Magical Tournament Volume Six Chapter Four: Anschluss (Conection) – Clash and wrath

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Chapter Four: Anschluss (Conection) – Clash and wrath

Teil Ein.


Cursed  Ange as she evaded the great amount of  shots made of [Devil Element].

She had activated her strongest state – [Sephiroth].

Ange wielded her spear [Tombokiri] and dashed through the ground.

The one fighting with her, keeping her in the ground was a robbed man clad in black.

He poured countless beam-like attacks.

She was dancing at his palm because he had a method that didn’t let her teleport near him.

The place they were fighting was a ghost city.

The place was completely desolated.
Then Ange prepared various light-made beams and shot them towards the robbed man in black.

She hadn’t been hit once.

Even with little room to evade, she was able to create little light-made shields and analyzing the trajectories of the shots and also blocked some with her spear.

Barriers were useless with such compressed level of [Devil Element], so the only way was to fight it with [Divine Element].

“[White Stream]!!” Shouted Ange and she was able to for a while disperse the shots with a wave of [Divine Element] in all 360 grades.

Then she created a stron light-made shield in front of her and  flew towards the black robbed man.

With a sub-sonic speed she arrived in a mere instant and pierced his chest.


Let out the… Woman?

Indeed… It was a woman’s voice.

Ange frowned.

She was sure that the last time she fought with the robbed figure, this was a man.

“GEH!…. Hahaha….. Hahaha! Idiot! You’re dead now!!!”

Shouted the woman whose face was now uncovered.

She was a outstandingly beautiful girl with bright blue eyes and bob-cut hair.

Ange then felt a great presence behind her.

This presence had a great amount of [Devil Element] gathered.

She turned around and at point-blank range was-

The robbed man.

The beautiful girl let go off herself from Ange’s spear and moved out of the way.

She didn’t plan on dying.


Said Ange as the robbed man shot the gathered energy.

Or so it was supposed to be.

Just in that moment-


The man and the girl, whose body was healing, received a call.

They had a wireless earphone and so, they accepted the call.

The only one calling was of such importance that made them stop in the crucial moment.


Shouted the person calling.

They didn’t understood his word until it was too late.



Then an immense pressure surrounded them.

Even Ange felt shivers from it.

Then a voice resounded.

A quiet and beautiful voice as if it was the chant of angels.

“[Black Bullet]”

A spell.

A low level spell that couldn’t possibly harm any of the ones fighting.

But still-


The beautiful girl’s body was blown off.

Her lower half was gone.

No one noticed when she was attacked.


Shouted the robbed man as he tried to aid the falling girl.

Until he noticed-

That he himself had already lost his arm, as well as half of his torso.


The man, whose voice wouldn’t come out, fell to the ground.

As the only one remaining, Ange was completely dumbfonunded.

She was proud in her kinetic vision, as well as in her [Demonic Eye] that could see things even a supersonic speed.

And now she was unable to even see the attack that blew off her enemies.

The falling people dissapeared in thin air before reaching the ground, and until that moment she regained her senses as the pressure faded.


She checked herself to be sure of the state of her body.

When he was sure she was alright, her mind started to work properly again.

(Who saved me?! Ally? Enemy¡ What the hell happened? Was I really saved? Who did this?…)

While such questions filled her head, someone approached her.


Exclaimed Ange.

(Did he saved me? Since when is he so powerful?) Voiced Ange in her mind as his best pal flew towards her.

Liam was suposed to be helping in the protection of [Camellia City] if anything happened.

She would be fighting one on one against the robbed man, named [Niddhog].

“Liam, why are you here?”

Was the first thing she asked.

He was in a state of mind different from hers, but he understood he had to answer first her question rather than embracing her, which he wanted to do right now.

“I was…. Worried. I didn’t knew how the fight would turn out, so I chased after you. Then I found some little help.”

He explained.

“I see…. But as little help, what do you mean?” Asked Ange with a serious expression.


Said someone behind her.

(WHA?! I DIDN’T EVEN FELT HER PRESENCE!!) Shouted Ange in her mind as she turned around.

She recognized the voice.

It was the voice that casted the spell before.


Said a cheerful voice.


Voiced Ange, as  she looked the face of the girl in front of her.

Though the hair was longer, and she was slightly older, the girl in front of her had the same face of the one with the robbed man.


It was the same person.

With some company behind her.

Teil Zwei.

Everyone was in [Triskelion]’s main room.

It was where the gods held their meetings, besides the command room.

There Lene, Izaak, Isold and Krestin.

They were sitting across two people.

Liam and Ange.

Lene as the second in comand when Engel was not abiavle, sent Shirayuki, Asher and everyone else to another room.

She thought that only them were the ones needed to deal with these two.

Actually, Shirayuki was the one to notice Engel was not with them, and to detect a presence similar to his.

While chasing it, she felt another presence similar to Lene approaching them.

Lene also detected it and ordered them to hide as she went to investigate it.

