Magical Tournamen Extra Edition: Chapter Maker – When there’s a wall but someone breaks it

Heya! Alek here!

Forgot to say that everything in the [Extra Edition] is canon. This is how they enjoy their lives XD (Except the parts where they break the 4th wall of course xd)

Anyways, Enjoy the chapter!

Extra Edition: Chapter Maker.

First Meeting.

“Then with this my [Sky Collosal Dragon] Attacks you with 8500 of ATK!!!”

“Ha! You activated my trap card! [Overpowered]! If i recieve damage of more than my LP, this automatically activates and sucks the ATK making it my LP! But that’s only the first part! If I have [Revenge of Tears] in my grave at the same time as [Sin 1] to [Sin 7], [Overpowered] also reflects the ATK points doubled to you as a Direct Attack!

“You friggin yugi!!! I hate your cheats!!!”

“Haa… Don’t they get tired of this?”

As Izaak was eating his lunch in the usual dark room with dim light and the meeting table, Lene and Engel were playing monster cards as Engel won by the tenth time.

Of course Isold and Krestin were there too.

Then again, Engel was truly friendless way back in his junior high so this is comprensible.

“Next time I will win!!” Shouted Lene as she started to eat her lunch.

Engel too took out a lunchbox as the others and started to eat.


Engel saw a little note in his lunchbox.

“Hello idiots… I mixed some of Aleksandra’s food in your luchboxes; One of them is completely hazard. Guess Which ONE IS IT?????? MOTHERFUCKEEEERR!!!”

Shouted Engel as everyone else who listened to him started to spit out their food.

Then Engel activated his [Demonic Eye] and analyzed the food to find out the bad one.

“Wait… This… No one is hazard!!!” Shouted Engel when suddenly they listened to a falling object.



It was Izaak who was in the floor convulsing and letting out foam from his mouth as he rolled his eyes.

“Eh? another note?…. PS, I lied~ In fact I put some of the chamomile tea Aleksandra does in Izaak’s thermos. Tee-Hee~”

“Pfft…. Hahahahahahaa”

Started to laugh Engel as Isold healed Izaak in the floor.

It seems that to avoid getting poisoned, Izaak drank from his thermos and ended up worse instead.

“Hahahahahahahahahaha” Started to laugh Lene too while holding their stomaches as they couldn’t resist it more.

Suddenly the door was thrown away…

“I…. I…. I haven’t had sceen time latelyyyyyyy”

It was the perve-… Leslie’s howl.

She was clad in an tight OL (Office Lady) outfit (for the sake of fanservice) with black pantyhose.

Then she jumped over Engel and started to undress him.

“Lo-Look for a room you two!!! Iyaaa!!” Shouted Krestin while covering her eyes while leaving some gaps to see.

Lene only sighed and left the room.

“Isold, Bring him.” She said.

Isold nodded and lifted Izaak while keeping the treatment.

Krestin left too and Engel stayed there with Leslie alone.

Leslie ended the undressing and he only had his underwear on.

She was on top of him and licked his face while still kissing him.

“Finally Finally Finally!!!”

She caressed Engel’s whole body and she started to undress too.

“Haaa… I waited for this sooo looong… Haaa Haaa*

Leslie was roughly breathing while for a moment Engel thought she had heart marks in her irises.

Of course, the satisfaction wasn’t one-sided.

Also Engel’s little guy was in full form.

“Haaa Haaa…. Let’s have fuuun!!!” Shouted Leslie as Engel was completely ravaged that day.

Video One:

(The exits are blocked and this magic chains are indeed strong… Fuck you Izaak… Then again, this odor is truly poisonus…. If I didn’t have high poison resistance due to my time in the cave and detox…. This could go worse… I hope I can get out of this with two or three days being in coma….)

Thought Engel as he resigned himself to suffer his destiny.

He was strongly tied in a chair awaiting his excecution.

“Here! It’s ready~” Said the girl whose dark aura contrasted with her innocent experssion.


He was going to taste Aleksandra’s food.

Not too long ago, Aleksandra requested for the gods to taste her food, but all them gave lame excuses like “I need to clean the roof”, “Kayo-sama is callling me”, “I’ve got a call” and one just said “NO” and left running at top speed.

