Magical Tournament Volume Six Chapter Three: Stern (Star) – Relativity laws

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Chapter Three: Stern (Star) – Relativity laws

Teil Ein.


Shouted Engel as a titanic orb pierced the skies.

It was falling towards a swarm of black beasts.

“Are you taking me lightly?! [Heaven’s Floor]!”

Then shouted Lene whilst defending the beasts.

Definite power vs definite strenght.

Because Lene has a better handling of barriers than anyone else, Engel’s [Solaris] vanished.



Then shouted someone from afar.

It was Krestin.

Then Lene moved her arm in a horizontal way and all the black beasts, or [Asterisk] vanished.

Engel deactivated the [Sunburst], as lene deactivated her [Moonburst].

“Is that the best you can do while holding back?” Asked Krestin to the two of them.

They nodded.

“Alright. You almost destroyed the hall so you need to hold back more. We already masteres everything we could, but what we have left to do is to control so it doesn’t spill.” Lectured Krestin.

Engel and Lene listened to her voice as they thought of ways to deal with their power.

In fact, the only ones who were left to learn such control were they both.

Izaak was pretty disciplined because of his smithery skill and througouth effort, he was able to gain control.

Krestin was a natural in such things so it was easy, as well as Shirayuki.

Isold was quite natural too, but because being an airhead and stupid, she took more time than Krestin to do so.

So, the theory maniac and mr. I know everything were the only ones who needed more time because fo their intellect.

The more you think about it, the harder it becomes.

Something along those lines is what happened to them.

“Anyways, I’m going to have a fight with Isold so Lene you must watch carefully. Engel is just a centimeter away so he doesn’t need to watch it.” Said Krestin as she called out Isold who was also watching the previous fight.

“I’ll go with Izaak then.” Said Engel as he left.

He was now going to supervise Izaak’s work.

Izaak now is the best blacksmith of the world, as well as various worlds, but he is not able to keep up with Engel’s and Lene’s mind process.

Things like inventions and upgrades are fine, but something actually outstanding it sout of his league.

In his previous world, it was with Carlisle and Char’s help that he was able to come up with the new metals he created.

So Engel now went to see how was doing.

Also because Shirayuki was quite bored, she was looking the process too.

“Hallo there, how’s goinf the [Hose]?” Asked Engel.

“Haa… It’s tiring.” Replied Izaak.

“I said th weaponry, not you.” Added Engel.

“Mean! Anyways, it’s going good, but it’s harder than doing [Ataraxia]” Explained Izaak.

Right now, Izaak was inside a cheap-looking building, whilst inside was totally different.

It was clean and white and had a sturdy glass separating where Izaak was controling some high-tech machines, and these machines crafting the weaponry.

Some controls were in Izaak’s side, and he was talking while working.

As in what Engel meant by [Hose] was the new weaponry that they should use to regule their abilities.

The original name was [Hollow].

Also Izaak already created [Ataraxia]; weaponry that meant to boost their abilities.

Right now, they used 5 kind of equipment.

[Hollow] To hold back with full eficiency.

[Ataraxia] To simply go all out.

[Modified] Used in the case things go wrong and you need to take action quickly while holding back. It’s the equipment made when the gods were in the [Magia Earth].

[Original] It’s their original equipment and they woul use it if going all out is allowed, but to not overdo it.

And [Cursed], which they use level themselves to the world laws.

Because [Cursed] blocks everything and [Ataraxia] allows anything, they were easier to make than [Hollow].

Izaak still has a long way to go to finish it.

“How many time do we have left?” Asked Izaak while still working.

“2 years, more or less.-Oh! There, don’t put that much magic power. We intrinsecally let out some of our aura and if you put too much, we may overload it.” Said Engel while suddenly pointing out in the process Izaak was doing.

“I see… ” Said Izaak while double checking if he had mistaken the amount of magic he had infused in the weaponry.

What he was making was a compact breastplate that would cover other parts when equipped, thus lightening the burden in a single point.

It was meant for Isold and her fighting style.

