Type: Hybrid – Chapter Six: Lies

Hello! Alek here!

I wont be able to update Magical but here is Hybrid! It has been quite a qhile since you read it so I decided to work on it.

Enjoy it!

Chapter Six: Lies

Part One.

“Are you okay Glass?”

Askes Mr. Silver to André who suddenly was crouching.

“Not at all. It’s just my shoelace.”

Said André as he supported himself in the door’s frame in order to stand up.

“I see. Well, let’s continue.”
Said Mr. Silver as André walked behind him again.

The door closed itself and they now walked downstairs in a narrow hall.

“Mister, can you tell me what you meant with “the path only allowed to those truly talented” meant?”

Asked André while going down the stairs.

“Oh, that. You’ll see it soon. Don’t get too anxious.”

Replied Mr. Silver as they arrived to the bottom of the stairs.

There was a elevator door with a password panel at the right.

André acted quickly and checked that there were no cameras in the place.

He hadn’t seen one on the way and in the place he was now, except at the [Only Staff] door.

Then he focused on the panel where Mr. Silver typed a password from a paper in his pocket and then placed it there again.

André highly doubted it would be a fixed password so he didn’t memorized it.

Still, he got marked where Mr. Silver put just in any case.

Then the elevator door opened and-

It was an automatic door.

Behind the door was yet another hall but this time there were cameras in it.

They were barely visible, but André was able to pinpoint them.

(Unlucky me… If I had been more prepared…) Thought André as he lightly pressed his hand near the panel before heading inside the hall.

He could have brought a GPS bug, a microphone and a small EMP cracket.

André undertimated the size of the mission.


He blames his own negligence.

He asks himself how they will be able to infiltrate, because he’s sure his companions will follow him.

(I just hope they are better prepared than me…)

Thought André as he and Mr. Silver arrived to another door.

“Sorry if this is a little tedious, but rules are rules. We need to keep this as a secret.”

Said Mr. Silver as he opened the door.

This time, he didn’t resort to a paper or anything else so André made sure to memorize the password.

Actually, it is not easy for André to guess the password.

Mr. Silver properly hides the numbers, but André checks the movements of his arm. elbow, shoulder and the last position of his hand to roughly guess a series of numbers.

(23-34-83-83-56-21…. I’ll make those the base number…)

Thought André while he walked behind Mr. Silver

“And here we are, the path to the true human.”

Said Mr. Silver while showing the place to André.

It was all made of reinforced glass. The pillars, doors, floor, veranda and the walls were pearl white.

There were some black lines so people wouldn’t have problems walking.

It was a wide space as big as an stadium and desides, cameras and sensors, all the doors needed at least password confirmation.

André looked around to see als the exit spots, important machinery and the amount of poeple in the place, as well as who they were.

Is not that he would recognize anyone, but from their gargments he could roughly guess.

Then, he saw his prime objective.


He muttered.

He wanted to shout, but he was not in a position to do such a thing.

His friend was in a tank full of greenish liquid and had lots of cables attatched to him.

(I will rescue… And finish all this.)

As he thought that, he followed Mr. Silver through several doors, which used the same previous password, until they arrived to a common area.

“Alright…. sorry for this but… I need you to sleep a while.”

Said Mr. Silver as he was shot in the neck.


He felt the sting and moved out of the way while placing his hand on his neck.

It was a dart, which most likely had a sleeping drug.

“What a reaction! You indeed are perfect for our objective.”

Said Mr. Silver who was quite bothered by André’s lack of reaction when they got inside the underground laboratory.

André was able to stand up, but still his senses started to dull and his body was feeling heavy.

(That drugs was supposed to knock him out immediately… What a strenght…)

Thought Mr. Silver as André looked around him.

Then he spotted several snipers above the ceiling level.

He didn’t noticed them at first due to their foorting being white, as well as their equipment and appearance.

There were also severa man with guns and machineguns guarding the place.

(Damn you all…)

He thought when the sniper shot another three times until André fell unconscious.

Part Two.

“Behind this door Is André…”

Just as Serena was gonig to open the door-


“Stupid girl.. What were you trying to pull off?”

Said Zarah as he held serena by her shirtneck.

“Let me go.. I need to chase André!”

Said Serena while Zara let her go.

Behind her, Karen, Alleister and Jyacoba appeared.

“Alleister?” Voiced Serena.

“Yeah. Karen told me to bring some things. I always have them in case something happens.”

Said Alleister who threw to the floor a black bag.

“I closed the library and put to sleep the clerk. Here there are no cameras but there are serveal mirrors. Also I already called the others to come here and be on hold.”

Said Karen while opening the black bag.

Inside it were bulletproof vests, handguns, a machinegun, a sniper rifle and support accesories.

“How come you have this in the academy??!!!” Shouted Serena with a retort.

She took the handgun as well as Zarah and Jyacoba, they also took black steel knifes. Alleister took the machinegun and Karen the semi-automatic sniper rifle. The later two also took handguns and knives.

“A secret. Anyways, we have to get going.”

Said Alleister when Zarah positioned herself in front of the door.

(I don’t see anything strange but…?!)

Just as she was checking the door, she found something in the frame of the door a “>” mark.

She narrowed her eyes, slightly opened the door and checked the inside part of the frame. There was a laser that detected movement. A cheap but stealthy way of notice intruders.

Zarah then used a small crystal to bend the laser in the lower par of the door and deactivated it. There was another in the middle and the upper part of the door.

She deactivated them too and also noticed a cheap camera above the door.

The door opened to the outside so it was convenient. Zarah took a device and attatched it to the camera, hacking it.

“It’s okay, let’s ge in.”

Said Zarah as she opened the door and walked inside.

