Magical Tournament Volume Five Chapter Eight: Mitternacht (Midnight) – Everyday, a normal routine [Final Part]

Chapter Eight: Mitternacht (Midnight) – Everyday, a normal routine [FInal Part]

Teil Ein.

“E-Engel….” Said Lene as she went towards him.

“Are you okay?” She asked.

“……… Don’t know….” Repied Engel as she gave him her hand so he could stand up.

“J-Just now…. Lots of memories I didn’t know I had came to me…” He added as he stood up.

“Sorry… I didn’t want you to know about it like this.” Said Lene.

Engel’s head now was stuffed with lots of memories about him and Lene, Izaak and co. Also about his sister and Brookelle.

They were in a suposed [Institute] where they were experimented on.

Also about how it was being destroyed by cerain people and then he became free  but with his memories altered due to an accident while trying to escape.

Everything was a mess in his head.

“Why?! Why you told him about this?! Are you messing with us?!” Asked then Krestin to [The Scientist] with anger.

“Why? I just wanted to see his face full of despair like in the old timeeeees!!!! Aahhahaha!!” Laughed [The Scientist]

Everyone in the scene clenched their fists because those words.

“It’s a shame but I’ll have to kill you right here, right now you know…. So, TASTE THIS!!” Shouted [The Scientist] as he snapped his fingers.

Then again lots of [Asterisk] were created and attacked Engel and co.

This time they were bigger and had the body of an ape, the head of a lion and the tail of a scorpion.

Just as one of these [Asterisk] was going to attack them-

“Damn, I can’t stant this guy anymoreeeee!!!” Shouted a familiar voice.


Then as simple as cutting a pie, the [Asterisk] was cut in a half.

And it looks that in the same instant this person sliced in two the three [Asterisk] attacking Krestin, Isold and Izaak who had come down from the roof a while ago.


Voiced the five, because everything happened in a second.

All of them were in a state similar to when Engel won a point over Adrian, so it was posible to see things move slower, but even like that this person moved at such speed they weren’t able to notice.

Then in front of everyone, a person clad in black, with a hooded black robe stood with a great presence.

This person had a scythe and moved it playfully.

“You guys really don’t know how much I want to kill this cunt right now, but I think that should be your task.”

Sad the person, as she took off her hood.

Then they were able to recognize the voice, and face.

It was something unbelievable.

“”””Le-Lene??!!”””” Shouted Engel, Izaak, Isold and Krestin.

“Me?” Voiced Lene, who was next to Engel.

Exactly, the one who had killed the three [Asterisk] in a blink, was none other than Lene… [The Goddess Of War – Empress Cleopatra]

Teil Zwei.

After Lene and co. got out of that memory, they didn’t say anything.

It was a shock after all. They realized that they were genetically modified humans. Then, Lene, as if to confirm somethin, checked her own status.


In the race section, instead of [Personen], or [Human Race], there was [Modified Human Race]; [Veränderten].

She knew about it because Engel had an aquitance, a girl with pink hair named Ileana who is a modified human.

Then she checked with [Appraisal] the others status and besides the [Drachen], Shirayuki, everyone else was [Veränderten].

Suddenly, they felt an acute pain in theri heads.

It seems that the [Elders] had recopilated all the information from their memories, and Engel’s, then put them together as to make one film of everything and gave it all to Lene and co. directly to their minds.

In resume it was like this:

Alan Deere, the creator of [The Tournament] gave the  okay to a project involving Ms. Cole who possesed the infamous gen of [Genesis de Alexandría]; the people who lives 120 years in average and posses purple iris.

The test involved the [Dragon Blood], a token Ms. Cole obtained in [Bereich]. It was given to her by [Mikhail].

Actually, they didn’t found a use to it so they gave it as a present.

Mr. Deere found value in it and researched it. Things went to other things and it ended in Ms. Cole injecting the [Dragon Blood].

They found the experiment being a success, so then the scientist team decided to look for more subjects.

Then suddenly two aqucitances of Mr. Archer- Mr and Ms Ähnlich had an accident while Ms. Âhnlich was pregnant.

Then Mr. Archer, the leader of the scientific team, proposed the idea of giving the [Dragon Blood] to their dying baby.

They accepted.

After witnessing the great success, he decided to use more test subjects of the same age. He looked in his circle of aqcuitances and then  choosed 6 more test subject.

The normal family of the Ausgewogen; the incredibly-outstanding family of the Spiegel; the strong family of the Falsch and the weak family of the Nachahmung.

All of them had children of the same age, and the perfect variety for the experiments.

Also he had the sample of another classified project of physical reinforcment.

At the end, Mr. Deere  discovered that the subjects weren’t 20 years old, as Mr. Archer said, and were at most two months.

It was the work of Ms. Cole and the Ähnlich pair, and the fooled parents.

Right now, Mr. Archer is enjoying a life-long vacations in a research lab in the Antartida.

He freed the children and the case was closed.

Of course there were more events involved, but all this was the only thing stored in their memories of when they were in the water tanks for the tests.

After receiving the information, they felt stunned but also releived.

It seems that their parents were not monsters.

Except Mr. Falsch, everyone was safe.

And after accepting the reality, and moving forward on their own, they decided to analyze why Engel was so damaged by this.

After thinking and thinking about it… Krestin got to a conclusion.

“Hey… You… When I say Engel, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?” Said Krestin.

“Husband.” Quickly replies Shirayuki.

“Well… That’s quite correct… But everyone except you must answer.”

Added Krestin. Shirayuki then pouted.