“Thanks. I hadn’t noticed such a thing. It’s reassuring to have your eyes in moments like this.” Voiced Izaak as he gavce the finishing touches.

“True. You must rest. I properly created artificial night and day so we could be aware of time you know.”

Said Engel as he exited the room.

“I’ll do so…” Said Izaak as he presed some buttons and as the breatplate was saved inside a security box, he fell aseleep in the spot.

Also because of this same thing, Shirayuki was already sleeping when Engel arrived.

“How’s Izaak doing?”

Asked Lene while watching the match between Isold and Krestin.

Krestin was using a rod with some weight in the tip to simulate a spear and Isold was barehanded

Isold while avoiding the rod and sometimes blocking it with the back of her hands, moved swiftly and tried to attack Krestin who gave some steps behind as to regain the distance and have Isold in the rangfe of her “spear”.

Both of them retreated and attacked.

Still, Lene was not watching the fight so superficially.

She had activated her [Angelic Eyes] and as watching the flow of mana and spirit in the ones fighting.

The flow of those energies was minimum and while strenghtening themselves, both Isold and Krestin didn’t leak mroe than the needed energy to fight.

The physical proof was that Isold didn’t destroy the rod at a single touch and Krestin didn’t broke it after gripping it.

Such items for them were like candy sticks.

If there was just a little more thant the energy they were using right now, the rod would become dust.

“Impressive… Even if I get the idea, it’s just too hard to do it.” Said Lene while following the fight.

“Yeah… We have 2 years left, so me might manage somehow.” Said Engel as Lene shouted their time was over.

Like this they had spent their time inside the [Ares Hall].

They hadn’t changed a bit and stayed in top form.

Their har had grown and at least, they looked like 21 year old young men and women.

They only looked slightly younger when they started their training, so their lifespan is quite a mistery.

After all, they are [Veränderten].

With time passing like that, after some time Izaak was able to finish [Hollow] with Lene and Engel’s help.

Engel and Lene after a month Izaak finished his work, they finally got the hold on the regulation technique.

After practicing it for some more time they mastered it and then had various meetings, matches and practice fights with one another.

When the five of them ended the training, went to sleep for at least two months.

Letting the stress go and resting their bodies to truly be at their top form.

and after waking up, and some more slacking days, they declared the end of their training.

Teil Zwei.

“Tsukuyomi… He dared to put “that” in there… I don’t know which one of the those he has under his sleeve, but I hope it’s not too much for them.”

Thought the woman Amaterasu in her room while looking to a mirror.

In it there was a reflection of Engel going out of the [Ares Hall] together with his companions.

“His [Swan] is pretty much dead right now. He can even inflict wounds in beings like ourselves with such level now… If he were to [Cultivate]…” Muttered Amaterasu while grinning.

Then she covered her mouth with a paper fan he had in the tea table in front of her.

“It was the right thing to send the [Skyfall Sea Of Tears] towards that world after all.”

She voiced while looking at the mirror.

“Let’s see how will you defy destiny…”

Teil Drei.

Just after a month, Engel and co. arrived to the abbey.

They spen 3 days with everyone having fun sparrying and talking about what happened inside the hall, until Engel decided it was time to go.

Everyone of course was going to follow the gods until the very end of their lives. All that was already established, except two people.

The nun Asher and Autumn.

Autumn, as well as the other little girls had grown quite a bit, becoming the same age as Alexa.

Then she looked to the eyes to Engel who was waiting for her answer, as everyone was gathered in the door of the abbeyl

She took a deep breath and said-

“I will follow you until I die, and If it’s possible, even further than my death.”

Said Autumn as she fell in her knees.

Engel felt quite embarassed by such scene, but he didn’t dare to make fun of Autumns oath while saying something unnecesary.

“Alright. I hope you stay firm in your promise then.” Said Engel as he smile and gave a hand to Autumn.

Then it was Asher’s turn.

As everyone looked at, waiting for her answer, she replied with honesty.

