Magical Tournament Volume Five Chapter Nine: Morgendämmerung (Dawn) – Everyday, a not so normal routine [First Half]

Hello people! Alek here!

Last chapter (Ch.8) I had to summarize things at the end (I had little time) So now I’ll go back a little in time. :3 Enjoy the chapter.

Chapter Nine: Morgendämmerung (Dawn) – Everyday, a not so normal routine [First Half]

Teil Ein.

This was after Engel finished crying in the forest of the [Elders].

Engel and co. were praised by their mental strenght and were oficially named the [Kings Of Virtue].

In that very moment, Engel felt bad for them, and explained their circumstances.

“So, you are saying you are from other world and came here by accident while going back?!” Asked Seirei.

That was because he was quite interested in such story. The other kings were in doubt about the words of their succesors.
“That’s quite right and not right. We were going back home and this was a stop in the road. Then our means of transportation was stopped and we fell here.” Exlpained Engel.

“Then we saw the gigantic tree and decided it to be the meeting point.” Added Lene.

“I see… so, you will have to leave…” Voiced Seirei.

“By all means” Replied Engel.

“Right, right…. Also, is it okay for your companion to be like that?” Asked Seirei. Then Engel and co. looked back and saw Izaak being tied up like a hunted boar by Ferris.

“Yeah. He’ll be okay. Also, Shirayuki, you can stop holding onto me.” Said Engel as he used some steel wires to remove Shirayuki as if she were a puppet.

Since they came back to their senses, she had been hugging him and refused to let him go.

He felt sad that he had to part ways with the biggest bulges he had ever enjoyed in his life, but now was not the moment to be playing.

He also used the wires to free Izaak.

“I really don’t get much of what you said, but at the end, you’re leaving, right?” Asked Crye.

“Yeah.” Replied Engel.

“Haaa…. What a bad luck. You were just too perfect…” Said Crye.

“Well, if there’s nothing I can do to stop you, take this with you.” She added as she gave the leather googles to Engel.

“They’re from the first King of Assassins. The kings are supposed to give a different memento each time, but they also gave this.” She said.

Those glasses can read the job, spirit and skills of the enemy. That’s why Crye was able to know Engel was an assasin and Isold a martial artist.

“Is it really okay for me to have this?” Asked Engel.

“Of course. I’ll just givce them something else.” She said, then the other kings went and gavce them something too.

Hauser gave Isold some bandage gloves. It’s said that the first king of fighters used it in his hands and they are stronger than the hardest steel.

Seirei gave Lene a leather belt. The first king of black knights used it as a lucky charm. At the end, it seems it can negate basic spells casted around the user. She wore it in her left tight.

Ayla gave Krestin a sword seath with it’s sword. It was old and rusted, but it seems it had [Antimagic] properties as Lene’s leather belt.

Retten was not a king of virtue, but a loyal partner of one as his predecesors. He gave a special rod that had stange carvings in the tips. It seems it can extend and also the tips become just like a spear but with magic power.

And it seems Ferris gave Izaak a pair of leather gloves that could make anything resembling an arrow, shootable.

The secret behind it was that the thing placed as an arrow, would take that form beause it would be molded with magic.

Those were the treasures of the [Kings Of Virtue]. They didn0t function pefectly so Lene, Engel and Izaak made them become like new. to gurad the feeling of it being a memento, the left the worn-off appearance they had when given to them; except the sword given to Krestin. The sheath was okay, but the sword was totally restored for it to work properly.

“Then… Let destiny make us meet again.”

Said Seirei as Engel and co. said it was time to go.

“Take care , Ferris.” Said Hauser.

It seems Ferris didn’t want to let go of her prey, so she decided to tag along.

“Well then…. Goodbye.” Said Engel as he activated his [Sunburst].

Then as he felt his original power again, he teleported back the airship [Triskelion] above the forest and teleported everyone to it.

Already there, they teleported again and ended up in the parallel world where you can use [Magia].

Teil Zwei.

After arriving, noticing the parallel version of Lene fighting and then modyfing the airship to make it invisible, they all went to sleep. It was night after all.

But before that, they held a meeting.

And it seems that this world was unexpectedly filled with magic, so Lilya came back. Unfortunately, Randolph weas still recovering.

In said meeting, they discussed theri respective trainings and the time they passed with ther kings of virtue, as well as how Shirayuki now could speak English.

After the talk, these are the points that were clarified that night.

-Upon arriving to [Gargantúa], their bodies were modified so they could survive there, granting them the [Blessing Of The Heavens]. They now had [Jobs], [Sub-Jobs], [Spirit Points] and the [Skill Slot]. Also the inhability of Shirayuki to talk english was fixed, being considered as a inability to comunicate. a weakness.

-They al received respective training and their strenght grew again because the hardships and limitatons they had without the convenience of [Magic].

