Elementals: Crystal Garden Chapter 00 – Prologue: Intel//World Clock

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00 – Prologue: Intel//World Clock


Werewolves, vampires, elves, pixies, youkai, ayakashi, banshee, wraith, mermaids, dragonewt, therianthrope, shamans, spirits, ghosts, dryads, druids, phoenix, demons, angels… Etc, etc, etc.

This is a world where these kind of beings exist; supernatural beings.

Since ancient times these kind of beings have inhabited this world. Every single one, with no exception, has peacefully coexisted since their creation.

Suddenly the greatest beings in the world, the gods, decided to create one more sentient being: Humans.

These humans were not so much different from the supernaturals. The only difference rested in their weak constitution and their high birth rate.

Decades after humans were created, the supernaturals tried to create a bond with them… But it was impossible.

The Humans were afraid of the supernaturals. More exactly, they were afraid of those different from them… Afraid of the unknown. Moreover, the Humans were warlike beings who loved conflicts and what they gained from them.

One day, after many failures at peacefully coexisting with Humans, a human male killed a supernatural offspring. Nobody remembers if it was an accident, if it was intentional or if it even happened but it started a war.

In this war, called the [First Supernatural War- Luna], there were many casualties.

In this immense war, the supernaturals lost. The Human intellect was way above theirs and the supernaturals were not able to win with only raw power. They not only lost many lives, but also land.

Humans took as many lands as they could from the supernaturals who had to surrender most of their territory.

After this, there was no more contact between the Supernatural Beings and the Humans for centuries. As if it was natural, Humans stood in the light whilst Supernatural Beings remained in the darkness. Only in some exceptions supernaturals let themselves be seen by humans they decided were no threat to them or their species.

But that was until the Humans threatened the Supernatural Being’s ecosystems.

Over the centuries, Humans’ civilization evolved. Towns, cities and countries were being created as humans grew in number; thus, they decided to expand their territories

For this purpose, Humans would burn down forests, make cities along seashores and mountains until they reached the supernaturals territory.

Because of this, the Supernatural Beings decided to retaliate. They would not lose to the humans again. They would not surrender their remaining lands, so they attacked first. The supernaturals were far more superior to the actual Humans and were easily able to stop their advance. They killed various male Humans while giving mercy to children, elderly and women. Still, there was another challenge for the supernaturals-

Their numbers.

Human population was bigger in number. 1-10 was the rate of supernaturals to Humans. If a supernatural killed 10 Humans, a hundred would give chase. It was hell for both sides.

After many conflicts which lasted decades, Humans and Supernatural Beings ended the strife in a tie.

This war was named the [Second Supernatural War – Sol]

After this war, Humans would not refer to the Supernatural Beings as is. The supernaturals became “Monsters”.

After the war, Humans would retreat and never touch certain areas and similarly, Monsters would not approach Human establishments.

Unfortunately, Human emotions as well as the Monsters’ resentment would not fade after a simple treaty. Their rage, hatred, wish for vengeance and bloodthirst did not fade. Both humans and monsters killed various individuals from both groups. Sons, fathers, mothers and daughters died in said war; thus, revenge eventually corrupted their hearts.

Not much time after the war, these aisled events happened.

Because of their previous encounters, Monsters would use “hit and run” tactics. With these methods they dealt a huge damage to the human side. It took time for humans to learn how to counterattack against monsters. It took years… Decades until they were able to give a proper hit to the monsters’ side.

Through the years, Humans learned and passed down many methods on how to kill monsters. Their strengths, weaknesses and habits were given from father to son and so on.

Then again, monsters received a proper counter from Humans. In this neverending cycle of battles, both humans and monsters evolved.

Humans created many more ways to kill monsters and Monsters adapted. Not only they learned to hide among humans, but also some of them were able to overcome their greatest weaknesses.

Like this, their battles progressed until modern days where they fought for their own beliefs until one of them becomes the winner.



There was a big explosion in the air.

In the middle of it was the figure of a young male who slowly landed.

The young male had all his clothing burnt and his well built body was full of bruises and deeps cuts. He had a blond mohawk and crimson eyes.


Shouted the young guy while running towards a person laid on the ground, a young girl who had been caught into the explosion.


Mumbled the girl.

She had burns all over her body and her clothes were burned and tattered but that was not the cause of her weakened state.

“Ye-Yeah… It’s me….” Said the guy while firmly holding the girl’s hand.

“Did… Did you kill them?” Asked the girl.

“Yeah… I did… But not just those who attacked us…  I am going to kill every single one of those despicable people…” Replied the mohawk guy.

Then the girl rose her arm and-


She slapped the guy.


Shocked at first he soon came back to his senses as he showed an expression of disbelief.


Shouted the girl with the little strength she had.

“You… Why do you say that?”

Murmured the girl.

“Because they killed many in the town! They killed Ms. Lykus too!”

Shouted the mohawk guy, whom the girl called Nate.

[They also did this to you!] – He wanted to shout, but kept it inside him. If he were to voice it out, he would lose. That’s what he thought.

“You know… Revenge is no good… If you choose that path… You’ll lose what’s important to you. You will surely lose your humanity.”

“Humanity?! SIS! WE ARE NOT HUMANS! We are-!?”

Then Nate’s sister, placed her index finger over his mouth.

“Humanity… Is a word humans created to differentiate themselves from beasts… Are you a beast? Are we beasts?”

Asked the girl with a strong look in her eyes.

“N-No… We are not beasts.”

Replied Nate.

“G-Good answer…”

As the girl said that, her condition worsened.

She started to cough blood and seemed unable to move her body anymore.

One could not notice, but her insides were all messed up.


Shouted Nate with all his might. His screams wouldn’t help her to heal, but he could not do anything else.

“Tell me… Will you chose the path of revenge… Or the path of humanity?”

Asked Nate’s sister.

Nate stood silent while thoroughly thinking about his options. What he must choose is up to him.

His sister had told him his options. He was the one who needed to choose his path. Revenge or what his sister called humanity.

Then all the memories of what’s important to him rushed through his head.

The days with his older and little sisters. His days as a prankster. His stricts education as well as all the people he has created bonds with.

He remembered that the important things in his life, were also the things he needed to protect.

He suddenly began to cry. Tears spilled from his eyes and rolled down his cheeks.

It as painful. He honestly didn’t want to choose, he wanted to erase everything that had happened… But it was impossible.

“I choose… Humanity.”

As he said these words, Nate’s sister warmly smiled.

“Then live a happy and normal life… Make sure Anna never enters this world…”

“I will…”

As his sister talked, he replied while crying and tightly holding her hand.

“I… I… I hope you follow the right path… The one you’ve chosen now”

“Sis.. Hey sis…. SIS!… REBEKKA!!!”

Shouted Nate from the bottom of his heart. His sister was gone now.

Nate let go of her hand and held her in his arms as he cried and screamed in agony.

She then began to emit a faint glow and disappeared from his arms in light particles.


Muttered Nate as he wiped his tears and beared the immense pain in his heart.


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  1. kmx72 says:

    Well from all your works it seems that all your MC have suffered from something horrible . Do you love tragic background for MCs or the tragedy itself. Okay I’m getting out of hand what is Anna or who is she and so the mc is a supernatural being and god how much conflict will I have in myself if its something like that both sides are neither wrong because that way I will not know which to support or will it be something among the lines of a certain organization for comprising for a world with equality damn so many possibilities well anxious to see how you will develop this one


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