Elementals Chapter 3: Life//Search

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03 – Chapter 3: Life//Search


“Da-Dark Elf?”

Voiced Carly as she looked Giselle from heads to toe.

“Impressive; It’s my first time meeting a Dark. I’ve met a couple of common [Elves] though.” Said Laurent as he stared in surprise.

[Elves] are supernatural beings, or [Supernaturals] that can use magic. They live long lived due to their high affinity with magical energies in the world, as well as the leylines. The excell in the so called [Light Magic] or [Healing Magic] and as it is prejudiced, they are beautiful existences.

Elves have bright blonde hair and green eyes as part of their [Race Trait].

[Race Trait] are the appearance and abilities a supernatural has, which is “unique” to them. Elves’ is the [Long Lifespan], [Spirit Talk], [Pointed Ears], [Blonde Hair] and [Green Eyes].

Dark Elves are a [Subrace] of [Elves]. They cannot talk with spirits, the have black eyes and hair and they can’t use magic.

Instead, opposite to the Elves, they have higher physical abilities.

(Her appearance is indeed that of a Dark one but… Her ears?)

Laurent was concerned about her ears, but Adele is a [Sorceress] so using a [Transformation Spell] on Giselle is not impossible.

“Anyways, we should hurry or they are going to take that from Raisa.” Voiced Markus to what Adele replied.

“Alright! Here I go!”

As she said that, Adele took from her pocket a hand mirror and mumbled some words. It was a [Spell].

Then the mirror shone faintly and Adele closed her eyes but not because of the light, but because of the spell.

“Give me a map.” She said as Markus unlocked a tablet and threw it to Laurent.

He gave it to Adele and as she opened her eyes that faintly shone in a purple light, she started to search on the map.

“No-No, no, no… Not here either… Maybe…. Hmm…. Yeah, here is it.”

Said Adele as she pinned a location in the map.

Laurent took the tablet and Carly approached him to see where Raisa was located.

“At first I couldn’t find her because I found no trace from her. I was lucky to notice the [Black Point] on the map.” Explained Adele while slightly massaging her temples.

([Feedback] huh?) Thought Carly while looking at Adele.

When a [Witch] or [Sorceress] cast a spell, this has three steps.

1- [Condition]:
It is when the user casts the spell, in order to activate it, he or she needs to do a fixed action. In Adele’s case was [Look at the Mirror] and [Close your Eyes].

2- [Activation Period]:
Is when the spell is active. It will last as long as the user wishes so and doesn’t increase the strength of the [Condition] and the [Feedback].

and 3- [Feedback]:

Because for humans, [Magic] is an unnatural energy, their bodies receive a shock due to it. In Adele’s case, it was [Slight Headache].

The stronger the [Spell], the stronger is the [Condition] and [Feedback].

[Witches] and the like, completely differ in magic usage from the [Onmyouji].

“Black Point?”

Asked Laurent as he checked the place and sent the location information to his smartphone and his intelligent helmet, which was surprisingly undamaged.

“Yeah. It’s a place where there is supposed to be lots of [Magic Energy], but when searched by [Clairvoyance] or [Magic Search] it isn’t found due to it being protected from those spells. When GIselle and I arrived to the city, I checked the leylines and all the various places with high concentration of [Magic Energy].”

Said Adele as she felt the slight pain in her head vanished.

“Thanks for the little class, Adele, but we need to hurry.” Said the principal while Laurent gave back the tablet to him.

“Arlen is heading to the parking lot in this moment.” Voiced Jane.

“We’re going then.” Said Carly as she and Laurent left the room. But just before they crossed the door-

“Laurent, wait!” Shouted Markus.

“I forgot to tell, but you should take these two with you. They are pretty useful.” He added while slightly grinning.

“I see. I’ll take the offer then. This time we’ll need their help; Let’s go then.” Said Laurent as he glared to Markus.

The principal said before that only Laurent and co. were their only resourced, but there were these two too.

