Elementals Chapter 4: Life//Stabilize

Hello! Alek here! sorry for not posting yesterday but I had RL in my hands all day. Also PR san got sick and I couldn’t afford to post the corrected versions of he previous chapters.

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Anyways, hope you like this chapter. :3

Enjoy it.

04 – Chapter 4: Life//Stabilize


(5 enemies with unknown abilities… No- This girl, being a [Kyuuketsuki], I can contain her… But the others are the problem… The one with the bandana is the [Sorceress] but I know nothing of the other 3. The guys seems to be normal, but I feel the paranormal aura from the black haired girl…)
Analyzed Ayaka.

She is an Onmyou- A warrior that can use magic without receiving a feedback or clearing a condition. Their abilities are limited, but still powerful.

(I really thought I had killed her back when we abducted the beauty… Now I see why she’s alive.)

She thought as she smiled and from her pocket, took out a black pill and ate it.

“You are no leaving this place alive! I will stop you.. And kill you.”

Said Ayaka as the natural energy from her body exploded and expanded at great speed.

What the Onmyouji use to create [Magic] is not [Magic] itself, but their internal energy to act as a medium and feel the [Magic] already stored inside an artifact.

It could be the staff in her hands, or the paper charms her twin has.

As her energy increased, the hit the floor with the tip of her staff and wind was created. Then this wind gathered and condensed in her back.

She made a barrier of wind that moved at high speed and would crush whatever and whoever tried to trespass it.

As the Onmyou girl readied again her staff, Carly ran at full speed and gave a punch to her face.

Ayaka, whose overflowing energy caused her senses to heighten, evaded the punch and hit Carly with the staff. Carly moved out of the way of the staff and shot with her handgun.

The Onmyou girl, aware of her surroundings, crouched.

After the bullet, a kick passed through air. It was Arlen’s kick. He had moved into action and made a combination with Carly to stop the Onmyou girl.

The bullet that touched the wind barrier then was destroyed. The bullet became sand the moment it tried to cross the barrier.

The only one that noticed was Carly and wondered just how fast was the rotation of the barrier.

As she gave some steps back, Arlen tried to gave clean hits on Ayaka as she evaded his kicks and punches.

Arlen, was not a [Supernatural]. He is a real human from head to toe. His talent in martial arts was superb, as well as how easily he reads the movement of the human body to predict and counter attacks.

He is clearly outstanding.

As the Onmyou tried to deal with the precise Arlen and was wary of Carly’s support with the handgun, Laurent gave a sign to Adele and Giselle to not to involve in the fight.

They tried to move by the sides as the fight progressed and while still receiving attention from Ayaka, they arrived in front of the barrier.

“Can you do something about this?!” Asked Laurent to Adele.

“Sorry… If I had the time, maybe I could, but a barrier made by and Onmyou can only be dispelled by an Onmyou.” Replied Adele.

She was quite concerned about why they had to hurry. Was Raisa in danger? She thought in all the way to the sewage, in why they lacked time.

“Just what why is she so important that they are in such a rush?”

Is what she thought. Why in the world was so unforgivable to abduct Raisa Astakhov.

“Who in the world is she?”

She had asked herself those questions, but at the end she couldn’t come up with an answer.

If she were a [Supernatural], she would be dead by now, not abducted. If she were a [Witch] or a [Sorceress] she would have fought back in the moment of her abduction. If she were an important daughter of someone, she would know.

After various theories, anything came to her mind.

Just as she recalled that, and tried to come up with a way to dispel the barrier, Laurent take her out of the way.

“Stand behind me.”

Said Laurent, and Adele with some doubts moved. Giselle did so too and-

“Haa… I didn’t want to do this.” Muttered Laurent as he stretched his hand towards the barrier. With the other hand he removed the silver and blue pins in his hair and-

“[Scharlach Eiserne Jungfrau – Release]”

Said Laurent with a soft voice as a sudden burst of energy was released within him and engulfed his persona.

(??!! HOT!)

Shouted Adele and Giselle in her minds as a great heatwave struck them. It came from Laurent.

He saved the pins in his pocket and the hand he had pointing towards the barrier started to release a great amount of energy.


Said Laurent as the energy condensed in his palm, and was shot.


