Type: Hybrid – Chapter Four: Coincidence

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Here’s the Hybrid chapter I promised! I hope I can have a Magical Tournament one for tomorrow!

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Chapter Four: Coincidence

Part One.

“But, that’s a matter of another time. Right now what I am interested the most is to have you helping me in my purpose.” Said Miss. Skyler.

“We-ell… I’ll consider your offer Miss. Skyler. I don’t know what your true intentions are about… Either of your two reasons, but I’ll thoroughtly think about this.” Replied André as he looked for a nearby plant and there he spilled the drug Miss. Skyler was going to inject him.

“As expected. I never thought you’d answer me right away. And, if you decide to come, I’ll  be waiting in the [Social Research Club] in the [Club Building]. Now Glass, we should head to our respective places or we can have problems.” Said Miss. Skyler while adjusting her glasses with her fingers.
She took the srynge from him and left.

“………. Was this good luck or bad luck?”

André limited himself to voice such words and went back to his class.

“What took you so long dude?” Asked Cristoph in a low voice so the math teacher wouldn’t listen to them.

“I-I… I found Miss. Skyler in my way here.” Said André with a normal voice.

(It’s not like somehting out of the norm happened, if we exclude the body throw….) He thought when he glanced towards Cristoph’s face.

He was dead pale.

“Sh-Sh-Sh-She….. Did she violated you?” He suddenly asked.

“Eh? No way. Why would she?” Retorted André while thinking that Miss. Skyler could be a bit more sick than he thought.

“I-Is that so? Then it’s fine.” Said Cristoph and then he remained silent the rest of the class.

Then it was lunch time.

For [Crowley Academy], the cafeteria was the best and only one place to eat to those students who couldn’t get out for lunch; namely freshmen and sophomore students.

Seniors could eat wherever they liked.

Then again, the cafeteria had a enormous variety of food, as well as 7 stars hotel quality.

And all of the [Nebula] (except Kristen) + 2 enjoyed it.

Since the war times almost 20 years ago in their time, they only ate canned food and tasteless military rations.

Even Karen who held a good position in the [Empire], themost she could afford was fried chicken.

So, André arrived to the cafeteria and saw a table for 10 people.

8 people were there and one of the empty seats had already food.

“Hi guys. Thanks for taking mine too.” Said André as he took fork and knife.

“It’s okay, it’s okay.” Said Karen who was besides him.

In front of him, was Serena who was cutely pouting and strongly gripping her fork and almost bent it.

She was angry for not being able to be besides André; but there was nothing she could do about it.

She lost after all.

There was a contest with everyone to see who would sit next to André. The men participated for it be fair.

The result of the “paper-rock-scissors” was this:

André-Karen-Aleister-Pietro and Jyacoba in one side.

Serena-Alanah-Lauren and Zara in the other one.

Also, André was alone right now because Cristoph said something like “I am lacking my [Vitamin E], see you later”, where [E] stands for [Ekaterina].

It seems Ekaterina was kind busy training various sports so he didn’t saw her in various days.

So it was only the 9 of them now.

“So, anything to report?” Asked André with a slight serious voice.

They did not only attend classes, but also investigated odd things inside the academy.

“Yeah. A teacher came to me and aske us to join her.” Said Karen after sipping her tea.

“To the eight of us….” She adden, then André gazed towards her and she realized that it happened to him too.

“I see… So it’s everyone at the end. We were the students that she chose to investigate the “strange events” happening in the academy.”

Said André as they closed the topic there.

Part Two.

After classes, they all went towards the [Social Research Club] in the [Club Building].

All of them nine knocked the door and it was opened.


As Miss. Skyler opened the door, she was indeed surprised everyone in her list had arrived at the same time.

She made them all get inside and sat in a round table for 13.

Serena pushed her way between Zara and Karen as she sat next to him.

Karen was able to gasp his other side too.

Then, the talk started.

“What a coincidence, for all of you to know each other.” Said Miss. Skyler while serving drinks.

“Well, sometimes the world is big, sometimes is small.” Said Karen while shruggin her shoulders.

“Anyways, It would be good for you to start, Miss Skyler.” Voiced Zara a little impatient and irrtated.

“That is true. It would be better if we start soon. After all, this is a serious matter.” Said Miss Skyler with a strong voice and serious expression.

André and everyone else noticed the change in her atmosphere and changed they relaxed mood to a real serious one.

“To start with, I’ll explain why I brought you here once again and the purpose of it. I want you to believe everythind I say.”

Said Miss Skyler while taking her seat.

“I looked for you because you ar ethe most atlethic, wise, intelligent, smart and capable I discerned. Believe me, I have quite the eye for people.” She said full of confidence.

“Then, I approached you so you could help me investigating thing regarding the academy. Strange things.” She added.

“We already knew that, but why?” Asked then Aleister

“Because we are the only ones she can trust.” Voiced Serena.

“True… I can’t trust the teachers nor the principal. They might be involved.” Said Miss. Skyler while gritting her teeth.

“Involved?” Questioned André.

“Well… Recently, I found out that some of our students had dissapeared. 1, 2 or even three weeks from 3 to 10 students didn’t come to classes.

After that time, they re-appeared dead.

The state of their bodies was strange and even more strange was that the police didn’t investigated furhter. They just ignored all the traces of them being killed by the same person, besides that I am sure the teachers are hiding something.” Said Miss Skyler as everyone paid attention to her.

“How do you know about this then?” Asked Zara while thinking that they never got a hold of these when they were investigating the Academy.