Engel was going to run away but Izaak created a magic chain around him and with an annoying smirk, he left.

Engel was gagged too so he wasn’t in a position to refuse.

Then as Aleksandra took off the gag-

“Please please please spare me spare me spare meeeeeee I don’t want to die young pleaselet me goooooooooo I’ll do anything except tasting the food so spare meeeeee!!!!” Shouted ENgel while begging for his life.

Then a brief moment passed and she cut the chain with some light-made knife.

“Thank youuu!” Said Engel as he was going to leave-

He felt something wrong.

Then he looked back towards Aleksandra and he was how she was shedding tears.

“Eh? Aleksandra? Eh? Eh?….??!!”

(Shit!! I was so afraid of the food that I forgot that she didn’t knew about her deadly matter! I may have hurt her feelings! What a cunt I am!!) Shouted Engel in his mind while walking towards Aleksandra.

“I know…..”

Then, just when Engel touched her shoulders, she talked.

“I know…. I know really well that my cooking is deadly…. I know that I can’t cook and no matter how many times I try I try I try It won’t get better… IT WILL ONLY WORSEN!!! It’s not like I want to torture you or anything! I want to get better!!!” Shouted Then Aleksandra as she cried like a little girl.

“I-I’m sorry… I thought you didn’t knew….” Said Engel with a soft voice.

(Though it’s impossible to become worse at cooking… Even Sis who burns salads can at least cook chicken now…)

Thought Engel as he looked over the kitchen. Then he noticed something odd.

Everyting there was fine.

Aleksandra was preparing soup. The water, vegeables, meat and spice were all alright.

It was utterly clean and well organized, as well as everything was properly followed in the recipe she had at a side.

“Aleksandra, wait a minute….” He said as he analyzed everything in the table…

It’s not like he would find somehting strange there.

He didn’t find anything, then he glanced to the hell’s potion in the dish Aleksandra had in her hands, as well as the soup in the pot.

The soup in the pot was…. Alright?!

That’s what he thought.

He then tasted a little.

“De-Delicious…” He said as he then took off the dish from Aleksandra’s hands and analyzed them.

Then he found something strange.

“This hands…. A [Skill]?” He said.

Indeed… Aleksandra, after Engel’s battle her level rised and obtained a skill.

It was [Poison Touch].

A passive skill that would make a person secrete posion from their hands by heat stimulli.

Like when cooking for example.

“Aleksandra! I have the solution to your worries!!!”

Said Engel with a nasty smile.

Then, after some days….




“Please please noooo!”

He had tied his companions in order to torture them.

He even gagged Izaak.

Then Engel made step into the kitchen of the academy cooking class the worst cook in the world.

Aleksandra Götze.

All of their faces went pale as she devilshly smiled.

She had a dish of soup in her hands and Engel had 5 spoons in his hands.

Then he took one and as he obliged Lene to eat it.

“N-Noo…. Ple-Please….. Spa-BLGHNG….”

Then as she was preparing herself for death, she realized it….. The food was utterly delicious.

Her senses numbed and she felt a strange drunken sensation in her mind.

In the lower part of her abdomen she felt a hot sensation as she drank the hot liquid…. Ehm….


She felt good when she drank Aleksandra’s so-up…. No no no….



The soup was delicious?


Okay then-

As Lene lost her reason and starter to blabber “Ai want more pleash…..”, Engel approached the others.

He gave it to everyone and they became like lifeless dolls craving for her food saying “moar moar”

“Thi-This is unexpected… To think that such a thick hot white liquid woul….. Wait what the hell am I saying?”

Sorry… my fault…

Then again-

“Thi-This is unexpected… To think the soup would have this effect?” Said Engel while feeling like he had said this before.

“Yeah.. I wouldn’t have guessed…” Said Aleksandra a little surprised, as well as happy.

“Anyways, we gotta-Eh? Who are they?”

Asked then Engel as he saw several people in the room.



“Foood! Fooood!!”

Shouted the people as they slowly walked towards Aleksandra.

