Magical Tournament Volume Five Chapter Ten: Tag (Day) – Everyday, a not so normal routine [Second Half]

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Chapter Ten: Tag (Day) – Everyday, a not so normal routine [Second Half]

Teil Ein.

“So… What do I do now?” Asked himself Engel as he looked towards [The Scientist]. He had given advice to his parallel and all, but, he himself still didn’t know what to do to face his trauma.

That’s why he slowly, started to walk towards [The Scientist].

Walking slowly because of his trauma, he approached his objective, and thus-

[The Scientist] felt despair.


He didn’t know what was going on. He was harassing and making feel despair to his former test subjects, when suddenly someone very alike one of them appeared.
This person destroyed the [Asterisk] in hte blink of an eye and coinued doing so with the slightest effort.

Then more of this look-alike people arrived. all of them gave a terrifying aura and [The Scientist] knew that it would be impossible for him to even stand a chance against any of them.

After overtaking all the place in less than one second, one of them waled towards him with a terrific aura.

Because of his understanding of the unknown he was still able to send [Asterisk] and to attack, but that was all.

When the white-haired guy walked towards him, he felt death near him.

[The Scientist] would not even breathe, much less scream.

Engel then arrived in front of his objective.

He lifed him from the ground by the neck and thew him to a side.

Just doing that had already broke some ribs of [The Scientist].

Engel again approached him but this time at a terrifying speed for [The Scientist].

Then he lifted [The Scientist] again and-

Released him.

(I know I can’t compare this [Parallel] to the original… But in essence they’re the same… So…)

“If this all you amount to, then I can be at ease from now on.” Declared Engel after he resolved his toughts, and went away.

“Lene, Izaak, Shirayuki, Krestin, Isold; let’s go.” Said Engel as the [Asterisk] vanished.


In the precise moment they were going to teleport, someone called out to them.

It was the [Parallels] of Lene and Engel.

They all looked back to those two.

“I don’t know what it going here, who are you or why you are here… Even so, Thank you.” Said [Parallel Lene]

“Don’t mind it. Just keep going forward!” Said Lene as she waved his hand and Engel teleported everyone back.

Teil Zwei.

After the strange people left, Lene called to the leader of the branch organizatin they worked for. She called the Principal Ms. Cole to take care of the cleaning and everything.

Izaak and Isold knocked out the scared scientist and they threw him into jail.

They received lots of intel from him about his labs and the people who had bougth his [Asterisk Technology].

They still had a lot to do from today onwards.

“How do you feel?” Asked Lene to Engel while leaing in the varanda of Lene’s apartment the same day of [The Scientist]s attack.

“I’m okay… Still, regaining my memories, catching [The Scientist], being able to use [Magia]… It’s hard to diggest.” Said Engel.

“Don’t forget about our [Döppelgangers]. Those guys were really cool.” Said Lene.

Truth enought, Engel and co. let a good impression to their [Parallels].

“Also, why don’t you try it? dye your hair white.” She added.

“You serious? Not in a thousand years.” Replied Engel.

“Now that I think about it, how were you able to heal so fast? And how were you able to get the locker next to me and the seat next to me?” Asked Engel.

“Oh, that. Well, after the program ended, Me and Shirayuki were still experimented on by other company. She developed the ability to modify memories to a small extent, and I am able to regenerate my body. So, with Shirayuki’s ability we were able to fool you teacher, classmates and even Adrian and your sister. By the way, the others don’t have this extra power, not you either.”

Explained Lene.

“I see… It must have been hard for you two.” Said Engel a little downcast.

“So-Soo…. Going back with the white hair… wh wouldn’t you dye it?” Asked Lene to sweep away the bad atmosphre that was being formed.

“That… I… I don’t feel like someone who diserves to look alike him… I’m not strong enough.” Said Engel while clenching his fist.

(I see…) Thought Lene as she then took Engel’s hand.

“Don’t worry… For me, you’re strong enough.” She said with a big smile.

“Still, that doesn’t mean you’ll stop advancing.” She added while she let go of Engel’s hand.

“We have a lot of work to do, so you must keep growing!” Exclaimed Lene as she went inside the house.

Engel slightly smiled and went after her.

Teil Drei.

“Well then, I’ve prepared something for you.” Said Engel while giving a small pyramidal stone to each one of his companions. Ferris included.

