Magical Tournament Volume Five Chapter Four: Traum (Dream) – Who.Am.I.?

Hello people! Alek Here! Must say, overly repeated words/phrases is a quirk of Isold toughts..Not a mistake if you think so.

Chapter Four: Traum (Dream) – Who.Am.I.?

Teil Ein.

“It seems everyone knew each other.” Said Crye while moving Engel to a more comfortable position.

Just after the light shone around them, the gods and Shirayuki passed out.

They are inside the [Test] of the [Elders].

Everyone got their apprentices and moved them to a big tree nearby; then the Kings sat down and started to idly chat among them until the test was finished.

“Destiny?” Added Ayla who woke up a while ago.

“Who knows… But, at the end- Who are they?” Asked Ferris.
“They have quite impressive abilities…” Said Hauser.

“Also I saw one of them fall from the sky…” Added Seirei.

“Really? Woah…” Exclaimed Crye while they then kept silence.

“Who you think may be the leader?” Asked then Retten.

For the [Five Virtuous Kings], the leader rotates in a random order. It all depends of the abilities the disciples have.

Right now, their leader is the lucky pervert Seirei [King Of Black Knights].

“I bet it’s mine. She’s a complete hero!” Said Ayla.

“Shut up you maso pervert! Mine is much better thay yours! He is intelligent, smart, has talent and is hardworking! Also has the face and stand of a leader!” Shouted Crye.

“Hehehe… You do think that but the best is my husband!” Blut Ferris.

(Husband? Again that?) Everyone retorted in their minds while their gazed moved towards Ferris.

“You all say that but the inmaculate beauty of my apprentice say she is a full-fledged leader!” Added Seirei.

“Well… Mine… Mine has health…” Added Hauser quite downcasted because Isold’s strong points were only stubborness and toughness.

“Eveyone says theirs is the best…. But there’s only one way to confirm it, right?” Added Retten.

“Yeah… The last one who wakes up is the leader.” Added Ayla.

Then the atmosphere wetn gloomy for some reason.

“I…. I wouldn’t want to pass by that again.” Mutteres Seirei as he then looked towards the sleeping apprentices.

Teil Zwei.

[Lene’s POV]

I am a single daughter.

Nothing more to say.

I have a nice life… But somehow I wasn’t able to make any friend. Well… There’s still my neighbor Sarah; but besides her, there’s no one I can call a friend.

There were aqcuitances, people I talked to once and the other guys and girls in the neighbor park… But no one was my friend.

They would always run away. They’d say I have scary eyes and an ugly face.

They even would shout “fatass! or stupid glasses!”

I’d cry all night because of that.

For whole two years I had to take classes from private tutors because I hated to go to school.

Mum would take care of me and tell me “Don’t listen to those twats! They don’t know how beautiful you are!”

I loved how she cheered me up, but deep in my heart I knew it was a big fat lie.

That year, I discovered it.

Anime. The most awesome thing I’ve ever watched.

My first one was Dragon Sphere. Then the spirit king, then demon wolf, then yug’s cards, then chlorine… then…

I became an addict.

Manga, Anime, Light Novels, Web Novels, Fictions, Fan-Art… I even learned Japanese in order to read faster my favorite works.

I hated copyright. My fav manga’s ban was a hell.

Then, I saw this one special anime; Seitenshi-Chan’s Revenge.

There was this girl who was utterly ugly and simple. No one would notice her and yankee girls would bully her.

I cried; she was just like me.

Then she went to the countryside, changed her name and went under a transformation.

She excersiced, had a great diet, learned to use make-up, studied a lot and learned how to talk to others.

She became perfect; then she went back to the city and took revenge unpon the girls who bullied her, as the most beautiful girl in the prefecture.

I cried… But of joy.

I knew what to do.

I knew that I had to become beautiful.

But… Wasn’t that something supeficial? I thought.

I was pretty intelligent even back then.

So, I thought that I shouldn’t do that. That I just should accept as I am.

And then destiny made it’s move.

When I was thinking what I should do… Mum came and knew I watched that anime and like reading my thoughts she said-

“If you want to become beautiful, go ahead! But do it for yourself; like that, it’s not superficial. Do it because you want to change and become someone better.” And gently smiled to me.