-Engel had to explain his status as [Balance Breakerx2] and Shirayuki’s [Balance Breaker]. It seems that in the [Asterisk World] Engel received two marks in his weeding. The mark in his chest – a circle with two diagonal cuts – as a mark of being Shirayuki’s husband. It seems that the stamp created the shape due to the person’s nature. Also he received the mark a royalty received in their birth – A circle with a dot in the middle – It represented their comunity and also the stamp had strange properties to make someone strong; that is, grant the [Balance Breaker] state to someone.

That’s how Engel received his second [Break] and Shirayuki obtained hers.

-Engel and Lene talked about the [Mars Glyph] they had in their backs, as well as granting them to Lilya, Izaak, Krestin, Isold and Shirayuki. Ferris was not in the meeting of course. She tagged along but was not part of the group yet.

-They planned, simulated and created various strategies and plans for every predictable and unpredictable situation, as well as to create a schedule to practice with partners they had little experience. For example; Engel and Izaak, or Lene and Shirayuki.

-To conclude, they decided to only act serious if the situation asked for it. They had a great amount of power and trerrific ways of use it, so to avoid destroying everything around them, or to scare people away, they decided to hold back.

They created plans to practice and hold down their strength, as well as how to hide their presence. This time, Shirayuki would be a great help.

Then Engel and co. talked about their equipment, Izaak being the lead instead of Engel. They all noticed they owned powerful and highly destructive weaponry and equipment, so they had to use downgrades versions.

Above average but several levels under their best weaponry and equipment.

That was all they talked about in the meeting, then went to sleep. They decided to put on hold the matter of the [Parallel Lene].

Then, Engel tried to sleep without the ribbon from Lene, but still it was hard.

His trauma wouldn’t go awa from a day to another. It’s true that this time he felt quite uncomfortable to sleep, but he sleeped nevertheless. In the past, he wouldn’t be able to.

So, when they all woke up, Lene showed them sketches of their new equipment. Izaak then with the help of Krestin, Lene and Engel created them.

Ferris, Shirayuki and Isold enjoyed the spectacle.

They took half a day, because their experience, skills and because they needed to make the best over the averagae and not too powerful goods.

Then they tested them.

Also to be a little more protected, just in case, they conserved their accessories.

Lene had a long, black robe with a hood, a black light steel breastplate with a little of [Black Orihalcum], [Black Steel] claws, black jean hotpants and she wore the leather belt given by Seirei in her tight with a small pouch. She wore bandage-like stockings and leather slippers with metal sole coated in special rubber to avoid making any sound. Also under the breastplate she wore a loose tanktop. Lene also wore bandage-like long gloves.

Her weapons were throwing knives, two daggers and two shortswords.

Isold wore a light steel breatplate, a jersey-like gray robe without hood and metal knee and elbow protectors. She wore spats and light but resistant boots, with the sole simmilar to Lene’s. Also she wore the bandage-like gloves given by Hauser. Under the breastplate she wore sportswear.

Her weapons were gauntles and a dagger.

Izaak wore boots similar to Isold’s, the gloves given to him by Ferris, a chainmail under his shirt. He wore a sweater-like garnement and jeans. Healso had knee protectors.

His weapons were a calibred bow and a dagger.

Krestin wore knee and elbow protectors, spats, a steel breatplate and boots. She used the sword given to her by Ayla and wore fingerless gloves. She used a leather jacket too.

Shirayuki used a white, long robe and a chainmail under the sweater similar to Izaak. Also she wore light shoes and knee protectors. She wore jean hotpants and had her legs bare.

Her weapons were gauntlets and the rod gaven to her by Retten.

At last, Engel wore a medium lenght, black robe with one sleev rolled and the other not. He had long gloves made of sportsweat fabric, as well as leather gloves. He wore a sweater like cloth and had a very loose turtle neck. Also he has knee and elbow protectors, as well as a black, light breatplate. He had a thin chainmail under his clothes and wore pants with several pockets. he had a pouch in his back. He wore the googles Crye gave him and also had had boots like the ones Isold and Izaak has.

His weapons were a dagger, a shortsword, steel wires, throwing knives and claws.

Of course, even if they said something like “more than average goods”, all they had was top notch; not even above average was near of it.

They noticed it, and laughed at their own efforts. They actually decided to keep them but sparred for a while to make them look kinda worn out.

Also, Engel and Lene tought of giving names to them just like his best equipment had named like [Modified Cursed-Heavenly Dragon Series] or [Dark Phoenix King Series].

Then it resulted like this:

High Angel Series – Engel
Ash Phoenix Series – Lene
Predator Seres – Izaak
Technique Series – Isold
Blue Hero Series – Krestin
White Dragon Series – Shirayuki

All their equipment was at least [Legend] level.

Teil Drei.

When they finished all that, three days after practicing and planning, they noticed somehting. the [Parallel Lene] was fighting again under them, this time there was someone else with her. It was a [Parallel Engel].

