[Not a Chapter] – Status Update: Hybrid, Magical Tournament, Chronicles, Experience and Teasers.

Hello people! Alek here!

I was in guatemala for a while so I didn’t update anything. Sorry.

That was from last, last friday to last tuesday. That was the reason I didn’t update.

Also i was busy with RL that I only updated like once.


Now, the main issue.

  • Hybrid:

I had problems with Hybrid because I was angry I lost a whole chapter and now I am re-making a similar one. The quality will lower due to my lack of inspiration but I hope to get it back (I’ll post it tomorrow)

  • Magical Tournament:

Lack of time and inspiration, as well as the responsability to write Hybrid will make me unable to update until friday.

Not to mention my college issues :/

(Luckily, I’ll post something Wednesday)

  • Chronicles:

To my spanish readers, Chronicles will be updated later. Do not worry. I’ll post  triple chapter cause I feel like it. Wait 15 min at most for them.


  • Experience:

Honestly… I forgot about experience. I’ll try to update tomorrow because it’s easier to do it due to it being born from my memories (50%) at least.

  • New Projects:

Well…. I have something in mind that may be as the same caliber as Chronicles.

For me, Magical Tournament and Hybrid are for my own growth, and Chronicles is where I take more seriously my writing.

It’s in english and I hope you’ll like it.

Until now it has this:

Universe: 70%

Characters 40%

Plot: 20%

Average Progress: 35%

Also if you forgot about it, I have a [Coming Soon] page. There are other projects in hold, where the one with most chance to be released is [Pride Of Arcadia], which I have a prologue and a chapter done. I need to check it again for the sake of plot holes.

Hot blooded reincarnation seems to have low chance by now.


My new fiction: [Elementals: World Of The Sobrenatural] will be out most likely by october.

Hope you like it :3


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