Magical Tournament Volume Six Chapter Five: Gewinde (Thread) – Because three is more than coincidence

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Chapter Five: Gewinde (Thread) – Beause three is more than coincidence

Teil Ein.

“?? What are you doing?” Asked Ange to Liam who was sticking his ear to the door.

“What? Don’t tell me you aren’t curious what our otherworldy versions are talking with Mr. Cole?” Pointed out Liam.

Ange hesistated to answer, but she only sighed.

“I do. I do am curious but I know I shouldn’t pry in it. Besides, it seems that the slender girl… Your female version is as smart as you. She created a vacuum barrier to prevent the sound leaking.
We also have things to do, so we must go.”

Replied Ange as Liam slightly pouted and followed her.

Klaus, Irina and Illian were already far from them.

At the same time, inside the protected room-

“I see, then I won’t hold back.” Said Mr. Cole.

Lene and co. nodded and started to pay attention.

“[Dragon Blood] is an ancient artifact. As its name says, is dragon’s blood. It was a present alongside the five [Lanzen] given to me by [Mikhail] from the [Celestal Branch].

It was just a token, but Ms. Deere took an interest in it and it was sent to be chemically analyzed.

We found out that it had several strenghtening properties and we sent them to several promising scientist proficient in chemistry. physics, genetics and general sciences.

Everything went as planned until I realized that Ms. Archer, one of the scientist was experimenting in babies.

Not only that, we found out that she was already experimenting with cloning from the very beggiing of her career.

She secretly accepted a job from a certain county which I won’t name. Ms. Archer took some genetic material from his colse friend, Ms. Karla Falsch and her husband, Mr. Othinus Falsch.

Technically, she abducted their child.

From it, Ms. Archer created several clones from a unique sample and created the [Numbers].

[Analyzed subject Number(s): series G – 3rd row, E section] – [ANGE]

[Experiment subject Number(s): series G – 3rd rown, L section] – [ENGEL].

At the end of her research, only 20 subjects survived. 10 male and 10 female kids.

It seems that there was a chain reaction in her experiments and the 10 males perished alongside 5 of the females. After the exeriment with the [Dragon Blodd], only 1 female survived. The one experimented on- Ange Falsch.

This country payed quite the amount of money to Ms. Archer to create several [Super-Soldiers] to retake the world, but Ms. Deere and her absolute power of the world economy solved said problem.

After that, we erased Ms. Archer memories, alongside Mr. and Ms. Falsch memories.

We gave them their “daughter” and they lived happily.

Unfortunately, it seems that Mr. Falsch’s mental strenght was quite the deal, so he regained his memories.

Under such a big pressure and stress, Mr. Falsch ran away from home.

Oh… Well, sorry, I started to drift. But still, you understood what I talked about?”

Asked Mr. Cole.

Lene and co. were quite speechless.

They were prepared for anyhting, but still, knowing that Engel or Ange in this world were mass produced clones, was quite the shock.

They overcame such complicated feeling because at the end it wasn’t such a big deal. Him being a clon didn’t change who he was, nor their relationship or feelings towards him.

Lene and co. then nodded to Mr. Cole’s words.

“I’ll continue then.

The surviving subject, [ANGE] is the prime clone. Due to some differences in the growing process she was colocated in a far-off section than the first one, but at the end-

She is the legitimate flesh and blood daughter of the Falsch household.

After saying that, do not take conclusions about the reasons the adults offered the babies for the [Dragon Blood] experiment.

The Ähnlich couple gaver their kid due to a car accident. The [Dragon Blood] was the only way to save him.

The Spiegel household only wanted to strenghten her breed… In short, they wanted a better future for their son.

Mr. Nachahmung’s son had a rare illness that with the time, would overweight the baby and this would die from several chronic deseases.

As for the Ausgewogen, their child was too weak to even cry.

So, there’s no blame on the adults. Besides, the [Dragon Blood] did cured the problems in their bodies, but did not boosted any ability besides the perfectly healty body of [ANGE].

She, as the other subjects Broderick and Siegfried, obtained an ability.

Ange and her older brother Siegfried obtained a [Double Ex-Class] and Broderick obtained some kind of talent in learning.

Not to mention me, the first subject, who obtained the [Balance Breaker].

Anyways, Ms. Deere detroyed all the project and there are no repercutions about it.”

Said Mr. Cole while letting out a sigh.

“With this, I have summarized everything I could about your, and their origin. I know that you are able to adapt the story to your world’s laws.

You can now blame, hate, take revenge or do whatever you see fit.”

