Magical Tournament Volume Five Epilogue: Zeitplan (Schedule) – He, She, She, She and I

Teil Ein.

“RUUUUUN BITCH RUUUUUUN!!!!!” Shouted Alexa running full speed.

“I AM DOING THAAAAAAAT!!!!” Shouted then Lene.

They were running in a narrow hall being chased by a gigantic stone.

“THERE! JUMP!!!” Shouted Lene as she then jumped to a passage at her right.

Alexa jumped too and were saved from being crushed like bugs.

“Haa…. Haa…. Does the guy who created this loved Indiana?! How many times does this trap has appeared??!!!” Shouted Lene while trying to recover her breath.
“Haaa… You know… Sometimes I don’t get whatcha talking about…” Replied Alexa.

Alexa is a short, red-haired boyish girl with a red tracksuit and black eyes. She has something like sportswear under the tracksuit and, though less than Isold, has some muscles.

“Still…. How much does the map says we have left?” Asked Alexa.

“Like…. an hour or so if we do good… Really… It’s been a long time….” Muttered Lene at the end. Still, Alexa heard her mutters.

He clothes were tattered and looked old… Her hair had grown quite a lot, but still her face is as beautiful as ever.

She had spent 8 years inside the [Prison Labirynth].

“True… When I met you I was 10, now look at me… Even though you haven’t changed at all.” Said Alexa.

“Yeah… Al- Wait a fucking minute….” Then Lene stood up as fast as a lightning.

“What happened?!” Asked Alexa.

“Where… Where the hell is Lyza?” Asked then Lene.

“Sa-?!!! TRUE!! Where the hell is that little girl?!” Added Alexa.

They had completely forgot about their only one companion… A 9 year old little girl named Lyza.

They were running as fast as the could and forgot about her.

Then Alexa moved to the place where they came from and-

“There she is!!”

Shoted Lene

“Ah? Ohh… That’s why it felt heavy as hell..” Said Alexa while scartching her head.

Lyza was trembling while holding onto Alexa’s jersey.

She was muttering something about how frightening are the Indina-like traps.

Lyza has long almond hair and blue eyes.

Alexa and Lene found her 4 years ago.

“Well then, do we continue?” Asked Lene while watching around her for anything supicious.

“Yeah… It’s just one hour left… After 8 years… I can’t wait!” Said Alexa while following after Lene.

“Right… It’s time for us to be the first conquerors of the [Labirynth Prison]!!”

Shouted Lene in high spirits as she started to run again.

Eight years ago, Engel had teleported her to a world where she could obtain methods to strenghten herself and the others.

She obtained what she looked for and trained herself in order to master it too.

When she finished, she decided to clear the labirynth in said world in order to become strong.

Right now she was in the ending line.

There were no bosses, nor secret chambers, only the exit.

8 years of hardships, loneliness, distrust, killing and quick thinking… Right now she was in her way out of everything.

This place was designed to mantain prisoners inside and reward the one who got out, but then the system outside the prison became wicked and also innocent people would be sent to the [Labirynth Prison].

No one ever had been able to get out, until this day.

Lyza had become sleepy and Alexa was piggybacking her while Lene lead the way.

After a long, complicated and confusing path, they were finally able to reach the way out.

They reached a room with a rusted, enormous door.

Lene stepped forwards and opened it.

As it made a cranking sound, the sunlight shone through the gaps and the light filled the room.

Outside was the sea. The odor of salt and also a old helicopter with a warehouse next to it.

It seems it had decades there.

As Alexa saw the light, she started to cry while falling in her knees.

Lyza woke up, and was bewildered by the sunlight. That’s because it was something she had never seen in her life.

After 10 or so minutes, when Alexa calmed down, Lene talked to her and Lyza.

“Sa-Say… What are you going to do now?” She asked.

“…… True. I don’t know what to do. I have no place to go back, as well as Lyza, who lost her mom way before we found her… You did said you had a big objective, right?” Said Alexa.

“Yeah. I am going back home, still, it’s a long way there…. So, I-I was thinking that… If you would consider coming with me?” Asked Lene while feeling a little embarassed.