After the shock of findind herself genderbended, and almost laughing outloud, she helped him to arrive to his goal;

Ange’s position.

And that’s how they arrived to the current situation;

Currently going to [Camelia Academy].

Being deemes as allies, Ange felt safe but nervous inside the airship.

She felt nervous due to Lene’s piercing gaze.

“Ehhm… Is there something wrong?” Asked Ange while blushing.

Different from the robbed girl, the one in front of her has far more carefully mantained beauty.

“…ow….” Voiced Lene.


“How is it possible?!!! I mean!! They’re not mounstrous but… look!!! They’re like Krestin’s!! HOW?! It’s just how are sñflksdfadsjfsld”

“Sorry… I think she’s quite stressed right now. I’ll take on her place.”

Said Izaak as he created a piece of fabric and gagged Lene.

(That’s similar to Irina’s…)

Thought Ange as she witnessed Izaak’s magic.

“So, who you might be?” Asked Ange while turning in her [Serious Modo].

“We?…. Well… Sorry, I’m no good with this-”

He said as he ungagged Lene.

She cleared her throat and started talking.

“We are you. We are your versions of other world. We can also say you are our versions… But fighting about the real and fake is just pointless.

The point is, we are from a different world from yours.”

Said Lene whit a serious expression.

Ange analyzed her micri-expressions, pulse, voice, body temperature and electromagnetic emissions.

She was telling the truth.

Ange sighed and relaxed her expression.

“I thought the possibility of parallel worlds, but this is just too unruling….”

She let out a broad smile, as if enjoying it.

Liam understood her feelings and smiled too.

(Really…) Thought Lene while mantaining her poker face.

“So, you are supposed to be the version of?” Asked Ange as if teasing.

They were already above [Camellia Academy] as she asked this.

“You’ll know soon enough.”

Smiled devishly Lene and then they she teleported away with everyone in the room.

Teil Drei.

“Illian Ähnlich, Irina Ausgewogen and Klaus Spiegel have arrived.”

Said Klaus, as he entered Mr. Cole’s office with his companions behind.

He didn’t have any news about Ange’s solo mission, as well as Liam’s whereabouts after he left his position to chase Ange.

Klaus absolutely wanted to do the same, but his sense of noblese obligue impided it.

“Ange?!” Shouted Klaus as he noticed Ange inside the room.

As he was going to jump to hug her, he noticed the other people inside the office, as well as Liam.

(… I feel nothing coming from them… [Normals]? No… Their equipment says the opposite…. Who are they?) Voiced Klaus in his mind while looking at them thoroughly.

“They’ll explain soon.” Said Ange while guessing Klaus’ intention. He walked towards her, as well as Irina and Illian.

“Well then; you said you are people from other world, moreover, versions of opposite genders of ours.”

Said bluntly Mr. Cole.

He is a young man with long blond hair and girlish features.

And he was dressed as weird as Ms. Cole.

Klaus, Illian and Irina widened their eyes to what Mr. Cole said and looked again towards the 4 people in the room.

“So, is it time to answer my question.” Said Ange as she smirked. She had roughly guessed who was who, but she wanted to hear it.


Said Lene as Isold gave a step forward.

“That guy there with the white traces in his hair and overly-ripped body, you’re her double.”

Illian was well build guy with a handsome face and short black hair with white traces in it.

They both said nothing, and only looked at each other.

“Krestin.” Voiced again Lene and Krestin gave a step forward.

“You the “model student”, she’s you counterpart.”

Said Lene as Krestin waved her hand. Klaus then bowed in respect.

“Izaak… Well… Hey you girl are unexpectedly cute. This one here is your opposite.” Said Lene while inspecting Irina.

She looked well built, a little prideful and with long, ponytailed hair.

Still, she was quite flat so Lene didn’t say a word.

“And so, the remaining guy is my parallel.” Said Lene while glancing at Liam.

Then Ange frowned.

“I see… So, where’s my opposite?” She asked.

“Well…. Ehhmm…. He’s lost- Tee-hee!”

Said Lene after some moments while slightly knocking her hear and sticking out her tongue.

Teil Vier.

After testing his [Arcana] and moving here and there, Engel arrived to some snowy mountains.

It’s been a few days after he arrived to [Bereich].

While moving around from place to place, together with Lilya he discovered that the [Bereich] he was now, was different from the one he once knew.

Lilya was the one to notice, that it was very similar to his memories.

In fact, it was identical.

Then Lilya suggested him to visit certain place, which he did.

What he saw there, affirmed his most crazy thoughts.

He was in the past. 450+ years aproximately.

And now he had to figure out how to get out of there.

“I can freeze myself… Or wait… But still there are the others … Lilya, what do we do?” Asked Engel quite puzzled.

He still was recovering his mana and spirit. He had barely enough to make just one jump to the [Astral Canyon].

He still can’t look for them.

“Waiting in the [Astral Canyon] is the best option, Master Engel.” Voiced Lilya.