“Aleksandra! Don’t tell me….”

“Yes! I gave them food samples just to see if it workeeed!!!”


Shouted Engel as he ran for his life together with Aleksandra.

They left behind the other gods and only saved their own asses.

Wait… wasn’t this quite boring?


Second Meeting.


“Just stay quiet.”

Said Engel as tightened the rope in Leslie’s body.

He splendidly made a turtle shell tie and hanged her from the ceiling.

“Soo…. You are going to remain like that?” Asked Lene to Engel who was only in his underwear.

She and the other gods had already returned from their forced stroll.

“Yeah. It’s comfty.” Said Engel.

“Good for the eyes.” Added Isold with a thumbs up.

“Haa….” Sighed Lene.

“So you wont deny it?!” Retorted Izaak as he tried to not to gaze towards Engel.

“Anywayas, wear somehting!” Said Izaak.

“Nope.” Denied Engel.

“Do it! If not then I will reveal “That”!!!” Shouted Izaak.

“Do it then! Not that you know anything!” Said Engel full of confidence.

“Okay then. Girls, you knew that Engel….. He…. when he was a kid wrote certain essay…” Said Izaak to what Engel dropped his jaw in awe because Izaak knew it.

One of his biggest secrets.

“In that ess-”

“Please please please don’t say anything anymore I will wear clothes so pleaseeeee!” Said Engel while in his knees to what Izaak mischevously smiles.

“Nope. Too late.” Said Izaak while looking down on Engel.

Then he took out a piece of paper and hold it in high.

“I THIS essay he stated this-

I want to mawy mommy. mommy ish pretty N gentwe and ish the best. She knows haw ta cook and alwaysh givesh me delishos food N I like haw her bews are sho big N shoft and when she wearsh glashes she looks pretty N I will alwaysh love mommy! She reads me books befor sleeping and givesh me lap pillowsh and and and SHEEE ISH DA BESHT IN DA WORLDDD!!!!!

… A-And that’s all.”

Said Izaak while holding his laughter and Engel, completely ashamed, hid his tomato-like red face and rolled in the floor.

Still in his underwear of course.

Izaak  while containing his laughter gazed to the girls who should be holding their stomaches right now.

(This will be a hard hit in his pride!!) He shouted in his mine as-

“Aww! How cuteee!” Then said Lene.

“Cute indeed.” Added Isold.

“MBbbgbmsd,,bghssd” Mumbled Leslie… Whatever she said.

“Cu-Cuteness overload!” Shouted Krestin.

“Eh?” Then stupidly voiced Izaak.

He was sure the girls would laugh at him but it had the opposite effect.

“Noo…. Noo… NOOOOOO!!!” Shouted then Engel as he ran away full of shame.

Still in his underwear.

Video Two.

“What’s this?”

Voiced Engel as he noticed a big cardboard box in Lene’s room.

“A friend of mine in Japan sent me this. It’s manga and doujins. They came this morning.” Said Lene while scratching her head.

“Ohh.. I see. Open it then.” Said Engel while pointing at it.

“Kay, kay.” Said Lene as she opened it.

Then Engel quickly took one and read the tittle.

“Mmmh…. The sacred knight and the prin…ce? What the heeeeeeeelll??!!!!”  Shouted Engel as he threw the doujin away while saying “EW EEW” and cleaing his hands in his underwear.

Well…. Whenever he is in Lene’s room it just happens. His clothes go poof!

And yeah, what he read was a BL doujin.

“Oh… This…. This is not mine? She may have mistaken the boxes.” Muttered Lene as she looked into the box. Then-


She started laughing out loud.

“Wha-What’s so funny?” Said Engel while looking towards Lene.

She then gave the doujin she had in her hands as she kept laughing.

“??…. Oh gave me your railg-g-g-g-guuuunnn????? WHAT THE FUCK THIS IS IZAAK AND MEE??!!!!!” Shouted Engel as he threw away the doujin and burned it with [Divine Element].

“Besides why the fuck I am the UKEEEEEE!!” Shouted Engel while again going “UEEE EW EW UEEE” like vomiting.

“So-Sorry…. But… I won’t stop even if you tell me…” Then said Lene.

