Magical Tournament Eleventh Intermission: Notes (Diary) – Snow White

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Eleventh Intermission: Notes (Diary) – Snow White


How many time has passed?

I don’t know.

It hurts!

It hurts!

There are times I wish this hadn’t happened to me, but still, regrets are nothing than poison to the soul.
I need to resist.

I need to resist…

Engel said he knows how to make the medicine, but he needs time.

How many years ago did he said that?

5? 7?

I don’t know how many time I’ve been here.

At the beggining it was so easy…


Today, Engel bought a slave.

No… How it was?

He destroyed a slave-dealing place and brought one back?


Oh wait! That’s a human, not a dog!

He asked me how I was today and told me everything he did in the day.

Today I feel quite good so I can listen to him talking all day long!

For the details, he said that as he walked with Asher towards the town’s market.

He noticed a girl in the verge of dying after a beat up and he used some spirit and mana to heal her, as well as some [Alchemic Recovery].

[Alchemic Recovery] is a original potion of this world that is able to heal every injury you have.

It doesn’t work for illnesses or intoxication though.


after he healed healed her, he noticed the poor state of the “business”.

He beat up the guy and left some money to buy the left slaves.

None of them were older than 12 years old, so he took them to the next town’s ophanage.

Then, it seems the one he healed first, because he healed the others too, took a liking to him and followed suit.

Somehow it seems somehting simmilar happened…

Who knows.

Also it’s supposed that she doesn’t have name, so Engel and I came up with one.

We called her Autumn.

I wanted to name her Snow though… It seems he already has a aqcuitance named like that.

Even thought I am sick, today was quite a good day.


Why am I here?

Just why?

I was supposed to be a queen, a ruler…. No I am in a bed, slowly dying.

Curse you, dragon body and its low resistance to poison… Curse you.

Engel… Engel… It’s you fa-



Why Am I Thinking Like This?!!


Engel is my saviour, my first sight love and as well the only one I will ever love!

I need to think clearly!! I need to think clearly!!!





“Sorry Shirayuki… It must be hard for you.”

“This… This is nothing. I can resist one or two more years…” I replied.

Engel has a gentle expression while telling me his thoughts.

“Still, I hope to finish this today. The medicine should be ready by noon, so hold on until I come back. I’ll be by the outskirts of the town in the north, so it should be fast.”

He said while smiling.

Oh… His smile is like the sun…

“See you later.”

“See you.”

I replied to him.

Our usual words… Today is the last day I’m in this bed.

I need to resist.

We came here to collect skills from this world.

But after I fell poisoned, he has been out there all alone.

I wonder how he feels.

Am I being a nuisance?

Am I a burden?

Of course I am… but that’s why, I need to recover quickly in order to catch up with all the time I’ve been in this bed.




What was that?

“A-Asher? Autumn?”

I called out to Asher and the little girl to ask about the sudden explosion.

But they didn’t come.


Then I saw some smoke coming from the first floor.


I screamed as har a I could for a couple of minutes but saw nothing.

“I-I need… I need to check downstairs…”

I barely have enought strenght, but still I need to check.

That was a pretty big explosion.

After a while I wobbled to get to the kitchen and saw the place all messed up.

There wasn’t any damage to the structure, so it was a smoke explosion.


I shouted.

And no one replied.

“What has just….”

Then I saw it…

It was a note…..

[We took them. This is the example to all those who don’t pay.]

“Shit…. The debt collectors…”

I need to tell Engel about this.


There he is…

There he is…

Engel… Engel Engel Engel….

Wha?! SHIRAYUKI!!” Shouted Engel to me.

He saw me as I arrives to the outskirts of the town.

We are quite near it.. But still I feel so beaten up…

“So-Sorry… Haa-Haa…. But I had to come…” I said to him.

My body felt like I had a mountain in my back and also as if my bonew were made of paper.

It hurted… It hurted all the way here but I put up with it…

I even crawled in the ground… So Engel would notice me even a little faster.

Actually… I can’t even see right now…

My throat is sore and I can barely move.

“Asher…. They took Asher and Autumn… The debt collectors… They took them!!”

I could barely talk…

I don’t even think I can keep living after this…


Why I am so usless!!!!


It hurts…. More than the pain, more than the ill, more than the poison….

It hurts me how useless I am now!

It’s been hurting me ever since I could not move freely!!

“WHAT?! How long ago? WHERE?!!” Shouted Engel.

“The-They took them to their base…..”

And as I said that with the last bit of strenght I had, I lost consciousness.


After that, Engel wiped out the base, rescued Asher and Autums, and also destroyed the whole organization.

It seems I was given the medicine by Engel and also was healed by him.

He never, not one day he didn’t take care of me, talked to me, smiled to me, confort me, aid me and support me.

After 20 relatively long years, we build up a great relationship.

The days I was in a good mood, we would laugh and chat until he had to go, and when he returned.

The bad ones… Even if I blamed him, hit him, slapped him, shouted to him, he would embrace me, confort me and receive my tears.

In the beggining, all I could think about him was his strenght and his abilities, his apereance and his seriousness…

But I actually never experienced his gentleness and his pure feelings towards me.

I never knew a man could be this caring, this gentle and this loving towards a person… Towards me.

Today, with my clear mind-

Fell even more for Engel Falsch, my husband.



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  1. kmx72 says:

    So this was what happened with Shirayuki and it is right she fell for his strength and everything else and now she fell for what she was missing his personality

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