(That was the “easy traps” mark…)

André in the “future past” would sometimes scout alone, so he would let marks for the ones behind him. He had several from the no traps, traps, complicated traps, not this way, etc.

Zarah felt quite nostalgic about when she met André, but that’s for later.

Right now she needs to focus.

After they walked downstairs, they arrived to the automatic door.

Zarah noticed again another mark.

André left a circle with a line in the middle. It meant- Hack it.

Zarah took a little terminal from a bag in her lower back. She used her knife to take out the panel’s cover and connected the terminal to a slot in the panel.

She had a program ready to execute so after a couple of seconds, the door opened.

Everyone left the entrance cleared just in case.

As nothing happened, Zarah gave a peek inside and saw some cameras barely visible there.

She made the signal for wait with her hand and looked again.

She recognized the model of the cameras and took a little device.

With her renewed body, she then sprinted towards the nearest camera and after a jump, she kicked the wall in her left and when reaching the camera, she attatched the device. Calculating a small blind spot in between, she landed and waited until the camera she touced was completely hacked.

As she finished the countdown in her mind, Zara manipulated a different terminal from the panel and thus, hacked all the system of cameras.

(Pre-image is setted for 60 sec. prior and done!)

Said Zarah as she moved from her spot.

“It’s safe.” She said in a low voice throughout the comunication device in her ear and the others coutiously walked inside the hall.

“Serena, what do we do now?” Asked Zarah.

She wanted to ask that before but Serena was too fired up to even think, so Zarah waited until she cooled her head.

Serena understood, that right now they were heading to the place they wanted to infiltrate all along. The place where the war “starts” and where it would possibly “end”.

All they have worked until now, would come to an end with their following actions.

“True. We need to think thoroughly what our prime objective is.” Added Karen. They let Aleister in the lookout for incoming people while talking.

“Well… We came here to save André after we were supposed to…. Mhh… Now that I notice this is quite convenient…. Yeah…”

Just as she wandered for some seconds in her world, Serena talked.

“Alright. Let’s destroy this place and take back André and Cristoph. Let’s move according to the situation and let’s adapt to the incoming circumstances.” Said Serena as she started to issue orders.

“Jyacoba, go first. Aleister go after her. Karen stay in the rear with Zarah. I will go in the center. Zarah, unlock the next incoming door and then we can start. Let’s go.”

When Serena finished, they started moving.

At the end of the hall, there was another password panel but it goes without saying that she would unlock it.

They moved out of the way when the door opened and after a couple of seconds, they peeked inside.

While scouting, Jyacoba noticed all André noticed, and as well-

(What the He-….)

Voiced Jyacoba while she noticed Cristoph and André in the tanks, as well as another aqcuitance besides them.

“Miss Skyler?”

She leaked out a little voice due to her surprise.

Part Three.

“Mister Silver!! This is… This is simply awesome!!”

Said one of the old men using the machines that monitored the state of André.

“Explain youself.”

Said Mr. Silver while looking at the screen.

“Is awesome! Everything from his neurological responses, his reflexes, his resistance, muscular and oseal structure is simply top notch! What it bothers me is the density and strenght of his bones…”

Said the old scientist.

“Is there something wrong with them?” Asked Mr. Silver.

“No! On the other side, they are too strong!” Voiced the scientist.

“Also the other kid is ready for practical testing. We will need another pair of hours to start the infusion to the second subject.”

Added the old man.

“I see. Let’s keep the good work. Everything for the sake of the new world.”

Said Mr. Silver when-

“Hey! Old dude!”

Voiced a youg man behind Mr. Silver.

“Eh? Oh it’s you, Alan. Who is the one who have there?”

Asked Mr. Silver to Alan who was carrying somone in his shoulders.

Behind him were Sherry and Jessica.

“It’s Miss Skyler. Things happened here and there so I knocked her out and brought her. It seems that she tried to come here for her brother.” Said Alan with a carefree expression and threw Miss. Skyler to the floor.

“I see. Well, the next time report this kind of things immediately. Pick her op again and lock her in the test room.”

“Alright. Oh, and didn’t you caught some guys that came here like a while ago? They came running towards the [Staff Only] door in the library. We had to enter through the gym. Also they came before us so-”

“What Are you talking about?”

Then after Mr. Silver ordered Alan to take Miss Skyler to a confined room, he mentioned Serena and co. who he believed would already be aprehended because of the sensor and the camera in the [Only Staff] door.

“Wait, there hasn’t been any intruders?”

Voiced Alan to what the next moment his words were cut off.


A explosion together with a strong light shone in the door above them.

It was a stunt granade.

The guards above them, reacted to it and started shooting towards the place of the explosion.

After they stopped shooting noticing there was no one there-






Three guards.

Two snipers and one with a machinegun were taken down. There was one missing shot.

The other guards started shooting again but there were no results.

“Here I go!!!”

Then they heard someone’s shout and a rain of bullets headed their direction.

The guards didn’t have time to react and some were taken down.






Two missing shots and two guards down.

Together with the ones taken with the machine gun, it was all of the guards in the near area.

“Wha-What happened?!!”

Shouted Alan after he dropped the unconscious Miss. Skyler.

“Who knows?! Are we under attack? Is it the goverment?!”

Shouted Mr. Silver as he looked for cover together with the other scientists.

Then, while the other guards approached, a figure appeared from the opened door.

It was a beautiful girl with the academy uniform, short silver hair and beautiful hazel eyes.

She had protective gear and a bulletproof vest, as well as a handgun in her right hand.

A war goddess… A [Valkyrie].

That’s the first tought Mr. Silver had in his mind after witnessing her figure.

“I came here to take back my boyfriend… All of you shall die here and now.”

Said the girl who mischevously smiled after saying such words.


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