Magical Tournament Special Transmission: Character Index [Nueve] – [First Half]

Hello people! Alek here! The Skill Slot is quite long so it will be posted later in a different update! Even so enjoy now the index!

Special Transmission: Character Index [Nueve]

If you want to have a look to the previous stats and full the full cast, then go to [Cinco]

Main Charachters:

Engel Falsch: (17 years old, Male): Called the [God Of War Metatron]adn Yozora’s husband (reciprocal). A full fledged [All Rounder] which speciality is [Speed] and [Technique], and also attained various fighting techniques. He mainly uses a shortsword and a dagger after his training in [Gargantúa]. He used to dualwield sabres before that. He is officially married to Seitenshi Shirayuki and become royalty in the [Asterisk World].

Status Window
Name: Engel Falsch Alignment: Triskelion
Level: 335/200 EX-Class: Tactical/Magical
Race: Veränderten Gender: Male
Balance Breakerx2 – Metatron – Heavenly Dragon Slayer – Emperor of Heaven and Earth – Ultimate Seraph – Archknight – Master of Devil and Divne – God Eater – Kerberos – Twilight Dragon – Master of the Longinus – Magic Maker – Hero Of The Possibility Control – King Of Assasins – White Emperor – God Of Light – The Best Master, Husband and Father – The One Who Makes Girls Fall Hard – Plot Chaser – Yozora’s Husband – Number One in Yozora’s Heart – Number One in Krestin’s Heart – Number One In Lene’s Heart – Plot Slayer – MILF Slayer – Sport’s Supreme Uselessness Level Over 90000
Health: 2,539,993/2,539,993
Mana: 2,933,998/2,933,998
Attack: 952,990 Agility: 1,789, 982
Intelligence: 75 Defense: 799,994
Hit Probability: 77,982 Luck: 5
Class: Assasin/Martial Artist Sub-Class: Phalanx/Caster/Prayer
Elemental Affinity

Lene Nachahmung (16 years old, Female): Called the [God Of War Empress Cleopatra]. Learned how to fight with the scyte in [Gargantúa], and also how to control better her magic. She was confessed to by Engel in the [Asterisk World] after she blurt her feelings for him, but rejected him saying she wanted to be the first one in his life.

Status Window
Name: Lene Nachahmung Alignment: Triskelion
Level: 290/240 EX-Class: Magical/Power
Race: Veränderten Gender: Female
Balance Breaker – Empress Cleopatra – Magic Maker – Slayer of the Undead – Prometheus – Continental Beauty – Untouchable Empress – Master of Gáe Bulg – Goddess Of Beauty – Heroine Of The Magic Eye – The Most Beautiful Woman In Various Worlds – Food Dumbass – The Girl Barely in the Plot Side – Flat as the Serengethi
Health: 1,190,080/1,190,080
Mana: 1,999,998/1,999,998
Attack: 122,992 Agility: 397,990
Intelligence: 80 Defense: 99,996
Hit Probability: 37,992 Luck: 7
Class: Magician/Assasin Sub-Class: Caster/Wizard/Prayer
Elemental Affinity

Krestin Spiegel (16 years old, Female): Named [God Of War Holy Blade Maiden]. Masteres completely the use of the spear as well of the dualwielding in [Gargantúa]. Madly in love with Engel and wants to have his children.

Status Window
Name: Krestin Spiegel Alignment: Triskelion
Level: 275/200 EX-Class: Power/Tactical
Race: Veränderten Gender: Female
Balance Breaker – Holy Blade Maiden -Thousands of Thousands Slayer – Prometheus – Supreme Heroine – Conqueror of The Underworld – Master of Zeus’ Lightning – Goddess Of The Sky – Heroine Of The Goodwill – Plot Master – The One Who Was in The Flat Side – Engel’s Girlfriend – The Winner of the Second Place
Health: 1,199,999/1,199,999
Mana: 999,999/999,999
Attack: 499,990 Agility: 499,990
Intelligence: 70 Defense: 499,990
Hit Probability: 47,992 Luck: 5
Class: Knight/Blademaster Sub-Class: Samurai/Phalanx/Prayer
Elemental Affinity

Izaak Ausgewogen (17 years, Male): Known as [God Of War Hephasteus]. Engel’s best friend (not said outloud). Got a wife in [Gargantúa] as well as training about various techniques of hunting and archery.

