Magical Tournament Volume Six Chapter Six: Ungewöhnlich (Unusual) – Comodities are the base of society

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I’ll try to mess up my “schedule” a.k.a procrastinate and release 1 chapter everyday of Elementals-Magical-Hybrid in that order.

I still have to prepare Chronicles and I will try to remember more about Experience.

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Chapter Six: Ungewöhnlich (Unusual) – Comodities are the base of society

Teil Ein

“I’m boreeeeeeeeed!”

Shouted a girl with monkey ears and light brown hair. She was rolling from left to right due to her intense boredom.

“Relax; They’ll surely come soon.” Voiced a blonde girl with thick frame glasses while reading a book.

They were Char and Trya.

The two looked like 19 year old girls due to they spending time inside the [Ares Hall] training with Engel and co.

“Hewoo… Anuwitwing new?”
Then a girl with bunny ears and black hair arrived. It was Helie eating some bread.

“Anything new? Not at all.” Replied Char.

“Iwe…. I’m going to ask Shirayuki then.” Said Helie after eating her bread and going to the control room.

The three were in the common area of the [Triskelion].

The airship’s inside was designed simply  yet complicated.

It only  had a command room, a bove, a common area and the public bathroom.

From the common area, there was a door that lead to a modified space by Engel where all the rooms of the crew were. There was a common bath and toilet, as well as a three roms to train and a infarmary.

There were also some boves, a kitchen, smithing places, crafting places and a prison.

Trya, Helie and Char were in the common area. Asher was cooking together with Ferris in the kitchen. Carlile was in the control room with Shirayuki and Alexa was with Lyza in the boves, exploring the treasures the gods had.

Autumn was all alone in one of the training rooms.

She was meditating the uses of her abilities with her eyes closed.


She opened her eyes and stood up. There was a sabre next to her, as well as a rusted shortsword.

Both were presents given to her by Engel.

She faintly smiled, took them and left the place.

Autumn went to the control room, and on her way, she noticed Helie, Trye and Char slacking off.

“?? What are you doing?” Asked Autumn.

“Nothing?” Replied Char.

“If so, then go to train; If we don’t train, everything we’ve done until now will be in vain.”

Said Autumn with a straight face.

“What? I don’t want to. Also, who said you can order us around as you please?” Said Char as she closed the book she was reading.

“No one, but I’m the strongest of us; Still, that’s a given since I’m the disciple of Master Engel!” Exclaimed Autumn while glaring at Char.

“What?! Are you saying Engel is better than Izaak? Are you serious? Izaak is 100 times better than Engel!” Shouted back Char.

“How? How is he 100 time better? I remember Izaak being beaten up by him several times!” Replied Autumn.

“Ehh? I don’t have any memory about it! Liii-aaaarr!!!” Exclaimed Char, trying not to lose face.

“Engel is better!”

“Izaak is better!”





“How many time do they have like that?” Then asked Lene who suddenly appeared a minute or so ago, together with Krestin, Isold and Izaak.

“Don’t know, like 5 minutes?” Replied Trya.

“I’d reply Engel but my feelings are involved… What about you Kres- Oh you’re the same right?” Added Lene.

“Maybe… Who knows. also it depends.” Replied Krestin.

“Engel.” Nodded Isold while giving a thumbs up to Autumn.

Izaaks just covered his blushing face as Char and Autumn continued their quarrel.

“Eh??” Then voiced Lene.

“Something wrong?” Asked Krestin.

“No… Well, Ms-Mr. Cole used the pebble I gave him. He’s calling us.” Said Lene.

“Wha?! So soon? It hasn’t even been 4 hours!” Exclaimed Krestin.

“I know right… Well, we better head back then.” Said Lene as she put her hand in Izaak’s shoulder who was still bashful and while making a chain with Isold and Krestin, she teleported back to the academy.

Teil Zwei.


“Come on then, Kee-Oth!!”


Thus the clash started.

Engel, now inhabiting a weird world called [Random], is fighting against the first creature he found in that world.

It’s been two months and he’s figuring out how to fight in such a place without [Mana] or [Spirit].

