Type: Hybrid – Chapter Seven: Truth

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Type: Hybrid – Chapter Seven: Truth

Part One.

“Jyacoba, Aleister  make cover fire. Zarah, come with me. Karen stay covered, assit and give a report, alright?”

Voiced Serena while moving along the corridor made of glass. She arrived to a door with a password panel, as well as ocular recognition and fingerprint recognition. Zara quickly hacked it and it opened.

They walked down a stair as Aleister and Jyacoba waited for the reinforcements and mantained some distance from the other two.

Karen used her comication device to talk to Alanah, Olivier, Pietro and Kristen.

Serena and Zarah arrived to the lower floor where Mr. Silver and the other scientists were hiding.
They both didn’t lower their guard and then they encountered Alan and co.

Serena noticed something, as well and Zarah.

“Zarah, go ahead.”

Said Serena and as fast as she could, Zarah passed over the three people and arrived to the monitoring machines and hack the equipment.

“You three… What are you going to do?” Asked Serena.

She was curious about the results of the experiments on them, and as well as their purpose.

They were surrounding Miss. Skyler, so it seems they held her as a hostage.

“Hmph! I don’t fear that gun of yours! We are the ultimate humans! We do not fear such primitive tools.”

Voiced Alan with an arrogan tone.

Suddenly gunshots were heard behind Serena, marking the start of the struggle between her companions and the guard’s reinforcements.


Said Serena as she shot the three of them.

Alan exaggerately moved to dodge the bullets whilst Serry and Jessica moved by paper thin margin to avoid being hit.

(Hmm… I see…)

Thought Serena as she analyzed their movements.

“Alright, give me what you’ve got!!” Shouted Serena as she put away her handgun and took a knife and a knuckle from the bag in her lower back. She took a boxing pose while holding the knife in a reverse grip.


Is what the three opponents in front of her tought. Still, they brushed off such thinking and charged towards her.

Serena let out a slight smile and concentrated in the people coming towards her.

(Them move like slugs…)

Is what she tought as the world around her moved in slow-motion.

She swiftly moved between her opponents and hit them in the guts with the knuckle in her left hand.


The ones on the receiving end let out such sounds as then fell to the ground while convulsing from the pain.


Voiced Serena as she was going to wake up Miss. Skyler.



Shouted Alan as he stood up.

The others behind him stood up too and enraged, glared at Serena.

(What is this? Unexpectedly rough… Did I held back that much?)

Thought Serena while looking at them.

Certainly, she had held back agains them who knew nothing of self-defense art or the sort, and as well they didn’t show signs of activating their [Faux].

Their unexpected high-resistance plus the excesive supression of the new power Serena had were the elements that made them not to fall unconsciou in one strike.

It was devil’s luck.

“””Activate! [Faux]!!!”””

Shouted the three at the same time.

“We are the supreme humans! we are not going to lose to the likes of you!!”

Shouted Alan while strange red tribal marks appeared in his skin. In the case of Sherry and Jessica, their hair shone in a strange green and orange colors.

(As I thought… A [Demon] and two [Angels]…)

Serena noticed their nature in how they moved.

Alan as a [Demon] could see the bullet coming but evaded with a wide movement because his lack of speeed. On the contrary, Sherry and Jessica, being [Angels], could se the bullet and dodge with minimal movement due to their speed.

(Still… It’s only a little time and they can use their senses out of the [Faux] state and also use it even injuired… What’s the meaning of this?)

Thought Serena.

She could easily kill them or take them out of the game with her handgun since the very beggining, but besides her own curiosity, and the need to give them a lesson, she didn’t want to kill people if it wasn’t actually necessary.

She couldn’t stand recless killing.

Not to mention that they were only high-school students.

In a brief moment, she noticed the gunshots had stopped.

It seems that Aleister and Jyacoba had either knocked the guards or killed them.



Uncomprensibly screamed Alan and co.


Shouted Serena due to her surprise.

It seems the moment they activated their [Faux], they lost their reasoning.

She has never seen something like that.

Then she brushed off the analysis as it wasn’t her current job and faced the two of them.