Status Window
Name: Izaak Ausgewogen Alignment: Triskelion
Level: 270/200 EX-Class: Power/Magical
Race: Veränderten Gender: Male
Balance Breaker – Hephasteus The Second – Mad Titan’s Slayer – The One Loved by Blacksmiths – Master of Areadbhair – Prometheus – God Of Weaponry – Hero Of The Dominion – Justice Idiot – The Guy Who Fears Reptiles – Loser in Love – Loli Slayer – A Nynpho’s Husband
Health: 1,099,994/1,099,994
Mana: 1,199,990/1,199,990
Attack: 99,990 Agility: 79,994
Intelligence: 50 Defense: 89,900
Hit Probability: 43,986 Luck: 7
Class: Knight/Magician Sub-Class: Blacksmith/Caster/Prayer
Elemental Affinity

Isold Ähnlich (16 years old, Female): Called [God Of War Valkyrie Rossweisse]. Muscle pervert that loves Engel’s muscles. Learned various fighting techniques in [Gargantúa]. Has a “secret” crush on Engel and constantly harasses. Also his relationship with Engel became better in [Gargantúa].

Status Window
Name: Isold Ähnlich Alignment: Triskelion
Level: 270/200 EX-Class: Power/Magical
Race: Veränderten Gender: Female
Balance Breaker – Valkyrie Rossweisse – The One Who Posseses The Aesir Blessing – Aesir’s Maiden – Prometheus – Full Metal Fist – Master of Gungnir – Goddess Of Strength – Heroine Of The Truth – Power Idiot – Hardhead Idiot Level Over 9000 – The Girl Who Can’t Divide – Sport’s Master
Health: 1,194,990/1,194,990
Mana: 984,992/984,992
Attack: 994,998 Agility: 59,998
Intelligence: 15 Defense: 999,998
Hit Probability: 51,998 Luck: 9
Class: Knight/Martial Artist Sub-Class: Phalanx/Lancer/Rougue Artist
Elemental Affinity

Lilya Lykanis (420 years old, Female): A former [Raubtier] and now a [Pixie] serving Engel as a maid.
Madly in love with engel and has an obsessive love for him. Gets overly jealous when other maids try to serve him or even approach him. In secret places, she likes to sniff Engel’s clothes and sometimes his bed.

Status Window
Name: Lilya Lykanis Alignment: Triskelion
Level: 200/200 EX-Class: Magical
Race: Pixie Gender: Female
Obsidian Pixie – Caring Mother – Engel’s Slave – The Last Schwarzenwolfën – Sniffing Maid – Yandere Maid
Health: 288,550/288,550
Mana: 275,000/275,000
Attack: 27,900 Agility: 27,900
Intelligence: 60 Defense: 26,900
Hit Probability: 21,500 Luck: 5
Class: Knight/Blademaster Sub-Class: Phalanx/Prayer
Elemental Affinity

Seitenshi Shirayuki (19 years old, Female): Engel’s Legal Wife and former [Princess] and [Ruler] of the [Sacred Dragon Clan Country]. She fell in love with Engel in the [Asterisk World] and now accompanies him in his travels. Was taught how to manage her magic by the [Magic King] in [Gargantúa].

Status Window
Name: Seitenshi Shirayuki Alignment: Triskelion
Level: 220/200 EX-Class: Power/Magical
Race: Drachen Gender: Female
Balance Breaker – White Snow Princess – Prime Claw – Beserk Dragon – Perception Master – Dragon Star – Fighting Maniac – Plot Supreme Master – Engel’s First Legal Wife – Engel’s Masochist Slave
Health: 578,500/578,500
Mana: 405,500/205,500
Attack: 77,900 Agility: 37,900
Intelligence: 60 Defense: 56,900
Hit Probability: 22,500 Luck: 5
Class: Martial Artist/Blademaster Sub-Class: Wizard/Prayer/Phalanx
Elemental Affinity

Side Characters:

-Kings Of Virtue:

Crye Ace – Queen Of Assassins
Hauser Frigg – King Of Fighters
Ferris Quinn – Queen Of Hunters
Ayla Hirom – King Of Heroes
Seirei Nait – Knig Of Black Knights
Retten Maazar – Magic King

– The [Elders]





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  1. kmx72 says:

    Nice to see stats again and Engel was more OP than I thought bluntly said is there anyone who can compete with him without him being restrained also just make Lene and Isold already with Engel aargh you know what I’m feeling right now is like seeing Working again just get them paired for f*cks sake ( don’t know if you know Working)

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      • kmx72 says:

        It’s a 4-koma manga that already ended that was comedy and is until I don’t know 160 chapters that there’s progress if you don’t get that it also has an anime which has 3 seasons the 3rd one is on this season which probably cover the last and bluntly said it is until the 3rd one that something happens its progress is like some slow-a** shoujo manga and it’s really frustrating though I’m on it for the laugh but you can’t just ignore it you know it’s the kind of anime that you want to see after having the feels or seeing something dark like Rampo Kitan and Gakkou Gurashi which cheers you up


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