Magical Tournament Volume Six Prologue: Streiten (Argue) – Winners and losers

Hello! Alek here!

This may be sort because I’m running out of material to put in prologues…

Also, don’t you just love Shalltear? I actually watched Overlord Ep 12 like four times (and watching it again right now).

Anyways, hope you like the chapter! (this will be a little short because I want to start soon the next chapter)

PS: Meaning… like…. really short…. this is the shortest chapter I’ve written.

Teil Ein.

*Knock Knock*

“Honoka! Open!”

*Knock Knock!*

Shouted Engel while knocking Honoka’s door in the girls’ dorm.

It seems she has some trouble, whilst Claudia went for Engel to see if he could help with it.

“She doesn’t answer….” Voiced Claudia as she looked quite dejected.

Days before Engel fighted with his disciples and lost, there was an issue regarding one of them.

Namely, Honoka Tennouji.

Obviously this was after she started her training with Claudia, Ileana and the others under the care of Engel.

It seems she got depressed.

“Should I open by force?” Asked Engel.

“Don’t know…” Said Claudia as she thought about the way to approach her friend.

“It’s not necessary.” Voiced then someone from behind. It was Leslie with a card in her hand.

“Master Key.” She said as she opened the door and left.

(These little times when she acts mature… What a gap…) Thought Engel in a flash as he then moved his thoughts again towards Honoka.

“Honoka?” Muttered Claudia as she looked inside.


Voiced someone inside the room.

“There you are!” Shouted Claudia as she jumped towards Honoka and embraced her.

“Cla-Claudia?!” Exclaimed Honka while cleaning the tears coming from her eyes.

“Honoka… What’s the problem?” Asked Claudia

“Pro-Problem?… I-I don’t have any problem….” Said Honoka while lowering her gaze but Claudia suddenly lifted up Honoka’s head with both her hands.

“Lies! You are crying and havent come to study for quite a while!! Why?!” Shouted Claudia.

Engel didn’t stop her because he felt that to the shy Honoka, the assertivenes of Claudia’s attitude was fitting.

There was a possibility of her closing up more her heart, but to be able to get into the academy she needed quite the resolve, so that worry was brushed away.

Then, Honoka’s spirit opened itself to Claudia and shouted out all her worries.


“Eh?” Asked Claudia to Honoka’s mutter.

“I am usless.” Said Honoka in a sere and steady voice ,completely opposite to her previous attitude.

“I am uselees. I can barely do blacksmithing and also my talent in magic is far below everyone. I can’t fight and also I can’t keep up to Engel and everyone’s expectative…. I am so useless…” Said Honoka.

Because of her stady voice, Engel knew what she was up to.

She was too intelligent to be shunned like this or being striked by uneasiness, so she hoped for someone to help her.

Someone to reach a hand to her so she could go on.



“Shut up!”

Shouted Claudia.

“Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! You are not useless! What are you talking about?! You are a strong but timid girl that would never get depressed over these stupid things!

What’s wrong with you?!

Are you this weak? Come on! Stand up! You may not be strong now but I know that one day you will become soo strong no one would like to fight you!

You’ll obliterate everyone!

So come on and let’s go to practice!”

Exclaimed Claudia while stretching her hand.

Honoka doubted a moment taking it, but then firmly grasped it.

Those words were the only thing she needed.

Honoka who was shunned and all alone all this time, only wanted to be important for someone.

She thought that she wasn’t anfd as well she thought that being overshadowed by her mates was the worst thing for her.

And secluded herself.

Feeling inferior, feeling useless, feeling lonely…

She only needed a hand to streech out and lift her up.

(I feel like a déja-vu…) Thought Engel.

Of course it would be like that, because he had already lived that.

“Now! Let’s go to the training grounds!”

Said Engel as Honoka wiped her tears and Claudia held her hand tightly so she would never felt alone and useless again.


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