Magical Tournament Volume Five Chapter Five: Morgen (Morning) – Everyday, a normal routine [First Part]

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Chapter Five: Morgen (Morning) – Everyday, a normal routine [First Part]

Teil Ein.



It was early in the morning. The morning light faintly shone in the room where the alarm sounded.

A black-haired girl was in the bed moaning because of the intense noise. Then-


Someone suddenly burst open the door.
“Wha-What?!” Shouted the black haired girl while suddenly waking up.

“Oh… Engel. I was having a nice dream you know!” Shouted the girl in complain.

“Who care. Just get up. Breakfast is already done. Serve youself, I have morning practice.”

Said the guy in the door, Engel.

He had black hair and black eyes, as well as the girl in the bed who slowly stood up.

“‘Kay’Kay” Replied the girl, Engel’s sister as he left.

“Be careful! Or the beast will eat you!” Shouted Engel’s sister from her room.

Recently, there hass been a “beast” devouring people in town, or so it says the newspaper that says ovnis had appeared last night, even thought the photo is clearlt a plane or a frezbee.

“Stop reading those things Sis’!!” Replied Engel as he opened the door of his place.

Then Engel left the apartment and went downstairs.

He lives in a three-stories bulding not so far from his school.
Because his parents couldn’t afford the fee of the school dorms. he had to comute everyday; as well as his older sister.

The guy unlocked the lock of his bike and rode it to his school.

This black haired guy is Engel Falsch, 17 years old and goes to freshman year in Camellia Academy.

Teil Zwei.

“Watcha-doing man?” Heard Engel behind him as he locked his bike. It was his best friend, Adrian Arclight. A black-haireed guy with green eyes under a pair of glasses.

“Nothing much. And you, ready for the practice?” Asked Engel.

It was monday; day of practice for the [Fencing Team]. They practiced everyday except sundays and tuesdays.

Adrian is part of it too. They both have fencing sabres in their backs.

“Of course! Who do you think I am?” Retorically asked Adrian as he then sprinted towards the gymnasium.

“Don’t know!” Replied Engel as he ran after him.

Then after a while-


Contenstan 1 touched Contestant 2’s sabre.

Then Con2 approached with a feint. Con1 didn’t get caught up and stood still.

Con2 approached again but with full intention to what Con1 parried the slash with a *Clish-Clish* sound.

Con2 retreated the attack. Regained posture and attacked again.

*Ping-Ping* *Clish-Clish*

Con1 guarded of Con1 attacks as if nothing.


Con2 attacked and retreated. Con1 only parried.

Because of their refined and calculated movements they hadn’t moved from the long rectangle marked with duct tape surrouding them.


Con1 touched Con2’s sabre to lure him in an attack. Con2 made a feint and abstained from attacking.

Then Con1 became serious and changed to attack.

He touched again Con2’s sabre as if to feint but then attacked.


Con1 blocked the sabre as Con2 retrated. Con1 attacked but was parried by Con2. con1 then retreated-

But also was a feint. He then placed his sabre in Con2’s head, ending the match.

This was Con2’s loss. Con1 had already earned two prior points.

“Stop! We’ll continue the day after tomorrow! Remember that this friday I have the monthly meeting so there’s no morning practice, nor in the afternoon!”

Shouted the team manager; a tall and dignifed teacher.

Then Contestant 1 and Contestant 2 took off their masks.

“Haa…. It was hard as ever to even try to beat you…” Said Contestant 2, Engel.

“Well, I’m not the ace for nothing! Even so, you’ve gotten better, Engel. At the beggining you could not even touch my sabre.”

Said Contestan 1, Adrian.

Then, they both went to the showers and later, to their class.

“Hehehe-Uhehe… Impressive as always, My Engel…. Uhehehe….”

A low voice said from behind of a pillar of the gymnasium. There was a black-haired girl with a long braid and purple eyes.

“Haa… You don’t get tired of this, Brook?” Asked then a a girl behind the one in the pillar, Brook.

This one was Engel’s sister.

“Shaddap. If I don’t get my Engel nourishment in the morning, I won’t be satisfied, Brunnhildr.” Replied Brook, to the other black haired girl.

“Let’s go to class…” Said Brunnhildr, Engel’s sister as they both left the gym.

Teil Drei.


“Hey, don’t bite sweets. They’re not gum.” Said the teacher who had just got inside the classroom as she heard Engel chewing some hard candy.

Engel sits in front of the class, as well as Adrian; but he is two seats away from Engel.

“Wy gawd Miss Katastrophe you today are as cunning as ever!” Shouted then Adrian.



“Keep silence, And call me Miss Schatten!” Said Miss Schatten, a teacher with a voluptuous body and black eyes, threw the marker towars Adrian, and it perfectly hit his forehead.