I only had 9 years… But even so I understood her words.

Like that I started to diet, study more, learned to make up and started to excercise.

After only a year, I became beautiful.

Then mum said-

“Enough with the outside, now go to the inside!”

And teached me how to cook, talk, I studied more, I learned gymnastics, piano, karate, aikido, learned to dance and also to sing.

Then after two years- I went back to school.

I was excited!

Not even Sara, my best friend recognized me!

The kids now ran away because they are so bashful and nervous that only to face me is enought to make them go away.

I even made teachers doubt their preferences.

It was perfect… But-

I still had no friends.

I was so dazzling and unapproachable that I then wasn’t able to make friends.


Why is it like that?

It wasn’t to the extent of crying or being overly depressed, but I was hurt.

I didn’t like that.

Even Sara would sometimes run away because I was just so popular and people would compare her to me… Of course whe would avoid me…

She then apologized afterwards… But in the moment, I felt really hurt.

Like that, time passed and I came to know about the [Tournament].

People would recieve [Magic and Skills] and fight for the great reward.

Team fights, solo fights, pair fights….

A whole new world I didn’t know about.

And the best was that people didn’t judge you because of your appereance but because of your ability.

I know that because there was this under the average guy who won the tournament.

It was awesome how people cheered on him even though he wan’t that handsome.

And so I thought-

I’d like to enter the [Tournament].

Sarah decied to tag along too.

She wanted to see me treying to make friends-she said.

I chucled at that and then we appeared in the tournament.

It was hard at the begining, but I was able to find partners. Then I became strong and then was able to know more people as strong as me.

They are all my friends… They are all my companions.

I even found love, even though at first he was just a [Comrade in Arms] because he liked Anime too.

I… I am happy.

I have friends, I have someone I love. I have strength… And people who walks the path of strength as I do.



They’d help me.


I’d help them to catch up.

That’s what friends are for.

-Suddenly I woke up.

Everyone was unconscious, so I waited there for them to wake up.

They are my friend after all.

[End Of Lene’s POV]

Teil Drei.

[Isold’s POV]

When was it?

That I was told to be usless.

“You can’t do anything!!”

My teachers would always shout that.

My mom and dad are intelligent.

They are genius.

They do genetics or something simmilar.

But they were not robots, as one would imagine.


That was overturned by them.

They loved, and love me. They gave, and gve everything to me…

But, even though I am supposed to be their daughter… I am not smart as them.

I can’t even express myself properly. I can think things to certain extent… But-

I am dumb.

So, that’s why I would always obey everything that was said to me without hesitation.

Because I was dumb, simple orders were the best. No explain, just do-was my motto.

My dad and mom would say-

“Genetics are still a mystery. A unknown world we just barely scratch!”

After saying that to cheer me up, they’d fire up and start working.

Then I came to know, that when people used to do these [Olympics], one part of my family antecesors would excel in everything.

And that I inherited their genes.

I am an [All Rounder].

Track and Field, Soccer, Basket, Baseball, Hockey, Bowling, Marathons, Triatlons, Cycling, Traditional Martial Arts, Mixed Martial Arts, Swimming, Sqash, Lacrosse, Tennis… Etc.

Every sport was my domain; even though I couldn’t even use a smartphone.

Like that, I made friends that would help me to go on, and I didn’t got depressed over my condition.

But even so I knew… That I was dumb.

I climbed grades with my strange memorization ability and the help of my friends…

But even so I was still dumb.

But even so……

Then, I heard that all that I did was nothing compared to something else- [The Torunament].

All the sports we practiced in school were for the sake of our health because they were not professionally practiced anymore.

The tournament was the big even of the whole year.

I couldn’t do anything… and what I could do wasn’t recognized… So-

What if I enter the tournament?

What if I become one of the best?

Like that… I can be recognized… Like that, even me who is dumb can do something in my own…

I won’t be useless.

I conveyed my feelings to my closest friends, and they cheered me up and tagged along.

Like that I… We entered the tournament.

WIth all my friends we made a party and started to do everything in order to become the best.

We passed hardships… We made mistakes and also made great success.

It was happiness.

But then-

I found myself in a predicament.

