[Not a Chapter] Status Update – Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Winter Break and Zelda

Hello people! Aleksander here!

I beg pardon to all of you that expect either of Magical Tournament, Elementals, Hybrid and Weiss Chronicles.

Real life was a bitch… A total bitch. I got assignments, pop quizes, tests, essays and more. Not to mention wild appearances of nee-chan, nii-chan and nii-san.

Hopefully I got sudden money for some outfit and well I used black friday… Black hell…. ugh…

Anyways, thanksgiving was me, myself and I plus Zelda: Link to the past and peperoni with mushrooms pizza (normal mushrooms)

That shit is hard as fuck and well…  After all this time I’m still stuck in the Ice Palace (I spent two days in the Swamp Palace)

(Who the fuck would have thought that firing a bolt to the ugly statue would activate that shit)


Leaving my personal stuff aside and going straight to the point…

I’m utterly sorry about Elementals. I promised that I would take it seriously and also get help from a PR-san… But I could not achieve those promises.

Due to myself being greatly stressed and trying to release Elementals on the time I scheduled,  I rushed the story a little. Not actually rushed but skipped some trivial (non important) “time”. I didn’t take completely serious the story. Sorry ’bout that and well, I won’t do it anymore. Also I said that PR-san would help me but he is a real lifer thus he has little time to aid me.. Surry for thata (intentional mispelling)

Now the good news-


I finished the cover of Magical Tournament!! (featuring Isold), and it took me 1 month more than I thought due to RL. Also I used a google-sense image so you may recognize the girl I used from somewhere


Also I’m in a weird winter break since last week, and after I took a week for myself to read xianxias, light novels, manga and watch this season’s anime (also play fucking Zelda)… I’ll start writing and make double releases from wednesday onwards (probably tomorrow but I can’t be so sure) (I hate you Ice Palace)

And so to finish this stupid and nonsensical post about my hate towards Zelda’s franchise, I’m planing to make a cover featuring Lene.

Expect it before Christmas!


The guy who doesn’t want to be sued by South Korea-


P.S: Please don’t sue me.

P.P.S: I hate you Zelda, hate youuuuu!

P.P.PS: My favorite one is Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow. Kurusu Souma is soooo cool!!!!

Yeah this is the last ps:
If u didnt notice, these are gameboy games (which I play on an emulator). I can’t play anything besides the ol’ good gb games.

Fuck you call of duty, I prefer Metroid Fusion.

See you next chapter! Magical Tournament’s Intermission and Index comes next!


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