“Well, I have contacts in the NYPD, and also Class-A’s Math teacher, Liam Ferro got a hold of the other teacher’s behaviour. He is the only one I trust.” Replied Miss. Skyler.

Liam Ferro is a relatively new teacher and only gives math to Class – A, he heas dark brown har and dark blue eyes. He is quite handsome and popular, as well as well built and has good sense for clothing.

“I see. Well, can you explain further? I still don’t get your objective.” Said Karen while pointing Miss. Skyler.

“Yes, I thought so. Well, here is the thing. Let’s list this.

1. Dead students with simmilar death circumstances.
2. Teaches feeing ignorance.

Then, comes the most strange thing.

These students dissapeared in the school campus.

How I know this? Because all of them were my students, and promising ones. I got a hold of their activities because we had a group in thatsappa and before the day they dissapeared, they all said:

“I’ll go with [X] teacher to the libary for particular classes.”

Then never came back.”

Explained Miss. Skyler with a pained expression.

Then she steeled herself and kept talking.

“The names of the teachers are not important right now, but the events that happened.

Certain teachers abduct promising students and then kill them. If we follow the list, we will see that they all had studies of the same subjects and also all of them went to the library.

That means teachers [X], [Y] and [Z] are involved in murders and also the other teachers except Mister Liam are involved in it.”

As Miss. Skyler finished, all of them started to think about what she said and whether to trust all the intel or not.

They knew that the academy was the base of the [Empire] and also that Miss Skyler was the creator of the [Architecture], but still. they didn’t know if this was related, or even related at all or that they could trust Miss Skyler’s words.

Since they came back from the future, this timeline is different after all.

Then somoene talked again.

“So, why do you want us to investigate alongside you? Aren’t you doing a good job until now?” Asked Serena.

“Wha?! You don’t get it yet?!” Voiced Karen.

“Even the ever-sleepy Pietro understood it.” She added.

“Understoo what?” Asked Serena again.

“That, we investigate what happens to this people… We are “promising students” after all.” Said André with a serious and strong voice.

“I-I see.” Said Serena as she sat. She had stood up to shout to Karen.

And as she did this… André was thinking further about this.

Then he made his resolve and talked to Miss. Skyler.

“Miss. Skyler, I want to ask you somethings.” He said.

“Go ahead.” She replied.

“First: How were the state of the corpses? At least a general idea. I don’t want to meddle in details yet.” He asked.

“A general idea… Well, first of all they had either unnatural white hair or loss of hair. Their irises were red and their skin was pale and fragile as paper.

Their veins were visible and in black color and they had all of their bones broken, not to mention that they became extemily fragile.

To end it, their insides were liquified and their tongue was purple.

That’s the general view of them.”

Explained Miss. Skyler while clenching her fists. André felt quite bad about it but he had no other option.

As Miss. Skyler said that, Karen’s face lightened up as well as Aleister’s.

They knew those kind of corpses. Because…

“Second: Is there a student that had dissapeared and appeared back alive?”

As André asked this, Karen and Aleister understood his point.

Because those corpses were the exact image of a person that failed in attain the [Faux].

When people goes by the process of transforming into a [Faux] while not being compatible with it, they die of the huge stress their bodies suffer with the rejection.

In this era they should be only months before the discovery of the [Three Pillars] that they need to complete the [Faux].

“Yes, there are three. Two in class 2-B and one in class 2-C. They all are sophomored s by the way. These three students weren’t in my circle of promising students. Also since the day they came back, they are off the academy.” Said Miss. Skyler.

(I hope they all are not male thought…) Thought André while making a complicated expression.

Then he changed back at this serious atmosphere.

“The finally… Do you understand what are you asking us? Basically you are telling us to die.” Said André whit a strong voice.

Of course, form a normal person’s perspective, asking “go and investigate how people are gettin killed by being abducted yourself”, is the same as going to the slaughterhouse.

“Well, I think you have misunderstood something. I never planned on letting you get abducted.” Said Miss Skyler while sipping her milk tea.

“Eh?” Leaked a voice André and Karen.

“Yes. Indeed, beins “Victims” would be the best way to know, but that has too much risk. Insteat, it would be okay for you to investigate the three people that had come back alive. They are coming back to school tomorrow after all.” Voiced Miss Skyler.

Then André let out a sigh while Karen slightly chuckled.

Part Three.

After that, they all created a group in Thatsapp called [Social Research Club First Year Division].

André had his doubts about the other members of the [Social Research Club], the sophomores and he asked Miss Skyler after the details of their investigation were given.

She said to him that she didn’t want to involve anymore her sophomore students so she decided to bet in the juniors.

He didn’t ask for more because he truly felt her regret, powerlessness and pain in her aura and microexpressions.

Then, as they all were walking towards the exit and go to their place, André noticed something in the corner of his view.

It was Cristoph talking with Mister Ferro.

He saw also the [Physical Class Teacher], Ayame Smith-Akari.

A strong and sportive teacher that everyone loved.

They were talking about something along the lines of jokes and the like.

It was normal for they three to gather though.

So he just slightly laughed and went back to his bussiness.

It was night now.

André was waiting for Serena to prepare the dinner, then received a text from Ekaterina.

It said-

“Please halp me. Christop doesn’t pick up his phone since this afternoon. He said that he was with Mister Silver in the library but since then I haven received a text or a call. I’m worried.”

As his face went pale, André strongly gripped his phone and called to Miss. Skyler.



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