[Not a Chapter] Status Update – Ill

Sorry guy but last night I caught a cold and my head was clouded so no Hybrid. Bad news is that this won’t go away at least 3 days due to the weather and my bad-from worse eating habits.

(Yesterday) My bones hurted and my skin felt like paper… Because there’s no one with this sick one and I don’t even have a thermometer I don’t hace an idea how (was) is my fever.

I feel better than yesterday but not good enough to write.

I was fired up with my sudden vacations but I must apologize due to delaying even more the chapters.


this ill one.

P.S: I bet that taking a shower at 5:30 am was not good idea… Foolish me, foolish me.

P.P.S: Yes, I was playing Zelda till late night, then woke up due to the low temperature and started playing like at 6. Bad idea.

P.P.P.S: For me is not weird to wake up at such an hour. Blame my family for their hot-bloodness.


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