Engel is going against a red humanoid creature with bat wings, black horns that spits fire.

“Take this!” Shouted Engel while with swift movements, he used [Stark] to attack the demon named Alfred.

Because Alfred could fly, it was quite easy to avoid Engel’s attacks and then-


Due to his self-conceitement, he was slightly cut by the shortsword.

“Ha! How did you like the [Holy Water] I coated with my weapon!!” Declared Engel quite triumphant.

“Holy Water?! where the hell you got that?!!” Shouted Alfred as he spat fire towards Engel.

Engel avoided the attack and threw his reliable dagger [Crystal] coated with [Holy Water]

“There was a holy water spring near the mountain!! there was even a map!!” Replied Engel.

In fact, as he tried to look for a place to camp with Francesca and Ártemize, he found a map on a borad saying where the holy water was.

After a hard struggle, Ke-Alfred couldn’t stand the pain of the [Holy Water] and flew away while cursing Engel.

“Haa… That was hard. You two, are you ready to leave?” Asked Engel towads some bushes.

“NOO!!! And stop asking!” Shouted Ártemize as she picked some flowers.

(What a bad timing of that thing…) She voiced in her mind as she finished the deed.

“I’m not ready master! Come and help m-blawlñkasdh!”

“Shut up pervert!”

Francesca was trying to lure Engel into her play but was stopped by Ártemize.

Once they finished, they went back to the place they had their campment.

“Still, why is that thing so angry with you?” Asked Ártemize.

“Let’s say that as my magic was being sucked, and I was trying to see how much I lost while using an attack… Some lightning hit his head and made him bald.” Said Engel. When he recalled the scene, he held his mouth and stomach trying to not to laugh.

“What?! You’re unbelievable you know. Also, that thing had hair?! Scary!” Retorted Ártemize.

“Ye-Yeah… It was like a emo style or so-so-something… Pfft.”

Engel surely was holding his laughter with all his might.

After fime minutes of walking by an animal trail, they arrived to a city in ruins. It was completely destroyed. The only building standing were the tall ones because they were pilled up above the smaller ones.

In the middle of those buildings, there was a small wooden cabin with a chimney.

“Still, I’m glad we found this place.” Said Ártemize while sitting on a the sofa of the cabin.

“Yeah… Francesca, get off. You’re heavy.” Said Engel as Francesca, the one holding onto him since they left the “picking flower spot”, fell to the ground.

“Master! The usual please!” Said Francesca while blushing.

“No, not now. It’s time for a meeting.” Replied Engel while serious.


“If you insist more, I won’t do it for a whole week, alright?!” Scolded Engel as Francesca widened her eyes in surprise and went pale for a while.

After half a minute, she calmed down and sat next to Engel on the sofa in front of Ártemize.

“How’s your recovery going?” Asked Ártemize.

“Not good. This world keeps gouging my [Mana] and [Spirit]. My strenght is being reuced by a third and the gravity here is 3 times that of [Earth] and [Bereich]… I don’t even know why we are still alive.” Said Engel.

Without his strenght, magic and skill, he’s a normal human. With anything of those, a gravity 3 times that of earth can kill him little by little.

In the world they arem his magic is being sucked as well as his spirit energy. Besaides the gravity issue, the world they are right now is so random he can’t predict at all what is going on.

He steeled his mind and decided not to get depressed or stressed by his lack of luck, and move forward to the way out of [Random].

“That is true… Also I don’t know why we can still fly.” Said Ártermize.

The [Arche] race, as well as the [Dämon] race of the [Mugetsu Tribe], can fly. They have special wings that dissapear and reappear at will from their lower backs.

They only give for granted such feature, but now that there’s no magic nor spirit, they are puzzled over the fact that they can fly.

“In fact, wings appearing and dissapearing is quite unnatural…” Added Engel who didn’t say a thing before, because he thought it was a kind of skill or something. The same goes for the two [Arche] who thought the same.

They also had noticed a lot of unnatural things that could only be related to magic; still, the world had no [Mana] so it was quite strange.

“So, we need to find the source of the energy that “ignites” our wings and let us fly?” Butted in Francesca.



