Elementals Chapter 5: Life//Awakening

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05 – Chapter 5: Life//Awakening


Cherry Blossom Tree on Spring; Three Black Rings; Red Marks by Five Fingers; Withered Autumn Tree: Sun ahead and Moon Below; Seven Elements; White Single Wing; Four Points-Obsidian; Electronic Puzzle; Black Bracelet; Electronic Bracelet.
These, are the tattoos Laurent has on his body. The Cherry Blossom Tree is on his left sides; he had three black rings in his right hand from the thumb to the index. The red marks are in his left chest and the withered autumn tree is upside down the cherry blossom tree.

Sun ahead is just below his bellybutton and moon below is above his lower back, joined by a single thread. Seven elements are bubbles with the elements pictured on them along his spinal cord. White single wing is in his right shoulder blade. Four points obsidian is a black rectangle below his left eye; the electronic puzzle is in his left leg, as well as the black bracelet. The electronic bracelet is in his left bicep.

Each and everyone of these tattoos are a signs of the special people in his life, or meaningful events on it.

They are usually covered by special make-up, but now they’re shown due to Kirie, the Onmyou girl burning him with her [Lightning].

Just as he noticed the floating body of Raisa, Laurent unconsciously reached for the [White Single Wing] in his shoulder blade.

(Damn! This is not the time to be sentimental!) Shouted Laurent in his mind.

He then started to consider his options.

“But first of all-”


Just like that, as Kirie contemplated Raisa, Laurent knocked her out with a smoke explosion at point-blank.

Roy, the van driver, reacted to the sudden explosion and stared at Laurent.

(This guy…) Roy attentively looked to the enemy in front of his while being wary of Raisa’s reactions.

He knew Laurent and his companions were in the way of the only one way out of the place, so he couldn’t just run away. Besides that, there was no way he was going to just leave all what he got today. He would, by all means, obtain the [Single Digit].

(Crimson eyes, faint flames covering his body… I don’t know of any [Monster] like that…)

Thought Roy.

Usually, [Hunters] would specialize in only one type of monster, or even in a race itself. There were hunters focused in killing [Night Type] like [Vampires] and [Werewolves] or those who focused in the [Lykans] and killed [Werewolves], [Fox Therianthropes], [Cursed Dogs] and so on.

Roy, focused on the [Norse Mythos]. Of course he would not be able to recognize an [Elemental].

(He’s too small to be a [Fire Gigant]… No… Lately monsters can shapeshift… But still I should not limit myself to my own area of expertise…)

Analyzed Roy. He may be a psycho, but he is an expert hunter.

“Kid; you’re the one who was chasing the van, right?” Said Roy as he tried to figure out how to take him down.

“What if I am?” Replied Laurent.

He didn’t know the extent of his enemy’s power, so he carefully, tried to find the timing to attack… Not to mention that Laurent also had to wait for his friends to gather before considering to move.

“Hahaha… You also want it, right?” Said Roy.

“Want it… What do you mean?” Replied Laurent playing dumb.

“Don’t say things like that, kid. I know you want the [World Gear] too. After all, that’s the only reason a [Monster] would be so interested in he-”


Being careful to not to enter in the 5-meter range of Raisa’s [Ghost Wing], dodged a fireball shot by Laurent.

“Uff~ Scary, Scary~” Teased Roy.

(He seems to be a [Fire Type] monster… I need to be careful. Luckily I have [Zaphira Bullets]…)

“Quite the short temper I see…” Said Roy as he tried to casually reach his handgun oh his tight.

“Who cares, fucker.” Retorted Laurent while losing his temper.

“Haha! I-DO!” Shouted Roy as he shot his handgun. It was quite the taboo for [Hunters] to carry modern weaponry, but he didn’t care.
*Bang! Bang! Bang!*

Roy shot several bullets and Laurent dodged them while shooting various fireballs.

Both of them dodged and attacked when-


A shockwave swept with the whole room.

[Source of Magic Power depleted- New Mission Incoming]

The robot-like female voice talked as the anemone-like light beings disappeared from the [Sorcerer] and he fell unconscious.

[Mission- Need to Look for a New Source]

[Searching the Area]

Raisa’s body reacted to the strange voice and she opened her eyes. They were shining in a golden light.

Her gaze pierced Laurent and Roy’s existence.

[Magic Power Source #1- Incompatible]

[Magic Power Source #2- Non Existent]

[There are no nearby sources- Listing priorities and choosing suitable method proportionally-direct to the Magic Power Quantity]

[Commencing Auxiliary Measures]

“What the…”

“Oh shit…”

Voiced Roy. He was dumbfounded due to the unexpected behavior of the [World Gear]. He has studied, analyzed, traded and used many [World Gears] in his time investigating them.