(Do I need to turn too?)

Voiced in her head as the two [Angel] girls charged towards her.

They were fast and almost moved in Serena’s range of speed.

“Damn, who cares… [Faux]”

She muttered and then her beautiful hazel eyes turned black.

It was the third phase of the [Faux] – [Phoenix].

It increased the stamina of the bearer, and as well gave them a supreme defense only breakable by a [Demon].

But still…


Said Serena as she moved faster than the [Angels] and punched Sherry in the gut with all her strenght and sent her flying.

Jessica was stopped with a kick in her ribcage and after all her left ribs broke, Serena gave a high kick to her head.

In that gap Alan attacked with all his strenght and-

“Sorry dude… You are just not in my league yet.”

Said Serena as she, with one hand, stopped Alan’s punch with all his strenght behind.


He screamed becaue of the pain from his fist being crushed.


Then after said sound, he fell on his knees.

Serena then kicked him in the gut and sent him flying several meters afar.

“Let’s see how Zarah is doing.”

Said Serena as she walked towards her without lowering her guard or deactivating [Phoenix].

Part Two:

*Cough Cough*

“André! Are you okay?!”

Exclaimed Serena when André woke up. They took him out of the tank. Aleister, Jyacoba and Karen met with Serena and Zarah.

André took his clothes that were taken to an adjacent room while Aleister and Karen watched out for enemies.

Jyacoba tied up the scientists and Zarah took out Cristoph from the other tank.

André finished changing and wore a bulletproof vest, the accesories and also took a handgun and a pair of knives.

Then he walked towards Mr. Silver.

He had quite the doubts about all that had happened.

“Mister Silver!”

Talked André to the tied up teacher.

“What?” Replied Mr. Silver.

“Tell me! This is one of the [Empire] installations right?!”


He had no intention to talk.

“Alright, then I’ll take out your innards and make you eat them.”

Said André as he used his knife to rip Mr. Silver’s clothes and started cutting through his flesh.

Over the time, André has been tortured quite a couple of times, so he knew how to scare someone out of their wits.


Shouted Mr. Silver.

Seriously, André had already stabbed his stomach ripping appart the teacher’s abdomen.

They didn’t have time to use lower level threats.

“Haa… Haa… Yes. This is one of the new [Empire]’s laboratory. We are the main lab who sends information about what we research… -Gahh…”

As the pain intensified, André sent a look to Serena and she started to patch the injury.

(This… This is really fishy. This thing has too poor security for such a bog project, and also the amount of people involved is not few… Just what is going on? This is not the brain nor the heart of everything…)

Analyzed André in his mind when-

“?? Incoming call?”

André had a comunication device in his ear and had a incoming call.

“Yes?” He said doubtful of the person calling.

[Hi hi! [Triania] here!! How are you doing, André Glass?]

Voiced the person in the phone- [Triania]

André had completely frogotten about him until a moment ago.

“Tri-… Triania…” He wanted to shout due to the surprise, but then he remained calm and talked to him in a low voice.

The others reacted to his actions but he rised his hand, stopping him to get near.

They respected André’s privacy so they let him talk alone.

“Triania… Can you explain this? I bet you are watcing over us; that’s why you call right now.” Voiced André quite irritated.

[Well… Yeah I do.] Replied [Trianina].

“So! What is going on here? It’s true that here they were researching the [Faux] but I see none of the actual scientist, nor a real person directing this place. Also this place had too little security, if this could be called security.”

Voiced André.

He wanted explanations because this was supposed to be a key point in history.

In short, André assumed Trianian had lied to them.

“I want to know the truth. Tell me reason you said this was a key place.” Asked André.

[Haa… Well, It’s not that I lied to you. Indeed [Crowley Academy] is the “heart and brain” of the way you all feared. I said that destroying the place as a whole in first placewould only fasten the war, and it was true.

It would put the [Empire] aware and they would start the war without the [Faux] complete.

Because the academy is a [Production Point].” Said Trianina, to what André gasped.

“[Production Point]?” He asked, fully knowing what it was.