He said as he lowered his head.

It felt like a heavy weight had lifted from his shoulders and his heart.

He felt quite relieved after telling the truth to some “strangers”.

(Now I only have “them” left….) Thought Mr. Cole as he waited for Lene and co’s answer.

“Raise your head… This is an old story for us, and we have no regrets, nor unfinished matters with our parents.

We understand our origins but we lacked some details, as well as details of our leader’s. Thanks for telling us this, and we hope this goes as smoothly as this, with your own kids.”

Replied Lene, to what some tears fromed in Mr. Cole’s eyes.

“Anyways, we will come from time to time to talk and the like… We have nothing more to do so who cares. If anything happens and you need our help, use this.”

Said Lene and gave a small crimson pebble to Mr. Cole.

“See ya'”

She added and they four gods teleported away.

Teil Zwei.

“Are you going to let her tied up like that?”

Asked Ártemize, the “deseased” [Camael].

“She likes it, so who cares.” Said Engel as they both walked out of the inn.

Behind them, some excited moanings could be heard.

“You really did mess her up, huh.” Voiced Ártemize with a flat tone.

“Well, you wanted her to suffer, I wanted information, and she was a total bitch, so who cares.”

Said Engel.

(Lately he’s been saying that word a lot… It irritates me…) Voiced Ártemize in her thoughts.

“I know it bothers you, so I keep using it.”

Laughed Engel as the [Arche] cutely pouted.

“Anyways, it’s hard to believe you come from the future… ” Said the former [Camael] to make conversation.

“Yeah… I wouldn’t believe myself. Anyways, I need to gather enough energy to travel where my companions are, and you are going to come with me.” Said Engel.

“Wha?! Why?!!” Voiced Ártemize.

“Because you being here would make many changes in the timeline- Also… I have a little doubt about this…. Well, I’ll solve it soon. By now, I’m going to stick with the masochist trai- no… I mean the punishment of Frederica.”

Said Engel while nervously smiling.

“Pfft… Hahahahaa” Laughed Ártemize.

After that, they talked a little and then-




Voiced both of them.

“Did you feel that, Engel?” Asked Ártemize.

“Yeah. It’s [Zeus’ Lightning]. Somoene is using it.” Said Engel as he looked around him as if looking for something,then his sight was attracted to the opposite side of the mountain.

(Is it possible… Is it that day?) Said Engel to himself as he spotted something with [Analyze Eye].


After Engel teleported back to Ártemize’s location-


Shouted the [Arche] with all her might.

Engel had returned after landing with the past Yozora and suddenly gouged Ártemize’s eye; then he suddenly left again.

“Sorry! Sorry! I SAID I AM SORRY!”

Shouted Engel in a sound frequence that would paralize the [Arche] and then he healed her with [Divine Element] and also gave her some stamina pills.

“There it is, just as new.” Said Engel.

“Fuckeeeer… Why did you do that?!” Shouted Ártemize.

“Sorry, but it was because otherwise I’d change the future. See this eye- the green one. It’s basically your eye.

Yozo- Katastrophe gave it to me as a proof of her love together with one of hers, which is the yellow one.”

Voiced Engel with a serious expression and tone.

Ártemize noticed his change in attitude, and the seriousnes of the aura around him, so she believed him. also she recovered her eye so there was nothing much to fret about.

“I’ll be mad with you quite a long time….”

Said Ártemize with some anger still in her and then calmed down.

“So- what do we do now? You lost quite the amount of [Mana] there.”

Said the [Arche while recalling the act of him teleporting the mountain away.

“That? It was nothing. I have tons of [Mana] in me after all. I just need to deplete your mana three times to cover it.

Anyways, we have to wait at least a week or so untill I fully recover. Also I need to hack the sate-

I have “complicated things” to do so we will wait a little. I’ll be using some mana these days.”

Said Engel.

He also added the “complicated things” when there was somehting Ártemize would hardly understand or was too complicated to explain in the moment.

And after doing what he had to do-

A week passed.

He teleported to the [Astral Canyon] and to another world to not waste too much time but then-


“To what the hell world did you brought us nooooow??!!!”


“Master!!! Master!! What do we do?!”

“Shut up Frederica! I can’t think!!”

Shouted Engel along Ártemize and Frederica while they were being chased by some sort of bat-winged demon with red skin and bull horns.

It had two saber thoot and spat flames.

They couldn’t use [Mana] and Engel couldn’t use [Spirit] either.


Shouted Engel while cursing his bad luck inside such bizzare world.



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