“What? Really?! We can?! WOAH!!! Yeah!” Shouted Alexa. Lyza also voiced a little “yeah”.

“I’m glad you accepted…. Then… put your hand in my soulder.” Said Lene. Alexa put her hand with a question mark above her head and-


She shouted as the three of them vanished in thin air.

Teil Zwei.

“And with this, I am sure the future constructions of the [Space Elevator – World Tree] will not fail.”

Voiced Izaak as he finished his presentation.

*Clap, Clap, Clap*

He was surrounded by applauses and praises.

“As expected of the great genius!”

“I whish he were here 30 years ago… If it was him, the [Sonic Disruptor] wouldn’t have crashed like that…”

“Don’t say gloomy things! Rejoice! With him here, we can reach other worlds like going to the neighbouring country!!”

“Genius like Mr. Ausgewogen only comes up in 10,000 years!!”

“I wish we could come closer! Given the case, I’d give him my daughter!!”

“The great genius known as the [Unlimited Sage] gives the answer for [Space Travel]…. I like this article already!”

And like that, Izaak left the stage.

“As always you show that sad expression when getting praised.” Voiced a little girl.

She has long blonde hair in a straight cut, round glasses and green eyes. She was no more than 10 years old.

“Haa…. As sharp as always Char…” Voiced Izaak who changed his smile for a dejected expression.

“Ever since I know you, you look sad… Why?” Asked then Char.

“Want to know?” Said Izaak as he sat in a high-quality sofa.

They both were inside a waiting room.

Char nodded at his question.

“Haa… Okay. You know…. I am regarded as genius and as a miracle… But I am nothing like that. YOu know that well, I only work for my intuition and talent, but that’s all. You are far more intelligent than me.” Voiced Izaak.

“I know that really well… Then?” Asked Char.

“Well… Even like that, I like being praised, but somehow… It feels empty.” Added Izaak.

“Empty? Why? How is that even possible?” Asked Char.

“You not knowing it proves you are still a kid… Well, I’ll tell you…”

Replies Izaak to which Char pouted.

“Because I’m alone.” He said.

“Alone?” Said Char.

“Yes. You know, besides Ferris, I used to have other companions and we all stood at the peak, but it didn’t feel so empty as now. Then I thought why was that, then realized what really made me happy was being with them at the peak.” Explained Izaak while faintly smiling.

“Companions?” Asked Char.

“Yes.. Well, it’s not like I won’t see them again, I will meet with them once I finish my purpose here.” he said while he showed a broad smile.

“Meet them? Why can’t you do it now?” Questioned Char.

“Because one of them entrusted me with an important mission. An- ? Ferris?”

Just when he was going to tell about his mission, but only the faint idea, Ferris called to him by phone.

“WE DID IT!!! IZAAK!!! WE DID IIIIIITTT!!!!! FINALLY!! WE COULD CREATE IITTT!!!!” Shouted Ferris with great excitement.

She was the supervisor of the most important project Izaak had ongoing since 5 years ago, more than half the time he had appeared in this world by Engel’s orders.

“WHA?! Really? Did you created the [Aeternum]?!” Shouted Izaak with a bewildered expression.

[Aeternum] was a theoric alloy that was as strong [Alexandrite] and light as a [Federlicht]. It was easy to mold and was enti-magnetic, cold resistant, heat resistant and of course, stainless. It had much more uses, but it was known as that kind of metal, which he finally created. This was his third metalurgic “miracle” after the [Numerium] and the [Despel].

Izaak’s self-purpose was to obtain all the knowledge of metalurgy in this world, and by creating the [Aueternum], he reache the pinnacle of it.

“Ferris!! You have the formula? The samples?!! How much?!!”

“Yes! I have the successful formula and we tried it 10 time already without fail! Also we have 20 tons already!”

She said while happily grinning.


The same as Lene, he had stayed 8 years in that world, os he was pretty eager to leave.

“Alright!!!” Shouted Ferris and the call was over.

“Finally, I can go back!” He said while weirdly dancing.

Char was completely dumbfounded about his attitude, so she talked to him.

“Izaak, what’s going on? A-Are you leaving?” She asked.

“What? Yeah! I’ll be leaving immediately!”