Then, Lene talked.

“…. Superhuman…”

“Inhuman….” Said Izaak.

“……………………. Monster.” Replied Isold, to what everyone understood what Krestin meant.

“The first thing I think of him is “powerful”…. Powerful as in monster… And feel ashamed…

Because after he got out of that [Kerker], day after day his power has being rising to an unbelievable speed. His intelligence, smartness, strength, willpower and everything has been pilling up to an extent that he has become the most powerful of all us.

He has become so strong that easy and has surpassed our level long ago that he, as everyone else, thinks he is a monster. Something not belonging to this realm.

He thinks he’s not human anymore and like that…..”

“He isn’t able to be with us anymore.”

Replied Lene to Krestin’s explanation.

Of course they know that just Engel being that doesn’t matter, but still if he believes it, it’s a serious matter.

Engel is smart enough for his head to be filled in a train of thougths with the most long situations of how he would be rejected by everyone if he becomes different.

He was bullied in the past because of that, so now if it were to happen again, done by the friends and lovers he had strong feelings for, it would be catastrophic for him.

“This…. This is seriously bad…” Said Izaak who was still shocked by everything they had discovered up to now.

“So… What we gonna do now?” Asked Lene.

She honestly had no clue of what to do.

“Well…. We must look for him and get our feelings reach him.” Said Krestin as she stood up. Al this time they were sit in the stone path.

“I see… What he may need ow are the Naturo homo catchphrases….” Said Lene as she stood up too.

Everyone stood up and steeled their resolution. They were going to make Engel understand that he was not a monster.

Teil Drei.

After a while, the [Elders] showed them a path towards Engel’s mind core.

In fron of it was a gigantic piece of ice where inside was Lilya.

She was sleeping inside Engel due to the lack of Mana. Randolph was the same inside Lene since the fight against the [Yotse].

Behind the ice, there was a cave entrance and they got inside.

There, was Engel’s core.

It seems he was sleeping or something.

And as they all gave a step inside-


A strange sound was heard and Engel opened his eyes.

The yellow and green eyes were staring at them lifelessly.

“ENGEL!!” Shouted Krestin.

“GO AWAY!!!” Shouted Engel.

“NO!  WE CAME HERE TO TALK!” Shouted Lene.

Then they went further inside and-


A Shockwave sent them flying far away.

“GO AWAY!!!”

“NO!” Shouted Lene as she activated her [Arcana] and ran towards him with the time stopped. Krestin activated it to and ran full speed towards him. Izaak created chains that were shot towards Engel and held him tight, as well as for him to keep himself inside the cave.

Isold used her arcana to decelerate herself and go against the constant shockwaves.

They kept advancing until they arrived where he was. Then they noticed the state Engel was.

He had black boned wings in his back, wold ears and tail with dirty hair and scales in all shi body. Also his hair was falling and he had shark-like theet.

And it seems he had nailed himself to the cave’s wall.

“Engel…” Voiced Krestin as she looked at him.

” GO AWAY GO AWAY!!!!” He shouted once again.

“WHY?! WHY DO YOU WANT THAT?!!” Shouted Krestin.


“SHUT UP!!!” Shouted then Izaak.

Engel stopped shouting but the shockwaves kept going.



Engel said nothing and kept crying and shooting shockwaves. Shirayuki was nout outside the cave because she couldn’t handle the shockwaves.

Then Isold finally arrived where Engel was and-

She hugged him.

“We don’t care who you are outside, but who you are inside…. You are Engel Flacsh, the one we like and love…” She muttered to his ear.

Listening to all this, he felt all his worries washing away.

He wasn’t dumb, so he understood the words they shared with him were not fake, nor for convenice…. Then with his pure strenght he unnailed himself, broke Izaak’s chains and hugged Isold.

Then all his quirks dissapeared and a bright ligth shone to everyone.

Teil Vier.

Engel then woke up.

He was in the Elder’s forest.

Around him, there were his companions. The companions that accepted him as the “monster” he was. They didn’t denied his or their nature, so they all were monsters that got along very well.

Thus, Engel covered his face with his forearm and started to cry while lying in the floor.

His companions around him warmly smiled and let him discharge everything.

After that, Engel stood up totally recovered and was recognized as the leader of the [Kings Of Virtue]. Also they had a pseudo-emotive farewell and he activated [Sunburst].

He invoked the [Triskelion] and left [Gargantúa].

With a little souvenir for Izaak, his new “wife”, Ferris Quinn.

Then, they being in the [Astral Canyon], he looked for the nearest world between them and the [Anchor].

Then he teleported everyone again.

This time the bg was fixed and-

Nothing bad happened.

They arrived to a modern city at night, to what Ferris and Shirayuki were completely amused.

And Lene noticed something strange.

Just below them, there was a strange criature fighting with a girl.

And as she activated her [Angelic Eyes] and looked below them with a [Zoom], she got surprised, and decided to call out to everyone.

“Hey-Hey. People… I’ve got something to tell you…” Voiced Lene.

“What is it?” Asked Engel.

“Look, down there…” She said and pointed to the ground.

“Mmmhhmmm…. I see…It’s Lene fighting an [Asterisk]… Yeap Yeap…. Wait… The fuck??? But you are here?!” Voiced Engel.

Then the others also looked down and-

“””””THE FUCK?!”””””

They shouted in dumbfoundness. They didn’t get what was going on.

“It seems…. We are in a parallel world to ours… This one… Has a copy of me, and probably one of everyone else…”

Replied Lene to their surprise while their mouths were wide open.


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