(Such a powerful [World Gear]… To affect her body to such extent…)

Thought Roy while watching her.

Whilst, Laurent thought everything was over.

“Laurent! What is go-OH SHIT!”

Shouted Carly. Behind her was Arlen dragging Ayaka. Also Giselle and Adele were coming along. Laurent lost them while chasing after Kirie.

[All the priorities and Auxiliary Measures Listed- Auxiliary Method Number 133]

[Heaven’s Interruption]

[All the damages to the body’s integrity shall be repaired and the takeover of the body as near as the suitable state will be commenced]

[Heaven’s Interruption – On March]

Carly was completely shocked about the current state of the situation. Arlen was the same as he knew what was exactly going on. Giselle and Adele were still dumbfounded about all this.

“Laurent… Did she suck [Magic Power]?” Asked Carly after calming down.

“Yes. It was too late when I arrived.” Replied Laurent.

“I see… Nothing to do about it then. This was impossible from the very start.” She added.

“So, what do we do now? We can’t stop her.” Said Arlen.

“That guy there, thinks she has a [World Gear]. I thought he wanted the [Slave-Master Contract], but we were wrong.” Voiced Laurent.

Roy was still contemplating Raisa as if she were an invaluable treasure.

“The guy there is out-cold, this one is a psycho and we have 2 knocked out…” Added Laurent.

“So the priority is taking out of the game the psycho.” Said Arlen while taking out a shortsword from his bag.

Laurent nodded and then issued instructions for his companions.


“TAKE THIS!” Shouted Giselle while giving a potent kick to Roy.


Roy then was sent flying towards the wall of the room.

“Everyone! Don’t lower your guard! We don’t know the extent of his strength!”

Said Laurent as he was in the rear guard.

Adele was creating a barrier to prison Kirie and Ayaka while Carly was protecting her.

Arlen was in the middle and Giselle in the front.

“Ouch~… That hurts!” Shouted then Roy from the hole in the wall as he crawled out of it.

Everyone was surprised that from Giselle’s deadly kick, he was unhurt.

(Magic Tools? Gear? Spell? Natural ability? Psychic ability? What does he have under his sleeve?)

Analyzed Arlen. He waited for the slightest hint about the hunter’s ability.

“You all know I love [World Gears]… Why wouldn’t I posses one?!”

Shouted Roy as he slowly faced them.

“Actually we don’t know so fuck you!” Shouted Laurent as he shot a fireball.

“Pfft! That did nothing to me!” Exclaimed Roy as she shook his head due to the hit, took out his handgun and shot towards the group.

They all evaded as Carly and her heightened senses changed the bullet’s trajectory.

(How is he unaffected by it?!)

Said Laurent in his head.

Then in Roy’s right hand, a silver light covered it. The light became a gauntlet and an armguard in a silver shine. The piece of equipment had a great 73 on the back of the hand.

“A [Gear]… A [Triple Digit]t…” Mumbled Arlen.

[World Gear]

It’s an item of legendary caliber.

[Excalibur], [Dainsleif], [Vajra], [Gaé Bulg], [Aiax]… Etc…

There are many of them that had marked the world. In fact, there are 423 gears known by the human being.

These can be separated in [Triple Digit], [Double Digit] and [Single Digit]. The less digits, the more powerful the gear is. [World Gears] are unaffected by any means of magic if not [Angelic] or [Demonic] types.

It can vary from [Spears], [Swords], [Guns], [Shields] and many more. They can break or repair the way the world works, that’s why they’re called [World Gear].

“[World Gear Triple Digit] – [Number One Hundred Seventy-Three]; [Seusenhofer]”

Voiced Arlen.

He knew by heart the list of all the [Numbers]. He knew the abilities of all the known [Gears].

Arlen is a walking encyclopedia.

“Listen! [Seusenhofer] is a gear that negates all the physical damage to it’s user. As you can see, the kick Giselle splendidly landed sent him flying to the moon… But the damage was zero.”

Said Arlen while avoiding the bullets.

(Shit… I’m going to run out of bullets sooner or later… I need something else to fight with!)

Thought Roy while counting how [Zaphira Bullets] and bullets of other type he had.

[Zaphira Bullets] are special due to them having a rare metal combined that greatly affects the [Fire Type] monsters.

As he ran out of the first magazine, Giselle sprinted towards him and gave Roy a roundhouse kick in the head.

He could be a great hunter, but going upfront a dark elf’s strength and speed, it was too careless to lower his guard.

“Hahahaha! That was nothing for me!”

Shouted Roy who was also confident with his [World Gear].

He then shot Giselle from the floor and she retreated.