“First of all, I really do appreciate you much. All these years were the best for me, still, I don’t know if I am willing to follow you to another place where I know nothing about. Then again, you also made me younger which is something trully odd. No one gets younger from a day to another.

I don’t know which to choose; stay or leave, but indeed leaving seems more plausible.

Actually, it’s not that bad to consider all this, so-

I think I’ll tag along with you.”

Said Asher while considering her reasons.

She would often do that while she is bein asked somehting.

“I see. It’s indeed reassuring that you leave this world. Thanks for coming along.” Said Engel with a warm smile.

“Well then, It would be better if we go right now. Are you ready?”

Asked Engel, to what everyone nodded.

Then Engel teleported everyone to the [Triskelion] that was already floating high up in the sky.

“From here things may get rough. Autumn, Char, Lyza, Trya and Helie await orders.

Asher, Carlile, Ferris and Alexa, you’ll defend the airship. Don’t get caught in the bewiderment of the moment.”

Said Engel.

Right now, Asher and co, as well Autumn and co were quite surprised by appearing in such place, so Engel warned them that where they were going was far more impressive and shouldn’t be stopped by the momentum.

“Izaak, Isold, Krestin, Lene, Shirayuki… The moment we arrive, prepare [Ataraxia]. Okay?” He ordered.

The gods and Shirayuki nodded and-

“Alright! Let’s go!” Shouted Engel ad the [Triskelion] vanished in thin air.

Teil Vier.


Voiced Char as she looked into the infinite [Astral Canyon].

The others did so too.

It didn’t matter if they got a warning or not, they still were bewildered by the beautifulness of the place.


Then what brought everyone to their senses was the shining light of the gods equipping their armors.

“What the hell why golden?” Voiced Engel as he noticed he and the others were shining with the armors Izaak created.

“It’s because this is the first time completely equipping it. Right now It’s using the energy you already poured in it and activating the functions.”

Explained Izaak as the airship floated amidst the void space.

When the shine faded, eveyone could notice the true form of their armor.

Even for them, how the equipment looked was different.

It had technological-like shining embroideries.

Engel’s looked like his [Modified Cursed-Heavenly Dragon Armor]. Izaak took the liberty of making all of the armors simmilar to that one.

For Engel, the only one difference was the weight and mobility, as well as the lines shining in yellow and green.

The difference in the others was-

Isold had heavy gauntlets.

Krestin had more armor on herself.

Lene had less armor than Engel.

Izaak wore one with standard specs.

And Shirayuki had as much armor as Krestin, but with a enormous shield.

They all shone in their respective energy color.

The only problem with this is the energy compsumption.

[Ataraxia] is a trump card type equipment.

For long battles, they still prefer their [Original] equipment.

Because [Ataraxia] is a mobile nuke.

“Everyone! Take your places!!” Shouted Engel as the others readied their weapons.

“I’ll teleport once again! NOW!” Exclaimed Engel after analyzing the course he had to take.

They were quite far from [Earth] but not out of Engel’s range.

The [Triskelion] arrived at some distance of the [Gate] connecting to the [Earth], their home.






“Wha-What is this?”


“… Guys you okay?”

Asked Engel.

The gods and Shirayuki nodded, but when he noticed, everyone else was lying unconscious in the floor.

The only one standing up was Autumn, because she immediately used [Passion Of The Warrior].

She was barely resisting because of it, but soon enough she also passed out.

It was because the pressure the beas in front of them was releasing.

The gods felt it as a normal strong pressure, but they realized the without the their long training, they would be the samne a autumn.

(So this is what Engel felt that time….) Thought Izaak whiler recalling the scene where Engel sent them to various worlds.

“Then again… Are we really fighting this thing?”

Asked Lene while looking at the titanic beast in front of them.

It had white fur with black stripes. It wore golden claws and in it’s head had a helmet that looked like a saberthoot skull.

It’s tail looked made of golden bones and then-


It roared… a [White Tiger].

“It looks like-”

“Don’t say it…. I managed not to say it for more than 50 years… If you say it, it feels like I’d lose…”

Said Engel while placing his hand in front of Lene.

