Type: Hybrid – Chapter Five: Abduction

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Chapter Five: Abduction

Part One:


Someone then replied at the other side of the phone.

“Miss. Skyler… It’s me, André.” Said André as he squeezed his voice out of his throat.

[Yes. Is something the matter?] Asked Miss Skyler.
“Well… It’s about Cristoph. He was abducted. He was taken by Mr. Mark Silver.” Said André.

He needed to remain calm, so he swallowed thos uncomfty feelings cooled his head.

“I-I See.


W-We need to talk this throughly. Can we meet up? Is you house okay? I already have your adress, so I’ll go there.”


Then she cut off the call.

“Huh… Even poeple like her can have feelings…” Muttered André as he called everyone for a emergency meeting.

After half an hour, Miss Skyler arrived.

Everyone was in the conversation pit waiting for her.

She looked quite calm, but André knew it was not like that.

(It seems she broke a glass or somehting simmilar…)

He thought as he noticed the bandages in her right hand.

After she sat, everyone remained silent, until Ms. Skyler spoke.

“André… You said that Cristoph was abducted… How did you know about it?”

She asked.

“Ekaterina. She sent me a messa- Still, why didn’t she called you or her father? She doesn’t know about the abductions so the first person to talk to would be either you or her granfather, the principal.”

Voiced Engel as he tilted his head.

“In my case, somehow she hates me. Since they became a couple, it’s been like that. You somenow became very close to Cristoph, so she would like to rely on you.” Said Miss. Skyler.

“Also she’s quite…. Well, she doesn’t want to rely on authority figures or so it seems.” Added Serena.

“Eh? How do you know that?” Asked André.

“I’ve been keeping in touch with her. It seems she has some childhood traumas, but that’s now why we are here. We need to rescue Cristoph.”

Said Serena while moving again to the main topic; rescue Cristoph.

“What we need now is intel. The people previosuly abducted didn’t die right away and we also have the other involved people who survived… The priority right now is to get the information out of the survivors.” Said André

“We should wait until tomorrow then…”

Said Ms. Skyler as she checked her phone.

It was weird itself that she didn’t received any noticefrom Cristoph either. They both were living together after all.

(Was it… Intentional?)

She thought as André asked her about the sophomores.

They are 2 girls and 1 guy.

Sherry Donnel and Jessica Redfield from class 2-B and Alan Smith from class 2-C.

Karen and André were the ones asking Alan Smith.

Serena, Zarah and Jyacoba would talk to Sherry and Jessica.

The others would be on hold if anything happens.

André sent Miss. Skyler back home and after that, André called Ekaterina to tell he knew hwere Cristoph was and that she didn’t need to worry about it.

And so, the next day arrived.

Everything went by as normal and at noon, The assigned people went to talk to the sophomores.

The building where students attended class was a 4 floor building.

The first level was for teachers.

The second for juniors.

The third for sophomores and the fourth was a so-called “prohibited area”.

In the fourth floor there was nothing. Actually, it had nothing else besides some tools to clean.

A totally wide-empty floor.

There are some rumors that it will become a “media room” exclusive for the building because all the years need to share the actual media room in a separate building.

So, André, Karen, Zarah, Jyacoba and Serena went towards the third floor as the others remained in standby.

Miss. Skyler was on hold too.

So they arrived and asked for them in each classroom.

Juniors and sophomores have identical schedules, but André and co. were able to slip by some minutes before class ended.

“Are you the ones asking for me?”

Said a tall, tan guy with bonde hair and brown eyes.

He has a advertisement smile and a quite handsome face.

He is Alan Smith.

“Yes. I am André Glass and she is Karen Über. We both are juniors and wanted to talk to you.” Said André while presenting himself and Karen.

“I’m Alan, but you already know that. So, what do you want with me?” Said Alan.

“You know, I got voice that you are quite a skilled person. Also you are the second in your class. We wanted to recruit you for our [Social Research Club].” Explained André.

André and co. wanted to lure out the 3 survivors and avoid being suspected, so asking for joining the club was a simple but effective excuse.

The idea was provided by Miss. Skyler

They only had to wait for the survivors to pick the bait.

“Social Rese- THE SOCIAL RESEARCH CLUB?!” Shouted Alan.

Then he automatically covered his mouth with his hands.

