Magical Tournament Volume Six Chapter Eight: Vorwärts (Forward) – Love is way stronger than money

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Chapter Eight: Vorwärts (Forward) – Love is way stronger than money

Teil Ein.

[Antique Method]

Is the mothod used by the joint of elder alchemists and blacksmiths to create [Automatas]. The only one who knows about it is [Brokkr], the divinity blacksmith. It’s a long lost art and only recorder in books in a general way. The most especific ones were destroyed by the [Demon Empress].

[Heavy Method]

Different from the antique method, it uses the newly created [Circuit Magc]. It’s easier than the antique method, but the heavy burden of it makes the process last long if the practitioner has low mana. The only ones who know about it are Engel, Lene and Izaak.

[Negative Method]

A complete different method to create artificiall intelligence. This time it uses the residual energy in the environment and is bossted by the [Devil Element]. It need [Spirit] for it to work propery and it doesn’t need any craftsman skills, only a near-to perfect control of magic and spirit.

Krestin, Izaak, Lene and Engel are the only ones able to use this mehtod.

[Akua’s Method]

A method to create living objects. Using [Mind] to replicate the user’s will or to create a new will and give prese orders, especifications and the like.

With these 4 methods, with Radat and Engel’s talent, as well as gramps help, they succesfully refined a new method to create [Living Objects] in less than two years.

It’s named the [Maximize Technological Method]. The name was lame, but Radat won against the sheep so it was alright.

In this time, Engel was able to regain a little of his strenght by some excentric methods and he is able to materialize his complete strength for 15 minutes. In save-energy mode, he lasts from half to a full day.

With that, he was able to practice the existing methods and the new method.

This let him practcally dead tired, but it was impreative to learn something beneficial for him and his companions.

At the same time, the refinement in technique of Engel’s [Mind] was progressing slowly but amazingly. He didn’t have a great pool of it, but his control was superb. Frederica and Ártemize were behind him in that area.

Once, while practicing in their cabin, Ártemize broke.

“Engel… Why are we still here? Why don’t you look for a way to get out of here? Why are we doing these pointless things?”

Asked Ártemize. She was not angry nor raising her voice, but the strenght in her words showed her dissatisfaction and her tiredness.

“Oh that. Actually, we have plenty of time to get out of here. We can star 2 or 3 more years. This world “moves” at the same “speed” as the my original world, and the one I sent my companions.” Replied Engel.

“We were in the past, and only teleporting to the [Astral Canyon] is tiring, we still had to move through time. I had to use a risky method to teleport into the future and it still wasn’t enough.. So I made a stop there and then here. I accept it was my fault to suddenly land in a place with such inconveniences.” Added Engel.

“I see, so to match with them, we need to wait?” Asked Ártemize.

“But what if you don’t find a way to go back? You said you can’t recover [Mana] or [Spirit] in the [Asdtral Canyon], and with your current strenght, it’s impossible to teleport outside this world. Note that I’m just repeating your words.” She added.

“Well, while I attained the ability to regain my power, I found a machine that helps us to move between worlds. It was quite broken, so Radat’s hubby is repairing it. I sometimes go to watch and learn too. He said it would be ready by the next year. So don’t worry.” Declared Engel.

Ártemize sighed in amusement about the absurdiness of Engel’s way of do things. Also how carefree he was.

(He really has a solution to everything)

Thought Ártemize as she resumed her training. She was quite dissatisfied due to the way Engel had already planned, but it was a self-mocking feeling.

Teil Zwei.

“ARRRGHH!!!! HAAAA!!!!” Shouted Ange in pain.

She was still unable to control the [God Eater] modo and was consumed from inside by the clashing elements in her body.

Ange had always trained her [Divine Element] so it was not a balanced quality with her [Devil Element], thus, it felt like ripping her insides.

“Did your version of her passed by this too?” Asked Liam while looking at the convulsing Ange.

Lene, who was next to him replied.

“I don’t know. When I fought him, he beat me to a crisp but I still don’t know how he tranied this magic. Still, his handling of the [Devil Element] was by no way inferior to mine, so I bet he didn’t pass this kind of event.”

(Just how powerful are them?) Asked Liam to himself as her looked at Lene from head to toes.

She didn’t feel stronger than an average participant, but there were times when he was unable to detect her at all. That meant she had a way to conceal her real strenght. He was noly more interested in the otherworldy group, but was unable to fulfill his excitement.

“Still, what are you doing here? Go and train! She’s giving her all but you’re here doing shit. Anyways, I have business to attend so see you later, noob.”

Said Lene as she then teleported.

“Really… She can even teleport at will like Ange…” Added Liam while contemplating the empty space where Lene was only a second ago. Then he decided to go to a training ground.

Meanwhile, Ange, bit by bit was able to control the energies in her body with Sebastian’s help.

Lene then appeared in the hall that connects all the rooms in the dimmensional space inside [Triskelion]. Then she walked out and went towards the command room.

“Any inform from Engel? Any trace?” Asked Lene suddenly barging in. She really was expectant for him to come back.

