Magical Tournament Volume Six Chapter One: Time (Zeit) – Unexpected sursprises are the best and the worst

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Chapter One: Time (Zeit) – Unexpected sursprises are the best and the worst

Teil Ein.

It was roughly a week after the collector’s attack.

This time Engel got serious and attacked the whole organisation.

Asher was now okay with it because they messed up with Autumn.

In the whole continent, as well as some others, Engel teleported back an forth to obliterate the organisation.

In 5 day they were done for.
Engel then slept 2 days because of fatigue and Shirayuki, who was now cured, watched over him.

“Mmm…. No… Kuniki… I can’t do it… I can’t shed… please… leave Kuniki….”

Said Engel in his sleep.

The heck is he dreaming.

“NOOOOOO!!!” He exclaimed while waking up.

(I don’t want to go to the city of pleasure…) He said while getting quite pale.

He looked for his clothes, and as he streeched, he went downstairs in the abbey.

They abbey had 5 rooms in its second floor, and downstairs was the kitchen and the laundry place; as well as the bathroom.

The capilla was in an annex room but hadn’d been used in a long time, except for the usual praying.


He got out of the room, and saw a little girl with silver hair tied in a ponytail dozzing off.

“Thanks…” Mumbled Engel as he picked up the little girl and walked.

Just as he was arriving to the end of the stairs, where the kitchen was-

“Hey sleepyhead you surely took your time.”

“True, True. Be grateful we didn’t doodle in your face.”

“I was going to, but she stopped me.”

“Doodle. Bad.”

“Oh it’s you guys… THE HELL?! IS YOU GUYS!!!” Shouted Engel while suddenly dropping Autumn.

“Ow!” Voiced the girl who suddenly woke up.

Then again;

Krestin, Lene, Izaak and Isold were in the table having breakfast as if nothing.

“How come you are here? Am I still dreaming?!” Said Engel while rubbing his eyes.

“Lol nope.” Said Lene as she threw a knife to Engel’s face.

To be sure, he received it and it pierced his forehead.

“Mmm… Yup, not a dream.” He said as he took off the knife and gave it to Lene.

“I came here just after you went in lumber. Next was Krestin and Isold, and Izaak was the last one. It was quite the coincidence, but it seems we’ve been different amount of time in every world.” Said Lene as she then ate some bread.

Engel sat in the table for six and there he saw his breakfas already served.

“I see… I’m expecting everything you have to tell me…” He said in low voice and serious experssion.

“So, where’s Shirayuki? Also Izaak, where’s Ferris?” Asked then Engel to avoide glooming the atmosphere.

“They’re helping the sister to buy things for lunch. They shouldn’t come back anytime soon.” Said Izaak.

“I see, then I better finish eating and then talk about what we have to talk. I can properly cover shirayuki’s part. What about you Izaak? Can you talk about Ferris part?” Asked then Engel while pacing up his eating speed.

“I do.” Replies Izaak with a confident voice.

Engel only nodded and then resumed his breakfast.

Teil Zwei.

They all went towards Engel’s room.

Even Autunm, who Engel decided to keep with him.

There was a somewhat spark between her and Isold but they just brushed it off.

First Isold and Krestin.

They went to a world called [Bosque].

There humans were extinct and the only ones living there were [Therianthropes].

People with animal ears, tail and the like. It seems that humans received a blessing from certain being and became like that.

The time they spent there, they recorded, memorized and adapted innumerable maount of skill which can be used with the [Holy Beast God Blessing], as well as some [Liquid Beast] which was awarded to them after defeating certain final-boss like entity.

Enough for evryone; even Shirayuki, who can use it to boots herself due to her being aready a [Drachen].

Next was Lene.

She was in another [Earth].

The 8 years she spent there, were inside a place called [Prison Labirynth] where supernatural beings were secluded.

There, she learned the antique art of becoming one with the elements, namely, becoming an [Elemental].

She had the info about the process as well as tactics in how to use it.

Then it was Izaak’s turn.

He was as well in another [Earth].

There science was not bounded by any kind of restrictions.

Genetics, Robotics, Mecatronics, Astrology, Engeneering, etc.

Every science was in a whole different level.

He got to gather all important information about them, but that was only the beggining.

Izaak searched for somehting that could be really gasp the meaning of-

And he chose [Metalurgy].

There, he took all he needed for it to get to the top.

He created several “miracles” in said field and brougth to Engel everything he discovered.

And at last but not least, it was Engel’s turn.

In that upper-medieval world called [Lanza], he learned two useful things.

Alchemic process far beyond [Bereich] and [Earth].

Herbs that no one has ever seen and as well the skill needed for all kinds of beverages. He learned everything he could, and as well refined them.

