Type: Hybrid – Chapter Nine: Progress

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Chapter Nine: Progress

Part One.

“Heya dude!”

“Hi Cristoph.”

“Hi Cris.”

“Heya Serena.”

“Good morning bae!!!”

This, is the usual greeting of the four friends in the [Crowley Academy]. They are known in the whole academy for being the so-called [Perfect Matches].

Serena Bones and André Glass – The cool and composed guy with the lively, sporty girl.
Ekaterina Crowley and Cristoph Cold – Lively and sporty girl with the cool guy.

They are the envy and jealousy of all the academy.
It’s been a month and a half since the classes started and roughly 2 weeks since the incident of the underground lab.

After the incident, everything went smoothly.

Before the incident, they were normal acquitances. Even if André had Cristoph quite high in expectative due to him being friendly, thing that was rare for him, they were only classmates.

In Serena’s case with Ekaterina, girl’s relationships are a deep sea riddle. They were friends beore anyone noticed it.

These four friends, now have a strong bond.

-After the underground lab incident ended, everything went smoothly. Mr. Silver recruited the involved teachers and told the principal the truth. It seems the principal was out of the project, so he was quite shocked. It seems that the [Memebers of the Empire] infiltrated the place when the libary was being repaired due to a strange typhoon 3 years ago.

The principal was angry that the teahcers killed his students and hid this from him. Also he was going to tell the NYPD and the CIA but Mr. Silver convinced him that it was useless.

The princpal had to swallow his words and follow Mr. Silver. He also talked with Ms. Skyler, André and Karen. He was convinced that any other death was out of the question and that this was for a common benefit. They explained him that this was going to become something big if things go the wrong way, thus the principal had to let go of his grudges.

Of course it was not easy, but as a man that had experience in life, he had to accept it.

In the other side, the scientists were quite fired up with Karen’s help. She gave them tons of data and also had the help of Cristoph, Alleister and André.

It could seems wicked that they took Cristoph where he was abducted and messed up with, but to overcome the events of that time, it was necessary.

Mr. Silver was the one in charge of sending the false data to the [Members of the Empire] and to manage the place. The lab is now the headquarters of the [Architecture]. Of course, André and co. can’t tell others about their own mission, nor about their circumstances.

It’s a matter of time until the HQ of the empire notice it, but they are going to use that time to plan an attack towards them.

Now that André and co. changed things in the present… They have no idea of what awaits them. The only thing to do is wait and counter.

Part Two.

“Well then, class is over.” Said Miss. Skyler to class 1-A and then she left. It was early in the morning, so they had another two-hour lecuture.

They had from 5 to 10 minutes of gap between them and-

“Good day, André.”

“Oh- Gracia, good day.”

A girl with long bonde hair, green eyes and white skin talked to André. She is Gracia St. Pier, a french girl that came to study to america.

“May I ask if you can help me with my Literature homework.” Said Gracia with a bright smile.

“Of course.” Said André as he helped her while the next teacher arrived.


Then André suddenly received a that’sapp from Cristoph.

[I’m going to send this pic to Serena]

Said the text while it had a photo attached of him with Gracia that had just been taken.

“Ahg!” Voiced André as a faint cry and finished quickly his bussiness with Gracia. He absolutely didn’t want to suffer Serena’s rage.

As Gracia left, Cristoph started to chat with André.

“Still, you’re as popular as always.” Said Cristoph.

“I can’t deny it, but if I  accept it, I feel like I will lose something.” Replied André.

“True, true. Also, that other lot of girls from Class-B are all over you too, huh?” Teased Cristoph to André.

“Shut up.” Complained André and then the next teacher arrived.

At lucnh, André and Cristoph met with Serena and Ekaterina and headed towards the cafeteria. Ekaterina is in Class-E by the way.

It’s been agreed that three of the five weekdays is going to be for them four to eat togethere. André and his companions will eat the other two days.

It was Serena’s idea…. Actually she poured her unlimited rage upon her companions so they would agree.

As they were eating their lunch-


Voiced André.

He tasted his food but suddenly found an overly familiar and odd flavor and spit the food.

“Eh? Dude, what’s wrong?” Asked Cristoph.

“André, is anything wro-??!”

Just as Serena saw his expression, she also tensed up. He had his guard up and she noticed.

“What’s going on?” She mumbled.

“The food tastes strange. I recognize the flavor… I’ll tell you later so taste yours too and even if it’s okay, don’t eat it.”

Said André in low voice.

“Ahh-Ah! Suddenly I feel like eating snacks. Let’s go to the dispenser.” Said André as he went to the machine and purchased some. Cristoph noticed the overly-exaggerated way he talked and had a little hunch, so he decided not to eat. He also stopped Ekaterina from ganging up her plate and they ate snacks for lunch.

And at the same moment-

“Damn… He should’ve fallen for it.” Said a female voice from far away while inspecting André and co.

Part Two.

It was the end of schooltime. Cristoph, Zarah and Miss. Skyler were at the lab doing tests as usual. Karen, Aleister, André and Serena were in the lab’s office. It’s a soundproof room for meetings.

“Diluted Cyanide to it’s 0.10%… Yeah, if you had ate that lunch, you’d be dead by now.” Said Karen as she analyzed the food André brought her.

“What about the other dishes?” Asked André.

“Zero…. So that means you’re the aim of this.” Said Kare with a sigh.

“Is this an attack from the [Members]?” Added André.

