Magical Tournament Tenth Intermission: Lien (Bond) – [Holy Blade Maiden]’s retaliation.

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Tenth Intermission: Lien (Bond) – [Holy Blade Maiden]’s retaliation.


This is the day before the [Gods Of War] disappeared. It’s the day all the parents visited their children in [Camellia Academy].

The day before, Krestin received a call saying that her family was going to visit her. She hadn’t seen her family since the day she was transported to [Bereich].

Because regadless of your location you’d be teleported, [Schwan Enterprises] sent messages to the ones in charge of the minor.

Krestin was in the library when she suddenly was transported.

So, she reappeared there when [The Secretive First Part] ended.

Like that, she ran away from her house.

Now, she was in the entrance of the academy, waiting for them.That time, somehow in her heart, she wanted to impress them. Make them regret the words they said to her all those years.

Then a luxurious limousine appeared in the gates.

She recognized the coat of arms in the door.

A blue wolf with yellow eyes in a bicolored white and skyblue background.

The coat of arms from the [Freiherr Karl Spiegel] from Austria.

So, technically, Krestin was from the aristocracy. A noble.


Reclutantly, Krestin sit in the sofa inside of her room inside the [Black Swan Tower].

His father, mother and brother were there too.

All of them had remained silent since the begining. Not even a word was uttered.

His father had green eyes and light blonde hair. His brother had green eyes and blue hair but in a darker color.

“So, where’s he?” Asked Ms. Spiegel. She was drinking tea that a maid had servced not too long ago.

At the same time, her brother Chris, stood up and suveyed the room.

“Who you might be talking about, mother?” Replied Krestin in a formal way and neutral tone.

“Of course I mean your boyfriend, Engel Falsch.” Said Ms. Spiegel.

“Oh… Him. He’s bosy with his family right now.” Answered Krestin.

“I see. It’s unfortunate then. I wanted to meet him again…” Voiced Ms. Spiegel. The again was only audible by her.

(How wierd… She has never said something like that… Usually, she would be saying unslighty things about him… Why?) Thought Krestin.

That remained a mistery until a later future.

Then, her brother talked.

He was taring at a crystal-clear spear head in a shelve.

“Hmm… Then I guess we better leave.” Said Chris in a irrespectful tone.

“If the number one is not here, then we have no bussiness with the number two. I was quite surprised to see you changed this much, but at the en you are no worth to be a [Spiegel].

I also thought that if you at least became the woman of someone with power and status, at least you could be 0.0001% being worth of our name…. But it was a foolish tought.

If he’s not here, it means that he doesn’t care about you, and if he doesn’t care about you, it means you have already been discarded.

Now, you hold no value.”

Said Chris with a nasty smile. He was holding in his hands the delicate spear head.

It seems he still thought of her as an inferior being to him.

Krestin was feeling her heart pierced… By rage.

This rage was oppressing her heart and she was clenching her fist so hard that blood started to flow.

But even like that, she was still showing a poker face.

Her family is an elite, and as elite, they learn and master many skills. One of them was observation.

So Chris noticed Krestin’s fist and he was delighted with her reaction.

Her father and mother didn’t say anything, because in some way they also thought the same.



Chris intentionally let go of the spear head and it fell.

He hoped that it would break.

He noticed that the spear head had carved in it something.

It was a message from Engel. That spear head was a present from him when she obtained the second place.

It was a dear object for her.

“To Krestin: It was an awesome fight. By all means I want to fight you again at full strenght. Keep working hard, getting stronger and moving forward, because that’s the path one must take in life. -Engel Falsch”

It had such words. Those words reminded her of always to see ahead and never back down.

And now that object was going to be crushed in the floor.

In the blink of an eye, the crystal reached the floor and-


Nothing happened.

Even Krestin was surprised by it.



Someone knocked the door and then it opened.

(Who is it? There are only thee keys! The one I have hidden, mine and-)

While thinking that, the person entred the room.

It was Engel.

(The other one is in the reception….)

As she finished her toughts, Engel gently smiled.


Engel, as an [Assassin] has hightened senses. Smell, touch, sight, taste, perception and hearing.

That’s why, even if Krestin and her family was inside a soundproof room, Engel was able to listen to them.

He listened everything Chris said.

And honestly… He wanted to kill him. He wanted to rip him apart and then keep him alive while afterwards he choked him with his own innards. He wanted to take out all the skin and flesh from his limbs and then let him in the hot asphalt.

But he restrained himself.

Being violent would only tarnish more Krestin’s reputation. Also strenght was not the right method to deal with someone like Chris.

He needed to humilliate him.

So, he teleported back, asked the recepcionist for the key and went back.

He knocked and opened the door and gently smiled towards Krestin who was in the same direction. He obviouly had already predicted her position.

“Good day, Freiherr Spiegel and his honorable wife. Good day to you too, Eldest son of the Spiegel Household. This humble Engel Falsch came to greet you.” Said Engel while slightly bowing and placing his hand in his chest.

Chris felt irritated by his manners.

Then Engel moved towards Krestin after he closed the door closed itself.

“Hi Honey.” Said Engel as he then kissed Krestin in the cheek. She intensely blushed, not minding her surroundings and the previous atmosphere either.

(Follow it…) Muttered Engel in her ear while applying [Heal] in her palm as he caressed it.

“Please, I beg your pardon for not being able to bring any presents for the ocassion. I am truly ashamed.” Said Engel.

