Elementals Chapter 6: Armor//Invite

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06 – Chapter 6: Armor//Invite


(I need to control my feelings… I need to control my feelings…) Shouted Laurent in his mind.

In from of him was Raisa who showed her true self; That of a [Valkyrie]. The glass wings in her back shattered and the hairpins holding her hair fell.

“[Weissen Eiserne Jungfrau – Release]” She muttered as her minimum magic power was replenishing itself to its original, massive amount. Continue reading


Type: Hybrid – Chapter Ten: Identity

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Chapter Ten: Identity

Part One:

After a while, Serena and André got out of the room.

“André! Serena! Come here.” Then voices Zarah.

“What happened?” Asked Serena.

“Karen, who actually left a while ago, asked me to look for the assassin.” Said Zarah as she them manipulated the table she had in her hands.

“She asked me to look for “boys and girls that have been transferred within 1 month” I didn’t get her meaning but then I thought- This is a fortress. It’s true that no outsider can forcibly enter. Still, what if this assasin tried to come just like us?” Continue reading

Magical Tournament Volume Six Chapter Eight: Vorwärts (Forward) – Love is way stronger than money

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Chapter Eight: Vorwärts (Forward) – Love is way stronger than money

Teil Ein.

[Antique Method]

Is the mothod used by the joint of elder alchemists and blacksmiths to create [Automatas]. The only one who knows about it is [Brokkr], the divinity blacksmith. It’s a long lost art and only recorder in books in a general way. The most especific ones were destroyed by the [Demon Empress]. Continue reading

Elementals Chapter 5: Life//Awakening

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05 – Chapter 5: Life//Awakening


Cherry Blossom Tree on Spring; Three Black Rings; Red Marks by Five Fingers; Withered Autumn Tree: Sun ahead and Moon Below; Seven Elements; White Single Wing; Four Points-Obsidian; Electronic Puzzle; Black Bracelet; Electronic Bracelet. Continue reading

Type: Hybrid – Chapter Nine: Progress

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Chapter Nine: Progress

Part One.

“Heya dude!”

“Hi Cristoph.”

“Hi Cris.”

“Heya Serena.”

“Good morning bae!!!”

This, is the usual greeting of the four friends in the [Crowley Academy]. They are known in the whole academy for being the so-called [Perfect Matches].

Serena Bones and André Glass – The cool and composed guy with the lively, sporty girl.
Ekaterina Crowley and Cristoph Cold – Lively and sporty girl with the cool guy.

They are the envy and jealousy of all the academy. Continue reading

Magical Tournament Volume Six Chapter Seven: Bandagen (Bandages) – Because bandage is not a synonym of bondage

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Chapter Seven: Bandagen (Bandages) – Because bandage is not a synonym of bondage

Teil Ein.

“…. What are you doing?”

Asked Ártemize.

“No-othing! I just want to dinner sheep today!!”

Shouted Engel as he chased a little sheep.


Sighed Ártemize. Continue reading