Elementals Chapter 2: Life//Rejection

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02 – Chapter 2: Life//Rejection



Voiced Arlen who noticed Laurent’s reaction.

(This is not normal… Calm down… Calm down…. This reaction is not normal…)

Voiced Laurent in his mind as he calmed down. He looked for the nearest trash bin and there he dropped the now unusable smartphone.

“Calmed down?” Asked Arlen while taking some headphones from his pocket. He used one and gave the other to Laurent. He nodded and then resumed the call.

“Jane, remind me of handing a new cellphone to Laurent…”

Voiced the principal at the other side of the line.
“*Cough*… Alright. This is the situation- As you know I have Raisa bugged. I can hear everything she hears and pinpoint her location at moments notice. Of course, is not that I violate her privacy; it works for this kinds of cases.

Right now they are taking her to their hideout by the second avenue. Carly is chasing them while avoiding being noticed. She was the one to notify me of the abduction. It seems she was knocked out and they only took Raisa away.

Luckily Carly wasn’t out of the game that much time and was able to pursue them.

As you know, I have zero resources except you three so… Chase them.

Only father knows their objective so be careful. They may and may not know who she is.”

Explained Markus with a serious voice.

“Okay, give us the location and we’ll join Carly.”

Replied Laurent.

“Well then; good luck.”

Added the principal as he hung up.

“Let’s go.”

Said Laurent as he steeled his resolution.


Without any delay, Laurent and Arlen excused themselves to Adele and Giselle with a reasonable excuse and left the place.

“You they left because they didn’t want to hang out with us?” Asked Adele.

“No. I felt the aura coming from Laurent… He was… Worried… Worried and enraged. Who knows what they talked about on the phone or to whom, but it was something serious.”

Replied Giselle.

“Aura this aura that… You never get tired of it huh?!” Scolded Adele jokingly as they both walked their way home.

At the same moment-

Arlen and Laurent were following the moving dot in their screens. Both of them were driving racing motorcycles and had intelligent helmets on.

As they moved past cars and crossed red-lights they soon caught up to Carly.

She was on a racing motorcycle too and linked a call between the three.


Shouted Carly.

“Shut up! How come you were easily knocked out?!”

Asked Arlen.

“It was an ambush. Moreover, they have a oriental girl with them… Those ones are even more scary than a troll!” Excused Carly.

“Ori…Maybe a Japanese… Well, I have no room to retort such a thing…”

Said Arlen in a low voice while noticing Carly’s clothes. The back of her blazer and shirt were torn and had traces of blood on it.

“Over with the chit-chat! We need to catch up!”

Interrupted Laurent and accelerated his motorcycle. The others followed his actions and accelerated leaving a tremendous roar behind.

While avoiding pedestrians and other vehicles, the one being pursued rose the speed too.

Still, what they were following was a black van with a terrifying speed.

(How can a van be so fast?)

Thought Carly as they approached it with great speed.

Laurent went to the left side and Arlen to the right.

Carly remained in the back and took out a handgun from her back. In there she had a lower-back bag with munitions and other handgun.

“Stop it at all costs! Even if Raisa is hurt, we can treat her!” Shouted Laurent as if those words were tearing his throat apart.

Of course he didn’t want to hurt Raisa not even a little, but it was necessary.

“Here it goes!!!”

Shouted Carly to warn her companions and she shot two times to each of the back wheels of the van.

Arlen and Laurent moved back again and-


The van didn’t crash nor it did stop. It lost it’s momentum a little but that was all.

“Shit… Armored tires…” Mumbled Arlen.

The van was not going to it’s goal anymore due to the chase, but was trying to lose Carly and co.

Driving close curves and crossing red-lights, they tried to lose their pursuers but was futile. The three people in motorcycles were unstoppable.

When they arrived to a wide and long street, the door of the van opened.

Out of it, a girl with 14 or so years in a black attire similar to a Japanese school uniform climbed the roof of the van.

She had her hair tied in a ponytail and in her hands was a long golden staff with big a ring on the tip and four rings hanging from the bigger one.

“Onmyouji… huh…”

Mumbled Arlen as the girl swung her staff with all her strength. Laurent and Arlen moved to the sides but Carly was late to do so. In that precise moment a high pitched sound was heard from Carly’s motorcycle.

With an invisible power released from the staff, the Japanese girl cut in half Carly’s motorcycle.


Shouted the girl in her mind. She was able to avoid her legs being cut by jumping out of the motorcycle. Laurent intercepted her on time and she was able to hold onto him.

“That was close!!” Shouted Carly as she tightly hugged Laurent.

Then the girl on the van, who seems annoyed, pointed her staff to Laurent. The invisible power started to gather in the tip of the staff and Laurent moved out of it’s way.

The girl kept chasing him and threw several bombs of that power towards him and Arlen so prevent the two passed after the car.

As he evaded them the three vehicles gave a wide turn and kept rising their speed.

Some of them then grazed his arm and cut the sleeve of his blazer.

(??… This… Is wind!)

Shouted Laurent in his mind. He didn’t knew the exact extent of the abilities from a Japanese Onmyouji, so he wasn’t sure at the beginning what the girl was using to attack them.

It seems she used a wind blade to attack Carly and to destroy the motorcycle.



The Japanese girl shouted.

It seems the wan was continuously shaking due to the tires not working properly. The bullets Carly shot were finally making effect.

As the girl lowered her guard Arlen and Laurent swiftly maneuvered and approached once again the car. They were about to reach the opened door when-

Another girl in Japanese uniform came out. She had a paper charm in her hand and threw it to the pursuers.