Everyone bacame interested this time about it and decided to track them, to see what they’d do. Engel was utterly embarassed about the fact that he was watching himself. Lene too, but the other were quite excited about it.

Then they discovered Krestin, Izaak, Isold and even Shirayuki was there.

Also Lilya, Yozora and others. Even Ms. Cole was the Academy’s principal.

And the more they watched, the more they analyzed the situation.

Then they tought-

“These are us, they held a different life, still know each other whether for good or bad…. Is it destiny?”

That was the strongest thought they held.

Engel thought also if a quiet and normal life like the [Parallel Engel] had there was okay for him too.

There was the [Asterisk] threat, but at the end, he still had a peaceful life.

He asked himself if that was the thing he always longed for.

Friends, normal classes, interesting events…. A fun everyday life.

And, he noticed it.

Why was he longing for something he already had?

He had friends, lovers, interesting events and even normal classes back then in [Camellia Academy].

“There’s nothing I am unsitified with now…. I am happy.”

He muttered, to what everyone except Ferris listened, and slightly smiled while remaining silent.

Teil Vier.

After the flashtoughts of Engel, they noticed that the [Asterisk] were attacking people and came in swarms.

They had stayed in that world because they needed a rest and was quite interesting, but then theydecided to slightly help their [Parallels].

They only made flash appearances to save people and then Lene went to the source of the very [Asterisk], there she found documents about the [Magia] and the [Asterisk]. She shared the intel with Engel who told everyone else.

Like that, they learned to use [Magia] too. They didn’t took to much time because of their familiarity with magic and spirit based skills.

Then Lene was found by [Parallel Shirayuki] who got surprised and almost fainted.

Just before leaving, Lene learned about the one pulling the strings in the place; he [The Scientist].

She felt rage about him, because even in this world he was trash.

Even if he was a [Parallel], she wanted to kill him in a horrible way.

And then, they to the spot [The Scientist] was. Meanwhile, Engel and co. moved the [Triskelion] which was invisible to any means of detection, move towards the [Academy].

Lene killed the big [Asterisk] with her [Magia Scythe].

After she shouted to [The Scientist], the others also jumped from the airship and landed in front of their [Parallels] who were dumbfounded about all this.

Ferris stayed in the airship sleeping because one of Engel’s spell.

Then he looked towards [The Scientist]. Lately, he still had quite the dificulty to sleep, so now he wanted to clash head on his trauma.

But before that, he then walked towards his [Parallel].

He made a glance towards Lene and she started to slaughter the [Asterisk] that [The Scientist] summoned to attack everyone.

[The Scientist] was quite confused too about everything, but his understanding of the unknown made him keep the calm and send the [Asterisk].

Engel stood in front of his [Parallel] and started to talk.

“You…. Do you know who I am?” He asked.

“You…. You are… Me?” Replied the [Parallel Engel].

“Correct! Then, tell me… Is something wrong? I listened to all he said and thought you were quite in trouble.” Said Engel.

“I-I…. I don’t know who I am anymore…. I am an experimnent, but then I’ve been living in a nice and peaceful place, different to the ones who lived the same as me, but instead they went towards a battlefield…. Yet… Yet they treat me as their best friend even thought I forgot them and then lives somewhere far away…. I-I have memories of them helping me and now… They still do so after I betrayed them like that….. I am no more than a monster…”

Spat out the [Parallel Engel]. He didn’t even know if all of this was a dream or why he was even saying everything in his mind to someone very alike to him. Everything was a mess in his head. He wanted help to deal with everything he felt right now.

“Well… Ehm… I can’t help you. Why? Because that’s not my task. I only helped you to realize and voice all of your concerns…. Then, only you yourself know what to do and how to deal with your problems.

Now, think by yourself, and walk.”

Said Engel as he then went out of the [Parallel]’s way.

Next to him, was the [Parallel Lene]. He shouted everything in his mind and had forgotten about her.

She heard everything. She didn’t know what to feel, so-


She embraced the [Parallel Engel].

She embraced him strongly, as if to not let him go, and said-

“I forgive you. We all forgive you. Moreover, the fact that until now you had a peaceful life and had fun with family and friend, made us so happy as if it were us the ones living it. Of course there were moments of frustration where we tought that it was totally unfair or that we wished for you to suffer or exchange lives…

Then we matured, and understood that it was the best that way.

After, we came to know you again and had fun with you, as well as being able to taste the fun life you led… We loved it, but moreover, we loves it because you were there.

There’s no meaning if you are not by my side. Everyone thinks so too… But at least, me, after this time together can’t picture the future without you…

So… That’s why… We all forgive you…”

Said the [Parallel Lene] to what the [Parallel Engel] returned the embrace and silently cried.

While watching them, Lene and Engel slightly smiled, hoping that with those words, everything would move forward.


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