(I’ll ask later about this matter…)

He thought to himself as the four headed to the parking lot.


Arlen was already inside a sedan black car. Laurent thought that they were going to use the motorcycles again but was wrong.

Carly sat in the front passenger seat and Laurent sat in the back seat with Adele and Giselle.

Arlen was the one driving and as he activated the gps with the location already pinned, he left the institution.

“I know what you are thinking.” Suddenly said Adele as the car was halfway the pinned location.

“Is my face that readable?” Asked Laurent.

He was troubled by Adele and Giselle’s circumstances. They were a [Dark Elf] and a [Sorceress], besides being a weird pair, they were under the principal’s care.

It’s not that they weren’t trustable, because otherwise they would’ve been killed by Jane long ago. What he was curious is their objective, if they had one.

“Not at all, but Giselle said your [Aura] is quite restless so I asked.” Said Adele.

(My [Aura]…. Still, I never heard Giselle speak) Thought Laurent as he briefly gazed Giselle.

“Well, yes. I am concerned about your situation. How would you end up with Markus.” Said Laurent.

“I see. You know, it’s nothing that special. We were just picked by him while we were going to be killed by some mercenaries.” Replied Adele while shrugging her shoulders.

“Well now that’s something hardcore!” Retorted Laurent by reflex, ignoring the tense atmosphere.

Adele, Giselle, Arlen and Carly giggle due to his words.

(Eh?! No good, no good!) He shouted in his mind, as he lightly bit his lower lip, his mood went back to the serious one.

(His [Aura]… Strange..) Voiced Giselle in her mind while looking at Laurent’s reaction.

As a [Dark Elf], one of her [Race Traits] is [Aura Read]. She can feel people’s aura when looking at them. Also, she’s rather special among the [Dark] due to her ability to differentiate people’s emotional state.

“So-Sorry about that.” Added Laurent.

“Don’t worry, it’s better than being pitied by.” Replied Adele with a slight sad expression.

“Prepare yourselves, we’re almost there.” Said Arlen as the ones in the back seat stopped their chat.

Where they arrived, is a construction site in the outskirts of the city.

There was no one nearby, which felt quite uncomfortable.

“I see…” Muttered Adele. Arlen noticed too what was going on and met his eyes with Adele’s.

“Something wrong?” Asked Lauren.

“Nothing. I just noticed there is a fence spell here.” Said Adele.

A fence spell is meant to keep people with no business in the area, away.

“They are not rare, but the area is quite big, so these onmyou girls are quite something.” Said Arlen who looked around the area.

As they walked in the construction site looking for a place where the girls and the [Hunters] were hiding-

“Wait. I felt something.”

Said Giselle with a serious expression. it seems that in face of danger, she would change her submissive and bashful attitude to a proper serious one..

“What is it?” Asked Laurent while Adele prepared her [Clairvoyance] spell once again.

“I feels like fear. Usually I need to look at the person to know their emotions of feel their aura, but this is…”

Said Giselle as she tried to pinpoint the source of the aura she felt.

“Found it. There is an entrance next to that building and it goes underground.”

Said Adele who pointed to their left. They headed that direction and found a strange sewage entrance.

Adele instructed them to go down and they did so.

After a while, they arrived to the bottom of the stairs in the sewage entrance.

“It… Doesn’t stink?” Said Carly, expecting the place to smell like a public toilet There were also artificial lights on the top of the sewage..

“Because it wasn’t designed to be like that…” Replied Arlen while looking around. There sure was water in the sewage, but it was clean. Also the walls were well maintained.

“This… This place was designed and used by [Sorcerer].” Said Adele while using her clairvoyance to look explore all the place.

“Arrgh!” Shouted Adele as she held her head with her hands.

“Adele?!” Exclaimed Laurent as he and the others looked at her.

“So-Sorry… I found the place where the [Sorcerer] is. It seems that he has protected the room he is with a barrier and the effects of it are striking me…” Added Adele as she gritted her teeth. It seems she was quite in pain.