All this was also for the sake of healing Shirayuki.

Then, the second thing was-


Psychic abilities.

They were not so developed and were quite rare. 1 between 100,000 would have one.

Engel was able to succesfully copy several of them as he also trained his [Yotse Skill – Slayer Amalgamation].

Now, he can’t only copy and modify skills, he can grant them too.

This is useful so he can contribute with his companions.

Autumn attentively listened to what they were talking with shining eyes, but no one noticed it.

As they finished, they let Enge decide what to do next, though, they had a vague idea of what he was thinking.

“Well… After all you told me and what you obtained… Training will be needed, as well as for what I gave you.

We’re going inside the [Ares Hall].”

Said Engel.

“Ares Hall?” Asked Krestin.

“It’s a place where time is slowed and 1 day is equal to 1 year. We got the idea from certain shonen anime but anyways… We can train there as much as we want.” Replied Lene, whom Engel had created the Hall.

“Also, I still don’t know just how many time we have spent in the terms of our world… Without the need to claculate, I think the most we can spend here is a month.” Added Engel.

Everyone nodded to his statement and finished their meeting.


Suddenly Engel noticed someone in his perception.

It was the sister who had come back with Ferris, Shirayuki and the kids who his companions brought, as well as Alexa.

“Oh, it seems Asher came baasdffsdlñgjjsd!!!!”

“Engel, it seems we have something else to discuss.”

“True, true.”

“We need an explanation, now!”

As Krestin held Engel’s neck with one hand of hers, the other two asked for explanations.


It seems they are jealous.

Jealous of the sexy nun they found at the moment they arrived.


Shouted Engel calling out to his benefactor.

“Engel? Did you already woke up?” Asked a youthful, caring and gentle voice while running in the stairs.

Then, from the door of the room, appeared a incredibly sexy nun with chesnut hair, gentle face and a mole under her right eye with red-green eyes.

She had at most 25 years old.

Also it seems the sister outfit was skin-tight.

This, indeed was Asher Ashdown.

The granny that helped Engel when he arrived to [Lanza].

Teil Drei.

This anti-aging effect was the sole purpose of Engel creating [Sephiroth – Level Zero], [Knowledge].

While training in the [Mind Space] with Yozora, he discovered he only had ways of killing and destroying, so he wanted to be useful at least in some way or another.

Thus he created [Knowledge].

It was an incomplete form, as all his [Sephiroth Levels] until he received his [Demonic] and [Angelic Eye].

With these two elements added to the formula, he was able to complete it.

What he does with [Knowledge] is to analyze and heal every cell in the body to the extent of anti-aging.

This is what he used with Claudia Rhodes to heal, regenerate and strenghten her heart and whole body.

And this was Engel’s present to Asher after he left her being abused.

If Engel felt like it, he could make her become a baby.

It would place a huge burden in him even in perfect condition though.

And so, after being beaten thoroughly, Engel explained what he did to Asher.

Krestin, Lene and Isold sighed in relief.

It was a granny all along-

Was what they thought.

Moreover, she is a nun.


“Engel! Are you okay?!”

Shouted Asher as she ran towards Engel who was in the floor.

“Ye-Yeah…” Said Engel while faking a “it hurts” state.

He had a trail of (fake) blood in his mouth and sluggishly moved his hand towards Asher.

She ran towards Engel and took out a white handkerchief and wiped his mouth.

She showed a cute face with a relieved expression while he made a guts pose in his mind.

(This son of a….) Thought Lene while looking at him and gritting her teeth.

She was going to make sure he regretted his little play.

With different words in their minds, Isold and Krestin thought the same.

(Anyways… We should get inside [Ares Hall] as soon as we can…)

Thought Engel as his surrounding got lively.

Teil Vier.


Suddenly Liam stopped the robbed man’s attack with his scythe.

Ange was utterly defeated with sure-kill attack while she had to mind her surroundings and protect the citizens.

Liam stopped the time and was going to kill the robbed man when suddenly he felt without strenght and the stopped time came back to it’s original speed.


Muttered the man while nastly smirking.

Liam fell in his knees and as the man made appear a black flame in his hand-

Ange and him dissapeared in thin air.

“Shit… I still don’t have a means to catch up to her… I need to figure out what to do now…”

Said the robbed man as he then decided to leave as is.

“The god said there was someone I had to be warry of, but I see no one like that here… Ha! What a joke.

No one can stop this Engel Falsch, who shall made everything his…”

Declared the robbed man as a helicopter arrived above him and picked him up.

“Let’s go Lene, I’m quite hungry.”

Said the robbed Engel as he left the place in the helicopter that Lene was driving.



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