“Yeah. You know that the [Faux] can only be attained by either birth of a kid between two bearers, and the [Solution] given to teenagers.

The first way hasn’t been discovered yet as an obvious matter, So-

The second is the “only one” aviable. As you may know by now, the scientists took people from various places where high concentration of teenagers and experiment on them.

Due to their “rush”, the [Empire] would pick teenagers and no orphan kids. So, this academy became a production point.] Explained the god.

André tightly clenched his fists in anger and prayed for all those whose sacrifice was necessary to attain the [Faux].

[You calmed down? Alright, I’ll continue.

I called the academy the “heart and brain” for three factors.

First, is the discovery of the [Three Pillars]. The discovery of the three pillars would make leap the research of the [Faux] and finish it in a shorter time.

Second is the results. Because the [Faux] became functional, the people agreed to the start of the war.

And third, is the born of the [Empire] itself.

Because in the academy, there was a big discover, the [Empire]… Or better said- [Members of the Empire] would award the person in charge to a high position among them.

That is Mr. Silver.

Then, Mr. Silver would assasinate the other people who are the [Members of the Empire], thus he becoming an [Dictator] and causing the war to bloom.

The war didn’t start only because the countried depised the [Empire] but because, Mr. Silver as the [Empire] itself killed a great amount of people who belonged to it.

The [Members of the Empire]’s aim was to domain the world… Mr. Silver’s [Empire] aim is a new world with only talented people.

At the beggining, I said I’d give the instructions, and today I didn’t issued one because all you did was corrrect.

Because in theory, you stopped the [War] and the [Empire] you konw from being born. There are countless destinies ahead from this point onwards, so technically you’ve stopped the war by the moment.]

Replied [Triania].

Certainly, André fully knew that the people with [Faux] within the [Empire] were highly regarded and a 85% of the people in it were [Faux].

Also that many of the [Faux] deserted due to this.

He also knew that Mr. Silver’s vision was not the domination of the human world, but it’s evolution.

They chit chatted that while arriving to the lab.

As André organized his toughts about the “success” of his mission, the god talked again.

[Oh! Also as a reply to you especific question… Why did the place had low security? That’s because all the “important” security is outside the perimeter. Just wanted to clear that.]

Said Triania with a playful tone. It seemed a lie how serious he was talking a mere moment before.

(True… The requierements to attend and to walk in to the campus are too high. We need key-cards, fingerprint recognition, facial recognition, blood testing from time to time, as well as a voice key. We also have passwords and if I’m not wrong, Zarah said our uniforms have special devices attatched in order to cross the door.

Besides the countless cameras. sensors, microphones and guards all over the perimeter, no one can enter. We discovered this while investigating the place long ago!!)

Screamed André in his mind. It’s true that to get out there’s nothing to stop you, but for getting in, it’s the opposite.

It was a full-fledged fortress.

“I see. Thanks for clearing my mind. I should use this to improve my leadership.” Said André with a honest reply and a sincere tone.

[I-If you put it like that, you’ll make me blush you know.] Said the god while teasing him.

[Anyways, that’s all I had to say to you. I’ll talk to you later people to issue more orders! Bye-Bye!]

Said Triania as he cut the call.

(What a guy…)

Thought André as he walked towards his companions.

“Who were you calling to? the god?” Asked Karen when André arrived.

“Yes. He told me so much things… Haa… I need to discuss this with all you later.” Replied André.

“So, what do we do with these guys?”

Asked Serena while pointing his handgun to Mr. Silver and kept in her range the scientists tied up on the floor.

“Let me see… Eh?”

Just as he was thinking what to do, he saw a faint light in the corner of his vision.

André had equipped his smart-glasses so the faint light meant he had received a text message.

He made a gesture with his hand the sensor in the frame recognized it.

It was the comand to [Open Mail].

As he read the message, he almost shouts due to the surprise, but he kept his head cool and replied to Serena’s question.

“Alright, what we will do now is-

We are going to ally with them to overthrow the [Empire].”

Said André nonchantally to what everyone had their mouths agape and let out an un-audible scream.


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