“Where is it?” Asked Laurent. He felt worried for Adele but he knew that if they took too much time walking, something bad could happen.

“W-We… We just need to walk straight there.” Said Adele while pointing to her left, but there was only a wall.

Everyone furrowed their brows but then-


Said Adele as she held her head with one hand and with the other, she drew a rectangle and inside it, a circle.

As she touched the center of the imaginary circle, the wall suddenly disappeared creating a 5×4 meter hole.

“Let’s go.” She added as everyone went inside and the pain in her head faded. Her hand slightly trembled because of the feedback but it wouldn’t last that much.

Carly, Laurent and Arlen took out a handgun from their lower-back bag and went to the front while Adele and Giselle stayed in the read.

“Do you see something ahead Carly?” Asked Laurent as they slowly walked forward.

“No; Not ye-*Bang! Bang!*”

*Shin! Shin!*

Just as Carly replied, she noticed someone far away in the poor illuminated sewage and shot it.

It was a person, who took head on the handgun’s bullets and reflected them with a golden staff.

This person, the onmyou girl with the Japanese male uniform ran at full speed towards the group of people.

She mumbled some words, most likely a spell, and swung her staff like a metal bat.

“GET DOWN!!” Shouted Laurent to Adele and Giselle who didn’t know of the wind attack.

As they lowered themselves, the staff girl leapt towards Carly and pierced her torso with the golden staff.

Or so it was supposed to be-


Exclaimed the Onmyou girl as she let go of her staff and readied two knives from a tight knife-holder.

Carly had just stood up in the blink of an eye and stopped the girl’s attack with her bare hand.

(I used all my strength in that attack? How? Also- Oh… I see… She’s that huh… A [Kyuuketsuki])

Thought the girl named Ayaka. She noticed Carly’s eyes were shining in a crimson color.

Indeed, Carly is a so-called [Vampire].

(This may be interesting… And troublesome.)

Said to herself the Onmyou Ayaka while checking her surroundings and also the enemies in front of her.


“Huh? It seems nee-chan has caught some trouble.” Said the other Onmyou girl, Kirie, as she had her eyes closed and had a paper charm with some characters on it, in her forehead.

She was sit in a wooden chair inside a circle drawn with chalk.

“Really? How bad, but you know, even if she’s about to die, I won’t help her.” Voiced the guy who was the one driving the van a couple of hours ago. He has dark brown hair and eyes, as well a tan skin.

He looks quite well built and at the current moment, is drinking some milk.

“I know; not that we need help from the likes of you anyways.” Said Kirie as she released the magic in her charm and took it off from her forehead while opening her eyes.

“Aw! Scary!” Teased the driver guy who loudly laughed.

Kirie, trying to ignore him, moved her gaze towards the girl hanging in the wall.

(True enough, she’s the most beautiful person I’ve ever met) She thought while looking at Raisa who had her mouth gagged and constantly moved her limbs trying to release herself from some sturdy chains.

(Pitiful… To destroy such beauty…)

As Kirie said so in her mind, she looked towards the floor near the man.

There was a pool of blood where a circle with strange glyphs was drew with. Around it, various corpses of men were lying there as the blood draining from them, moved itself towards the circle.

There was also a man in a suit with a stylish white beard and black hair with traces of white. Presumably the aforementioned [Sorcerer].

He seemed not interested in the exchange between the Kirie and the man as he used a pendulum with a steel wire to create the [Condition] for his spell while in the middle of the circle.

“You are out of right mind you know?”

Said Kirie to the man as she assured the circle around her was still there. She definitely didn’t want to be near the van driver.

“Everyone says so… But who know if it’s true.” Smiled the man that mercilessly, killed his companions to complete the circle that now was creating itself.

“For the sake of obtaining a [World Gear], I’d do everything it takes to!”

Exclaimed out of the blue the man with a broad grin in his face.


Muttered Kirie while putting again the paper charm in her forehead, closed her eyes and peeked again on her older sister.



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