Type: Hybrid – Chapter Ten: Identity

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Chapter Ten: Identity

Part One:

After a while, Serena and André got out of the room.

“André! Serena! Come here.” Then voices Zarah.

“What happened?” Asked Serena.

“Karen, who actually left a while ago, asked me to look for the assassin.” Said Zarah as she them manipulated the table she had in her hands.

“She asked me to look for “boys and girls that have been transferred within 1 month” I didn’t get her meaning but then I thought- This is a fortress. It’s true that no outsider can forcibly enter. Still, what if this assasin tried to come just like us?”
“The assasin most likely faked his documents and transferred here.” Added André after Zarah’s explanation.

“That’s right. Then I spotted 2 people. A girl in our year transferred to Class-E and other in sophomore year in Class-C.

There’s nothing wrong with them in terms of paperwork and background, but still when Karen looked to one of the girls, she decided to go get her; or so she said.” Added Zarah.

Then André and Serena then lookd at the pictures that Zarah showed them and widened their eyes in surprise.

“What. The. FUCK!” Shouted Serena as she started to run towards the exit.

She was like a enraged bear chasing a hunter who took her cub.

(Damn… It had to ber her.) Said André in his mind when he was not able to even look at the picture.

One of Andrés traumas was then triggered. He has already overcomed his truamas but even there are some that affects him.

In fact, him not blacking out is itself a proof he’s not so affected by them.

“Wha-What happened?” Asked Zarah quite surprised. Even if her facial expressions were like those of a stone monument, her voice sounded quite affected.

“Haa.. O-One of them is the assassin. Karen, Serena and I know her from the future past. She’s a dangerous individual.” Said André. Zarah was surprised by Andrés statement.

“Karen knows due to second hand information, but Serena and I have personally met her.” He added while slightly stroking his neck.

“Anyways, I need to stop her before she does somethinf rash. See you later.” Said André as he left and ran after Serena.

(I never thought that Marcelline would appear like this.) Thought André while getting out of the lab.

Part Two.

Marcelline Holy.

In the [Future Past] she was an spy hired by the [Empire] to discover the utmost secrets of the allied forces. It was in the time when André and Serena still were inside the military.

After various events, André who refused to work with anyone else who wasn’t Serena, was obligued to collab with an outstanding element. Her name at that time was Marcy Slain.

For a couple of weeks, André did not even talk to her but with time, he started to utter some words and after 1 and a half years, they were considered a “team”.

André would seldom talk to Marcelline and she would talk as if there was no tomorrow.

Little by little, little by little, she won over André. Several times he tested her and prooved if he could trust her or not. The André at that time would absolutely not trust anyone else besides Serena.

Thus, one day after 3 whole years, André gave up.

He gave his trust to “Marcy”.

It was great for a while. Their relationship improved and a fair level of trust was established. But one day-

Marcelline received the order to kill André.

Just after a hard mission, Marcelline called out to André to a place where people usually wasn’t around and with a sneak attack, she sliced André’s throat.

Just after letting him in the floor with a deadly injury, she left the allied forces. The last words she said to André were:

[I apologize… Being a double agent is made of lies.]

If not were for the couple that decided to have their “hot moment” in that place, just after Marcelline left, André would be pretty much dead.

In that time, Serena was appointed to another team as a leader so she was told about the incident a month after it happened.

Karen who was with the [Empire] learned about it even more far ahead in time.

Macelline’s incident is one of Andrés greatest traumas.

Part Three.


Shouted Serena in the hall. Karen was quietly walking as if she had nothing to do.

“Serena? What’s wrong?” Asked Karen. She obviously knew what happened to her, still, she played dumb.

“Where’s she?! Where’s the bitch?!” Shouted Serena.

“Bi-Oh… Her. I was tailing her but then she went to the club building and I was too lazy to follow her so whatever.” Replied Karen.

“Liar! What exactly did you do?” Asked Serena.

“Haaa… I followed her only to comfirm her identity from afar. If I approach too much she may run away or be wary of us. So after I confirmed it was Marcelline, I stopped following her.

Also I was not lying when I said she went towards the club building.” Said Karen.

“I see. Then now is the time to ki-”

“Now is the time- my ass!” Then André appeared out of nowhere and karate-chopped Serena in the head.

“Ouch! Why do you chop me?” She asked.

“Because we are not killing anyone.” Said André.

“Why?!” Exclaimed Serena.

“We still don’t know the reason why she’s targetting André or her objective by doing so. Who paid her to do so and why. Also if she’s by herself or she has companions… We know nothing.” Explained Karen.

“I-I see. So-Sorry… I let my feelings to take the best of me.” Said Serena while calming down.

She was clenching her teeth until they almost cracked and her fists until their color faded. She was extremely enraged but there was nothing she could do at the moment.

“Why don’t we abduct her then?!” Asked Serena while her mood was still shaken.

“Everything has it’s timing. Someone as formidable as her, we can’t just catch her as is or she’ll never spill the soup.” Said Karen.

“True. We need to catch her red-handed so she can’t deny her identity.” Added André with a serious expression.

Serena’s rage dissipated, so she caught up to the serious atmosphere around. Then after processing the information she has just heard, her face twitched and her head went hot again.

She grabbed André’s shirt collar and lifted him.

“Don’t tell me… You… Are you planing to be the bait?” Questioned Serena with a low but strong voice whilst her expression was that of a fierce tiger.

“That’s the only way, or at least the less suspicious one.” Said André.

Serena only gripped stronger André’s shirt and then released it.

“Damn… Okay I get it.” She said while muttering the curse.