Engel agreed with her.

Then, in that very moment-

“Ehh? I can feel some sort of interference coming from up there. Want to check Lilya?” Asked Engel as he felt something strange in his body.

“Well… It’s your desicion, Master Engel. As I can feel, it’s the [Longinus] that makes and recieves the interference. So, it may be worth seeing what makes such action.” Replied Lilya.

Then Engel while ignoring the energy consumption, dissapeared in thin air.

In an instant, he appeared several meters in the place of a fight.

He saw several [Arche] knights going against one only individual and that individual… And [Arche] girl being pierced be several attacks and then was being almost cut in half by an omnious sword he recognized.

(Is that… Dulandal?)

Then, the guy suddenly felt an intense impulse of helping that girl. He didn’t know why, but he felt that strong impulse.

It seemed that the [Arche] wielding [Dulandal] took out something from her body.

(That is…. The [Longinus]!!! So that girls is-!!!) Thought Engel as he decided something in his heart.

Then the [Dulandal] wielder moved to another location and then the other [Arche] prepared several spells to attack the barely consicious female [Arche].

Engel teleported and in the blink of an eye he was next to the girl….

But the spells were going to hit them in no time. So-

“Yotse Skill – [Drain Shield]”

All the attacks that landed on them started to be absorbed by the guy’s shield.

Then he placed his hand in the chest, above her breasts.

“I can’t have you dying here.”

Said Engel with a half-smile.

Then all the mana that was being absorbed by the shield wa transmited to the girl. Her deadly wounds were being healed and she slowly was regaining consiciunes.

(It wold be better if no one see us….)

Said the guy to himself, then, admist all the smoke created by the magic explosions he teleported inside a nearby building.

“Why did you do that Master?”

Asked Lilya. He could have easily absorbed the energy and leave, or just leave.

He didn’t have to do it.

Also there were repercutions about changing the past.

“You felt it too right… That incongruence….” Said Engel while narrowing his eyes.

“Wasn’t it the [Interference]?” Added Lilya.

“No. It was something else… Something inside me felt like I absolutely needed to save her.” Said Engel.

“I see… Was it destiny?” Said Lilya with a questioning tone.

“I bet. Anyways, I need t-???!!!!!!”

Just as Engel was taking off the [Arche]’s equipment, he felt something odd and decided to check outside.

“Anything wrong, Master Engel?” Asked Lilya.

“This feeling…. Undoubtely, It is IT!” Shouted Engel as he looked through the window.

“[Ratatoskr Drive]” Said Engel as he saw a nother falling [Arche] and someone activating an area of efffect skill.

“Shit I need to get out of here!” Exclaimed Engel as he teleported towards the tower in the center of the place, took the falling [Arche] and the one next to him.

“Haa… I felt I was going to die……” He voiced.

“Her [Ratatoskr Drive] and her [Polter’s Geist] sure are deadly…. I experienced in my own “flesh” after all.” He said while recalling some of his memories.

Engel teleported the [Arche] some meters apart inside the room and then waited for the skill to end.

And as it ended-


The [Arche] he rescued first started to regain her senses.


Teil Fünf


Exclaimed Ange that was quite fired up to see her genderbender version, but was unable to.

“Well… ” Voiced Lene as she thought if it was okay to tell her situation.

“Well…. She said lost but it’s more like this is our rezendvous point and he is late to come.”

Replied Krestin while Lene was hesitating.

(Good job!)

Pointed Lene in her mind.

“Your rezendvous point… Well, then I only have to wait!”

Said Ange as she smiled.

Besides the 4 gods, Liam and Mr. Cole, no one noticed the sudden change in Ange’s tone.

She realized they didn’t want to tell their ciscumstances, so she stood silent until the proper time arrived.


“Well, sorry if I ask you this so sudden, but we’d like to talk alone with Mr. Cole.” Said Lene while the gears in her mind suddenly changed.

In the depths of her mind, she was thinking something since they realized how “simmilar” was this world to theirs.

(If this is just the same except the gender, then….)

“I’d like to talk about [Dragon Blood]… Do you get me?”

Added Lene as she release a bit of her pressure on Mr. Cole.

He realized immediately what Lene wanted to talk about.

“….. Guy, get out…” Faintly voiced Mr. Cole.

They all were dumbfounded by Lene’s words, but suddenly realized there was something important they wanted to talk in private, so the five opposites get out of the room.

Mr. Cole sighed, and started to talk.

“So in your world… You were told about it?” Asked Mr. Cole.

“No. We learned tha hard way, about our real [Race]. But still, we want to know the details of it.”

Said Lene as she put a barrier to prevent information leaking.

“Details? Are you sure?” Asked Mr. Cole with a straight face.

“Yes. We all have seen many kinds of things… We are ready to know about this.” Added Krestin.

“I see, then I won’t hold back.” Said Mr. Cole as he started to tell the truth about the events several years ago.


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