(Damn…) She thought while looking the beast.

The 50+ meter beast Engel perceived from long ago, indeed looked as a [White Tiger], which in their minds, they named [Byakko].

“What do we do now?” Asked Izaak while the beast glared at them.

“It seems it wants us to enter his range… So it wants us to fight for the right of passing.”

Said Engel while the beast reduced it’s pressure.

“Simple then… We slay it.” He added while they nodded and jumped off the [Triskelion].

The autonomic defense system of the airship created various [Asterisk] and har it resguarding the passed out people and the airship itself.

Because they perfect sync, they didn’t need glares, signals or telephatic comunications to fight.

Only they own trust and feelings.

Izaak stopped midway after flying a while with the others and created various [Laser Cannons] of 20+ meters.

He created 10 of them and started to shot them in intervals towards [Byakko].

The white lights reached the white tiger and he dodged them by paper thin margin.

Shirayuki also stood next Izaak and obvserves the fight trying to figure out attack patterns.

Even the slight information of their enemy was useful.

Lene was unable to use her [Arcana] to actually stop time, but she was able to coat it in her [Chrono Adamant] as always and approached [Byakko] together with Idsold and Krestin.

Krestin had already prepared [Zeus’ Lightning] and charged it with all the energy she could and Isold had her [Gungnir] coated in [Divine Element].

They both had already activated their [Arcana] too.

Engel stood behind to analyze the opponet and find an ooprtunity to attack.

They all had already activated their [Burst], so Engel had white hair and his green and yellow eyes.

He readied [Kuiper’s Theorema] and tried to attack from other perspective while the white tigers was still trying to avoid Izaak’s attacks.

Then Krestin arrived first and attacked with all her strenght. While boosting, she retreted because it was of no use.

Isold tried to with [Accelerate] and was futile too. It seems [Byakko] was coated in electricity.

Lene also approached while the white tiger evades the lasers and tried to bite Isold and Krestin.

She slashed skull helmet and this became only a little rusted, but went back to it’s original form.

Lene get slightly distracted by this so [Byakko] tried to slash at her with his claws.

Engel stopped his momentum with [Kuiper’s Theorma] at full speed.

It also made no damage and the white tiger changed his target from Lene to Engel.

Fed up with the long range attacks, [Byakko] released an electric discharge all around him and the gods plus Shirayuki were affected.

Then [Byakko] rushed towards Izaak and tried to bite him.

Izaak evaded somehow with great luck and then a claw knocked his sides and he was sent flying.

Engel noticed and teleported to catch Izaak and bring him againt to the battle.

He instantly recovered and they both charged again towards [Byakko].

Izaak kepts shooting the lasers but now it seems useless.

The white tiger’s speed had rised and it was in an unbelievable realm.

While leaving white-blue traces it attacked as Isold retreated to the rear.

Shirayuki was still observing as Engel and Lene evaded the attacks.

Then Lene was tackled and was sent flying towards Izaak.

He stopped her as she regenerated.

Now the onely ones dodgefighting were Engel and the recently speed-boosted Krestin.

While leaving sky-blue and bicolored traces they flew in the void. Engel used [Devil Element] attacks to figure out the right output to damage him and Krestin was also boosting her strenght to mash up the white tiger.

It seems that besides [Devil Element] didn’t work, but then he changed to [Water Element].

Because the lack of air in the [Astral Canyon] it was unlikeable that [Explosion Magic] would work so he didn’t tried it at first.

It also seems that Izaak let out some device inside the [Laser] so it would be visible in the void.

The lasers gain color because of the dust particles and the like in the air they burn, so in the void it would be invisible.

He figured that out and used a method from the [Exo Planet] to avoid them being invisible.

Because somehow the white tiger’s aura repelled the attacks, Engel tried with all the elements to figuere out which one would work.

It also was too big to try melee attacks.

Engel used high-pressure water to try cutting the white tiger but it wasn’t strong enought.

[Electric Element] didn’t work that much and the other elements were useless.