“What is this?” Asked Izaak.

“Is a [Teleport Stone]. It had [Circuit Magic] inside with my [Arcana] on it. It can work either with [Mana] or [Spirit Energy].” Explained Engel.

“So this is in case we get lost?” Asked Lene.

“Yeah. If what happened in [Gargantúa] were to repeat, you can used this to teleport towards mine or any other stone designated. Because they are my very first product thy work one-way only and are one-time use. It wouldn’t matter if you are in other world, you can teleport if you have enough [Mana] or [Spirit].” Added Engel.

“I see. It sure is convenient…” Said Krestin while saving her [Teleport Stone] in her item box.

“Well then, let’s go.”

Said Engel as they teleported again to the [Astral Canyon].

“Again… Impressive as always…” Said Krestin as the airship floated in the [Astral Canyon].


Then shouted Engel as he looked a his tablet.

“What happened?!” Asked Izaak.

“Well… We… I…. I can teleport to our world right now!!! We can go back [Earth] right now!! We are in an optimal position!!!” Shouted Engel full of excitement.



“Can we really go back?!”

“You sure?!”

Jumped out the gods really happy too.

“Okay! I’ll tr-……………………………………..”

Suddenly, Engel’s face paled. He let go of the tablet and fell on his knees. He looked like he had seen the physical aterialization of despair.

[Are you okay Master?]

Asked Lilya. She had been inside Engel since he jumped off the airship a while ago.

(What do I do? What do I do? What do I do? What do I do? What do I do? What do I do?…….)

That was the only thing he was able to think in that moment.

“Engel? What happened!? The time is running out NOW!!” Said Lene as she got near the kneeled Engel.

“What do I…………”

Then his face brightened up and he materialized various [Transfer Stones].

“[Damonsauge Activate]!! [Coordinate Change] – [Coloration Change] – [First Moon Activate] – [Printing Time Magic] – [Corrdinate Change Finished] – [Coloration Change Finished] – [Printing Finished]…… Everyone!”

Then shouted Engel after he modified the [Transfer Stones]. He had taken out the especialized claws and re-writen many stones.

The [One Minute] had already passed.

“What’s going on?!” Shouted Krestin.

Then Engel placed 6 stoned in her hand. They had various colors.

“Take this… You too, and you and you…” He said as he also gave 6 stoned to everyone. Only he had 7 stones.

“I have no time to explain!! Use the stones in the order [Blue]-[Yellow]-[Green]-[Purple]-[Orange] and at last, the one I gave you before!! Use the [White] stone to understand what I am doing now!!”

Said Engel as fast as he could.

“Then see you!!!”

He added as he teleported everyone on-board towards unknown destinies. They didn’t even had time to voide their complains.

[Was that alright, Master?] Asked then Lilya.

“That was the only thing I could do…” Replied Engel with a serious yet worried face as he himself and [Triskelion] dissapeared from [Astral Canyon].

Teil Vier.



“Ugh… Whe-Where am I?”

Asked Izaak to himself.

He was falling from the sky and suddenly fell on something.

“?!! Where are the others?! Krestin! Lene! Engel!! Isold! Shira-”



Then Ferris fell to from the sky.

“Ferris!” Shouted Izaak as he ran towards her.

She was unconscious. The resistance to damage is pretty different between them.

“That motherf…” Cursed Izaak to Engel as he then recalled what he said

“The [White Stone]…. Here it is.”

Said Izaak as he took it out of his [Item Box].

“What does her say here…” Voiced Izaak as he started to read the info presented to him as an hologram.

And as he finished….

“…. This… Haa….. Well, I’ll just have to give my best to make this work…” He said with a trong voice that covered his uneasiness.

He took out a potion to make Ferris recover from her fall when-

“You! Kid! What are you doing to that girl!!!” Shouted a man from afar with a megaphone. Above him there was also red and blue lights. Most likely, he was inside a patrol and he was a cop.

Izaak till this moment wasn’t able to look the place he was because of an intense fog.

“Wait…. How did he saw me inside the fog?” Asked himself Izaak as the sun started to rise and the fog cleared.


“What were you doing there?”

Shouted Izaak as the man asked him a question.

“What… In the world are you?” Asked then Izaak.

“A cop? Moreover! Answer kid! What were you doing to that girl there in the top of this building?”

