Magical Tournament Twelfth Intermission: Vallée (Valley) – Monks are not always bald

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Well, here is the intermission, and don’t skip it cus it has valuable info!

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Twelfth Intermission: Vallée (Valley) – Monks are not always bald



A world with zero [Mana] and [Spirit], filled with [Mind].
To boot, every ounce of the first two energies are gouged out in a flash. The recovery rate is not enought to cover for the depleting speed.

Without [Mana] or [Spirit], a person only pass out, not reaching the border of death, but strangely enough- In [Random] when the these energies reach to 1 point, it suddenly stops gouging.

At first glance, it could be considered weird, but in [Random], weird is the norm.

Nothing is as it looks like and anything you’ve known as common sense, it isn’t.

Engel together with Ártemize and Frederica have been in this world for almost two years, but everyday is a new challenge to overcome.

“Tell me again… Why do I have to do this Gramps?” Asked Engel as he was tied upside down in a tree.

Beardy, the gramps was on a branch holding onto the rope that tied Engel, because if it were 10cm longer, his facce would definitely touch the ground.

“It’s because you have to be surrounded in the element you belong to, in order to speed up your training.” Said Gramps.

In fact, they were in a snowy mountain, and the amount of snow that has been piled up in the tre amounts to 3 meters, so ie gramps let go of the whole rope, Engel would be completely immersed in snow.

It’s been 3 months since he arrive to random and 1 month since he fought Alfred.

He asked Beardy for ways to get stronger.

Then he explained the way [Mind] works in [Random].

[Mind] is the power to create irregularities in the world like [Mana] and [Spirit]. It can strenghten your body and intelect, as well as your existence.

As in [Earth] there are several elements that originates from this kind of energy. Fire, Water, Lightning, etc. These elements can be meld and give born to other elements like [Divine] + [Water] = [Heavenly Water]: [Earth] + [Lightning] = [Magnetic] or [Devil] + [Fire] = [Demon Fire].

Ártemize and Frederica were with him during the explanation and seemed to be impressed with the naming of the elements, but Engel had conflicted feelings.


Gramps, while trying to touch Frederica and was stopped by Engel, explained the source of [Mind].

[Mind] comes from the very existence of things. Everything has an element and that is, without exception- Everything.

Even stones have [Mind], just because they exist.

Of course, humans also have [Mind] since the moment they are conceived in their mother’s womb.

When you born, when you start to exist, your mind is type [Zero] or non elemental. You obtain your element from the things around you, so that’s why a baby will always receive the mother’s element. Also, because the kid is not at it’s full potential, when they grow they also receive a [Second Element], but this is far inferior to the one at birth.

Except that you train your second element for at least years without rest, you’ll only attain one element for practical purposes.

But when it comes to [Mind], for humans there’s more than [Element]. There exist other 3 kinds of classifications to take into account.

Humans due to their existence having a clear consciousness, they can also give [Shape] to their [Mind]. This too comes from the nature of the individual, but it can be separated in three types:

[Geometrical], [Chaotical] and [Shapeless].

Conditions to create a certain [Shape] are simple- Geometrical shaped people have a strong and correct mind and a fit purpose. Chaothical shape people have no goal in life, but their beliefs are well rooted. Shapeless people have no way in life, and in the search of one they’ve attained both Chaotical and Geometrical shapes due to their strong attatchment to life.

It’s said that there exist the [Void] shape that is known to be the generated inside people without the will to live.

These shapes play a Paper-Rock-Scissors game among themselves.

Geometrical beats Chaotical, Chaotical beats Shapeless and Shapeless beats Geometrical.

No one has stated why it is like this.

The function of these [Shapes] is to give a equilibrium that elements doesn’t fully allow and also determines the growth speed  of the [Mind].

It’s difficult to train in order to raise the [Mind Quantity] due to the lack fo training methods, but with perseverence, unyielding will, talent and hard work, you can raise your [Mind].