Adrian threw back the marker and the class started.

“Oh yeah… There are some new students coming to-*Knock-Knock*- Is that them?”

Just as Miss. Schatten as she stopped writing and opened the class’ door.

“Miss Schatten’s Class?” Asked then a precious, magificent girl’s voice from outside the door.

Engel wasn’t able to see who it was because of his teacher.

“Yeah, pass.”

Then after Miss. Schatten three people entered the class.

A slender girl with unparalleled beauty, silver-blue eyes and black hair in a evenly, bob cut; Next to her was a tall guy with slender and kinda-muscled body, long black hair for a guy and light brown eyes. At last, there was an atlethic girl with black hair in a ponytail. She had blunt bangs and traces of white in her hair.

“Take your seats and pay attention. That’s all.” Said Miss Schatten as she resumed her task.

“Hello, I’m Lene. Nice to meet you.” Said then the overly-beautiful girl while smiling and taking the seat next to Engel.

“H-Hi. I’m Engel” He replied and then both payes attention to class.

(Wait… Wasn’t someone else sitting beside me just a moment ago?… Nope, I must be imagining things…)

Thought Engel as the class progressed.

Teil Vier.

“Hey, Engel, can you tour me to the cafeteria?”

Asked Lene to Engel.

“I-I can… But didn’t you had a tour before?” He questioned.

“Nope. I was transfered to here so sudden that I didn’t have time to even have a tour.” Replied Lene as they both walked in the hall.

“Hey, don’t let us behind!” Shouted then Adrian, who had some company.

(The other new ones?) Tilted Engel his head and gazed towards Adrian.

He guessed Engel’s thoughts and then spoke.

“I invited them to the cafeteria.” Said Adrian nonchantally.

“I-I see. Well, the more the merrier they say.” Voiced Engel as they all went to the cafeteria.

“Izaak. Nice to meet you.”


Said the other new students as everyone was sit in a table for eight.

“You bunch knew each other from before?” Asked Engel while drinking his tea.

“Yeah. We went to the same school before.” Replied Lene who was in front of Engel.

“Also, why a table for eight?” Asked Adrian.

“There are other new guys in the other class and they’ll be coming so-Oh there they are!”

Said Izaak as he then gazed to the entrance.

Engel followed Izaak’s gaze and then he got stunned-

There he saw two beauties walking towards them.

One with light-blue hair and the other with white hair. Both of them with cunning bodies like Miss. Schatten’s.

“Here you are.” Said the light-blue haired girl.

Engel had his mouth wide open-

Because he had fallen in love.

“Heey! Dudeee… *Poke!*”


Voiced then Engel while gettign out of the trance. Adrian who was calling out to him flicked his forehead.

“I know they are big, but please don’t stare like that…” Mutered Adrian.

“I-I already-*SQWEEEEK*-Eh?”

Just as Engel replied Adrian’s statement, a strange shound came from his side. It was Lene.

And in her hand, a bent fork.

“Le-Lene?” Voiced Engel.

“Is something wrong?” Replied Lene while smiling, but Engel knew, that her eyes were not laughing at all.

“No-Nothing…” Added Engel as he drank from his tea again.

The white and light-blue haired girls just chuckled while embarassed.

Then the other two girls presented themselves.

The white haired girl was Shirayuki and the other is Krestin. The attend the other class in freshman year; namely, Brunnhildr and Brook’s class.

They finished to eat after Lene went to bring a new fork.

After the lunch, everything went smoothly until he arrived to his locker.

“Lene and… Krestin?”

He asked to the two girls at his right and left.

They were in the neighboring lockers.

(Wait…. Arent those Adrian and Sis’ lockers?) Thought Engel quite concerned.

“Ehh…. Are those your new lockers?” Asked Engel while minding his surroudings.

“Yes. They belonged to no one so we took them. What a coincidence, right?” Said Krestin while smiling to him.

(No one’s?….. That’s weird… I am sure they were Adrian and Sis’ lockers… Who know then…) Said Engel to himself as he agreeded to believe what the new girls said.

“You know, I heard from Adrian that you do fencing.” Said Lene to start a conversation.

“Ye-Yeah. I’m going to practice right now.” Replied Engel.

“Mind if we go to see you?” Added Krestin.

“Nope. Come and cheer on me!” He said half-joking.

“Alright! We’re gonna cheer for Engel with all we got!” Said Krestin in high spirits.

“True. We’ll thoroughly watch how you fight…” Said Lene with a bewitching smile and gaze.

Engel’s heart gave a *Thump* because of Lene and he felt quite embarassed because of Krestin’s energy.

He didn’t thought they would go with him after all.

Now in the practice;

Engel and Adrian were in front of each other with the full protection and their sabres.

“”Woooo! Engel Go Go Go!”” Shouted Krestin and Shirayuki.