We were in a [Kerker], and to pass certain door we had to clear a puzzle.

It had to be one by one.

And then it happened.

There was a big monster in the other side of the door… But only one at the time could pass through it.

One after one my friend went inside to help each other.

We were a team. Even one less person was dangerous for us and our great teamwork.

And then I wasn’t able to do the puzzle. Because I was dumb.

I tried and tried and tried and tried and tried… But I couldn’t come up with the solution.

I was desperate… My friends were going to die. I was dumb, so I didn’t realize that we could just respawn in this tournament…

So, I despaired.

Then something fell from my pocket-

It was something like a jewel, but the friend who gave it to me said that the strange stone said “Eat” in the instructions.

So she gave it to me as a token.

Out of desperation-

I ate it.

I wished… I truly wished to be able to cross that door. I wanted to cross that door no matter what- And be able to do something to help my friends.

I needed to be strong to help.

Then something happened and went to a kindof world in my mind… Where I was able to learn a power to help my friends.

So, I learned, and helped them.

It was awesome… There was a power even a dumb like me could use.

And with it I was able to be recognized.

But then, I realized something.

I had friends… Friend that counted on me… Friends that took care of me… Parents that loved me and accepted me… People that thought I was cool… People that would say that even though I was simple, I was a good person. That because I was simple… I was easy to deal with and was a “nice girl”.

I have friends and family that accepts me as I am.

Even though I am dumb.

I am happy.



It don’t care, becaue I know that people still care about me, even with my dumbness. If they get fed up with me, I just have to work hard in order to make them accept me.


No. I need to go forward. I need to stand in my two feet. I need to walk and follow my path.

I need to grow.

I need to make my own decisions, work hard, think, and overcome my weaknesses.

That’s why even though I am dumb, I can grow, and think in my own.

-Then I woke up. Lene helped me to stand up and smiled to me.

She is my friend after all. She sometimes gets angry when I don’t understand things, but is gentle with me and helps me to think.

Evne though I’m dumb, she is my best friend. I’m happy to have her, as well as everyone else in my life.

[End Of Isold’s POV]

Teil Vier.

[Izaak’s POV]

I have a normal life.

I wake up.
Take a bath.
Change clothes.
Go to school.
Go to the club.
Go home.
Wake up.
Then rinse…

I have a normal life…

A normal life I was fed up with.

Why would that happen?

I was an average student. Not good nor bad. I was over the average in sports and also would also read comics like “The Last Elemental”.

Near my school there is an orphanage that I would often visit and take candies. It was a little escape of my rutine, but just a escape at the end. It didn’t change anything.

Strange enough, some little girls would come to my school to confess to me but that was not so usual.

I had normal friends with I would hang out. I sometimes would play games in my room or watch tv besides studying.

My parents loved, and loves me.

They are normal parents; My dad is the leader of the system engeneed department. Quite strict, but a good man who would “dad” and say bad jokes while laughing and watching tv with a beer on sundays.

Mum is a housewive. She would sometimes give advice to certain companies but besides that, she would take care of the house, clean, walk the dog, do yoga, make the meals and chit-chat with the neighborhood housewives.

Everything was normal…. But too normal.

There was no change in my life.

I was bored of all.

Then I came to know about [The Toutnament].

Special people with special abilities…

And out of the norm lives.

I wanted that.

I, honestly and from the bottom of my heart, wanted a life out of the norm.

So I decided to participate.

Then my normal days finished.



I am. I discarded my normal days because I was not satisfied with them. I should be ashamed because there are lots of people that would wish for a life like I had before, but even so I don’t repent my decision. I love my life.


What?! Hahahahahahaha!! Don’t joke around please, with my best friend and former love rival, Engel and the other [Gods Of War] as well as everyone around…. There’s no way one day I’ll be stuck there bored of my life!

-I woke up.

I felt sleepy.

Strange… I somehow feel glad to wake up.

Then there was Lene and Isold talking, and Krestin waking up.

I’m in an unknown world with my friends having an adventure….

This is not normal at all… And I like it.

I love my life.

Even though I have to give the retorts most of the time.

[End Of Izaak’s POV]

Teil Fünf.

[Shirayuki’s POV]

I never liked to be treated like a princess.