The charms shone intensely and exploded creating an electric discharge that affected Laurent and co. It also turned off the motorcycles and both of them crashed in a building as they suddenly stopped.

“Da-Da-Damn!!!” Shouted Laurent as he tried to stand up once again but was unable due to a full body paralysis.

Carly was still conscious too but Arlen was completely out of this world.

“The hell.. Who were those people?!”

Shouted the Japanese girl who was on the roof. The van was still working so she got inside as soon as she lost of sight of her pursuers.

“Who knows nee-chan… They may be mercenaries or bodyguards. This world is full of people…” Replied the other girl who was identical to the one with the staff. They are twin sisters.

“Stop your philosophical blabber, imouto-chan. Still, did you broke the bug spell on her?” Asked the girl with the staff.

“Yes. It was quite difficult because someone strong did it, but as a simple bug spell it was nothing for me.” Said pridefully the girl with the charms as she looked to the unconscious Raisa.

“Still, is true this girl has one of those?” Asked the girl with the staff to the one driving the van.

“Uh? Oh, yes she does. It seems to be a [Single Number] so it’s worth to obtain it.”

Said the driver.

“We actually don’t care about it, so who knows… But I just hope to receive the rest of the money or you’ll se what we are made of.”

Threatened the staff girl with a great murderous aura leaking from her.

“Oh! Ayaka-chan is scary!! Kirie-chan stop her!” Teased the driver, without care of her aura or her threats.

“Shut up! I hate when foreigners use honorifics…”

Replied the girl with the staff, Ayaka, as she sat next to her sister and waited for them to arrive to the driver’s hideout.


In this world, magic exist, supernatural beings exist, lots of “impossible things” exist… These are separated by the [Human Side] and [Supernatural Side].

There are no good or evil in both because both are good and evil at the same time.

Humans can wield magic and supernatural forces and monsters as well can shape as humans and live in society.

Still, there is hatred between the [Supernatural] and the [Humans].

These two sides fight with each other in the border of the supernatural. It is a secret fight that anyone can join, but no one can leave.

Humans use magic to attack the supernatural beings called monsters; monsters use their supernatural abilities to retaliate. It’s a win or lose situation where there’s no exit.

Markus, Laurent, Carly, Arlen and Raisa are in this fight with no end.

They fight and defend with the use of magic, as well as their enemies.

Because this is a world where the supernatural exist.


“Here.” Said a woman in her mid 20’s.

She had black hair tied in a bun and deep blue eyes. She was stoic and cold with elegance. She wears thick framed glasses and a tight suit.

She’s Jane Anchor; Markus’ assistant.

Jane was handing out a new smartphone to Laurent.

“How is Arlen’s condition?” Asked Laurent to Jane.

“He’s alright now.” Said Jane and left the room.

Carly and Laurent were in the principal’s office. It was late night and they were the only ones in the building, besides the proper personnel.

“So to summarize… They hired Onmyouji and they beat you to a pulp?” Voiced Markus.

“They took us with the guard down- No. We weren’t wary enough of them. We were conceited.”

Replied Laurent with a downcast expression as he strongly gritted his teeth. Carly was the same.

“Right answer. Still, we have to overcome the failures of the past and go forward.


What do we know, is that they actually don’t know who she is, but they know what she has.”

Markus, after hearing Laurent’s answer, was satisfied. He decided to brush off this bad strike considering all they have done until now and started to talk about resuming the mission.

“I lost track of her due to the Onmyouji breaking the bug spell I casted. I must say that those kind of spells are not my forte.

That is bad news, because the last location I tracked was the place where you crashed.

So, we have no intel about Raisa by now.” Said Markus.

“But we need to do something and quickly, if what you said is true, what they want is “that”. We cannot let them have it!”

Exclaimed Laurent, aware of the danger that would befall them if what Raisa had changed from her hands to the [Hunters]’ hands.

“True… They are dangerous just by themselves… Not if they put their hands on that… I don’t even want to think about it.”

Said the principal while imagining a scenario of them obtaining what they were looking for.

“Because of that, I have the solution to this problem.” Added Markus as he told Jane to open the door behind Laurent and Carly.

Then, two people got inside the room, whom surprised Laurent and Carly.

“Good night, Adele and Giselle.” Said the principal.

“You…” Muttered Laurent with a suspicious gaze.

“Oh, Laurent and Carly?! What a surprise, I didn’t knew you were from this side!”

Said Adele cheerfully while Giselle only stood silent, looking at them.

“Adele… Principal, what is this solution you talk about? Give details.” Demanded Carly. Just as the Markus was about to speak, Adele butted in.

“Can you let me explain?” She asked. The principal nodded and she, quite excited, talked.

“Let’s see… I’m a [Sorceress]. I use non-combatant magic and have a huge repertory of them. I was told by the principal that he needed one of my many magic- [Clairvoyance].”

Said Adele.

Laurent and Carly were stunned due to the sudden confession. Opposite to the magic fighters named [Witches] or [Wizards], a [Sorcerer] or [Sorceress] used support and intel magic.

“So you can help us to locate Raisa?!!” Shouted desperately Laurent.

“O-Of course.”

Said Adele quite surprised.

“And she is a [Sorceress] too?” Asked Carly while looking at Giselle.

“Not at all. She actually is- A [Dark Elf]”

Voiced the principal without acre as Laurent and Carly were dumbfounded by his words.



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