The others who were going out and the ones still in the classroom heard the shout but didn’t got bothered by it and returned to their business.

“Th-The Social Research Club? Are you sure?!” Asked Alan while dumbfounded.

“Ye-Yeah… Would you come with us after classes?” Asked André with a complicated expression.

“Of course! I wouldn’t dare to reject such an offer!”

Said Alan.

They finished their talk and went their respective ways.

After a while, in the cafeteria everyone met.

“How was in your side?” Asked André to Serena while eating.

“They screamed of excitement, agreed and ran away… Why so much excitement about it?”

She as and muttered the last part.

“If I’m not wrong… It’s said that those who join the [Social Research Club] will have as many benefits as they want… Or so I’ve heard.” Added Karen.

“Really?” Voiced Serena quite surprised.

“Anyways, we need to be prepared for antything. Don’t lower your guard.”

Said André as they all finished their meals.

Part Two.

It was after classes.

André and Karen were walking towards the club room with Alan when-

“Glass, stop there.”

Said a voice behind them.

It was an old man with gray hair and lively face.

His name is Mark Silver.

He has brown eyes and a quite cheap suit.

“O-Oh… Mister Silver. Do you have any bussiness with us?” Asked KAre who got ahead of André.

“Yes. I need to talk with André for a while. I want to have a slight chat with such a promising student.” Said Mr. Silver.

Alan went quite pale for a moment, and they both noticed it.

(So it wasn’t voluntarily…) Thought Karen while analyzing the situation.

Then André gave a glance to Karen and then talked to Mr. Silver.

“Alright. Where should we head to?” Said André.

“We can go to the library. It’s silent and no one will bother with us being there.” Replied Mr. Silver as he nodded and started to walk.

“I’ll be back in a while. You can start without me.” Added André as he walked alongside the old teacher.

And when their silhouettes dissapeared-

“You, don’t even dare to run away or I’ll knock you off.” Said Karen to the trembling Alan while hardly holding his arm and pulling him towards the club room.

Part Three.

“Glass, I have a question for you.”

Said Mr. Silver as he walked amidts the bookshelves inside the libary.


“Have you ever thought about talent?” Asked Mr. Silver.

“I have, as everyone. Why?” Replied André.

“Well, because I constantly think about it. I think how people label themselves as genius, talented, hardworking or useless. There are many people in the world, but among those only little are truly talented.

I think bout such things constantly.”

Voiced Mr. Silver as he then walked towards a [Only Staff] door near the end of the library.

He opened it and-

“Come here Glass. I shall show you the path only allowed to those truly talented.”

André ordered his priorities, and gave a step towards the door.

Part Four.

After Karen got to the clubroom, where the other two girls were long ago, they asked them about the time they were missing.

She also mentioned about André leaving wirh Mr. Silver

They went quite pale but Karen and Serena convinced them to talk.

So, in short-

They were invited to the library, drugged, taken test with, injected various solutions, and then released.

Besides that, they don’t even know what they were done with. Also they were obligued to come to the academy.

It seems that they were given some emotional suppresors for such experiences, and their memories got modified.

“I see… So Cristoph right now is in the [Test Phase] and André is going to receive that treatment too…” Voiced Miss Skyler as she throughly thought of the situation.

“So, where is this place where Mister Silver takes them to?” Asked Serena quite impatient.

She knew André would not let himself be trapped in such place, but she wanted to run towards him at full speed.

“I-It’s below the school. You enter by the fake [Staff Only] door in the library.”

Replied Alan quite nervous.

“We need to rescue him now!” Shouted Serena as she ran towards the place.

“Wa-… Damn this one…. Karen, let’s follow her and make a plan on the run.” Said Zarah as she chased Serena.

Karen nodded and followed suit, as well as the others.

Miss. Skyler was quite dumbfounded about their resolution.

And just as she was going to chase them-

“M-Miss Skyler!”

Called out Alan.

“Do you need something?” She asked.

“Well… There’s something I forgot to tell.” Said Alan walking towards Miss. Skyler.

“What is it? I need to follow them.” Added Miss. Skyler.

“Have you ever thought about talent?” Asked Alan as Miss. Skyler’s vision suddenly blacked out.


She could hear a faint voice sating so as she lost consciousness.



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