Magical Tournament Volume Six Chapter Two: Kammer (Chamber) – If Einstein just had related gravity to the matter…

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Chapter Two: Kammer (Chamber) – If Einstein just had related gravity to the matter…

Teil Ein.

“This little girl here is Lyza and the one next to her is Alexa.”

Said Lene, presenting her friends from [Labyrinth Earth].



They replied.

“They are Charlotte and Carlile!”

Voiced now Izaak who was quite eager to present his friends from the [Exo Earth].

“Hi there!”

Said both.

Engel then nodded. They were in Engel’s room while Asher was coooking the meal.

Everyone already knew wach other, and the only one excluded was Engel.

“My turn then. These little girls here are Helie and Trya. Hey, say hi.” Said Krestin with a gentle voice.


They both said.

“Okay then, as you may know, I am Engel Falsch and am the one who sent my companions to your respective worlds. Nice to meet you.” Voiced Engel.

His hair went back to black as well as his eyes were black and purple.

“That’s right! I wanna know why you put this beutiful girl inside such a place, eh?!”

Then asked Alexa with a foul mouth.

All the other companions of the gods were curious about the same thing. Not even Carlile who was with Izaak since the beggining knew about it.

“Hmm… Well, I sent them to recolect intel about your world’s abilities. Every world has a different method of strenghtening and I wanted it; so I sent them. That’s all.” Said Engel with a gentle smile in his face.

Char understood that behind his face and explanation was another motive, but didn’t voiced it. She was aware that Engel knew she realized it.

Calrlie didn’t say a thing because of Char. The other little girls didn’t understood what he said at all and Lyza didn’t care that much about it.

The only one angry was Alexa.

“You don’t know how much we suffered and what things we saw there! You don’t even know! And here you were doing nothing and just researching your thing! You piece of C-”


Then the one who slapped her was Lene.


“Becase I know you well… And I deeply trust you I did this. If not I’d just let you go rampant.” Said Lene with a trembling voice.

“Everyone here had harships in their respective worlds. Even he had to take hard decisions! Also you just don’t know the reason behind his actions and how hard was for him to send us to random places just as is!

I the time I’ve known you, you have never taken a life and death decision… He has. So, you have no right to blame him!

Also he has stayed here alone taking care of one of us for 20 years! More than any of us! You imagine that? I don’t think so!

So don’t put a blame on something that doesn’t exist!”

scolded Lene to Alexa.

She felt quite depreseed and sulked a bit.

Lene calmed down and Engel started to talk.

“Well… Putting aside reasons, you are right. I put in danger everyone by just throwing you at random places.

Really, I am sorry.”

Said Engel with the heart in his hand.

“Don’t worry about it.”

“It’s okay.”

“We were able gather what you wanted so don’t fret over it.”

“True… Even if we had opur own share of adventure and problems, you too had the same. Don’t sweat it.”

Said Izaak, Isold, Krestin and Lene in said order.

“You guys…” Muttered Engel with a relieved expression and with tears in the corners of his eyes.

He wiped them and brushed off the topic.

“Well then… Let’s have lunch and them training.”

Said Engel with a serious look in his face.

Everyone agreed to his words and went towards the kitchen.

Then Engel stopped Alexa and talked to her.

“Alexa, have a minute?”

“Ye-Yeah…” She replied quite sulked.

“Don’t worry, I won’t say nothing. Actually, I wanted to to say sorry in Lene’s behalf, as well as what I did to her.

I understand you are a important person to her, as well as she is to you and that’s why you took the paper of the bad one and cursed me.” Said Engel with a slight smile.

“Ye-Yeah… You are right.” Replied Alexa.

She deeply cared for Lene and she found it unforgivable that the one she always talked about, her loved one, threw her inside such a place as the [Prison Labirynth].

There was no excuse to what he did; or so she thought.

Now that she meditated it, he should have a reason to do it.

“So… I’m sorry. For sending her to an unknown danger.” Said Engel with a straight face.

“Okay.. I-I get it. You had your reasons and Lene as well trust you awful lot.” Replied Alexa.

Engel gently smiled and they both walked towards the stairs.

“Also you have to accept that you are glad I sent Lene over there.” Mischevously said Engel with a small smirk.

“Shu-Shut up.” Voice Alexa quite embarassed.

Teil Zwei.

“What did you said?!” Asked then Krestin quite surprised.

“That I want the little girls following us too.” Said Engel.

They already had lunch and were discussing the schedule among them.

“They are valuable manpower, and it would be okay for them too. Also Alexa and Carlisle is okay too but that depends in them.” He added.

“I-I see… Well what do you say?” Asked Krestin.

They all nodded to her and it was decided for them to follow the gods into the [Ares Hall].

“Ca-Can I go with you?” Then voiced Asher with a somewhat sour face.

“Why?” Then bluntly asked Engel. He had a rough idea but wanted to test Asher’s determination.

“Be-Because I want to be strong. I want to protect myself and as well protect people I care about.” She said with no hint of hesitation.

“Alright then.” Replies Engel after a while.

“Tomorrow we will start the training. We’ll use 2 years for Asher, Alexa and Carlisle. 9 for the little girls and the rest for ourselves. We will also use the other 11 years too though.” Voiced Engel.