There was a big explosion that engulfed the tunnel.

Carly, Arlen and Ayaka were astonished by a moment but then, noticing the explosion was going to damage them, they laid in the floor.


Voiced then the Onmyou.

That’s because the sudden explosion didn’t spread and in a unnatural way, it gathered in one and only point, creating an orange orb floating above Laurent.

Adele and Giselle were safe behind the unscratched Laurent who was not only at point black, but the very source of the explosion. Not even his clothes were dirty.

“Let’s go.”

Said Laurent as he unfastened the scarf in his neck and slowly walked throughout the space where the barrier was moments before.

Ayaka tried to chase after them but was in the middle of a fight where she couldn’t afford to be distracted even a second.

As she stood up, Arlen attacked her and Carly shot her handgun whenever she saw an opening. Arlen, after the explosion, handed her some spare munition and his handgun so running out of bullets wouldn’t be an hindrance to her.



Shouted Raisa uselessly.

She has been like that since a while, which was the cause that Giselle noticed her fear.

She saw how effortlessly the driver of the van killed his own companions and the other man with the pendulum stood in the middle of the blood pool and started to act strange.

She restlessly tried to release herself but the chains were too sturdy and tight.

“It’s no use, Raisa Astakhov. Those chains will cling to you until I say so.” Said the man in the table with a teasing voice.

“It’s finished.” Said the man who was wearing the suit.

Where the pool of blood was, not was drawn a big circle with strange patterns and glyphs.

The man stepped outside the circle and the man in the table stood up.

“Alright now is your turn.” Said the driver with a smirk as he approached Raisa.

She then started to move more in order to free herself. She knew it was useless to struggle, but her panicked mind didn’t find another course of actions.

The man lifted the chains from the hook Raisa was hanging and dragged her to the circle.

Once she being inside, the chains fell off, as well as mouth gag.

As her restraints fell, a red light coming from the border of the circle shone. She then tried to run away but when she wobbly stood up and gave some steps, Raisa was stopped by somethings like a invisible wall.

“RELEASE ME!!! RELEASE MEE!!!” Shouted Raisa while punching the invisible wall. Her mind told her it was useless, but she had to try.

“HELP!! SOMEONE HELP!!” She exclaimed this time. Her mind told her no one was there to help her, not to even listen to her pleads.

While she was screaming, the man with the suit stood behind her and started to mumble some words with his eyes closed and a pendulum in his hands.

“Oh saint ot the white- Oh saint of the black- Please listen to my pleads and release the limits inside her- Show us, the secret in her soul and give us the power to attain it… The power to attain the control of the world.”

As if reciting a poem, the man finished and opened his eyes.

In that moment-



“What was that?!”

As a great explosion was outside the room, the Onmyou Kirie shouted and jumped out of her chair while taking off the charm in her forehead.

(THE FUCK WAS THAT?) She thought while massaging her forehead.

The driver, who had shouted, was left ignored and-



Raisa shouted from the bottom of her heart. She shouted with all her breath due to the painful electric discharges that attacked her body.


She was screaming with all her strength.

“Keep the ritual going! Kirie! You saw right? You saw what happened? Then go and stop whoever is coming!”

Ordered the driver. Kirie was quite fed up with him, but for the sake of the money the organisation backing him gave her, she had to obey him.

“Damn that psycho…” Mumbled Kirie as she got out of the room.

She walked some labyrinth-like alleys and finally she was found out by Laurent and co.

“The other Onmyouji!” Shouted Laurent to what Kirie reacted.

She had prepared her paper charms and threw them towards Laurent as if they were daggers.

“Not again!” Retorted Laurent and the orange orb orbiting him spat fire and burned the charms. The orb then was reduced to half it’s size.

But that was a distraction, and Kirie had already placed charms in every dimension of the sewage. Four in the floor, two in the ceiling and one on each of the walls.

“[Trigram Formation = Thunder], [Zhèn]!!”

Shouted the Onmyou girl and the paper charms started to produce lightning and gathering midair.

“MOVE!” Shouted Laurent and as Giselle and Adele moved the lightning gathered was hot.


There was another explosion and a lot of black smoke was produced.

(Did I kill him?) Asked herself Kirie.


