldn’t do something like that!” scolded Cecilia to Krestin.
This kind occurence happened once or twice a week in the Spiegel household.

Krestin has two elder siblings.

Chris and Klara Spiegel.

Chris was on year older and Klara 2 years older.

Chris liked to bully Krestin. But why?

Because he tought he was better than her.

Why would he think that? How a kid would come to think like that?

Because the adults around him.

The Spiegel household was well known because of their talents.

They had good looks, they were intelligent, smar, had attitude, resolution, willpower, leadership, creativity…

Everyone who knew the name [Spiegel] knew about how incredible this people were.

Their only quirk was the blue hair in different tones, but after their success in life, it became a symbol of [Being The Best].

The Spiegel household had created various scientififcs, researchers, politicians, atlethes and of couse, one or two winners of [The Tournament].

That’s why Chirs thought of himself as the best.

But why Krestin would be inferior to him?

That because she lacked everything a [Spiegel] should have.

The looks, the will, the attitude.

She was lame. A lame kid.

Even her parents tol her that… And she grew up like that.


[Krestin’s POV]

I grew up like that.

Of course I had friends, but nothing on the level of being best friends.

That’s because no one could stand my uselessness.

I was average in everything, being below average in sports and physical activities.

At the beggining everyone had high hopes in me, but when they found out I was lame and useless, I was just thrown away.

My brother bullied me and my sister was never home because she was in a [Talented Chirldren Program].

She was the only one who would be gentle with me, but my parents sent her far away.

Like that the years passed by and I came to know about of [The Tournament].

I secretly applied for it, and was chosen as a [Participant].

I thought that maybe if I did good in it, my family would recognize me.

But it was stupid to think that.

Not in the sense that they would reject me but in the sense of-

Why should I do that? I am enough as myself.

I didn’t realize it back then.

That I don’t need their acceptance.

[End Of Krestin’s POV]


Krestin enters the tournament and soon found a party. They were nice to her… And still are nice to her.

There has never been a problem with them, with [Golden Forest].

Except once.

Krestin had been teleported to the snowy plains of [Prometheus] in [Pénte].

They somehow got their hands in some artifact named [Wake Up Call]. They only had two, so they were discussing about who should wear it.

And so the fight started.

They fought among themselves to see who was the one who would wear the artifacts.

Krestin, the one who found the artifacts, tried to make them stop but was casted away. While angrily pouting she went towards a nearby spring to gather water. She took one of the artifacts because she was the one to find them.

Then, Krestin suddenly found something near the spring that wasn’t there last time.

It was a crater.

Krestin inspected it and found the [Skyfall Tear]. She used [Appraisal] and found quite weird that a jewel said [Eat] in it’s instructions.

[If you want power, eat me.]

It’s what it said.

She didn’t mind it and put it in her pocket. Then-

She received a transmission from the [Wake Up Call] artifact.

It was his party leader, Phillip Brien.

He told her to not to go back, because there were some drunk soldiers picking a fight with them.

She didn’t listened to his orders and ran towads them.

And she saw despair.

All her companions were dead. They were toying with their bodies, slashing them and cutting them apart.

Krestin felt hopeless.

She felt useless.

She felt like she wasn’t able to achieve anything-

And then she recalled one thing… One thing in her pocket.

[Skyfall Tear].


[Krestin’s POV]

I ate it.

I was deperate… I knew they were going to come back again… But what if it was the real world? What if this happens again? What if I am truly useless?….

Such toughts filled my head in an instant.

Then I wished to be strong, and became strong.

I fought with myself inside my mind and came to know an answer for all I had been doing until that day.

It was useless. It didn’t matter.

Everything I looked for: Acceptance and recognicion was something superflual and stupid.

I only need to believe in me and become someone strong.

Because I already had my own friends who liked me as I was.

After a fierce fight with myself, I learned how to use my new ability.

Trained, trained, trained, trained, trained, trained, trained, trained, trained, trained…. I trained until I puked and kept training.

Then I came back to my senses.

And I beat up the soldiers.

My body felt different.

I noticed that somehow my body had changed.

When my companions came back to their senses they were surprised that I had become someone entirely different.

I explained them and after Markus used [Appraisal] in my, they believed me.

Later, other soldiers came to pick up the drunken ones and apologized.

Then they offered me to train with the, because of my talent. I beat up 10 drunk soldiers who could not contain their strength.

I accepted and learned the way of the [Olympus Knights].

I then became recognized… But as a side occurence. I didn’t want it anymore. I just want to have a happy and interesting life with my friends and the one I love.

That is all.



This and that are two different things you know.


I know that. Even after ingesting the [Skyfall Tear] I still thought of me when I was weak and useless. I felt quite depressed… But then the one I love heard my story and say nothing, while just patting my head.

I felt ticklish and reconforted me… It told me everything I needed.

“I do care about your looks, but it is not everything you have. If not, I would have felt ashamed that such a incredible girl fell for me.”

That’s what he said when I confirmed my toughts about his actions the same night.

-Then I woke up.

Everyone was who was there cared about me and didn’t only thought about my look’s but also me myslef, as well as the one I love.

I feel happy now.


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