“Oh, Lene, you’re late. And, no; not at all.” Replied then Krestin that was in the command room with Izaak.

“There’s no trace of him at all and the only one we detect is the other Engel and the other Lene.” Added Izaak while derping in the chair.

“Right… This is all strange. Why would be two parallels here? Moreover, to attack the ones in this world. Do they have grudges? What’s their objective? Not to mention that someone saved them after I attacked them… Where are they?” Asked then Lene after considering ths circumstances.

“They are… In the middle of the sea… In a luxury cruise.” Said Izaak after checking his surveillance artifact.

He, Lene and Engel had updated the airship’s systems for years so they’re top notch.

Engel was also able to grow the various herbs he got from [Lanza], as well as the herbs Krestin brought with her.

“I see. Let’s have them marked just to see what happens.” Said Lene when she suddenly had a strange feeling.

“Eh!?” She exclaimed out of the blue.

“What’s wrong?” Asked Krestin.

“What is this feeling… I… Engel… He’s coming.” She voiced. Krestin ade a surprised expression while Izaak just made a bitter smile.

“Not now… But soon… I can feel it… He’s coming soon.” Added Lene while grinning,

She may have rejected Engel decades ago, but her feelings hadn’t fade not by one shade.

Teil Drei.

“We finally meet, Alfred.”

“You finally remembered my name, brat.”

Right now, in a vast, desertical plain, Engel was facing Kee-O-….. Alfred.

Engel prepared [Crystal] and [Stark] and attacked Alfred as he spat fire brom his mouth.

Engel evaded the flamethrows and then he jumped with all his strenght towards Alfred. He was able to evade but sudenly a chilly sensation struck him till his bones.

Then Alfred noticed a strange cold aura around Engel.

“Take this” Shouted Engel as he suddenly shot some white beams from the tip of his swords.

It was like a machinegun so Alfred found it quite hard to evade and-

“AAAAARRRRGGGGH!!” He then cried in pain. Because they were in the deser, he suddenly recovered due to him being a fire creature.

“Don’t you like it? Heh” Said Engel with a mocking tone.

“Don’t fuck with meeeeee!!!!!” Shouted Alfred with all his strenght.


“Hello there. Won’t you let me join the fun?”



Someone called out to them. It was like a mannequin made of diamond and had blue wings that flapped with a crushing sound.

He or she was floating in the sky and waved his or her hand towards them.

“Oh shit.” Then said Alfred.

“What’s going on… Who’s… He?” Asked Engel.

“Hey brat… Wouldn’t you mind to team up with me?” Asked Alfred.

“… Why?” Asked Engel after considering his position and Alfred’s change in attitude.

“Because noe that he has appeared, all the life within this place and the places nearby… Will perish.” Said Alfred.

Engel didn’t believe that such a person as Alfred would be saying something like that. Most likely a personal grudge was involved or who knows what, but there was the fact that what he said wasn’t a lie, and that he needed his help in order to kill the diamond person.

“Fuck… Alright. I’ll help you. After all, I don’t like the vibe that guy is giving.” Replied Engel.

Without uttering a word, the both charged towards the diamond guy.

“Ohh what a thoughtful guy are you. Come come come! I’m going to kill you both!” Said the diamond guy as he flew towards them.

Then, Engel noticed. The diamond guy, had a somewhat familiar crown on him. A crown that he had seen in certain drawing Radat showed him.

([Sun Wukong’s Crown])

Voiced Engel in his mind and increased his awareness.

It’s been roughtly 2 years after arrived at [Random]. Since he learned to control his mind almost perfectly, he learned an old method to increase his [Mind] and he was able to reach the same quantity as Frederica and Ártemize.

They also trained their control at the same time, but the two [Arche] weren’t match to Engel.

So after a while, he found out various things with his current body and he was able to increase his strenght. Strenght that was crucial for him now.

Teil Vier

After two days of a continuous fight, Engel and Alfred managed to beat the crap out of Krill, the diamond angel.

He is a mad angel that goes using his powers to kill, slaughter and destroy everything.

Alfred was almost at his level, but he had the disadvantage of the devil trait in him. So with Engel’s help, he was able to actually beat him. It seem they have a long grudge over centuries.

Due to Krill being immortal they couldn’t kill him, but they were able to at least let him unable to eat for a while.

While under the light of the dusk, the tired Engel face Alfred who was next to him.

“You… You aren’t a bad guy at all.” Said Alfred.

“Yeah.. You too. You’re not a a douche either… Pfft hahahahahahaah”


Lauged both after Engel replied to Alfred.

“Well… Let me say that I never expected that a diamond angel would have blood. It was crazy when I hit him and the blood was spreading everywhere.” Added Engel while recalling the fight.

“True. Even I was surprised the first time too.” Said Alfred as he then started to think thoroughly about something.

After a while, the aura around him changed and-

“Say… Brat; You’re cool and all so… Do you want to see a sword made of angel blood?” Asked Alfred to what Engel got completely dumbfounded.

After considerting it for a while, he replied.

“Yes. It would be awesome.”



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