Just before, he was with his mom, but suddenly he felt a hunch that he had to visit Krestin immediately.

He left Ms. Falsch after he told her he needed to do something important. She agreeded and he went towards Krestin’s room in the [Black Swan Tower].

He was right on the spot.

“Good. It seems you have excelent manners.” Said Ms. Spiegel.

“At least…” Snorted Chris.

“But I believe your objective is another one than to greet us, right?” Said Ms. Spiegel. She knew that he had some other objective because if not, he would have been ther since the beginning.

“What a wonderful insight, Ms. Spiegel. Yes, I have a hidden objective. Truth is, I was mustering courage to see you; and that’s because I have something important to tell you.” Voiced Engel.

“Go ahead.” Said Ms. Spiegel.

Engel directed his talk towards Ms. Spiegel because even if Mr. Spiegel was a [Freiherr], the Spiegel Household is managed by the original bearer of the surname, who is Ms. Spiegel.

“Ms. Spiegel…. Let me marry Krestin.” Declared Engel with strong resolution.

“”””EH?! WHAT?!””””

Voiced the four members of the Spiegel Household with overlapping voices.


“You… You plan to marry Krestin?!”

The one who shouted was Chris.

“Yes. As the provisional winner of [The Tournament] as well as someone who has connections with the [Wirklich], the [Archer], the [Cole], the [Reed], the [Weiss], the [Olivier] and the [Light], it will be very benefical for you.” Said Engel.

“So, it’s a political marriage?” Asked Ms. Spiegel.

“No way.” Engel then plainly denied it.

“I truly love your daughter from the bottom of my heart. I wan to have her as my wife and live together forever. But, was you who has a big position in the business world and many other world maters, I was just listing the benefits for you. Otherwise, you wouldn’t even conside the offert.” He added.

“I see…” Muttered Ms. Spiegel as she started to consder it.

Krestin was blushing and in her own world since a while, as well as Mr. Spiegel who had long ago fainted.

“Alright. I accept your proposal.” Said Ms. Spiegel.

“Would you agree to throw away the [Falsch] name and become a [Spiegel]?” Asked then Ms. Spiegel.

“I would be honored, but unfortunately I am deeply attached to my origin as [Falsch]. Whether you can convince me if we can become the [Falsch-Spiegel] or [Spiegel-Falsch], it’s op to further negotiation.”

Replied Engel.

“I see. We have plenty of time for that… Alright. For now that is put in hold. What matters now is that my daughter is my daugther’s wedding. We need to fix the date and all the preparations. I believe that in three years is okay?” Said Ms. Spiegel.

“Of course. I can’t wait any more thant that.” Smiled Engel.

Like that, everything was settled.

“That said, I’ll be taking my leave. Krestin, want to come with me?” He asked.

“Ye-Yeah.” Replied Krestin.

“I’ll be in your class after a while, I still have to wait for your father to wake up. I’ll be also having you, Mr. Flasch, in the line of my sigth all day.” Added Ms. Spiegel as they both walked towards the door.

Then, just before leaving, Engel went towards the shocked Chris. He still couldn’t believe the events unfolding in front of him.

Engel picked up the memento and-

“If you ever say anything like what you said earlier to Krestin, or badmouth her, or even try to think in a way to harm her either physical or psychological…. I’ll slowly butcher yout legs and then make a roast beef from your left leg and make you eat it. Then I’ll use the other as minced meat and feed all the pets in your house with it. Do you understand?”

Muttered Engel to Chris as he placed the spear head where it belonged.

“I’ll be in your care, Brother-In-Law.” Gently smiled Engel as Chris fell in his knees an peed himself.

Luckily, Engel didn’t use any pressure, or he would have died from the shock.

“If you excuse us, Mother-In-Law.” Said Engel as he slightly bowed and left the room with Krestin.


“So… How will Yozora take this?” Asked then Krestin. They were in the elevator, heading to the lobby.

“Even if it’s just to pretend, and to save me from that totally uncomfortable moment, she may get angry.” She added.

“Eh? What are you saying?” Replied Engel with a stupid voice.

“I wasn’t pretending anything, I want to marry you for real.” He said.

“Wha-What?!” Voiced Krestin because she knew the way Engel replied to her denoted he wasn’t lying.

“Yes. Truth is, I wanted to do it sooner but the talk with Yozora and the other girls was quite hard you know. I told them that because we were boyfriend and girlfriend to the public eye, I had to marry you, besides that I really want to do it.” Explianed Engel.

Krestin was just there with her mouth agape.

“What? Didn’t you tought I was lying?!!” Shouted Engel quite dejected and surprised.

“Bu-But you said “Follow it”… I-I thought you just wanted to pretend so you’ll take me out of there.” Said Krestin.

Then Engel pouted.

“Hmph! That was for you to keep calm! I said “Follow it” so you would “follow” my pace!” Exclaimed Engel.

He was still pouting.

“So-Sorry!” Said Krestin as she then embraced Engel.

Then the elvator arrived to the lobby.

“If you’re so sorry about it, then compensate it with being the best wife ever.”

Voiced Engel with a bright smile as he got our of the elevator.


Only hours later, and after tons gazes of pity and hard laughs, Chris would notice that Engel had attached a paper in his back saying: “I love being the submissive! Whip me hard please!! <3” with an arrow pointing to his ass.


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