Type: Hybrid – Chapter Eight: Give and take

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Chapter Eight: Give and take

Part One.


“Master, stop eating those things. They’re bad for your health.”

“Eh? But I’m immortal! Whatever I eat, my bo-GUHE!!!!”

“I said, stop eating it.”

This was a casual conversation between the [Trianina God] and his maid.

He had just been hit in the neck so he could spit all the content of the instant soup he was drinking.

“Really… You should take care of youself more, Master.” Said the maid as from her hand, a blakc flame formed and burned all the soup spilled, and the package as well.

And as she cleaned the area where the soup fell-

“Master… There’s some news about [Babel].” Said the maid with a serious tone.

“Him? Is he on the move?” Asked [Triania].

“Yes. It seems he also meddled with that world. Because he doesn’t have the same ability as you to manipulate [Time-Space] he wasn’t able to get people from the future… But still he got quite the candidates from the present time.” Explained the maid.

The maid is the one who handles all of the god’s affairs as he only acts when necessary. She also get the information out of other god’s servants and so.

“This… Is going to get fun… Hehehehe.” Laughed [Triania].

[Babel God], as one of oldest friends, Triania was quite fired up to he with what he came up.

“This will be fun… I can’t hold back my excitement….” Mumbled Triania as he remembered his old days and mischevously smiled.
Part Two.

“Wha?! André! Are yo-….”

Just as Serena was about to protest, she stopped herself.

Her reliable “hunch” worked again and said to her “believe in him”.

“Serena? What’s wrong?” Asked Zarah who had a faint idea of why she stopped in the middle of her sentence.



“I have a hunch. We should do as André says.” Declared Serena.

Everyone sighed and just accepted what came to them.

“Haa… Serena’s hunch… I know it right… I really know it is right to follow her… But it’s not scientific at all!!!” Protested now Karen.

“Stop it. This is no moment for these things.” Voiced Aleister who once was saved by Serena’s hunch.

(Now… To deal with the most troublesome ones… Maybe I’ll have to use [Olivier Channel]…) Thought André as a way to deal with the scientists and his teacher.

“Alright….. Mister Silver, as well as the scientist here. It’s true that we baarged in here, attacked you, and also quasi-destroyed this place.”

Voiced André as the tied up people payed attention to him.

“It’s true that we did that… But we had a reason! We wanted to rescue our friend from the jaws of death. We know that there are several students who had lost their lives due to the experiments you held here. An unforgivable act.

Human experimentation. A taboo to society. Somehting that cannot be forgiven not forgotten by the people.


Let me ask you- why would you go to such lenghts? Why would you resort to such unforgivable act that it took some lives? Why?

Money? Fame? Acknowledgement?

Mister Silver… Can you answer in behalf of everyone? Why did you do it?”

Said André with a strong voice.


“What did you said?”


Humans… They just think that this form is the supreme form of evolution. It is not! We can still leap in evolution! We can grow! We can still dream to fly without wings and machines and to breath underwater!

We will be able to run faster than a cheetah and be stronger than a gorilla!! We can still evolve! Everything is for the sake of the talented without place in this world!! I did it because we can still grow as humans!

I would do anything in order to evolve!


Exclaimed Mr. Silver. He was proud of his beliefs and didn’t think he was wrong.

(Haa… What a psycho…) Thought André… But for the sake of the world, he had to convince him to work together.

“Is as you said!! Humans have no limits! Those people of the [Empire] don’t know about this! They absolutely don’t understand the value of human evolution!

But Mister Silver-

We do understand it. We, and the organisation behind us understands it. We still cannot forgive the human sacrifices, but we understand that they were for the sake of evolving.

Their names won’t be forgotten by us. We will always have present those who sacrifced themselves in order to bring the humanity to a new stage!

Mister Silver… Plan to make this a better world throughout means of evolution. We will overthrow the empire who doesn’t understand us and will become new humans!” Shouted André with all his strength.

(Haa… Ho-How embarassing!! Still, I hope the acting classes Lauren gave me! This wasn’t for naught!) Said André in his mind.

Serena has her eyes shining in admiration due to André’s skills of deceive. Karen was intensely holding her laugh as well as Alesiter.

Jyacoba was the same as Serena and Zarah Just recorded the moment.

“So, Mister Silver… Will you cooperate with us for a better world?” Asked André with a serious tone.

Mr. Silver was stunned by André’s speech. He was dealing with all the feelings insiede him, as well as weighting the possibilities and after some moments, he replied.

“Yes. I will ally with you, Glass.” Said Mr. Silver as he faintly smiled, thinking this was for the best.

That it was another step towards his dream.
Part Three.

After the incident, they untied all the scientist, woke up Miss Skyler and sent her up with Aleister, Jyacoba and the unconscious Cristoph.

The ones remaining were Karen, Zarah, Serena and André. They wanted to have a serious talk with Mr. Silver.

They were in his office inside the lab.

The four knew, that actually Mr. Silver is not a bad person.

He can be a psycho obsessed with evolution, but at the end, he was not the one to start the war. The ones to start it were the [Allied Countries].

In the [Future Past], André, Serena and Karen worked for the [Allied Countries] and after they ascended to a suitable position to know secrets of the military-

They found out that the ones unleashing the war were these countries. The [Empire] only retaliated. After that, the first leader, presumably Mr. Silver died. The substitue, whoever it was, then killed thousands due to his megalomany.