“Don’t you know? Wood feed fire.” Said a voice mocking Kirie from behind the smoke.

“Eh?” Stupidly voiced the Onmyouji.

“My friend gave me a quick lecture while coming here.” Said the voice, Laurent as the smoke cleared up.

His scarf was in tatters and the left part of his blazer and shirt were burned.

“It’s the basic in Onmyou. Wood feeds Fire, Fire creates Earth, Earth bears Metal, Metal enriches Water and Water nourishes Wood. But you already know that, right?”

Smirked Laurent.

“Lightning is created by the enhanced static that is created by wood… And wood feeds fire.”

He started to walk slowly towards Kirie who beared a bitter expression.

“It’s my win” Said Laurent whose feelings were getting fired up.

“AS IF!” Retorted Kirie as she saw how flames were created in Laurent’s hands.

(Strange!! Last time my lightning worked! Now he seems unfazed by it! Just what is he?) Shouted in her mind the Onmyou who was easily shaken by the incomprehensible.

Laurent shot the flames in his hands and the orb above him as well shot what remained of his contents.

Kiries evaded them and shot various paper charms but Laurent once, twice and so on, burned them.

Those were special charms that would not be burned even by the highest flame a flame thrower could spat; and now they were becoming ashes in front of her.

Kirie has always been susceptible to the surprises and unpredictable events. This, as one of them, threw off balance her mind and she wasn’t able to come up with any countermeasures.



She created once again a rain of lightning and ran away.

“Damn… She ran away huh… Once I catch her I’ll throughl-???!!! GAH!”

Shouted Laurent. Because he was toying with her, she escaped. And now, while saying unusual words, he noticed his own change in attitude.

(Damn! I can’t stay too much without the [Scharlach]!)

Laurent was quite pressured and hurried when he decided to deactivate the seal in him.

That’s because Laurent is also a [Supernatural]. A special being that controls fire at will and never will be harmed by it.

With a seal, he can be like any other normal teenager, but without it, he’s a supernatural existence… A being called-



“Harlen, how is it going?” Asked the driver just after he heard the explosion Kirie created with her lightning.

“It’s almost done, Roy. Soon we’ll know what kind of [Gear] she has, it’s [Number] and type.” Said the man in the suit while focusing the magic passing through his body towards the pendant, and then to the magic circle.

“Alright. I can’t wait to know what kind of-”




Hearing the sudden scream of the [Sorcerer], the driver of the van, Roy, focused his sight from Raisa towards him.

“Eh?” Then he stupidly made a monotone sound. That’s because he saw the unbelievable.

The [Sorcerer] was convulsing in pain as some weird anemone-like light tentacles crawled from the pendulum to his arms and from his arms to his torso.

“What is that?” Asked to himself Roy as he analyzed what was going on.

Then he fixed his gaze on Raisa.

She had already fell unconscious a while ago and was just lying in the floor. But the anemone-like creatures were coming from her. More exactly, they were being “created” by her.

Roy walked some steps towards Raisa and he heard a robot-like female voice coming within her.

[Source of Magic Power detected. Starting [Code//Absorb] in order to replenish the Magic Power.]

[The individual found has a quantity of 10,936- Quantity insufficient]

[Quantity needed for recovery minus the Magic Power received from the found individual- 900,334]

[Protocol [Ghost Wing] Activated]

[Every lifesource within 5 meters -if not used to replenish the Magic Power- Will be obliterated]

“Just what the-??!!!”

Just as he mumbled in his dumbfoundedness, Raisa suddenly started to float while being unconscious.

Then some glass-like wings grew from her back.

“What.. the hell…”

Said then the wounded Kirie. She was just arriving to the scene when she saw Raisa floating. Roy was too impressed to even utter a word.

[Ghost Wing on mach]

Said louder the robot voice.


After some seconds, a small explosion was produced in the entrance of the room where Raisa was floating.

Then Laurent arrived in a leap.

His upper clothes were in tatters, showing various tattoos in his left side.

Then, he felt as his heart was pierced by a spear.

He felt the energy surrounding the room.

He knew what it was… Who was the one with such energy.


Mumbled Laurent in a sad voice as he watched her beautiful silhouette floating in the room.



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