Also [Antimagic] was out of the question.

As they evaded and attacked, Engel used various water attakcs and Krestin tried to physically attack but [Byakko] again let out the electric charge around him go rampant.

It paralized everyone in the place but Engel, Isold and Krestin stood up immediately.

(Everything seems useless besides [Water] and [Divine Element]. I can’t use [Gravity], much less all the extent of my [Arcana]… What do we do?…)

Thought Engel while he still avoided the white tigers attacks.

Lene also tried to help with her scythe but the arcana coating didn’t work either.


Then Engel tried to merge his [Spirit] and [Mana] with [Divine Element] and shot it towards the white tiger as they were still doging and attacking each other.


[Byakko] let out a cry because of the sudden pain.

It seems that it wasn’t enought to damage it but the sudden attack made it react.

Engel realized it was useful so he issued orders.

It also seems that [Byakko] was avoiding Izaak’s [Laser] because it had traces of [Spirit] Izaak unconsciously let out.

He could control his [Mana] perfectly, but he still had little issues with the [Spirit] when he became fired up.

Because it wasn’t something they could fix, they let it as is.

[Shirayuki! Help Izaak with his [Laser]!! Lene! Keep it up! Krestin!! Gather and boost [Mana] and [Spirit]!! You know what to do with them!!]

Engel used [Wake Up Call] to comunicate and eveyone nodded.


Said Engel and Isold changed [Gungnir] for the heavy gauntlets, heavy boots and the protectors.

As veryone was managing their tasks, Isold and Engel were covered in a dazzling light.

It came from their hearts and started to spread to all their body.

In a mere instant, they became pure light. Their faces looked like they wore masks with only the eyes holes to see.

They conserved their armor and the aura around them became stronger.

They started to mix mana in theirs beings, so the technological patterns with their magic colors were there too.

It was the ability Lene taught them.

[Elemental Conversion].

They completely became beings of [Divine Element].

Then Isold charged towards [Byakko] with an unbelievable speed and assested various strikes, succesfully damaging him.

Izaak was still shooting the melded laser and it hit various times the white tiger and it cried in pain.

Engel was gathering energy from the alternate space his [Angelic Eye] accesses and creating the [Longinus] of pure raw [Divine Element].

Krestin was boosting her abilities per every second and gathered them in one place.

She was trying to cast her newest spell.

Lene tried to pin him together with Isold but the white tiger always found a way to slip off them.

It doged, launched electric attacks and attacked with its claws and fangs.

The electric attacks were present since the last time it launched the area-of-effect electric charge.

Lene’s attacks were of not much use against [Byakko] but it was complemented by Isold’s.

At a dazzling speed she attacked every open space she could see and then retreated. Doing this several times the white tiger got more beser, creating more openings and letting Izaak’s laser to give a pinpoint shot.

Even with some intelligence, a beast was a beast.

As strong it was, it’s animal-like mind would prevail over it’s senses.

Engel then finished his [Longinus], he charged towards [Byakko].

With a speed hundred of times faster than Isold’s, he slashed across [Byakko]’s titanic body.

Engel in a mere moment was able to cut off it’s limbs and rip open it’s stomach.

Of course, this was not able to kill it.

He started to regenerate, as he was doing it since the beggining, and let our electric charges in all directions again.

This time they could defend themselves after Engel discovered the charges were infused with [Spirit].

Besides Lene, Shirayuki and Engel, the others wouldn’t know about the origin of the electric charges.

They let themselves get hit the past two times to really be sure of the consitution of them.

right now their absurd tanks of energy were not even half empty, except for Isold who used [Elemental Conversion].

Engel’s tank was even more impressive because he had used tons of energy and he hadn’t reached the 40 percent of consumption yet.

As it was regenerating Engel once again, while defending from the electric attacks, he slashed, pierced and severed various parts of the white tiger as he roared in pain.

He rised his speed to his limits and created countless injuries to [Byakko] until it was unable to keep up with the regeneration and at some point it stopped recovering.