Asked the cop again.

But Izaak couldn’t reply because he was dumbdounded looking at the cop with an enormous exoeskeleton in front of him.


“This is serious matter… Why didn’t he tell me there? Throwing me here…” Asked Lene to herself after reading the information in the [White Stone].

“Hey girl, what do you have there?” Asked a red haired, boyish looking girl to Lene.

“Nothing… Well, do we continue?” Said Lene as she stood up from the wall she was leaning.

“Alright, we have to do all that is in our power to get out of here!” Shouted the boyish girl.

“Yeah… The [Prison Labirynth] sounds like a good challenge.”

Voiced Lene with a mischevious voice as she walked besides the boyish girl.


“Did you understood, Isold?” Asked Krestin after repeating what Engel said by the eleventh time.

“Yes.” Replied Isold.

“Alright…. So, how do we get out of here?” Asked Krestins to herself.

She and Isold were inside a big forest where the trees were 10m thick and at least 100m tall.

As they started to walk, suddenly someone tried to attack them from behind.

Isold quickly reacted and stopped the attack from the one behind them.

“Wha?!” Then this person landed and put up his guard.

“To stop the punch of this one…. Who are you people, and what’s your purpose in this plac-EH?!”

Then the man who had attacked Isold and Krestin opened his eyes in surprise.

“You…. Your ears…” Voiced the man trembling.


“Our ears?” Asked Krestin while Isold tilted her head.

“Whay…. WHY ARE YOUR EARS THAT OF AN HUMAN?!” Shouted the man with all his strenght.

As they both tilted their heads to the strange statement, the man with bear ears and tail trembled while looking at them.

Teil Fünf.

“Shirayuki… Shirayuki… Are you awake?”

Asked Engel to Shirayuki who was unconscious in a bed.

“Wha… Oh, Engel…” She said as she stood up.

“Oh my, did she woke up?”

Asked suddenly a elderly woman with sister-like clothes.

“Yeah… Thank you for picking us up Sister Ashdown.” Said Engel with a slight smile.

“Where are we?” Asked Shirayuki.

“Well… Sister, can you let us talk in private a while?” Asked Engel.

“Alright. I won’t be intruding you in a while.”

Replied the elderly sister as she got out of the room and closed the opened door.

“What happened in the airship? Where are the others?” Asked Shirayuki.

“That… It’s complicated. I teleported all us to different worlds.” Said Engel.

“Why? Weren’t we going to your world?” Questioned Shirayuki.

“Well… That is because… We can’t get in right now.” Said Engel with a downcasted expression. Then, he continued explaining.

“When I was analyzing the area, as well as pinpointing the accurate position, I found something. There was a presence just outside my world.

Actually, we call all those stars-like things [Worlds] but most exactly, they are [Gates]. Are [Space-Time] or [Space] distortions that allows us to pass from a world to another.

Then, that presence…. That incredible big an ominous presence was blocking the entry to my world.

I couln’t look at it, but still felt the dreadfulness of that thing, whatever it is.

For the first time in a while… I felt useless. As I, and as we are now, there’s no way we can stand agains that thing I felt.” Explained Engel with a somewhat painful expression.

“What?! You, a incredibly strong person, tought you were going to surely loose? Also, if that thig was there, wouldn’t be better to wait for it to move?!” Voiced Shirayuki quite surprised.

“No… I felt it. It was a presence that was bound there… It won’t move unless we move it.” Said Engel with a serious expression.

“Wha-…. Is that the truth?” Asked Shirayuki.

“Yeah. I sent everyone to different worlds and attain new techniques as we did ni [Gargantúa], as well as to train for themselves.” Replied Engel.

“At let them specific instructions of various situations. “What if there’s nothing useful?” “What if we can’t even train there?” “What if it is an uncivilized world?”…. I could somehow detect life and different sensations of “power” coming from those gates.

At least there are people in those worlds, as well as techniques compatible to them. I could feel that aura from the doors was quite simmilar to the others…” Said Engel.

“So, how much time do we have to stay separated?” Asked Shirayuki.

“Well…. Everything always depends… But… As an avrage, I told them to stay at least 5 years in those worlds.”

Said Engel while looking directly to Shirayuki’s eyes.

Then, she finally noticed-

That they were in such a serious matter that it would take them years to at least consider to do something about it.


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