Everyone nodded and steeled themselves to resist the harsh training that was coming.

The very next day, at dawn, after contempling the sunrise…

Engel teleported everyone inside the [Ares Hall].

Teil Drei.

“Amaterasu, how are the preparations going for the [Tournament] going?” Asked a male guy with platinum blonde hair and elegant Japanese garments.

Then a woman with a hourglass body and in elegant clothes simmilar to the young male behind her, replied.

“It seems everything goes as expected, Tsukuyomi. What about you? Are you done hindrancing my favorites?” Asked Amaterasu to the young Tsukuyomi.

“Ho-How did you know?!” Exclaimed Tsukuyomi.

“When is the day you don’t hindrance my plans?” Said Amaterasu as she snorted.

Her black hair waved inside the luxurious room she was.

Her red eyes gazed towards nothingness as if looking for the invisible.

She had activated a skill.

“Hmm… Well, your [Swan] is doing well, but I doubt he can stand against mine.” She said while chuckling.

“What do you say? Are you so sure it is like that?” Asked Tsukuyomi with an arrogant expression.

“They both can be the same person, but are not the same after all.” Voiced the godly beautiful woman as she let out a small smile.

“Have you checked them recently? To my [Swans] that is.” She added.

“N-No…” Replied Tsukuyomi while backing a little from the overwhilming pressure Amaterasu gave.

“Then do so, and repent in your foolishness.” She said and then vanished in thin air.

Teil Vier.

“How many time do we have to wait for them then?” Asked Alexa.

She looked now a little taller and more mature.

After all she had already spent two years inside the [Ares Hall].

Asher and Carlslie were with her too.

“It seems that it’s a month here.” Said Carlslile while looking to the clear sky.

(One month….) Thought Asher while praying everything went well inside the hall.

And in that very same moment-

*Pant, Pant*

“You are the only one Autumn! If you can’t deal with Izaak, you won’t pass to the next round!” Shouted Lene while supervising a one-sided fight of Char, Helie, Trya, Lyza and Autumn.

The first 4 had already been knocked out and the only one standing was the slightly grown Autumn.

“Land a hit and you wiiin!!!”

Shouted Krestin to cheer her up.

Autumn was feeling unbearable pain and had used all her strenght to just remain conscious.

(I need to do it…) She thought to herself with great conviction.

(I need to land a hit… For my god… For Engel!!)

She shouted in her mind as she activated her abilities.

“[Passion of the Warrior]!!”

Shouted Autumn.

This was a [Psychic Skill] that Engel created for her.

It ignored all the pain and the fatigue, and as well recovered stamina, and gave a slight boost in strenght.

It could only be activated by being taken to the limits.

It was a [Trump Card].

This was the only skill she could afford to activate now.

The power of her mind sure is incredible to bear such a skill in such state.

Only her could do it.

“Here I go then.” Said Izaak as he prepared a light-made bow.

One of his creations alongside Engel.

A bow just like a Quin*y.

He shot various light arrows and Autumn ran straight to them.

By paper thin margin she dodged them and then threw a knife towards Izaak.

He defended and suddenly Autumn was out of his sight.

She had modified the skill so the strenght, regeneration and boos were not used this time.

Instead of speed.

She moved at a high speed surpassing any human common and slightly uncommon human in her world and-


She shouted with guts and impressively, landed a hit in Izaak’s shoulder.

He noticed in time and as he was to evade, she managed to change the trajectory of her punch in a mere second and punched him, thus winning the trial.

She collapsed just after though.

“YEAH!!!” Shouted Krestin full of excitement.

“You won’t see?” Asked then Isold who was also looking to the trial.

She was talking to Engel who was there but with eyes closed.

He was trying to control the energies inside him to become an [Elemental]. That’s because he had far more elements to meld with.

“Who says I wasn’t watching. It was splendid.” He smiled as the energy inside him was collected and transformed.

“27 years to go…” Voiced Lene as she slightly smiled.

Teil Fünf.

“Finally you wake up.” Said then Klaus.

Klaus has dusk hazel eyes and light blue hair. He is quite handsome and has a slim body but with some muscles. Different from Liam who was quite thin.

“Ho-How many time?” Asked then Ange, who is the one who just woke up.

“5 days.” Said Klaus with a somewhat sour face.

“Deaths?” She asked while gripping the blanket she had over her.

“…. Thousands…. Maybe a million…” Replies Klaus while trying to avoid Ange’s gaze.

“DAMN IT!!” She cursed with all her heart.

“What about the riots?” She asked.

“Strong as ever… They are still pressing Erik to hand over the [Magic Resonating Process]. Half of the dead ar e their fault. The other half is from the strange black robbed man.” Explained Klaus.

“Illian, Irina and Mr. Cole are looking for him. It’s codename is [Nidhogg].” He added while taking Ange’s hand.

“It’s not your fault. It’s not our fault.” Said Klaus in a low voice full of gentleness.

Then Ange silently cried for all the people she failed to protect.


Shouted Ange in her mind as she wiped her tears and had a expression full of hatred.

“I wont forgive you… [Nidhogg].”

She said as she steeled her resolution to fight.



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