Geometrical types grows faster than Chaotical types, but Shapeless types can depend of the possesors will.

[Element], [Shape] and [Quantity] are taken into account to measure [Mind].

And the last one is [Quality].

Quality has a limited, unbreakable amount of 3.

Raising the [Mind]’s quality is ten times harder than raising the quantity.

Quantity is represented by the change in colors of the main elements of a [Mind] user. For example- Fire quality 1 is orange; quality 2 is green and quality 3 is blue.

The colors vary from element to element, but they all share the same strenght.

The quality can affect your own existence directly so there are  people with a level 3 of quality, being able to create an avatar of their existence.

The difference between quality is that far from each.


It’s been a year now, and Engel was able to raise his [Mind] with his own method and with gramps help. He was also aid by Radat and her hubby.

Engel has the rare attribute of [Heavely Ice] with a [Chaotical Shape]. His quality is [1] but it seems he has the possibility to breakthrough in a few months.

For a chaotical shaped [Mind], his speed was overwhelming.

Engel went to train to the snowy mountains in order increase his quantity and quality, as well as his control.

He surrounded himself of [Light], [Ice], [Snow], [Wind], [Water] and [Temperature]- All that makes his [Mind Element].

“Gramps told me that I should surround myself in the element so this is fine. Frederica and Ártemize are [Heavenly Wind] so they are not here….It feels quiet.” Voiced Engel as he started to undress.

He took literally the “Surround Yourself”.

He then started to practice the martial arts Yozora taught him, as well as what the [FIghting King] and [Assassin King] taught him.

While doing so, making shadow battles and focusing only in himself and making the [Mind] circle around himself and inside his body-

He has 50+ years of knowing his own body, as well as the way his energy flows and also to practice and polish his abilities.

With every movement the dificulty raised due to the high gravity push.

He practiced, practiced, practiced nonstop.

Slowly, polishing his quality, his movements, his energy, increasing his quantity and refining the control of his [Mind]-

He evolved day by day, to a new horizon.


“So you need all this blood for a sword?” Asked Engel.

This is right after his fight agains the crystal angel; he was with Alfred and were with a strange guy with yellow clothing as if he were a xiaoling mong, but had a long, black hair and beard.

The guy was making some iron swords to sell.

“Yeah. Well, this quantity is for two swords. I am not so sure about him being able to make one of angel blood. He was barely able to make one of demon blood and he is the best blacksmith around this emisphere.” Said Alfred.

The man just kept working as he listened to their talk.

“Wha-What’s wrong? Why is he silent?” Muttered Engel to the demon’s pointy ears.

“He has social temor so he can’t talk to another people besides his circle of friends…” Said Alfred in a low voice.

“I-I see… He’s shy.” Said Engel.

Then Alfred gave him the blood as he finished the iron sword and the demon asked for the two swords the blacksmith made from demon blood.

One was a deep crimson color one hand sword and the other was a pitch black sabre. Even the hilt were red and black accordingly.

“These… These are swords made from my own blood.” Said Alfred as he gave the red one Engel.

“That one is the one-hand sword [Fairy Archdemon], and this one is the sabre, [Archduke Demon]”

As the blacksmith prepared the metals and ores in order to create the sword, Engel swung the [Fairy Archdemon].

(Awesome, from the very perspective of a sword… This one sword is nothing less than perfect.) Thought Engel as he gave the crimson sword to Alfred and received the [Archduke Demon].

(This one too… This guy… Is better than Izaak. I’m not someone who can qualify things as is, but I must say he definitely lives his smithing.) As Engel thought such thing, Alfred started to talk to him.

“These are not simple swords you know. Of course they are made with the finest metals and ores- [Imperial Meteor], [Evil Glass], [Inferno Ore] and [Void Ore]. Also for fairy he used [True Titania] and [Black Diamond] for archduke.”

(So….So many unknown names….) Said Engel to himself while being stunned due to the new names of these materials.