Lene and Isold only had something like a small flag she was moving with some enthusiasm.

Izaak was jst there watching.

Engel’s cheeks reddened and then he prepared himself for battle.


After a series of attacks and various feints, Adrian got a point.

“Goo! You can win!”

Shouted Then Lene.

Through feints and attacks, Adrian again won another point.

Engel then clenched his theet.

(Again… I’m losing again… But… What is this feeling of challenge?! I’ve never felt something like this… I was never bothered by the fact that Adrian always wins… Why now of all times?!)

Thought Engel as he gripped strongly his sabre.

There was a strange fire in his heart.

“Goo Engel”

“You can!”


Shouted the girls who cheered on him.

He didn’t want to lose… And strangely enough, he didn’t want to lose in front of those girls.

Then they both went en’garde.

Adrian moved elegantly to finish everything in one stroke.

But something was off.

Somehow- Engel was able to see everything in slow motion.

There was also some kind of shadow going before Adrian and he moved as if following it. Then while looking at Adrian’s posture and movement Engel could guess what kind of move he was going to do and how he was going to complete it.

Then while Adrian moved in slow-mo, he dodged Adrian’s stroke and-


He assested a point in Adrian’s mask.

Tiel Fünf.

“At the end… I lost.” Said Engel as he rode his bike towards his home. It was quite dark, as everyday he went out of practice.

He felt happy because he assested easily a point against the ace of the team, which was the national champion in fencing, but then that strange state of trance didn’t happen again and he got beaten up as always.

“Even like that, it was still a good day…” Added Engel as he faintly smiled.



Suddenly from ahead a explosion occurred and Engel was sent flying with his bike getting destroyed.


Then a enormous black beast gave a thunderous howl that resounded in the whole area.

(The-The Monster?!!)

Thought Engel, as he recalled what his sister told him in the morning.


Then out of nowhere someone appeared and beheaded the beast with a scythe and stopped the howl.

“Wha??!!” Shouted Engel while seeing that escene.

“Are you okay?” Asked the person, a girl with a white mask gave her hand to the fallen Engel.

They were in a kind of alley.

“Yeah… I’m ok-MOVE!!”


As Engel warned the girl, she was then pierced by a black horn while being tackled by another black beast.

(A-Another one?!) Voiced Engel in his mind.

“WAABGHHASSDFD E-ENGEL!!!!” Shouted then the girl that was being constantly slammed in a wall.

“Eh?!” Reacted Engel.

“T-That sword! K-Kill it!!!”

Shouted the mysterious girl. Then he saw a shortsword near his feet.

He understood. He got what she meant…..

To save her, he had to kill the beast with the sword.

It looked like a rhino, but smaller.

Engel, with trembling hands took the sword and with it in his hands, he hesitated to even walk.

“Qu-Quick!!! HEEELP!!” Shouted the girl who was being again and again, slammed in a wall.

Then, the strange flame in him ignited again, like when he was facing Adrian.

“Ah-Ah-AAAHAHHHHHHHHHH!!” He shouted as he clumsily run towards the black rhino.


Then with all the strength he had, Engel jumped and landed above the rhino and then pierced it’s head.

As if it was magic, the beast dissapeared and the girl fell.

Her wounds amazingly were quickly healing, and then the white mask fell in pieces.


Shouted Engel to the unconscious girl that had suddenly saved him, who was Lene, the new girl in his class.

(Wha-What the hell is going on in here?!) Shouted Engel again in his mind.

Teil Sechs.

“Do we really have to do this?” Voiced Izaak while looking to the unconscius Engel.

Lene, Krestin, Shirayuki and Isold were there too, looking at him.

They were in the forest of the [Elders] in [Gargantúa].

“Yes. We have to. We have to save Engel from himself… We have to cure Engel’s weak mind while being inside it.”

Declared Lene as the strange light shone again and took their consciousness and placed them inside Engel’s.


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  1. kmx72 says:

    Curing is it… Well at least he’ll get sleep and wonder how you’re going to make it also lol with Lene and what happened with him is it his ideal life or just a school life world where he himself referring to monster will try to kill him and they help him is it that concept even if it is wonder how you doing it and thanks for chapter and I wonder why is it still named Magical Tournament after it ended a long time ago or is it that type of titles that are planned like for the first volume and they stay with it

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    • Well, you’ll soon see what happens. Things are bigger than they look like.

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      But stilll Why the name is bleach? I don’t know why….


      • kmx72 says:

        There are various theories but the one that Kubo gave as an answer was about how in bleach the shinigami cleanse souls just like bleach and the gag was something about usual bleach doesn’t have anything todo with story and an image of Ikkaku was it the bald guy saying you idiot it means that it cleanses souls something like that I saw it long ago so I don’t remember well

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