As he stepped up, Arlen tried to approach but the bullets impeded it. Laurent shot various fireballs and whenever he was able to, shots like flamethrowers.

Roy looked for something to fight with and then he ran out of normal bullets.

When Giselle attacked, he skillfully evaded and tried to not lower his guard again while facing the dark elf.

Arlen looked for the best situation to attack and to not to interfere with Giselle. Laurent provided support and then Roy’s aim changed from Giselle and Arlen towards Laurent.

He charged once again [Zaphira Bullets] and shot.Laurent then started to evade, as he was standing in the rear and only avoided the stray bullets.

Laurent, not inferior to Giselle, evaded the bullets. He evaded by paper thin margin and kept the support fire.

The stray bullets were stopped by Carly and then Adele finished with the barrier.

“Adele, give support! Carly, let’s go!”

Shouted Laurent as they both run towards the vanguard with Giselle. Arlen moved to the rear in order to analyze more about [Seusenhofer].

(It stops all the damage made by any kind of attack, but the energy still flows and he can be moved…)

Just as he thought that, Laurent gave a high kick and Carly used a pair of knives to attack Roy.

Roy evaded Carly’s knives with great difficulty and received Laurent’s kick with his forearms, then tried to shot him with the special bullets.

Laurent easily evaded and Giselle intercepted Roy and gave a soccer kick to his gut.

He was sent flying once again and he made a hole in the wall.

They all made sure to not to interfere in Raisa’s process, so they fought with her at their backs.

(That speed and strength… And crimson eyes- She’s a [Vampire] it seems… Even I know about them. Then again, the black haired girl’s strength is abnormal. She’s not as fast as the vampire but I truly felt that my [Gear] would not stand the pressure or her attacks…. But who worries me the most is the fire kid…He’s inferior in speed and strength but his skills…)

Thought Roy as he stood up and got out of the debris.

In that moment several fireballs rained and he evaded them as Giselle and Carly attacked him.


Voiced Laurent in his mind. He found something odd in Roy’s behavior.

He then looked back to Arlen and Adele. They didn’t found the correct timing to help.

“Arlen!” Shouted Laurent.

“He has received all of our attacks since the very beginning right?!” He asked while keeping an eye on the fight.

“Yeah!” Replied Arlen.

Then Laurent recalled another strange move the hunter made.

(Maybe… Is that possible? A reasoning like that?) Asked Laurent to himself.

“Carly! Giselle! Retreat! I’m going all out!” He shouted while stretching his arm towards Roy. He gathered all the power in his fist and-


Shouted Laurent and a great amount of fire was shot in a single direction with the strength of a jet engine.


Said Roy as he saw approaching the flame cannon. Carly and Giselle evaded it and it hit head on the [Hunter].


“What was that?!” Exclaimed Arlen.

“A way to deal with him. I’m not that sure myself but I hope it works.” Replied Laurent. Arlen ran towards him and stood next to Laurent. Adele was still in the rear and Giselle met with Carly.

(I don’t have much energy left…) judged Laurent.

“Oh damn…. Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit daaaaamnn!!!!!”

Shouted the hunter.

It seems he was able to evade on time. He got out of the hole in the wall and half of his body was completely burned.

“Wha?! How were you able to do that?!” Asked Arlen as the hunter shouted in pain and cursed.

“Remember what you said. He can stop all kinds of physical attacks but the heat of the fire attacks, he can’t stop them.”

Said Laurent as went towards the hunter to give knock him out for real.

“Give me room!” He shouted and then gathered energy in his fists.


Then Laurent shot fire cannons with lower firepower toward the hunter. He aimed for the head and after a while, the hunter fell unconscious.

“Take his gear and let’s see ho-…..”

Said Arlen as he gave a glance towards Raisa.

The others noticed it and went shocked too.

Just taking a glance, they could see the pure energy that surrounded her. For supernaturals and normal people, it’s impossible to feels such quality of magic power. That’s why they hadn’t noticed before her current state.

It looked like a goddess descent.

The glass-like wings were being filled by white and silver colors.

[Heaven Interruption – Finalized]

Said the voice.

[Confirming the state of the body- Finished]

[Returning the body’s consciousness- 05%]






[100% – Consciousness recovered]

[Backup System turning off- Main system on march]

[Descent of the Valkyrie- On March]

Just as the voice declared, the energy around Raisa shone brightly and she opened her eyes.

Her gentle expression was substituted by a serious one.

“Damn… She went back to being that…” Said Laurent while a rush of feelings pierced his heart.

“Wha…. What is she?” Mumbled Adele. She didn’t expect someone to answer, but Carly did.

“She is… She is a [War Goddess]… A [Valkyrie]”



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