“Not at all. Someone maybe has grudges against you or who knows, but definitely it is not the [Members]. They love to crush their enemies. This sly kind of thing… Nah.” Deducted Karen.

The [Members] or [Members of the Empire] like overwhelming victories; and if they did this kind of thing, it would be an aim to all the members of the [Architecture] and not only André.

“So the heck is trying to kill you?” Asked Aleister.

André shrugged his shoulders and then Karen butted in.

“You know, this situation itself is quite strange. The fact that only your food was poisoned, it being inside the schoold campus and moreover-

That Serena’s hunch wasn’t triggered.”

To what she said, Aleister, André and even Serena frowned.

“True, if André is in danger, why her hunch…” Mumbled Aleister.

“For me, I’ve never seen her hunch failing once.” Added Karen.

Serena and André thought of one possibility, but it was not so likely to happen.

(She… She was the only one that didn’t trigger my hunch… Maybe…)

“Anyways, be careful from now on- Have Serena with you all times and Jyacoba monitor you from afar… Thing which she already does…. If poison failed, the assassination attempts may be bold from now on.”

Adviced Karen as she went back to her duties.

She absolutely had something bugging her mind, but she didn’t want to ask in such moment.

“Let’s go.” Said Aleister.

Even as rivals, André and Aleister have a nice relationship, so sometimed they compete with anything they see fit from time to time.



Voiced André. Just after Aleister got out of the office, Serena stopped André from going out. Aleister noticed, so he just left.

“I need to know.” She said in a strong voice.

“Know? What do you mean?” Replied André.

“Don’t play dumb! I know you get what I mean!” Shouted Serena.

André sighed. He exactly knew what she was asking.

“Do you remember the mission in the desert? That one time when Dubai’s skyscrapers fell like sandcastles.” Said André.

“Yeah… I… No. I don’t.” Said Serena.

“Exactly. You received a hit in the head and go unconscious just to wake up with short-term amnesia.” Declared André.

“Yeah; I do remember that. When I woke up, you were in the infarmary, collapsed due to the incident.” Recalled Serena.

“Actually, that’s a lie. You did had amnesia, but I wasn’t in such state due to the mission, but because of the enemy. They caught me when we were escaping and I told you to run away. Xiao was there so he convinced you to leave and then you lost your memories.

I was caught and messed up with until they wanted and then was picked by another team.

I was lu-”


Suddenly, Serena had slapped Andre’s cheek with all her strenght.



“Ya fucking prick dan’t eva try ta lie to me again!!!” Shouted Serena.

“I saw throu’ya! Ya think Imma stupid?? Shat up! Tell me da truth!!” She added.

André had a dumbfounded expression and after the shock of the slap faded, he told the truth to Serena.

“Hah… Really… That’s why I love you.” He said while smiling and some tears the corner of his eyes.

“I didn’t want you to blame youself, but you want to know so who cares.

In the Dubai mission, the debris made the escape hard and you had a little slip. Then they caught you and Xiao tried to convince me to leave.

I refused and went after you. When I rescued you, they found us quickly and as I let you escape, I got caught. I was tortured for almost two weeks until the team you lead found me.

After that, you were in a severe depression and self pity so the higher-up gave you a cocktail to erase your memory. It worked quite well and it seems [Triania] didn’t dare to restore them.”

Explained André.

This of course shocked Serena. She didn’t have the idea of that happening, much less for it to be her fault. She wanted to know why he knew the taste of diluted cyanide but for it to be like this…

She felt depressed, then frustrated… Then angered, then she felt sad and angered again… After a little loop of anger-sadness, she calmed down.

While in her state of shock, she leaned in the wall and slowly sat in the floor.

She felt it was like 5 minutes, but 45 minutes had already passed.

“I-I’m sorry.” She said. André was with her all the time she spent in her internal strife. He was sit next to her.

She wanted to apologize for her past mistakes, for her faults and the time he waited right now.

She didn’t know how to voice it, and was nervous.

“Don’t worry. I understand. We share the fault after all. Don’t blame yourself, because all this is the past. It’s not like I will stop loving you or something.” Said André with a straight face while timidly holding her hand.

Serena, after feeling relieved, blushed.

(Ha-Haw can he say those things jast like dat?!!) She shouted in her mind.

She leaned in his shoulder and cutely smiled.

Part Three.

“Huh? [Trianina]?” Voiced Karen as she waited for the couple to get out of the office.

It’s been like an hour since they were inside, so she was quite impatient.

She received a call from the god and answered it.


[Hello Karen. I wanted to talk with André but he’s quite busy right now. I called you because you already know about the asssasination attempt and are the most understanding person in the group of you four.]

Said [Triania].

“I see. I won’t deny it. So, what do you want to tell me? And also, do you spy on us like this everyday?” Asked Karen.

[I spy you only when necessary. I have things to do as a god you know. Also, I want to tell you of the whole frame you are under. I hope you don’te reveal this to the others.] Said [Triania] while giving a serious voice.

Karen left for a more private place and talked with him.

She heard all what he wanted to do, and after being amused and getting to an agreement, she laughed with all her strenght and smirked.

“This… You gods are sure intersting.” She said.

[That’s just your opinion. Anyways; will you follow my orders?] Asked [Triania]

“Of course. Everything for protecting André, and the sake of our mutual objective.”

Said Karen while she cut the call.

“Fumu…. What a cool way to hang up the call.”

Voiced [Triania] while fiantly smiling.

“[Babel] will have a hard time from now on.” He added while laughing outloud



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