Her eyes misteriously shone.

Then Engel noticed….

All the box, besides the 6 booklets in the top, were about that doujin he burned.

He knew it.

He knew what Lene planed.

And h could do nothing to stop her.

“NOOO STAAAAPHHH!!!!!!” He shouted uselessly as Lene stopped time and left the room with the box.

“DAMN! I have to do something!!!” Exclaimed Engel as he started to detect her presence.

She was running in the 1 year hall.

He immediately teleported and spotted her giving doujins to every girl she saw.

Because they were in English it was no problem for them to read it.

“Here, a present.” She said as she gave away some doujins to a group of girls.

“LENEEE!!” Shouted Engel as he ran towards her.

Al the girls in the hal instantly blushed and moved their gaze away because he was in his underwear but he care little about it and chased after Lene.

She stopped time again and she appeared in the third years floor.

He teleported and she was again giving away doujins.

“Cuuuuunt!!!” He shouted a Lene laughed devilishly and stopped time again.

Then he was worried where she arrived.

Leslie’s office.

“Shit this is bad!”


Yes, she was quite the pervert.

And had her network of perverts in the girls dorms…. And she knowing of the BL of him and Izaak…

Well, it was the end of his life as a public figure.

He instantly teleported and appeared in the middle of Lene and Leslie who was going to take the doujin.

“Staph!” Shouted Engel.

“E-Engel?” Voiced Leslie as she gazed his half-naked body.

“Don’t take that! If you do…. If you do…. If you do I won’t ever let you touch me again and viceversa!!!!”

Shouted Engel with all his strenght.

“Then this is unnecesary.”

Said Leslie as she burned the doujin with a lighter.

“Eh?” Voiced Lene as she noticed the doujin had dissapeared from her hands in less than the blink of an eye.

Then in the same amount of time she suddenly appeared behind Engel.

“Tonight I’ll have you do me lots of things, ufufufu….” Muttered Leslie in Engel’s ear so he felt quite embarassed.

But what Engel forgot, was to get rid of the doujins Lene had already spread when he was chasing her.

Thus, for quite a while there was a rumor of him and Izaak being in a kind of “favorable” relationship.

As well as various videos and photos of Engel running in underwear inside the campus.

Q & A Corner


Q: Why do you suddenly strip?
A: Because is comfty.


Q: Have you ever tried a method to gro-añesdfhñewhfe!!! (A method to grow your breasts?)
A: OF COURSE NOT!! (Of course yes)


Q: Cat, Fox, Rabbit or Penguin? Choose your favorite.


Q: Don’t you feel curiosity towards Anime?
A: I do, but then there was this strange homo booklet that lowered my expectatives of it… Bleegh (Yes, that doujin)


Q: You favorite sport?
A: American Football.


Q: Are you a pervert?
A: Of course not! (Of course yes)

Q: Are you a brocon?
A: Wha-Wha-What are you talking about?! (She was trying to hide Engel’s pics pasted in her room by the way)

End Of The Corner

Final Meeting.

“At the end, this chapter was quite boring.” Said Lene while rolling in the floor.

“True….” Said Engel as he rolled too.

“Then what do we do?” Asked Krestin while rolling.

“No idea.” Voiced Isold while rolling.

“Then let’s stop rolling.” Said Izaak.

“No way.” Said Lene as they all keep rolling.

It seems that the room they were was hermetically closed and the A/C broke while at max heath because Engel wanted to test it.

At the end, with a temperature of 40c they all rolled in an ice floor made by Lene with only their underwear.

“Hey you, I need to- What the fuck are you doing?” Voiced then Ms. Cole that opened the door and looked at them rolling in the floor like idiots.

“….. Looks quite fun.”

Then Ms. Cole joined them in her underwear and they rolled til they dozzed off in the floor.



Sorry people, this was not quite funny. RL stuff and all made me not to get into the mood. College and all that.

I got in to the mood like 10 min ago while reading +tic neesan but still not enough willpower to rewrite all the chapter that my barely working inspiration took three days to do. Really, I really wasn’t in the mood.

Hope to do it better next Edition :3


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