Voiced both Ártemize and Engel at the same time.

“Actually… You gave a reasonable opinion. I’m quite impressed.” Said Engel while over-exaggerating his surprise.

“Didn’t you completely change to a pervert?” Added Ártemize overreacting too.

“I-I’m pleasedd by th-those words… But stil!! I’m not just a pervert! I once was [Gabriel]!! I can think too! And just how low is your impression of me?!” Exclaimed Francesca.

“Anyways, we should visit the gramps to ask him about it. He may know something!” Said Ártemize.

“Beardy? True… He has helped us a lot after all…” Voiced Engel as he considered his options.

Beardy was the gramps that camped next to the spring of holy water. He told them about [Random] and how to take care of themselves. Also he guided them to the cabin they were living now.

“Buut… He is that…” Complained Francesca.

“Oh damn… True he is that…” Added Ártemize too.

“Really… Still, we have no choice. Let’s go. Even if he is that, we need to ask him.”

While being quite reclutant at the end, the two girls followed Engel to the spring of holy water.

And by that, they meant-

“Oh my, if it isn’t G-Cu… The cute angel and the others.”

(((HAAAAAAAAAAAAA….. This pervert old man….)))

They had the same thought in the same precise moment.

About the gramps being a huge pervert.

(But the worst is…)

“Mhmm…. Your body is still in progress of adap-GUHEEEEE!!”

“Stop TOuching me Old man!!!” Shouted Francesca as she hit Beardy with a karate chop in the jaw.

(That he tries so hard to hide his pervertedness… That at the end it doesn’t matter. He’s still a perverted old man…) Thought Engel as he recalled the first time they met.

He touched again and again Francescas body until she was fed up and tried to cut him in half.

“My body can only be touched by Master! Scram you old man!” Shouted Francesca.

“kay kay… Then, why did you come here?” Asked Beardy as he constantly tried to touch Francesca but was stopped by Engel.

“We came here to ask something important. We want to know about the magic of this world.” Asked Engel.

He said it like this, so he could gasp a better understanding not only about the enegry that moved Ártemize and Francesca’s wings, but also about the “randomness” of [Random].

“Mmmm… I see. Then I shall tell you, the secret of the [Mind]!” Announced gramps as Engel and co. sat in the floor to receive Beardy’s lecture.

Teil Drei.

“Hello there.” Greeted Mr. Cole to Lene and co. who re-appeared in his office.

“What’s wrong? Why you called?” Asked Lene.

“Directly to the point, huh… Well, you see… I… Have something to ask you four.” Said Mr. Cole while not going through the sides.

“Ask.” Added Lene.

“I… Want to know how did the [Magic War] progressed in your world?” Said Mr. Cole with a serious expression.

“[Magic  War]? Wait, is there something like that going on in this world?!” Exclaimed Lene quite concerned. Izaak, Krestin and Isold barely got to understand the implications of a [Magic War] developing.

“You… Exactly when did you go out of your world? Give a date.” Declared Mr. Cole.

“…. November. November 29.” Replied Lene. Engel’s birthday is on November 28.

“I see. What a bad timing… Well, let me tell you, about the war that started in December 1st.”

Said Mr. Cole and everyone nodded.

“Excuse us.” Said then someone just as the door opened. It was Ange, Liam, Illian, Irina and Klaus. There was also a man with a butler attire and another one with a normal suit.

The butler had golden eyes and black hair, whilst the suit one had black hair and rose eyes.

“Oh, It’s Lene.” Said Ange as she remembered Lene’s name.

“Why are you here Ange?” Asked Mr. Cole.

“We wanted to have a talk with you about the [Nidhogg] and how to face him.” Said Ange in her serious modo.

“I see. You came at the right time. You four, I want you to help us to fight this guy named [Nidhogg]. Of course this is a request. Even if you don’t accept, I’ll still talk about the [Magic War].” Proposed Mr. Cole.

“Alright. We won’t meddle too much so we’ll just give some advice. You are the only ones that are going to take care of him. Alright?” Voiced Lene to what everyone in the room nodded except the two black-haired men.


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