“You! Have to be careful! No matter what, you have to be unharmed when your little play is over!” Exclaimed Serena to André. He only nodded quite surprised by her reaction.

“And you… little… don’t even dare to let André to be harmed or I’ll breack you legs! You hear me?!” She exclaimed to Karen.

“I won’t let André get hurt. Be sure of that.” Replied Karen nonchantally.

Even though her tone was a half-joking one, her eyes were totally serious.

Part Four.

“I definitely don’t like this.” Said Serena while pouting.

“Orders are orders! You have no control over this!” Replied Jyacoba with a confident tone.

“I do have it! Shoo-Shoo Go away!” Exclaimed Serena.

(Damn this is uncomfrtable…) Thought André.

Right now, André is being “monitored” by Jyacoba while being with Serena.

They were walking towards the classrooms in the morning and the two were pulling André to their side with a great amount of strenght. It wouldn’t be a surprise if his arms were to rip.

“I’m his girlfriend! Go away!”

“You may be the girlfriend but who will be the wife? Obviously me!”

Due to the quarreling, Cristoph and Ekaterina had walked past them and André was left alone to handle such a troublesome matter.

“Gu-Guys… You shouldn’t fight. We’re companions after all.” Said André while smiling. All the girls who were looking at the quarrel almost got a nosebleed and the guys clicked their tongue due to their jealousy.

Jyacoba and Serena were also affected by it, but they recovered in a mere moment.

“N-No! Let go of him!” Said Jyacoba.

“NO! He’s mine!” Shouted Serena.

When his “gentle solution” failed, André steeled his resolution and-

“Jyacoba!” He exclaimed while suddenly holding Jyacoba’s hand.

“Ye-Yesh!” Replied Jyacoba whith her face blushing.

“You… I…” Muttered André.


“….. Can you watch from afar?” Said André to the silent Jyacoba.

She went pale while the previously dumbfounded Serena arrogantly laughed.

“Ohohohohohoho! It seems you’re no match for me!” Laughed Serena as André said “I’m sorry”.

Jyacoba then resigned herself to watch from afar and André happily chatted with Serena while walking towards their classrooms.

“How unfair…” Said Jyacoba with a downcast expression.

She knows in André’s eyes she won’t be more than a companion, but she refuses to give up.

“Cheer up, cheer up; I need to be on alert.” She muttered while making a small fist pose and walked behind the couple.

Just as she was following them-


She suddenly turned around afer feeling a strong gaze.

Behind her was a tall girl with long black hair and dark brown eyes. She was not a beauty but she wasn’t ugly either. She looked atlethic but not to the extent of Jyacoba or Serena.

Then after some students hindranced Jyacoba’s vision, she noticed the girl was not there anymore.

(Marcelline Holy, huh…) Thought Jyacoba while resuming her path.

From afar, the owner of that gaze grumbled in exhasperation.

“He did not only noticed the poison but also there are more people around him… Damn. I need to think of a more effective plan. Maybe if I…”

Then she started to drift in her thoughts as she hid from Jyacoba’s perception. After some minutes of thinking, she resigned herself.

“I tried a simple killing as always, but if it ended like this, I better snipe him off.” Concluded Marecelline as she took out her cellphone and called [Babel] in order to ask for the proper equipment.

Marcelline was saved and hired by [Babel] to kill André.

[Babel] paid her a fair amount of money and helped her to get into the academy and make a silent killing, but it didn’t work.

He has a great awareness of his surroundings, and there are always people around him. The only one oportunity she had was to poison his food but in the end it was useless.

So she decided to snipe.

She had the orders from [Babel] to not to reveal her identity as an assassin at any cost but she couldn’t afford it now.

With poison or an “accidental” death she may escape unnoticed, but now with a snipe there was danger of being seen.

“The risk is worth the money after all.” Mumbled Marcelline after she cut the call with [Babel].

She owned her life to [Babel] so she was grateful, but she wouldn’t make a free work for anyone.

(The [False Illness] is expensive after all…)

She thought while recalling some memories about when she still was a normal girl.


“Huh? A call?” Said [Babel] just after he finished his talk with Marcelline. He was in the top office of a recently built skyscraper in the city.

“Heee… It’s him.” Added [Babel] after he saw the name of the person calling.

“Heya [Triania]. How you doing?” Asked [Babel]

[How you doing? Shut up! You know why I’m calling you. YOu’re messing with my things right now… Why are you doing it?] Suddenly blurt [Triania].

“Haa… Different from you, I’m just a [Middle-Class God] so I’m under [Clockwork]’s orders here.” Said [Babel].

[Wha-Her?! Why?!] Asked [Triania].

“She said you haven’t visited in a while so she’s quite furious.” Replied [Babel]

[Hey… Are you sure you should be telling me this? At least try to keep safe someone’s secret, dude.] Said [Triania].

“I don’t care. Anyways you would have figured it out sooner or later.” Explained [Babel].

[Haa… It’s true but… Well anyways, tell her that I’ll play along this time. Also I know that you’ve chosen your candidates among the people of this world so don’t blame everything on [Clockwork].] Exposed [Triania] to [Babel].

“You noticed it, huh? Well, it doesn’t matter now. Expect a good fight from me in the incoming event.” Said [Babel] as he then cut the call.

“Why does everyone have to finish their speech with such cool lines?”

Complained [Triania] at the other side of the line where only his maid listened to him.

“I won’t be meddling you for a while, André Glass; so work hard in order to not to die so soon.”

Said [Triania] to himself while liazly resting in the mats of his house.


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