Mr. Silver only killed the people who would harm his dream, and when attacked, countered.

He was not someone fond of conflicts.

Even with the little chat they had before arriving to the lab, André understood that.

“Well, let’s state the conditions of our alliance. What can you give me? What can I give you? What do you want from us and what do I want from you… With these four questions, we can get to agreeable terms.

Said Mr. Silver while sitting in a sofa in fron of André and co.

“Alright. First- Karen. Talk.” Said André. He is not the type of people to deal with such things, so he entrusted it to Karen.

“Okay then. What we want… Is that you stay silent to the [Empire] about this. I know you have the intention of announcing your independization from them, but unfortunately that would only hinder our progress. We need to keep it as a secret- The fact that you’ve turned against them.

Also we want to make this our base of operations and as well that you report us everyhting that happens in this place. We want you to not to sacrifice anyone else and to follow our orders as you see fit.”

Declared Karen. Mr. Silver nodded and she continued talking.

“What can you give us is… The lab. Here is all the technology needed to develop the [Faux] and to make further investigation on these people.

Now, to the important part… Or the part you want to hear.

What we can give you is- Information, development and advance.

In only 1 month-No. Only 2 weeks from now, you’ll have a 100% rate of success of creating a [Faux]. Moreover, in 2 months we would be already past the point of [Faux] and become more evolved beings. You will be able to see the unlimited posibilities of humans.

You know what my name is right- I am Über, Karen Über. I’m daughter of Alicia Über, the key person in discovering the [Faux].”

Declared Karen in order to convince Mr. Silver.

After she mentioned her mother, the meeting went smoothly and both parties got what they wanted.

André and co. then left the academy and went back to his apartment. There was Miss Skyler who was taking acre of Cristoph in the conversation pit.

“Miss Skyler… How is he?” Asked Serena quite concerned.

“He is alright. There doesn’t seem to be any sympthoms of the process the dead students suffered.” Replies Miss. Skyler.

“So, he is an success…” Added André.

“Tell me, do you know what will be of him? What did they do to him?!” Shouted Miss. Skyler. She was still worried about her little brother.

In the outside she could be cool and elegant, but she’s a human too. She has feelings of fear, frustration and love.

“Nothing. Most likely his body will transform and he will be like a new person, in flesh only.” Said André.

“There’s nothing to worry about. This is not a curse but a gift.” He gently smiled and put his hand in Miss. Skyler’s shoulder.

Serena absolutely wanted to scream and tore them apart, but she minded her surroundings and refrained herself to do so.
Part Four.

“Damn… Is… Is it here where I’ll die?!”

Shouted a girl in the dark. She was laying down in an alley. There was no one nearby and the one that attacked her thought she was quite dead so he left her there suffering a slow death.

“I’m a spy. I’m the best spy. I am an assasin. I’m the best assasin. I’m the strongest in this world. I was just too self conceited. I’m the strongest. I am the strongest…. I am…”

This girl had the habit of repeating her failures aloud so she could overcome them.

So, after a while-

“I am the strongest… Think. Think. Think. There should be a place to… Yes. Out of this alley there’s a vet. I can go there. I can kill him or deceive him. I can do it. I’ll survive this. I can.”

Voiced the girl while smiling. She had the will and the strenght to overcome death once again.

And just then-

“You know, if you go there, most likely will die due to your own inconpetence.”

Said a male voice.

Step by step, this person who appeared from nowhere approached her.

“The vet there, is a former russian soldier. He most likely will shoot you at first sight. You certainly are strong, but you will lose some… “parts” if you go there.” Said the man.

“Who… Who are you?” Asked the girl while trembling due to the strong pain.

“Me? I’m just a passerby that can’t let a girl die just like this.” Said the man.

“Liar. I know it. It’s not your voice, nor your attitude. Your steps are firm and your breathing is honest. Still, I doubt you. You are not here for my sake.” Said the girl as she tried to stan up.

“Incredible… You saw through me. Well, I do want to save you. That is true; But also, I want you to work for me. Don’t worry. I am not a percert… like someone I know… So I won’t ask anything erotic.

I want you to work as you have until now. I want you to become my spy.” Said the man.

The girl furrowed her brows. She knew that he was lying.

“So you’ll save me in order to use me?” Replied the girl.

“Yes. That’s what I propose to you.” Said the man.

“Haa… What a luck I have. I just hope you aren’t some run of the mill dude who wants an spy. I’d end up dead soon if you are” Said the girl.

“Believe me. I am not.” Said the guy as he took out of his breast pocked at small srynge.

(Haa… It’s hard to convincex someone of your good intentions… I had to put up this act in order to gain her “trust”) Thought the man as he saw the girl gritting her teeth in pain.

“GAHGH!!” Voiced the girl as the srynge was stuck in her neck with an unbelievable speed.

(I don’t have recovery spells like him so this is the only thing I can use…) Thought the man as he saw the girl twitching as her injuries healed.

“Eh?” Voiced the girl as she stood up.

She checked herself in order to believe what was happening. Her injuries were gone as if they weren’t there in the first place.

“You… Just who are you?”

Asked the girl with a surprised voice.

“I already said it. Oh well, we will be working together from now on, so you can call me [Babel].” Said the man as he walked out of the alley and made a sign to the girl to follow him.


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