He said as he used the next room, a [Teleport Room] to go to his house. He prepared everything he had, then went to his labs and took everything while putting it inside his [Item Box].

He then came back to the place he was.

Char could not even react to the speed he moved, in normal terms.

Then Ferris arrived by the [Teleport Room] besides a tall, well built man with dark brown hair and brown eyes. He looked quite young and energetic.

“Ohh! Carlile! Just on time! I finished my task my friend!!” Shouted Izaak.

Carlile was the cop that first found Izaak healing Ferris and an amateur [Metal Man] who introduced Izaak to this world’s metalurgy, as well as many creation processes.

“I see that… So, you will leave?” Asked Carlile.

“Yes! So, I wanted to ask you if you wanted to come!” Exclaimed Izaak.

“What?! Can I?!” Asked Carlile.

“Of course! Come here now!” He said as he walked with Izaak to the [Teleport Room] again.




“Wha-What do you think are you doing?” Asked then Char.

“Char? Well… I’m leaving.” Said Izaak.



“NO! I won’t let you go!! You’re the only one who understand sme and keeps up with me and gave me everyting and no no no no I won’t let you gooo!!!!”

She shouted while stomping in the floor. She had tears from the corner of her eyes to her cheeks.

“I see… Sorry, but I can’t stay.” Said Izaak with an apologetic experssion.

Char’s face went pale and as she was going to cry-

“But you can come with me.” Said Izaak while taking her hand.

She the, bewildered by said action, made a dumbfounded expression and they all teleported to a hangar.

There Izaak took everything he could and left that world.

Teil Drei.

“You leaving?” Voiced a little girl with white hair and bunny ears, as well as red eyes.

“Yes. It’s time we have to.” Said then Krestin, which someow had lion-like ears.

“No!!!! I don’t want you to leaveeee!!!” Shouted then another girl with monkey-like ears, amber haid and honey coloured eyes, as well as a strange scaled tail.

“Sorry. We finished duty.” Voiced then Isold who had bear-like ears.

They were inside a collosal blue and green forest called [Twin Moon Forest] and where a whole comunity of [Theriantrhopes] lived.

(We defeated the [Evil Beast God] and obtained innumerable quantity of skills, as well as the [Holy Beast God’s Blessing]…. It’s obvious we would leave by now….) Thought Krestin while patting the rabbit-eared girl. Isold was patting the monkey-eared girl too.

They had spent 11 years in said world. They had happy days, sad days, battle days and also memorable days… But it was time to leave.

“Ready?” Asked Krestin.

They both had already said their respective parting words to the village that took care of them since the forst day they arrived to this world, and even thought it was sad, the villagers accepted their departing with overflowing tears.

“Yes.” Replied Isold.

Suddenly they both felt a small push in their feet.

The two 9 year old little girls were hugging their legs as if saying “WE WON’T LET YOU GO!!!” With tears in the corner of their eyes.

“We… We don’t have anyone besides you!! We don’t want to let you go! We want yo go with you!!” Shoued the bunny-eared girl as the mokney-eared one nodded.

“Helie, Trya… You still have the elders and also the villagers… You have a future here.” Said Krestin.

“Grow up strong.” Said then Isold.

“NOP! GO WITH YOU!!” Shouted then the monkey-eared Trya.

“True!! Take us with you! We want to go with you and have adventures and be together forever!!” Shouted Helie.

Then Isold looked towards Krestin, she made the [Puppy Face] and after a while…

“Okay okay, you can come!”

Krestin was defeated by it.

Then, after the “happy dance” was done by Helie and Trya, they four dissapeared in thin air.

Teil Vier.

(Faster! Run FASTER!!!)

Shouted Engel in his mind as he moved as a a great speed towards a big beast with triceatops-like form.

He then at a great speed and with a dagger in hand sliced the beast’s neck and killed it.

“Haa… Haa… Finally… I could kill it….” Said Engel while roughly breathing.

(With this blood, Shirayuki will be cured…) He said as he took a bag full of canteens and filled them with the beast’s blood.

But, there was something odd…

Engel had black hair, a black eye and a purple eye.

He was the opposite of what he should look like.

Engel filled all the canteens and went towards the nearby town.

