Type: Hybrid – Chapter Eleven: Bait


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Chapter Eleven: Bait

Part One.

“What’s wrong?” Asked Serena as she was sit in the kitchen’s breakfast bar.

“It’s a text from [Triania]…” Said André as he closed the text with a hand movement. He was using his smart glasses to read while cooking dinner.

“What does he say?” Added Serena.

“He says he will not contact us for a while.” Replied André while sipping the stew he was cooking and put out the flame of the pot.

“Why? Any reason on particular?” Said Serena while standing up and walking towards the fridge.

“No, not at all. He just said that and nothing more.” Continue reading


[Not a Chapter] Status Update – Ill

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Magical Tournament Special Transmission: Character Index [Doce] – [Second Half]

Skill Slots:


Passive Skills are always active. Active Skills need to be activated.

Levels go from 1-10 (Max). Passive/Active means it has both functions.

There are 5 kinds of known skills. Learned, Original, Deus, Yotse and Blessed.

Every skill goes from 4th Tier to Zero Tier. Zero being the most powerful.


Accessories and Weaponry goes from [High], [Rare], [Legend] and [Unique]. Sometimes they reach the [Ultimate] level, and when Engel modified his [Ultimate] weaponry, this became [Trascendental], a “new” clasification.

(First come [Mind], then [Spirit] and [Equipment] at last)

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Magical Tournament Special Transmission: Character Index [Doce] – [First Half]

Hello! Alek here! This is the friggin index!! Now you can remember the characters again xD!

Again, only main characters will have a Status Window with them.

Skill Slot and Equipment Go HERE!!

This time I’ll implement [Mind] only for Frederica, Ártemize and Engel.

If you want to have a look to the stats previous the other worlds travel and the full cast, then go to [Cinco]

Not many changes this time but enjoy it! Continue reading

Magical Tournament Twelfth Intermission: Vallée (Valley) – Monks are not always bald

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Well, here is the intermission, and don’t skip it cus it has valuable info!

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Twelfth Intermission: Vallée (Valley) – Monks are not always bald



A world with zero [Mana] and [Spirit], filled with [Mind]. Continue reading