That’s why I liked to fight.

If I fight, I’m not a princess, but the opponent’s enemy.

I fought, and fought, and fought.

Then I became the strongest in my country.

And there’s where the trouble started.

I was so strong that people now looked me as the strongest, besides than a princess.

No one would fight me, and would treat me as an untouchable being.

I disliked it.

I am no untouchable thing. I am a person that feels, thinks and lives.

When I became the ruler of the place, it started to be unbearable.

I stopped to have thrill in my life.

I love to fight, but that was banned from me because I was the ruler, and am too precious to be just fighting there.

I was frustrating, but was my destiny.

There wasn’t someone stronger than me, and I was banned to fight… Everything was boring.

Then I heard about love stories from the serfhood.

One of them was going to marry in the next moon cycle.

I got curious and asked.

They told me stories of strong princes thar rescued princesses and then married and had a happy life.

They told me of guys being gentle and nice towards them.

Everyday I’d listen to their love stories, from the most unreal ones utill the real experiences they had.

It was entertaining… And wanted me to have it.

Someone to love.

After a while I felt a incredible man’s presence in the country and felt that I must meet that person.

I met him.

I fell in love with him.

I married him.

He’s cool, handsome, strong, intelligent, gentle and likes to fight.

There’s nothing I more I could ask for.

He’s not a [Dragon Race].

He has other women.

I’m not his number one…

But somehow I’m happy. Because even if I am not his number one, he looks at me.

He does not look me like a princess or the strongest… Just like a person… Like a girl.

And that’s enough for me.



I don’t know… But you never know, right?


There’s no way that would happen.

But if it does, I gotta work hard to make him see me.

Is it superficial? Is it dependant? Who cares! I know what I want and want what I want!

I won’t repent it! I will follow my desire! My objective!

There’s nothing I need to consider about this.

That’s how I live.

-I then wake up.

Next to me is the one I love. He’s quietly sleeping.

What a cute face.

I may not be his number one… But still I love him, and I know he does love me.

If I’m not strong enough he’ll protect me, but will help me to become strong too.

And look at me as the girl he loves.

I smile and then look around me. There are the others, idly talking.

There’s Engel’s number one… Lene.

He say’s his “waifu” is a girl named Yozora, but I haven’t seen her yet. Thus, for me his number one is still Lene.

Also there’s Krestin. At the begining she hated me to death, but after this month, we became friends.

We both love Engel so it was natural, because he loves us both.

There was also Isold who likes Engel but unable to express it properly, and Izaak who is the one correcting everyone and Engel’s best friend.

He doesn’t say it out loud though.

For them, I am me.

And I am happy that it’s like that.

[End of Shirayuki’s POV]

Teil Sechs.

[Engel’s POV]

Wha….. What is this…….

No…. NO…. NO!!





Just, who am I?

[End Of Engel’s POV]

Teil Seiben.

“Haha! I won! He’s the leader!” Exclaimed Crye in joy.

Everyone except Engel had woken up and waiting for him to regain consciousness.

“Well… I think it’s my turn.” Said Seirei as he approached the gods+Shirayuki.

“He won’t wake up just yet…” Shouted Seirei to them. Lene took stance but noticed the air around Seirei and calmed down.

“The [Elders] in this forest, from all the [Candidates], they chose a leader. They give you a [Test] and you need to surpass it, which you’ve already done. But the [Test] for the leader is different.” Explained Seirei to what everyone was paying attention to. Izaak did not even retorted to the fact that Engel was chosen as the leader, again.

“A leader is supposed to be strong, to command, to be trusted and shoulder everything. And that’s not wrong, but a leader is not made of just that.” He added.

“A leadfer needs to trust his companions, and shoulder together the problems when he alone is not enough. Everything in a team is supposed to be mutual. Give and take. Share everything. Joy and sadness. Wins and loses… That’s why-”

Said Seirei as he stopped a little moment. He probably recalled the time he made his [Test].

He slightly smiled.

“That’s why this time you need to help him. His [Test] is created for the sake of making him enter into despair, and for you to take him out of it.”

Voiced Seirei with a serious aura to what Lene, Krestin, Izaak, Isold and Shirayuki gluped.




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