After 20 years, Engel who had been looking for the super-unique monster called [Horn Shield Lizard], defeated it.

All because Shirayuki was poisoned with a special poison that came from this rare beast.

It wasn’t strong or fast, but had a steel-like defense and sturdy body, as well as a mace-like tail.

Not to mention that its horns were coated in poison, as well as its tail.

Its a really complicated poison that cannot be cured with conventional means, and not even Engel’s [Divine Element] could do something.

He analyzed it and found out that there was a cure; he almost loses his sight in the process though.

After he regenerated, he went for the cure.

The monster lived in the outskirts, but before he went to catch it, important intel came to him.

“To get the cure, you need the blood of the beast with the same years, months, weeks and days of the one which was made from the poison.”

So, Engel needed to look for a [Horn Shield Lizard]’s blood of 8 years, 3 months and 8 days.

After many years, Engel found eggs of the beast, and constantly watched them until it was the time.

Then he killed it and obtained its blood.

Just as he was going towards the town-

“Wha?! SHIRAYUKI!!” Shouted Engel.

He saw the ill Shirayuki in the outskirts of the town where he lived.

“So-Sorry… Haa-Haa…. But I had to come…” Said Shirayuki.

Her hair was red blood and she could barely see. Her skin was full of black stains and she always had fever. Her teeth hurted all the time and her internal organs were almost licuified.

Her bones could break at a single touch and her muscles could tore anytime.

Those were the consecuences of the poison.

Actually, it shouldn’t make anything more than paralyze you and make you blind, but because the [Drachen] race were weak against poison or intoxicating beverages, it became like this.

Right now, Shirayuki was totally blind and her legs were useless, as well as her hands.

“Asher…. They took Asher and Autumn… The debt collectors… They took them!!”

Shirayuki, who could barely speak, said so.

“WHAT?! How long ago? WHERE?!!” Shouted Engel.

Asher Ashdown was the old granny sister that took care of them, and Autumn is a slave kid bought by Engel 3 years ago.

Sister Ashdown lived in a small abbey where sometimes a priest would go to give mass.

Strangely enough, people in this world believed in Christianism.

They didn’t believe in the power of money, but still needed it. One day, the priest got indebted and ran away. All the burden fell over Sister Ashdown and the debt collectors came every month to take money from her. The priest was indebted with 500 gold coins.

Something like 50,000 Euros. But for a slum-like town, that was a titanic amount of money.

Engel knew of this, and while researching the “powers” of this world, he helped the Sister as an adventurer together with Shirayuki.

Then, after a year that Engel arrived, the debt collectors tried to scam Sister Ashdown and when Engel interrupted, they shot a poison dart towards the granny.

And Shirayuki took it for her.

And that’s how it ended.

Engel decided to go and slaughter everyone of the collectors but it backfired. They were a big and powerful organization and the debt only increased.

Also the granny forbid Engel to kill again.

So they decided to clear the debts fair and in an honest way.

But now they crossed the line again.

“The-They took them to their base…..”

Then Shirayuki fainted.

Engel used the herbs needed for the antidote, the blood and some other materials he recollected that same day.

He wanted to have the antidote ready when he came back after all.

Engel then apologized to the unconscious Shirayuki and asked a neraby aqcuitance to take care of her.

He then ran towards the other side of the town while using his perception skills all he could without activating [Sunburst] or [Moonburst], as well as [Eclipse].

In that world there was little magic, so little that Engel appearance changed. After all, his hair and eyes were inked by his magic.

Engel ran, ran, ran and he arrived to the base.

He destroyed the door of the warehouse-like bukding and-

There he found Asher and Autumn.

Autumn, a 9 year old little girl, was being tortured. She had already lost her 20 nails, her teeth and her head was bald and full of injuries. Her face was swollen and the man torturing her had aready cut two fingers.

Asher was being violated by them.

It seems that she had already been tortured and Autumn’s fate was the same as Asher.

Engel just stood there, without saying anything.

He slowly walked towards them.

His face was expersionless and his eyes had no shine.

He slowly walked and approached the dumbfounded men in the place.

Engel had felt a lot of emotions, but this one was his first in being so intense.