Somehow, [Byakko] had a [Status] which now was visible to Engel.

He noticed the white tiger’s health had dropped until 40%.


Then it roared again.

As he was slowly trying to gather energy for more electric attacks, Kristen called out to Engel.

[I’M READY!!!!!]

She shouted through the [Wake Up Call]

Engel nodded and took his place.

Then a eight-pointed star appeared between him and the white tiger.

This was Krestin’s newest spell-


Then Engel once again poured [Spirit], [Mana] and [Divine Element] in his [Longinus].

He used all up until he was left with only 10% of his energy.

Engel prepared himself to shot his spear and-

[Judge, [Longinus]].

He said and threw his most powerful one-hit attack.

Leaving a vacuum explison behind, it crossed in the very center of the eight-shaped star and it was boosted by thousandfold.

Speed, power, momentum, energy and sharpness.

Everyting was boosted to the unimaginable and as a gigantic cannon, it rained all over the white tiger.

It didn’t even had the time to cry.

[Byakko] became dust after such potent attack.


No trace of [Byakko]’s existence remained after the [Longinus’ Judgement].

Teil Fünf.

While heavily breathing, Engel went towards the airship together with his companions.

After he deactivated [Elemental Conversion], all the stress fell upon him, as well as for Isold.

This skill ignores stamina and physical effor until you revert to your original state.

The others were tired as well and had barely energy to move.

The one with 2% of energy was Krestin who gaver her all to amplify Engel’s [Lanze].

As they landed in the [Triskelion], they changed [Ataraxia] for their [Original] equipment.

And in that very moment-


Everyone sensed something strange at their backs.

As the [Asterisk] became black dust particles, the gods and Shirayuki turned around.

There it was…

A turtle three to five time bigger than [Byakko].

Black in color and with strange silhouettes around it.


With a cry totally different from [Byakko], it appeared.

“I-It’s…. I’ts [Genbu]….” Voiced Lene with her mouth agape.

Engel didn’t havce the strenght to retort her words, and only stared at the new beast in front of them.

Then the beast opened it’s mouth and gathered energy from it’s surroundings and shot a gigant laser-like attack.

Engel was the first to react.

He teleported eveyone out of the way.

He was able to move them to a safe location.

But there was a problem.

He himself didn’t teleport.

Engel didn’t have the aid of the sleeping Lilya.


He shouted in his insides to wake her up.

He then created a shield made of [Mana] and [Spirit] to endure the immense cannon that hit him.

Lilya was able to barely wake up and Engel teleported out of the cannon’s way.

He can’t teleport himslef if he is calling out for Lilya.

Then [Genbu] prepared again a second shot and Engel, analyzing the situation, decided to retreat.

He teleported the [Triskelion] to a nearby parallel world as the laser attack was directed towards Engel once again.

This time he didn’t have the time to completely finish the calculation of his teleportation and, including the strange distortion [Genbu] created with it’s breath-

Engel’s teleportation failed.



As he and Lilya wondered the strange feeling while they teleported, it was too late.

They were aready in a random world.

All Engel could see now was the blue sky in fornt of him, and feel the wind resistance behind him.

(Am I falling?!!)

Shouted Engel in his insides as he looked behind him.

But it was too late and he crashed with the hard ground.


After some moments after the landing-

“Crap! This hurts like shiit!!”

Shouted Engel. He now was in the middle of a valley.

“Do you know where we are?” Asked Engel while entrusting the analysis of the world’s location to Lylia.

“It seems… That his is [Bereich]” Replied Lilya with a surprised voice. It even was audible to the sorroundings, and not only in Engel’s mind.

After a quick judgement, Engel decided what to do by the meantime.

“By the time being, let’s go somewhere near civilization.” He said to Lilya.

“What do you think, Lilya?” Added Engel.

“I agree with your decision, Master Engel.” Replied Lilya with full agreement.

They didn’t know what to do, or where exactly were they. The only thing abiable with their limited energy was to look for civilization.

Thus, Engel started to walk east in the vast valley he was now.


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