“But, besided that- The fact that it has [Demon Blood] makes it special. every aspect of the sword is hightened and also it allows the user to use perfectly every part of it. While making a “contract” with this sword, it will only belong to you and if anyone besides you used it without your permission, it won’t even cut paper.

Also it adds the [Devil Element] to be born within it and makes you able to wield it as if it is your own element.”

Explained Alfred.

Engel was surprised due to to the strange complexity of the [Mind] and [Demon Blood]’s relationship with the sword.

“The [Angel Blood] is no different, it only difference is that it adds the [Divine Element] to it. Or at least is what it’s said in books.” Added the demon.

Then as he gazed to the blacksmith, the smithy started to light the furnance.

“Eh? That’s… [Blue Fire]?!” Said Engel qhile rising his voice a little.

“Yeah, I told you, he is the best blacksmith in this emisphere.” Said Alfred.

“Awesome…” Muttered Engel as he saw how the monk-dressed blacksmith created the sword made of [Angel Blood].

Like that, two weeks passed and the swords were ready.

It wasa pure white sabre and a soft skyblue one-handed sword.

They named the skyblue one [Angeltear] and the white one [Angel Halo].

Their color was due to the [Asteroid Dust] and [Skylight] ores.

It seems that some of the blood remained so alfred used it for a shield and he would make another sword from his blood.

Then he gave the four swords to Engel. He was asked to by the monk blacksmith because he liked how Engel was interested in his work.

The blacksmith is a simple man. That’s also partly why Alfred was able to make him make the swords. So he had no word whatsoever and gave them to Engel; not that he cared because he has now a good impression of him too.

And just before leaving-

“Oh- Also, can I have some of those metals and ore?” Asked Engel.

The blacksmith nodded and took him to a nearby cave where he had save all. Then he gazed at Engel.

“How much? Well…. Like 50kg is alright?” Asked Engel. The smithy nodded and gave him the metals. He took them so Izaak could analyze and re-create them.

“Thanks” Said Engel and then left, promising he would come back.

He didn’t want to use up his [Mana] and [Spirit] so he asked for a chariot in order to take the materials. He took 10 days to arrive to the cabin amidts the city in ruins.

He had a cabin on the mountains, but he would generally visit the place where Frederica and Ártemize were. The place had a good affinity with the [Wind Element] so they didn’t have to move.

And as soon as he crossed the door of the cabin-


There was Frederica waiting for him.

“…. Is there something wrong?” Asked Engel. That’s because she was the only one inside.

“Nothing. Is just that Ártemize left in order to help Radat and her hubby to bring the machine that will take us out of here.” Said Frederica.

It seems she was making lunch when Ártemize left and now she had finished cooking.

Engel sat in a chair in silence. He noticed a weird atmosphere around Frederica so he was waiting for her to say something.

“Say… Master… Aren’t you lonely?” Asked Frederica.

Engel frowned for the sudden question.

“Why do you ask?” Said Engel.

“Well, you’ve been separated from your friends and lovers for two years, and I’ve heard from Ártemize that even before now, you’ve been separated for decades.

Now you’re struck here with us in a strange world and you just go and train, learn and deal with lots of things, but still we are basically unknown people to you.

Ártemize and I are friends from decades ago, even if there was a time when I hated her, and tried to kill her, now we are okay… But we only know you since 2 years ago.

For us, you are an important person already… But what are we to you?”

Frederica was quite concerned about what Engel thought about them.

“Well, we’re friends, aren’t we?” Said Engel in a simple way.

“It’s not like you hold a special place in my heart or that I’d die if we were in bad terms, but still I appreciate you two.”

Replied Engel.

He knew Frederica was uneasy due to their relationship not being clear, so he was as blunt as he could.

“I see.” Said Frederica.

Nothing more could be said. She smiled and then Ártemize arrived.

She told Engel that the machine was ready and so they would be able to go away anytime.

Engel nodded to her words, finished his lunch and said-

“Well… Then let’s go right now.”

Without any further ado, they three left [Random].




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