He wanted to kill all those men.

He didn’t even think in anything else like torture or make them suffer.

He only wantedd to kill them.

Kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill killkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkillkill.

His face distorted in rage for the first time in years.

He recalled the moments when Asher took care of them, when she told him why she became a sister, all the kindness she had given them and how she cried when Shirayuki became ill, as well how she became angry towards him when he killed the ones who atacked her.

He also recalled when he found out Autumn and bought her, as well as taking care of her all these years.

All the memories the four gathered together came to his mind and his anger only rose further.

He silently activated [Sunburst] and his hair became white as well his eyes became their previous color.

Then all the men in the place became pale when felt the pressure, magic pressure, bloodthirst and killing intent Engel poured on them.

They felt like ice was crawling in their skins.

This was a proof Engel had changed too. Instead of crawling lizards, his pressure became like ice.

Some of the men inside died of the shock and others fainted. The ones that were over Asher and the one who was toturing Autumn were left alive so they could know their punishment.

“Rejoice… This woman here surely wishes for you to live, but I won’t allow that. That’s why, I’ll only grant you a fast death.”

Like that, Engel created several light-made swords and killed them in a mere instant.

They did not even know what happened.

Because not even a particle of them remained, as well as the other people inside.

Engel deactivted his magic and ran towards Aser and Autumn.

He released Autumn and tightly embraced her.

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry…” He repeated as he healed Autumn’s injuries.

She had fainted the moment she saw Engel breaking in.

Asher said nothing and just slowly, started to cover herself with the tattered clothes around her.

Engel carefully placed Autumn in the floor and ran towards Asher.

He kept muttering I’m sorry while crying.

Asher didn’t say anything and accepted Engel’s embraced and patted his head.

“I’m sorry… Would you forgive me? I didn’t come in time…” He said while wiping his tears.

“Of course… There’s nothing to be forgiven for though.” She said with a warm smile.

“Besides, I already passed through this before, didn’t I tell you? I have resistance to this.” She added.

Still, her voice was full of fear and she was trembling.

Engel too Asher’s hand and tightly held it.

“Sorry…” He said while thinking thoroughtly all that he was going to say next.

After a while, he talked.

“Well… Th-This was going to be a present for you before I went back… But I think the best it to give it to you now…” He said with a slight smile.

“And what is it?” Asked Asher.

“Well, you see… Before that, I need to ask you something…” Said Engel while a little embarassed.

“How old are you Asher?” He asked.

“Wha?! Don’t you know that a maiden’s age is forbidden for men?!” Teased Asher to Engel who chukled.

Then she muttered it to his ear and he nodded.

“Then, recieve my present…” He said as he activated one of his strongest magic.

“[Dämonisch Auge], [Engelhaft Auge] Activate. [Sephiroth]. Unlock Level Zero – [Knowledge]”

Then all the place was enveloped in a strong, pure white light.

Teil Fünf.

[Ange! Ange! Can you hear me?!!]

Shouted Liam with the [Wake Up Call].

“I’m here… what’s up?” She asked.

[This…. This is strange… I can feel you presence!!!]

Shouted Liam. Actually, he was just 500m at Ange’s side.

They were in the roofs of some skyscrapers in [Camellia City].

“? Of course? I’m right here…” Replied Ange.

[NO!! I MEAN THERE!!] Said Liam as he pointed to the front.

Ange noticed the signal and loked forward-

And she saw it.

A person in black robe that raised his hand towards the sky.


Muttered the person and then a great amount of [Devil Element] magic gathered in the sky.

“WHA?!” Shouted Ange.

Because what she saw, shocked her.

It was the [Devil] version of her [Heaven’s Fall] that she used against the army of dragons months back.

“Liam! I’m going to stop it! You evacuate everyone with Irina, Illian and Klaus!!”

Shouted Ange as Liam replied [Good Luck!]

“For nothing I am the strongest [Participant], [Metatron]!!”

Shouted Ange Falsch, a girl with white hair and ponytail with heterochromatic eyes inked in bright green and yellow, as well as the [Provisional Winner] of [The Tournament].

The strongest being in the world.

-End of [Gargantúa Online Arc]-


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